but i'm using the same video

“you can’t criticize artists/art or tell artists what not to draw or apply social commentary to art!” is literally– i don’t mean ‘basically’ or ‘metaphorically’– literally the same argument as used by gamergaters

you do not get to claim your artistic medium is socially meaningful and valuable and able to convey social messages and also that it is above critique & should not be held accountable for its effects on real people

if you think gamergate twitter trolls are demons for harassing people over video games, but want to send people replies/IMs/asks about how whitewashing doesn’t matter, pedophilic fanart is fine, etc, i have some really fucking bad news for you, you hypocrite. you muddy ditch of critical thinking


Music Videos As Comics– 1/??: Bring It! (Snakes On A Plane)- Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett, Travie McCoy, & Maja Ivarsson

A petty criminal, a rebel, a former good girl, and a viper with the face of an angel are hired to assassinate a key political figure during a cross-country flight. The weapon? Venomous snakes.

“Times can change, and the world can say that we’re all the same, but fuck it, I don’t care. Pop that cheap champagne, we’re goin’ down in flames.

“You love her. And for what it’s worth, she feels the same.”
“Supergirl loves you” 
“I would be jealous of anyone you loved. James I am…” 
“For what we’re trying to do here together. For us.” 
“What’s so bad about falling?”
“He’s the most caring, committed, passionate man I’ve ever known.” 
“I think he’s the truest hero I’ve ever known.”
“How about you go find a certain ex-photojournalist with a penchant for tight shirts who makes you smile more than anyone else I’ve ever seen do?”
“You make a better hero” 
“I care about you a lot, James Olsen”
“I don’t wanna let go”



6 Years of Dan

@danisnotonfire posted his first video six years ago today and since then he’s met his best friend, created his own unique video series such as ‘reasons why dan’s a fail’ and ‘internet support group,’ been on and now has a show on BBC radio 1, made many great collaborations with other YouTubers, created a gaming channel, written an incredible book, gone on tour, and effected the lives of over 5 million people. Dan has done a lot in these six years and I personally am glad I got to watch it all happen. He’s inspired many people and managed to make them laugh. He’s creative, intelligent, well articulated, kind, and has a unique ‘relatable’ sense of humour. I’m so glad that he chose to share his life with us and would like to say thank you. 

Thank you, Dan, for posting that iconic video that makes you cringe so much. If not for you posting that video and continuing to make the great content you do, then many of us would not be the people we are today. In the book you said that you felt that you and Phil were writing it to thank us for being there so you could share your lives and ideas with us, but really we should be thanking you for allowing us to get to know you and for making us smile.

I don’t understand why people will create such a stir and make someone take down an MV because “they’re objectifying women” but when a male is in the same position as the females in that video they are okay with it and probably would even praise it. Like? What? You can objectify men just as easily as you can objectify women. Objectification isn’t something that only happens to women. 

Here’s another thing that I don’t understand. Jay Park could put out an MV just like Ravi did and Jay would get praise for it, but Ravi gets hate? What’s up with these bullshit double standards? Ravi is the last person that would objectify women. If anything, he uses satire to point out how disgusting it is that people do objectify women. If you know what type of person he is, you would know he wouldn’t do that. He worked so damn hard on this album, and then he apologized for something he didn’t even do? If that doesn’t show you how good of a person he is then I don’t know what will.


Tommy Karevik + Alissa White-Gluz- Liar, Liar

  • things tumblr could update: replies, app not loading, gifs not loading, literally anything useful
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This comeback is going to be so arty guys

If you look for that Seong Lib from the new video online you see that he tends to do videos using that same style

He’s also the second artist to be associated directly with this comeback, the first being BRIDGESHIPHOUSE

And then he’s the third if you include Kibum, who has been confirmed to be playing some sort of artist role in the upcoming concert

Friendly reminder to not be annoyed at/send anything that could be construed as rude to Dan and/or Phil if the ‘important video’ does not live up to your theories and hopes, they haven’t hyped it up other than calling it important, the phandom has overhyped it. Please be considerate and respectful and be thankful for whatever content they choose to share with us. 

A Time Hank Forgot to be Awesome

Back in 2013, Hank Green made this video all about how to deliver an apology when you’re unintentionally hurtful. It’s pretty on point, and it makes use of a lot of content from chescaleigh’s video on the same topic (one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite YouTubers). The takeaway from both videos is that, when someone calls you out for crappy behavior, it’s important to acknowledge that behavior was crappy, whether it was intended that way or not. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means that you screwed up, and in the future, you can change your behavior. In light of this video, I thought I would share an experience with Hank that continues to bother me.

Hank and John have addressed a lot of difficult topics in a sensitive and accessible manner, which is pretty great. Every time I see Hank Green, though, I remember a very specific time when he wasn’t so sensitive. My goal is not to demonize or “expose” anyone, but to bring attention to the ubiquity of casual transphobia and the harm it causes.

Some background. Several years ago, the vlogbrothers (mostly Hank) ran an experimental channel Truth or Fail, “YouTube’s first game show.” Users would click the truth between two supposed facts, and the buttons brought them to subsequent videos elaborating on their chosen answer, indicating whether it was right or wrong. It was usually a nice blend of silly and informative for all kinds of topics.

So one week, the topic was penises. One of the alleged facts had to do with how FTM bottom surgery is performed. At that point, I’d already struggled a lot with gender identity. Transition wasn’t talked about nearly as much as it is now, so I was always curious what people had to say about it when it was brought up (especially people that I looked up to and idolized like the vlogbrothers). I clicked the false fact about it, just to see what Hank said. Hank… used it as an opportunity to flippantly make a joke about trans guys and being unsure what to call them (referring to them as “ladies”).

Again: this was 4 years ago, and at the time, there really wasn’t a lot of mainstream discussion about trans people. I’m sure that it wasn’t Hank’s intention to be hurtful, but as he and chescaleigh so eloquently point out, intention and impact are not the same thing. I can still remember how surprised and hurt I was when I saw this.

It’s something that’s always just been there in the back of my head whenever I encounter Hank Green, and that makes me sad, because I want to be able to appreciate and enjoy his content without thinking of that whenever I see it. When I saw his video on how to apologize back when it was first posted, it made me feel better. I assumed that if someone brought it to his attention, it would be important enough to him that he would acknowledge it and apologize. So a few months back, I decided I would do just that.

I sent him an ask in April, making an effort to be polite and assure him that I didn’t mean to attack. I know Hank probably gets a lot of asks, so it didn’t bother me that I didn’t get a response right away. When a month had gone by and he’d answered several innocuous asks (some clearly more recent than the one I’d sent), I started to feel a little anxious about it. I sent another ask, emphasizing that I just wanted him to acknowledge it, even if it was just privately.

Since then… more silence. I used to be able to still enjoy his content and his posts, but now it’s hard for me to see any of them and not feel pretty crappy, so I’ve had to unfollow him various places. That doesn’t mean I don’t still see him, though, and see when other people that I also like and respect are collaborating with him. A week ago, I sent another ask, this time more of a “tell”:

“I always felt a little weird/sad after you made that super transphobic joke, which was a shame since I like a lot of the things you’re involved in. That’s why I thought I would ask you to address it – you’re a good guy and I figured I could finally move past it. But now that you’ve ignored it the multiple times I’ve asked you (instead answering a bunch of safer messages that might not endanger your image – that’s what I’m assuming, which is why I said I’d be fine with a pm), I feel way worse.”

Still more silence. And… yeah. I get that Hank doesn’t owe me anything. But I want to reemphasize that this is not about demonizing him. For a long time, this has just been an uncomfortable thing that I haven’t expressed, and that’s maybe why I haven’t been able to let go of it. So while there’s a part of me that hopes this is seen and addressed by Hank, I know that’s not super likely. For anyone else, I hope this can serve as a reminder that our idols are not perfect, and we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to that.

Hi I’m Alexander, or Alex for short! I’m a 15 year old FTM and I use he/him/his pronouns! c:

I’m a huge dork who loves making videos, cosplaying, and baking! You can follow me on:

Tumblr- @Kuuki


Youtube-@Alex Is Small And Lame

Does anyone else have the problem of hearing a random song and starting to sing it in your head, but then automatically accidentally transitioning into another song because it was featured in one of PTX’s evolution videos and then realizing that you don’t even remember the actual next words because you only ever hear it in the medley

Also related problem is singing one of the evolutions and accidentally transitioning into a different evolution because they used the same songs in some of them…

  • Fans in 2011: I miss when the boys did video diaries on the X Factor. Those were the days.
  • Fans in 2012: They're too big, now. It will never be the same. It's just drama all the time.
  • Fans in 2013: This is actual Hell.
  • Fans in 2014: We are all fucked.
  • Fans in 2016: I knew this band was fucked up, but to know Niall wasn't even Irish, just some SoCal kid with a perfect American accent. What the fuck.
  • Fans in 2017: Harry was a cyborg? WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING ME LIKE THIS?
  • Fans in 2018: The entire universe is actually a holograhpic projection. None of us are real. There is no actual concept of "now." Everything is past or future. So many questions have been answered. I am finally at peace with One Direction.
  • Me, looking back on videos of me embarrassing myself screaming about Pokémon: idk I miss years ago having that kind of energy and enthusiasm and getting excited and not caring if I embarrass myself. I don't really get excited for things that anymore or emotionally involved that way
  • Me, when Pokémon Generations is announced: Literally crying, unable to type, reblogs the same post like 10 times in a row, has to get up and run around and flail, rolls on the ground, has to use asthma inhaler, unable to articulate words regarding feelings about this, a slew of memories and feelings and concepts and emotion and sensation and pain and healing and dreams come true, remembering, how everything comes back t

That video was posted at 0:02 April 2. What are they doing?

Is this a prank on a prank?

They first posted this 

Then Zico posted this

That is from a movie called Conduct ZERO the same name that the teaser picture says. Making it seem like it was a prank the whole time. They were talking about a movie.

But at 0:02 April 2 this was posted 

So is this a prank they pulled on us to make us think it was a prank when its not or is it still a prank?