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Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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tag yourself: larrie (& greater 1D fandom) edition

Inspired by this post.

The Analyst: Their blog is 90% asks and text posts. Whenever something happens, they’re hit with a flood of anons asking for their opinion. Generous, dedicates hours to their askbox each day. Discusses the stunts and has a lot of theories. People will argue will them no matter what they say. Gets called “big” regardless of follower count and doesn’t like it. Very organized tags that cross-reference everything past and present.

The Fandom Dentist: Has a profession that provides applicable knowledge. Ends up writing more than they intended to. Goes by a pseudonym, no one here knows their real name. No one in their real life even knows they like 1D. Part of a GC that meets up whenever a couple of them are in a major city and has drinks. Every three weeks an anon tries to fight them and claim they don’t actually work in their field. Witty.

The Gif Maker: Constantly in a race with the same five people whenever new material comes out. Their posts always blow up to several thousand notes but the vast majority know nothing about them as a person. Ignores drama in favor of making new edits.

The Shitposter: Part of a GC along with other shitposters. Irreverent but very passionate about what they believe in. Always online. Constantly gets into fights. Memes start here. Probably has a one sentence post that’s gotten 60k notes, few of those people realize it has to do with 1D. They have made you laugh to the point of tears.

The Heacanoner: Likes to make people cry. Usually has friends that yell their name in the tags, everyone tells them to shut up and take a nap every single post. Often sets the tone for what everyone is talking about for the day. Likes to try and cheer people up when there’s been drama. Good-hearted.

The Water Cycler: Trawls people’s archives. Digs up old posts and sets them moving again. Responsible for thousands of new notes but only gets a fraction of those notifications. Their queue is endless. Also often responsible for the topic of the day.

The Demon™: Knows way more than you can even imagine. Part of a GC that throws about absolutely wild ideas. Spends hours researching, a lot of the fun of the fandom is getting to the bottom of things.

The Writer: Get 30 comments on their 40k fic. Is obsessed with using tag viewer. Has a couple good friends who are their rock and their everything. Natural alliance with artists. Reblogs a lot of fic prompt posts. Writing is both their solace and the solace of the whole fandom. Still only gets those 5 comments though.

The Artist: Most likely to get their work tweeted at a member, least likely to get credit. Has a good internal sense of motivation. Processes their feelings through their art. Is more talented than this fandom deserves.

The Random: Reblogs a mix of everything. Has a queue set up where they carefully try not to have too much of anything in a row. Sometimes they’ve been online for hours but you can’t tell since they’re just quietly liking posts. Some uses their tags in a utilitarian way, sometimes talks in them. Probably has way more opinions than they blog about, has a small circle they message. Happy to get anons. This is their sideblog but they spend all their time here, rip.

The Historian: Been here way too long. Aged beyond their physical years. When someone asks about fandom history, able to pull out the whole story, five links, and the pictures without even trying. Their tags are unmatched, likely tags with the exact date. Has 100% no doubts about the central facts. Is Tired™.

The Educator: Wants to use their blog for the general good. Very organized, tends to be involved in fan projects. Steady stream of LGBTQIA+ posts. Researches like a pro, perhaps because they are a pro. Likely either not as active as they used to be or here as a witness/unpaid counselor.

The Bitter: Doesn’t want to be here but can’t pull away either. Has an incredible amount of salty reactions gifs. Goes from zero to Done™ and back again. Has reblogged all those Four Livestream/The Office posts. who hurt you? *under my breath* one direction. The most Tired™.

The Burnt Out: Doesn’t post very much and when they do, rarely engage with stunts beyond reblogging one dry jab. If they post pap shots, they just tag them with how good the person looks. In a GC where they still keep up with everything, probably saltier there than they ever are in public. Used to be tired but has moved on to being numb. Maybe doesn’t want to care anymore but can’t find the exit. 

The Zen: Only reblogs graphics, never text posts. Does not get involved in drama or stunts. Has a better theme than you. They know peace but they also know how valuable that is.

The Indexer: Tags are extremely professional, reblogs every single pap shot because they want them in their tags. Must overlap with another category but may do it in secret.

The Lurker: Likes posts only. Probably has an aesthetic blog. No one who knows them either offline or online knows they like 1D. May later create a sideblog where they reblog posts without any tags just to have a better system to keep posts.

The Baby: God help their soul, they fell down the rabbit hole post-hiatus. Asks a lot of questions. Mixes up “Larry” and “Larrie”. Loves RBB. Still pure but give it time. Actually very Dark™.

The Other Side: This is their secondary ship. Lowkey dislikes the erasure of other members and other relationships but this is a natural alliance for them. Here for the business side and analysis. Has unpopular theories. Everyone forgets to list them on these fandom breakdowns but they expect that.

The *: Ships something everyone else thinks is ridiculous. Everyone adds a * to that pairings’ name to therefore not be associated with that.

The Anti: Lurks, likely to send anons whenever something controversial happens. Likes to feel superior. Smug but ultimately insecure. Cannot accept that someone has a fundamentally different worldview.

The Ex: Weird religious language. Too caught up to leave. A sense of community is actually the most important thing to them. Likely had people thinking they were going to flip months before they did.

The Neutral: They don’t know, man. Follows people who are funny. “Ships” even in this economy. Sometimes thinks they’re considered an “anti” but they’re really not.

The Chill: ???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????????? Their blog is 90% Niall and 10% animal posts.


Re-watching Fairy Tail since the anime is taking a break, so I decided that I’m gonna try to draw a little something from each episode, just for fun and learning purposes. 

I might not post all of them here but the ones I don’t post’ll be on my twitter so be sure to follow me on there ;)

Episode 1 :’)


They all have their own spin on holiday romance – how Infinite would ask someone out on Christmas for anon

29 (valentine) days of positivity

ok I had a cute idea for people without a valentine this year (me) so @ mutuals: reblog this post and the first 29 of u to reblog will get a nice (valentines) message from me n I’ll send one out each day of february !!