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William Shakespeare

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not to start #discourse but using the show as a base for raphael's skin tone isn't really an excuse bc the show whitewashes him...if the base is whitewashed then your art is gonna be whitewashed, even allowing for lighting? i don't think it's as simple as saying 'this picture was my reference so i'm going off that' if you get me

im really sorry to disappoint you! I didnt try to come up with any excuses or anything in my statement. I would like to say that even if I was to do such a thing it is done with 0 intent and I apologize if I offended anyone.

since people have been, lets say, vocal about me drawing izzy and simon too dark before I have been trying to color everyone exactly the way I see them on the show but I have learned that its almost impossible for me to please everyone and I am truly tired of stuff I out my hours into being the reason I feel bad.

one more thing, coloring is really hard. sometimes when you look at something for hours your eyes slowly begin to get used to it and by then its too late to realize if it is a mistake or not. as you can see from my many previous works including raphael, his skin tone has never been consistent.

I’ll try my best to not make you upset ever again but please note that I have never had any education on art, I am not from the US and just 17.

i’m sure if you can dm me I can fully apologize to you personally! thank you and have a great day!! sorry again!

a new born studyblr’s introduction post

hi lovelies! my name is Monica and I’m 16. I will be studying in Monash at Melbourne in October. my studygram is @/studyingyou. im still new at this studyblr thing and i hope that this account will go on smoothly and inspire people. please message me if you ever need someone to talk, or if you have any questions! i will be tracking the tag “studyingyou”

nicknames: moneyca, rapmonica (or in this case, cannotrapmonica). my friends call me mon but I like the name nica.

my personality: id like to think I'm quite a cold person but if I know you, I can get really bubbly and crazy. im a fairly friendly person and I am very polite, I think that manners are an essential. 

studies: I just sat for the may/june olevel this year and im going to attend monash in australia, taking diploma 1. I will be studying business, and i am taking art as a side subject.

my favourite subjects: English, business and art. I have always wanted to study literature but my school didn’t offer it.

languages: english (most fluent), indonesian, hokkien and mandarin. im trying to learn korean but struggling horribly. *pouts*

hobbies: i love doing makeup as it is one of my favourite type of art. I collect stationery, draw, letter, paint, study, and sports. i love shopping and I have absolutely 0 control over my spendings someone help me oh God. i fangirl 98% of the time, im pretty positive I’ve reached the title “professional fangirl”

celebrities/idols I stan: Justin Bieber (I’ve been a belieber for 8 years now i swear there’s no way of going out), bangtan sonyeondan (my bias is yoongi but it’s so hard to stay in one lane), bigbang (my bias is jiyong), blackpink and zayn malik.

my favourite quote: “Worry about shit that’s real.” it basically means dont overthink things as some might not even be necessary to worry about. this has helped me through years. and also, “work until your idols become your rivals.” by GD. it’s pretty self-explanatory. 

type: my blood type is o+, im a Ravenclaw, infj-t, and a taurus.

random facts about me:

- i dont eat pork

- i love arcades

- i try to befriend everyone and not make any enemies

- im scared of relationship commitment

- i love studying

- i am competitive

- obsessed with dogs and sushi

- tea > coffee ( i drink 5 cups of tea every day what is wrong with me)

- i love fashion and art

- i spend my life savings on stationery, merch and bags *sobs violently*

inspired by:

@tbhstudying @studyquill @jhonstudies @snowystudiess @chrissiestudies

@jiyeonstudies @studyblr @studylustre @studyrellablr @academiix @mildlineurs

@damastudies @sadgirlstudying @emmastudies @focusign @studywithinspo 

@cllalagram @mlykstudy @romstudies @productivityplant @juliasacads 

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Considering your main language is French, YOU ARE REALLY REALLY GOOD AT ENGLISH. Occasional grammar mistakes I notice, but as a grammar police you don't make and unforgivable mistakes. (I'm trying to say good job but can't get to the point quick enough so, GOOD JOB!) I'm learning Canadian French in school still, and I still can't tell how good I am XD.

Thank you ! Most of my grammar mistakes are usually due to inattention since my dyslexia tend to mess my brain up a bit, but I’m really happy to know that I’m getting better everyday by practicing continuously !

Another emotional headcanon

(I’ve been doing some research on Judaism for my own enjoyment, so I’m hoping I got some of these terms right. Please correct me if I’m wrong so I can change it!!)

JD’s mom was Jewish, so JD grew up reading the Siddur, going to the Synagogue, and celebrating the Sabbath with her every Friday-Saturday night.

When JD’s mom died, he was so angry. He was upset and angry and horrified that someone so kind, so loving,so important, was taken from him just like that. As he spiraled downward into depression caused by his mother’s suicide, he stopped going to services, stopped praying, recognizing Sabbath, etc. He had a hard time passing by their local synagogue because it reminded him so much of his mom, so he started taking the long way to school every morning.

Flash forward to meeting Veronica. JD tells her “our love is god.” because it’s like Veronica gave him something to believe in again. Finally there was someone he could trust without a second thought, knowing she’d always guide him in the right direction. I like to imagine that if JD didn’t try to blow up the school, Veronica would get him proper help and then she’d start going to services with him at their local synagogue and she’d get a cookbook of traditional Jewish foods to make for him when he’s sad. Maybe she’d even dig up his mom’s old texts for his birthday. She’d just educate herself about the religion so that she could be a better comfort to him.

I’m sorry I just am really emotional about Jewish!JD

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Hello. I'm new to Ghost fandom and I'm trying to learn everything I can lol. Can you help me? How do you know which ghoul is which?? Are there any certain interviews I should watch? Anything that I need to know, please tell me. Thank you. :)

Well hello there!

Well, I know how it was being confused on which ghoul was which when I first really acknowledged myself to be into the band. So, shall we get started? I am still learning new things here and there, so this is the best I can personally give to you as anon. However, you should know I’m one of the blogs here that won’t post unmasked pictures or anything personal of the band’s lives. If you want to chat about that, then message me off anon.

Ghost is a type of heavy-metal band that was formed in Linköping, Sweden actively in 2008. They have three studio albums and in between they have had two EPs (extended plays). Fans often seperate the studio album releases as eras for the band, due to their theatrical change in “Satanic-themed” costumes and stage performances based on the music itself. The creation of the band itself was done out of the admiration and inspiration of horror films and classic songs.

Opus Eponymous was the first studio album released in the year 2010. With a 70s-early 80s vibe, these songs mainly had Satanic themes. There is one song called “Elizabeth” which references murderer Elizabeth Báthory. Two songs, “Con Clavi Con Dio“ and “Genesis“ happen to be sped up waltzes. In the Japanese release, it came with a bonus cover of The Beatles Song, “Here Comes the Sun.” This album was nominated for Grammis.

The line up for the first era had a quick change, as rumored, for bass players. Throughout the era’s, the characters of Ghost have kept their given nicknames, mainly due to fans. This was the era Papa Emeritus I played as Ghost’s lead singer. Often seen most in black and red robes, his voice was deep and haunting. The Nameless Ghouls wore black cloaks with their faces completely covered, until a few had cut holes out for their eyes for better vision. In the summer time, everyone’s robe colors changed to white. There has also been a rare occasion of their robes being red.

Infestissumam was the second studio album released on April 10, 2013. This album is viewed to be the largest reference to the devil in lyrics and tongue-in-cheek stage performance. In 2014, it won a Grammi Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album. Papa Emeritus II, a much younger singer, came to stage. A few versions have been released afterwards with bonus songs, including the ones from their EP, If You Have Ghost.

If You Have Ghost was their first EP released November 20, 2013 that served as a continuation and summary of Infestissumam. These songs are all covers done of Roky Erickson, ABBA, Army of Lovers, and Depeche Mode.

Meliora was the third studio album, making it the third era for Ghost. Papa II was fired from the band, and his younger brother took over, claiming title as Papa Emeritus III. Along with the newest Papa, two ghouls were replaced for drums and bass. It won not only Best Hard Rock/Metal Album at the 2015 Grammis Awards but also the Lead single “Cirice” won the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. 

Popestar is the most currently released EP from Ghost, which took place on September 16, 2016. It includes their newest single hit, “Square Hammer”. It includes cover songs of Echo & The Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco, Eurythmics, and Imperiet. A line up change has taken place again. The rhythm guitarist has gone from the band (which most assume will return) and was replaced by the bass player. The newest bass player in this in between era time is the first known female Nameless Ghoul.

Era IV…. Not a whole lot has been revealed about the upcoming era, other than mentioning it will be darker than Meliora, as a response to the post-apostolic world. A deity of sorts may return….But we’ll see.

Papa Emeritus I (era 1)

Papa Emeritus I was the first anti-pope figure to ever sing for the band Ghost, found back in era 1. He seems to be a very old monster-like man. His voice is deep and chilling. His signature robe color is red.

Papa Emeritus II… (era 2)

Papa Emeritus II is the second singer for the band Ghost, a much younger Papa in appearance. His face paint does homage to the classic horror films. He is more lively on stage than the first Papa and can hold a powerful sensual glance. Without his face paint, he is often seen wearing his beloved sunglasses (we can’t guarantee pants though). His signature robe color is green.

Water ghoul

(of era’s 1-2)

There were a couple who ere hard to tell apart during this time. One who stood out on stage more than the other, enjoyed playing the bass sultry during some songs and have spooky glances. Water ghoul is seen with the alchemy symbol for water on his sash, being an upside down triangle. Some refer to him/them as old Water.

Earth ghoul (of eras 1-2)

Although he stayed longer than the early bass players, this ghoul was very talented at his drumming speed, favoring the cymbals. His eyes were said to be very large and were clear bluish green. His alchemy symbol for earth can be found also on his sash. It is an upside down triangle with a slash through it. Some refer to him as old Earth. He is rarely found in interviews.

Papa Emeritus III (era 3-now)

Firing his older brother, Papa III took stage. His much more flirtatious and energetic on stage than any Papa we have seen yet. He has shown himself to be very intelligent of many things, including music itself and is deeply kind to all fans. Outside of his longer robes, he adorns himself in his acoustic clothes, which are actually a tribute to a Swedish king. He was played a yellow kazoo a number of times. Many refer to him as just Papa. He has only done a couple of interviews. His signature robe color is purple.

Earth ghoul (era 3-now).

The newest drummer of the band, Earth can be told apart from the other ghouls being second shortest but the also the thinnest ghoul. He is crazily talented with holding the drumsticks, often twirling them as he plays. He has kept the same alchemy symbol as old Earth. There has been only one interview found.

Water ghoul (era 3) Aether ghoul (current)

One of the newest bass players, Water/Aether has been a great joy to the band. At first being shy, he has greatly opened from his shell. He has on tour, replaced Omega and Alpha when they were unable to attend. Taking Omega’s place with the current era, many fans disagreed on renaming him Omega. So instead, they have opted for using Aether, which is another alchemy name for quintessence. He has kept the alchemy symbol for water from old Water ghoul, and now has adopted the one Omega formally used. The bass can be told apart, because the darker curled design is of a ocean wave. He is also seen playing a number of other guitars, including a Flying V. His eyes are pale ice blue. Sometimes he wears a ring. As with Earth, only one interview has been found.

Alpha ghoul (formally nicknamed Fire) (all eras)

Alpha is the lead guitar player for Ghost. Alpha was formally called Fire. He has been one of the few ghouls who have stayed since the band’s beginning. He plays quickly on his beloved Gibson and also plays an acoustic at times too. His eyes are a soft baby blue. He can be told apart form the other ghouls by his hand tattoos, which are a broken heart. Alpha is the same height as Papa. The symbol for fire can be found on his lead guitar. He also wears a few rings at times and has recently been wearing a white rose. He is present in a number of interviews.

Air ghoul (all eras)

Air ghoul is the keyboardist for Ghost. He has played upon a few different models over the years, even playing a white Roland Ax Synth keytar for the long “Mummy Dust”. He seemingly the quietest of the ghouls, but very warm and kind. He can be easily told apart from the other ghouls being the tallest of any member of Ghost. He also is the only one with brown eyes. Sometimes he is seen wearing finger less gloves to warm his hands. It is known he is quite the sharpie thief at meet & greets. His alchemy symbol is for air, which is a triangle with a slash across it.

Omega ghoul (eras 1-3)

Omega ghoul is the beloved rhythm guitarist. He is energetic on stage, often stomping to the beat of many songs. He is also seen playing an acoustic guitar. Omega can be told apart from the other ghouls by a few things. He is taller than Papa, but shorter than Air. He wears multiple silver rings on his fingers. The guitar has the symbol for Omega, hence, where fans gave him the nickname. His other nickname is Quintessence. His alchemy symbol is a circle with a wavy end. Besides Special, he is found in numerous interviews. He likes ABBA a lot. He may like Peeps. The last few times he was seen, he has worn a red rose.

Water ghoul/Little Ghuleh/Water droplet/Mist ghoul/etc (current era 3.5)

Taking the place as the newest bassist, she is the only known female Nameless ghoul. She can be told apart from the others being the shortest of any member of the band after Earth. She has pale blue eyes with long lashes. Instead of wearing the same dress shoes as the other ghouls, she has heels. Her nails are often painted. There is much debate around her real nickname, so fans have made up many of their own.

Special ghoul (all eras)

Although he plays no instruments, he is the main songwriter and helps compose all other instruments for albums. He loves music on vinyls, cats, pasta, and Satan. He likes to steal Alpha’s cassock.

Cowbell ghoul (skipping around in era 3.5)

This pesky ghoul loves to sneak onto stage and play his blessed cowbell. Often annoying Papa, he is soon shooed away off the stage. His popularity has made him appear in more than one show. He made up his own symbol to look liek a Cowbell. He too is a stealer of Alpha’s clothing.

Sister Imperator (all eras)

A so-called member of the “Clergy” of Ghost, she is the advisor. She often scolds the ghouls but always pushes everyone to be greater to reach what goals they really want.

Sisters of Sin

These are the sisters making up the Clergy. At concerts, they often help Papa bring out offerings of food and gift. The Sisters of Sin on stage are mostly fans.

Interviews!….I could be here for a long time if I summarized each one so here are 6 of my favorites hail Satan in no particular order:

( X )

( X )

( X )

( X )

( X )

( X )


I think Ren and Noiz both trying new things together would be cute.  Since they both have so much to learn after living isolated/as an ALLmate I think the little things would get Ren excited (like the inside of a dreamsicle being white instead of orange like the outside).  Noiz tries not to get drawn into it but…well…

Also this ask…has been in my box for over a year…I am so sorry.

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I want to learn Finnish. I have seen the recourse post, I'm reading stuff a little - I'm at a very basic level at is point still. I don't know how to make it easy. I see notes written + I like them but don't know the best way if laying out my own. I already speak Swedish so I have it a little asker than many but would really appreciate some advice. It's weird because I've struggled with MFLs my whole life but am very good at Latin and Ancient Greek. Thank you

There’s no easy way actually. You can try games and apps but there will always be some difficult parts. About notes, don’t focus on making them pretty but efficient. After all, you use those notes for learning. Yeah, the aesthetics are nice and i like when i look at pretty notes, but fancy notes aren’t the proof that you’re amazing in your target language.

Let’s give you some suggestions to make your learning journey more pleasant.

You have to take notes, if you want to make them pretty, go ahead but better make them simple and pay attention to what you write, don’t just copy-paste from a book. Try to study 25 min and take a break of 5 and after2 hours, you deserve a chocolate cake! And a break of 20-30 minutes.

You can use apps, sites, YouTube for learning vocabulary. After you learn your new words, see if you can find a song with them. (Ex. If you learned the colours, check YouTube and see what you can find there) if YouTube has nothing, then check Linguarana (a chrome extension).
Another tip for vocabulary is Flewent(chrome extension) which replaces a certain % of your words in your target language and at the end you get sentences like “i like the ciel”.
Try to learn the words in sentences, not one by one, it might help you more.

Write daily a short paragraph, even if it’s basic and it is about your shoes, it’s great, it’s practice.
Try to write something using the words you have learned.

Listen to music~
Watch stuff in your target language, since you are a beginner you are allowed to watch Finnish movies with English subs.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand what you hear, you get used to the sounds.

Begin with stories for kids. Make your own vocab lists for each story/chapter and remember to review those lists! They aren’t ornaments.
Try to set a daily “quest” like 1 chapter or 1 story.

Beginners tend to be shy so talk to a plush toy or your pet. Talking to yourself is a solution too.
Sing~ when you sing you improve your pronunciation, which is a good thing, you don’t want to say something in the wrong way and insult someone.
Repeat when you hear something new. I know that all have that tiny super duper little voice in their head who has an amazing pronunciation but when you try to reproduce what you hear, the cruel reality is going to hit you. So repeat any new stuff.

Try to do something daily related to your studies. It’s okay to have days off but be careful not to stop completely. Hope these help, good luck with your studies~ ^^

hi-skitty  asked:

hey this is probably really silly but I recently got diagnosed with ADHD inattentive type(like a month ago) and I'm hoping to find stuff to educate my mom bc she yells at me for stuff thats really hard for me to do/stuff i cant do/stuff i do to concentrate. I immediately thought of you ;v; Do you know of any good websites or blogs to send her? I have bad judgment and am only now really learning about it myself so I thought I'd ask someone else whos known for longer than me

I’m screaming I just wrote out this long post for you and it didn’t post I hate Tumblr mobile.

okay! let’s try again I guess!! hi! thank you, I love you!
okay, so most of what I’ve learned as to help me and my studies and behavior.
i I have some refs, but please, if showing your mom this stuff will just make her yell at you more, take care of yourself first because you are most important

okay. so! @adhd-community @adhd-is @adhdstudying @actuallyadhd @thatadhdfeel @adhighdefinition and @adhdofficial are all great blogs!

i dont use many websites, as most of what I need to know is for myself and my studies, apologies, but actuallyadhd has a website, so maybe you can refer to symptoms and these blogs and explain that there are some things that are extraordinarily difficult for you to do, even when they may seem easy for her.

I hope I’ve helped at least a little! I’m always here if you need me, and tell me if you need anything else! i love you!

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you all for being here for me. You’ve given me confidence in my art and myself, and gosh I really appreciate it.

Now, what you’re here for!

3rd Place: I’ll draw you an icon, and since it’s June (if only barely when this ends) it can be LGBTQ+ if you want!

2nd Place:  I’ll make a doodle page for you, either digital or in my journal, of a character or two, ocs included.

1st Place: I’ll both make you a doodle page, either digital or in my journal, of a character or two, ocs included. Plus, I’ll draw you up an icon! Again, it can be LGBTQ+ if you want.


  • You’ve gotta be following me, of course. New followers are welcomed, but don’t follow me just for the raffle and then unfollow me after it’s over! That’s rude.
  • Like or reblog! Multiple reblogs doesn’t mean multiple entries. 
  • Ends June 29th, a week from when I’m posting this. 
  • I’ll be picking 3 winners. If they don’t respond in 48 hours, I’ll pick new ones. I’ll send both an ask and a PM.
  • If your main blog is N/SFW, you’re automatically disqualified. That means, if I hover over your name or look at the first page or so of your blog and see por/nography or other N/SFW material, I won’t add you to my list.

The characters I’ll doodle can be

  • From Object Shows
  • Object OCs
  • Cookie Run Characters
  • Cookie Run OCs

I won’t be able to draw

  • Animals
  • Mechanical things
  • Characters that are inherently gory

You can check out my art at my art tag, #dottie doodles. You’ll notice a distinct lack of humanoids and that’s because I’m still working on learning to draw them. I know a lot of y’all are Cookie Run fans, I am too, but please note that I’m really not as comfortable drawing them.

I’ll try my best, especially on icons, but no promises!

Thank you and good luck!

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Hi! So I saw your post about how certain jokes are harmful to you, esp. about gender identity. I'm curious: how, specifically, are they harmful? Now, before you answer, please, please keep in mind I am asking this genuinely. It's not an insult or a taunt, it's a real question. If you would be so kind as to frame your response in a way to help me learn (calm, objective, free of guilt, etc.), I would really appreciate it. I truly am trying to understand.

hey!! they harm me (as a genderfluid person) because they trivialize trans and nonbinary people (such as myself) and our struggles with being misgendered. they also make our identities seem childish and made up, which is the same as saying “nonbinary genders don’t exist.”

“did you just assume my gender?” jokes are harmful because they make trans/nb people who are rightfully angry at being misgendered look silly and childish, like everything *has* to go our way, even though being misgendered is an actual issue that causes many, many trans and nonbinary people to feel invalidated and, sometimes, dysphoric.

these jokes all put this weird sort of stigma around non cis people, where it’s almost impossible for us and our genders to be taken seriously. for example, so many of my friends irl make the “did you just assume my gender?” jokes, so i know a) they don’t take trans/nb people’s struggles seriously, and b) i would definitely be laughed at/ostracized if i came out as genderfluid, because my gender is constantly changing, so yeah, i’m the *exact* type of people they’re making fun of.

all in all, these jokes make non cis people feel isolated from their cis friends who make these jokes, and they make all non cis people look like, you guessed it, a big joke.

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Hey mum !! I have a question. Since you're from Korea, do you have any tips on learnin it ?? Bc I'm trying to learn how to read/speak/understand it but it's a lil bit hard

hi bebs! i’m actually from america but am korean-american! subtle difference, and it means that korean is not my first language and i learned it as well! i grew up hearing the language but didn’t really start speaking it fluently until i got into high school (and i can speak it a lot better than i can read, though i’m getting better with practice). what i think is really important (as it is with all languages) is immersing yourself. of course, everyone is different but here are a few tips:

  • it might be easier to focus on either speaking or reading first as you might get overwhelmed if you’re trying to do both 
  • understand that korean is different than other languages (for example english, but i’m told that it’s similar to japanese) in syntax so that the sentence structure is seems completely off so that sometimes you have to listen to the entire sentence to understand the meaning. 
    • i think that this is a more technical thing that could be learned and understood through workbooks and i’ve heard that “Learn Korean - Grammar” is a pretty good app! 
  • i encourage you to seek out resources like youtube videos, language websites, etc, that suit YOU and your learning preference  
  • listen to people talking in dramas, variety shows, etc, with subtitles on! you’ll start recognizing certain words that are used a lot 
    • you actually find yourself learning quite a bit through shows because you also get the benefit of hearing how words are pronounced
  • the korean alphabet is relatively simple and that’s mostly a matter of memorization; there are 2 “alphabets”: the “consonants” such as ㄱ, ㄴ, ㄷ, and the “vowels” such as ㅏ, ㅣ, ㅓ, and it helps to learn them separately before you make them into words 
    • in korean school, they have you write out each of the alphabets, and later words that you learn 
    • so that with time you’ll be able to put together the consonants like: ㅇ, ㅁ ; and vowels  like:ㅓ, ㅏ to make 엄마 (mom) eventually! 
  • if you have someone who is fluent in korean around you i would say to try to speak/text in korean with them and they would often correct you when you are wrong (srsly my mom does this for me and it’s helped my spelling so much) 
  • don’t give up! korean is a difficult language and can be daunting especially when you’re learning it for the first time 

anonymous asked:

Heeey! Um, I'm trying to learn a lenguage by myself and I'm really into french, italian and portuguese aaanndd I was wondering if you could tell me some resources to do that??? only if you have enough time ofc. You helped me sooo much on getting some inspiration for lenguages!! LOVE YOU SOO MUCH💕

It’s past midnight, i assure you that i was never as free as i am now so i have time. (don’t you just love the night? you could stare at a wall for 3 hours and no one would complain)


Grammar books
Where to download books
Books for reading
Harry Potter
Alice in Wonderland
The little prince


Grammar books
Books for reading
Harry Potter
Alice in Wonderland
The little prince


Grammar books
Harry Potter
Alice in Wonderland
The little prince
more here

More resources for all 3

my method of studying
more tips

I hope these help you! Good luck with your studies! ^^

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times over~! I'm a relatively new follower so I'm only just learning more about you/yourwork/yourblog. But I was just wondering how you deepened your understanding of moving figures? I'm in my second trimester of an animation degree and am slightly intimidated by things like turn cycles and orthographic views, let alone animating them. I'm trying to learn as much as I can but I'm not sure where to start exactly. S: xo

I totally understand being intimidated by all those things. I am too! I didn’t study animation in school.  I wouldn’t be able to give you a lot of advice about that.  But I can share a few things that have been really helpful to me as I’ve learned to animate on my own:

1. This Book

This was recommended to me by a friend & was so helpful for starting out.  It has a TON about timing, in-betweens, and a huge section on walk cycles and getting the movement right.  It also points out a lot of the classic mistakes people make too, which is nice so you can avoid them.

2. Practice drawing from life

I was an illustration major so this was something we talked about a lot.  You want your drawings and animations to be believable no matter the style.  But you won’t be able to do that if you don’t know how something is structured and how it moves.  So draw whenever you can.  If you want to animate figures, practicing gesture drawing is a great way to understand form and movement.  

3. Pick a simple project & dive in

I’ve found I learn best by jumping right into a project, then asking questions/googling answers when I run into something I don’t know how to do. Start with something simple.  My first animation only had 2 frames that flipped back and forth.  Maybe pick a drawing you’ve already done that you like and add a little motion to it in some way. 

Also, don’t get discouraged if everything you try doesn’t look great the first time.  I have a lot of scrapped animations that were nice practice…. and that’s about it.  Just keep going!  Eventually you’ll make something you are really proud of.  

Things I’ve said while playing Overwatch
  • (Singing) I love playing Overw-” *gets killed* “I LOVE GETTING KILLED EVERY TIME I TURN A CORNER BOOM BOOM BOOM”
  • “I got sniped by a Hanzo and I use that term in the loosest way”
  • “I’m a zoomy boy”
  • Hanzo: You honor me. “I think you’re disgusting”
  • (Playing Widow, Mercy, or Young Ana) “I’m so sexy”
  • “Get on MY payload with THAT attitude as if”
  • Friend: aw! They’re friendly! “I’ll feel relatively bad about killing them then” (while playing Lucio)
  • (After an enemy Widow pulls her ult) “Bath soap knee chaperone on guard”
  • “Wekki tekki go fuck yourself”
  • “You might not be able to tell by my outfit, but I’m a massive homosexual.”
  • “They switched to be strategic I don’t know how to do that”
  • “You adorable little monkey you, come here” (not referencing Winston, believe it or not)
  • (Seeing a Mercy) “I love you. I’d die for you. I love that green on you, it matches your… hair, I guess.”
  • *gets killed trying to flirt with Mercy*
  • “Is that the squids name, MyJam?”
  • Widow, after killing Sombra: I prefer to work alone. “…sexy”
  • (To a Mercy) “Mercí. Get it? Mercí, Mercy…? Because… Because I love you?”
  • “THERE’S A BOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW fuck.” (translation: There is a Bastion in sentry mode and he’s killed me.)
  • *deep breath followed by a long, drawn out scream*
  • “I’m so good at games” *gets killed immediately after saying that* “I’M SO BAD AT GAMES”
  • *support character screaming*
  • (on attack) “why is there a hanzo”
  • (learns about gency) “i have to come up with a cute pet name for Genji I guess.” *ten minutes later* “HIS NAME IS JU JU BEAR AND HE’S AFTER ME”
  • *Gets killed by Genji* “I GOT JU JU-ED”
  • *trying to snipe Pharah* “come here you birdy bitch”
  • *yet again trying to flirt with Mercy* “Listen, I know there’s Pharah,  but-but listen, listen, there’s also me”
  • *sees a yellow outfit* “AW WHO’S A GOOD PEE PEE BOY”
  • “I also am a spoopy homo”

im-notcrazy12  asked:

Hey, this isn't an ask sorry. But nevermind the jealous anons. And don't worry about bothering people. You art work is good, better than some I seen. I mean your better than me because you had the courage to draw and post it! I couldn't dream of doing that. I did like your darkiplier drawing and I'm not just saying it. Proportions are off, but that's normal. (My bro is an artist he helps me) but truly, the colors and the design are well done. You should be proud of your hard work.

*Tasteful laughter* 

As much as I welcome constructive criticism, at least make it true! Proportions are off? Hah. Well, if you look at the original, unedited photo of Mark and compare it to my drawing, you will see that it’s actually pretty much flawless. Nice try, though.

I’ll be waiting for your apology.

(Okay, but silliness aside, thank you for your kindness.I really am trying hard to learn, and proportions are a hard one for me, but they’re slowly getting better. Thanks for reaching out, and have a wonderful day.)


Okay so, I haven’t died or fallen off the side of the earth (which would result in death and no I’m not a flat-earther whatever the hell crazy nonsense-) 

I have my board certification exam next week to become a BOARD CERTIFIED DOCTOR (hooray) and then I’m hopefully home free assuming that I pass and all is well. =O Although that’s also not entirely true because I did just start Cardiology fellowship last month so I have to read and learn shit for that too BUT that doesn’t mean I have to study long ass hours. 

I really want to draw things. =C Almost there!!

I need to sleep so badly but my mind is full of so many thoughts.

You know what I’ve realized? Being an adult isn’t about age. Not really. It’s funny, when I was younger I always assumed that when I reached a certain age, I would have some big ‘aha!’ moment where I would suddenly know how to do adult things like cook and file taxes and pay the bills, but it’s not like that at all. 

My 18th birthday felt like any other day. My 21st birthday came and went, but with the exception of now being able to order a drink (with ID, always with ID), nothing had really changed. I was still living with my parents and they were the ones who took care of all my bills– my health insurance, my school tuition, everything. 

So no, becoming an adult isn’t about reaching some special age. Nah, it’s the first time you meet someone 20-30 years older than you and realizing that they expect you to call them by their first name– to address them not as Mr./Mrs./whatever, but as an equal. It’s the first time you fly on a plane by yourself, the first time you buy your own clothes without expecting your parents to pay for it, the first time your mom tells you to call a restaurant to make a reservation. It’s that first paycheck, being able to ride in the front seat of the car for the first time, the first time you decide to eat vegetables without being told to because somewhere down the line, things like health and nutrition and vitamins started to become important to you. 

There’s no set age where you become an adult, because it’s a process and it starts from the very first moment you start learning independence. See, becoming an adult is all about firsts (because with a first, there’ll be a second, and a third, and a fourth…) and when you think about it like that, it’s not all that different from being a kid. Sure, there’s more responsibility and it’s not exactly easy, but in the end it’s not really something you have to try at. 

It’ll come naturally.