but i'm too lazy to write all people xd

I see a lot of these going around and I want to make a post instead

Thank you for existing!❤️❤️ send this to 10 people that you think that deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox 💕

Maybe I’m just too lazy to go to everyone’s ask box, but eehhh….. Thought I would make one post for all of you (sorry if that seems “unpersonal” or whatever……) 


@donghyuks-thighs Kaaazzzzz, thank you for always wanting to listen to me and my problems (and always try to help me). I also think you’re one of the first people I talked to on here ^_^ Thank you so much for being here for everyone in this fandom :) 

@shimco ABY MAH FRIEND! Idk how you have the time to chat with me always (since I can be quite talkative ops?) I absolutely love your random messages and replies SO MUCH so that I post a lot of them for everyone to see. You make me smile so much, you have no idea! (but gurl, get more sleep…. or turn your sleeping hours back to “normal”) LOVE YOU <3 :D 

@ohmikon My cheerleader Elena :D Thank you for (making me “realize” my true feelings for Hanbin) making the midterms and exams a little “better” and believing that together, we will get through this! Gurl, we can survive this! 

@bi-ai Bea, we don’t talk that much, but you seem like such a nice person (even though you sent me pitcures of hanbin before my midterm)   Jk i luv you :3 and your amazing gifs saving everyone all the time XD 

@hanbabi we haven’t really talked that much before (tbh, not until yesterday???) but I’ve seen you around (lol tf am i even talking about anymore?) You seem like a very nice person tho so far (I’ve seen what you’ve done to Elena, I’m not scared of you XD) ^_^

@bobhwa also someone I don’t really talk to, but hey fellow multifandom person XD of course appriciate your blog (and you sort of made me stan Highlight soooo…..I’m even more trash now haha) 

@han-bin someone I wish I talked to more tbh…. cuz you seem so nice (EVERYONE ARE OMG I KNOW I REPEAT MYSELF BUT IT IS TRUE)and so always message me if you want! I have no life so I’m always up to chat lol, I wish I had something more to say, i’m so sorry XS I REALLY APPRICIATE YOU THO :) 

@jiwoff The bobby stan who usually dies from feels, I hope you’re coping with them feels, stay strong gurl XD 

@kayputjeng (why can’t I tag you tho?) so idk if you see this, but thank you for always liking every single post of mine XD I love seeing you in my notifications!

@jng-chnw THANK YOU FOR BLESSING EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE WITH CHANWOO CONTENT! truly a hero, that’s what you are! <3 :) Pls stay active (my life depends on it haha) 

WOW, OK THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I AM SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE! You are all so great and I am so happy to have joined such an amazing and including fandom honestly, you guys are the best and I am so happy whenever I get a notification, likes, tag, message, ask WHATEVER! Thank you so so so much for making my day better. 

-Jess (chocoball bbywoo biased) 

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