but i'm very happy with it so

whenever i think of you, i touch my shelf

pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin

wc: 3.2k

genre: bookstore!au, fluff with a dash of humor and pining

summary: jungkook embarrasses himself with a Freudian slip when he first tries to talk to the cute bookstore employee with the fairy pink hair he has a huge, not-so-obvious (super obvious) crush on. 

a/n: so.. like.. i decided to write something fluffy and lighthearted to take a break from all the angst i’m preparing celebrate a very Teeny Tiny milestone bcus i’m happy that ppl actually like my trivial blog enough to follow me;; whether it’s for my writing or for just my awful tags or smth else hehe,, so thank u!!! and i hope everyone likes it ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝ 💓✨

Jungkook slowly peeks out from behind the timber bookshelf, brain buzzing like static on a television that has lost signal. Despite the quietude of the campus bookstore and the peacefulness the early morning had brought to its atmosphere, the brilliant sun cascading its rays through the vitreous windowpanes, all Jungkook can hear was the sound of his heart beating rapidly against his chest like the variegated wings of a humming bird restless in the air once he catches sight of the boy with the fairy pink hair sitting at one of the rotund tables - reading at his usual seat during his breaks. 

There’s a new book in his hands this time and ever since Jungkook noticed that the cute boy (to which Jungkook had discovered his name was Jimin, as read from his name tag) had finished Murakami’s grueling novel 1Q84 that consisted of 1,157 pages in merely four days, Jungkook deduced that he was an impressively fast reader, but it’s not like Jungkook always watched him or anything and kept tabs on what he was reading all the time and had maybe memorized his schedule. Pfft, no - that’s just creepy and Jungkook is not creepy.

“Jungkook, you’re being creepy,” A husky voice whispers behind him. Cheeks flushing, Jungkook turns around to find Taehyung watching him in wry amusement, an eyebrow quirked. 

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(Seriously I’m really thankful I have wonderful followers like yall. This blog was just a way for me to have fun in the beginning but it’s grown on me and has helped my mental illness in so many ways. I don’t know where I would be without meeting all my friends on here and the interactions I have with everyone in the community. Thank you! This really means a lot to me and I hope this blog will grow even more over the summer!! Again thank you for +400 followers!!)




she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco


One For Sorrow

by Anorlost

Father Ben never had a case that struck so close to home as this. Armitage ‘Armaz’ Hux finds himself caught in a battle between a priest and a demon too familiar for comfort.

I drew this absolutely yonks ago and the amazing @anorlost asked me if we could collab, and this picture was the catalyst to getting to work with one of my favourite writers. She took my vague idea and brought it to life. The story took off on such interesting and amazing roads. I’m very happy and grateful to have got to work with them ♥ Thanks so much Hun.

the irl captain america


TENDOU WEEK Day five // Rivalry // OTP

“The only time I’ll ever despair is when I won’t be able to play volleyball anymore.” - Kageyama Tobio

*whispers* Divine Victoria reads smutty literature in bed when she’s had a long day pass it on

Tbh even if you don’t like bts or their fandom, I think we should be proud of them as a genre for even getting into the BBMA’s. Bts have done great things and I think the kpop fandom (again, even if you’re not really fond of them) should be proud because kpop/being in a music genre that started with Asians is finally being taken seriously in a western culture/society. I’m very proud of these boys and I think we owe bts a big thank you for working so hard and achieving such a great thing!


she had the world // panic! at the disco