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Well here I am watching Real Got7 season 2 and low and behold what do we have here but some Markbum. Now I was gonna gif these moments but I am too lazy so. Please enjoy some young!real life bffs!Markbum.


Ya know what concept I love? The very real likelihood that one of the first things everyone would do in the new universe is design and alchemize new outfits. Like. These kids have literally been wearing the same couple t shirts, suits, and god pajamas for 3 years and two days at least. So first after finding a home (probably the meteor still tbh) and after they all take very long very satisfying showers and have a nice group meal, they’re all gonna go over to someone’s house and just…brainstorm, design, and create tons and tons of new clothes. Kanaya tries to offer advice but she can’t stop some of the more…out there creations (mostly terezi’s and davepeta’s both of whom are ABSOLUTELY THERE IN THE NEW UNIVERSE SHUT UP). Jade is by far the best at creative but practical designs and everyone envies her. Roxy also makes some amazing stuff especially when teaming up with Callie. They combine their old outfits and their god tier outfits and anything else they can get their hands on and just. Go to town. They spend an entire day sitting on the floor next to the alchemiter drawing, discussing, making fun of each other’s ideas, and just having a really great and non-life-threatening time. It makes me so happy to think about.


lmao so this was one of my college finals- i had to make a few concepts of a little story of mine. it was the first time i’ve done something like this SPECIALLY drawing houses and backgrounds……. the pain and tears

i’m still thinking of making much more concepts (digital and traditional) and gather everything in a little zine just for the fun since i won’t make a comic or anything else out of this– just to practice more backgrounds and stuff like that and create all the nice characters!

Boueibu in the Olympics

I was thinking about drawing the boys doing sports, but much like En, I’m too lazy (and because of the sport I chose for En, I gave up; I can’t draw guns; hey, it’s not like En would choose anything else, to be honest…).

But here they are, if this inspires any of you.

  • Yumoto: Volleyball
  • En: Shooting
  • Atsushi: Soccer
  • Io: Cycling
  • Ryuu: Gymnastics
  • Kinshirou: Archery
  • Ibushi: Judo
  • Akoya: Fencing
  • Akihiko and Haruhiko: Synchronized Swimming
  • Goura: Weight Lifting

tfw you realize that you don’t really think of yourself as a woman but you don’t really think of yourself as anything else either so you might as well just let inertia take the wheel and eat tuna mixed with mayo and cheese out of a bowl for dinner because you’re too lazy to actually make anything

say I'm a dreamer

so this spn daydream has been in and out of my consciousness for pretty much all of the hiatus - thought I might as well write it down :)

I’m picturing a climax scenario, okay? Think Sam poised to kill Lilith while Dean desperately tries to call him back from the brink - only this time it’s DEAN on the verge of going darkside. Dean on the verge of killing Abaddon/Gadreel (either/or depending on my mood - though I tend to picture Abaddon most often, perhaps because she mirrors Lilith?). 

Dean has the first blade, he knows where Abaddon will be and he’s rushing to get to her. Killing Abaddon will not free Lucifer or start an apocalypse like killing Lilith did, BUT if Dean uses the first blade it will irreversibly alter him, it will make him a demon like Cain (I’m working on a theory that that’s how Cain was turned, that killing with the blade is what taints/twists your soul into demonhood - much like feeding is what cements turned vamps into full vampires, you know?).

Sam, desperate to save Dean from this fate, grabs at Dean’s free arm, trying to hold him back. 

With a yell of rage and frustration Dean lashes out with the blade, slicing up Sam’s arm, forcing Sam to stagger back, clutching his wound, wide-eyed with horror as his gaze moves back up to his brother.

Seeing what he’s done Dean freezes, shocked, eyes flicking from the blood seeping through Sam’s fingers to the matching crimson on the blade in his hand.

“Dean,” Sam gasps. “Please. You do this, there’s no coming back.”

A flicker of fear passes over Dean face, his eyes wet. Then he sets his jaw, swallows everything back until his expression is hard. Not emotionless, no, but angry. Bitter.

“Like you care,” he spits, walking away without looking back, deaf to Sam’s increasing desperate and pleading cries of his name.

Sam tries to follow Dean, but the cut is too deep, he needs to keep pressure on it, blood loss and pain are already making him dizzy. He stumbles into a wall. His legs start to buckle.

Then Cas is there holding Sam up.

“Sam? What-?”

“It’s Dean, he… I couldn’t stop him…” Sam mutters as Cas lays hands on his arm to heal him, pausing only for a moment to register his shock that it is Dean who has done this.

There’s a problem with the healing process. Sam cries out as his skin knits together in agonising slowness. Cas stops, fearful of causing Sam more harm.

“Sam, this wound, it’s… it’s not natural. To heal it safely I would need to -”

“Forget it. Leave it,” Sam gasps, stripping off his jacket and wrapping it round his partially healed arm as a makeshift bandage. “Just - find Dean. Stop him.”

“Me?” Cas shakes his head. “No. You’re his brother, you should -”

“Yes! I am his brother. Don’t you see? That makes me part of the problem! But you -” Sam grips Cas’ upper arm, holding his gaze, speaking fast and earnest. “Cas, you’re different. He cares about you, but not like - Look, he - he won’t hear me right now. He can’t. But he’ll listen to you.”

Cas pulls back from Sam, staring at him like he’s started speaking in tongues.

“You… you overvalue my importance to him.”

“No. I don’t. Look, you don’t have to believe me. But we’re out of time. He’s gonna find Abaddon any minute and I can’t stop him. Even if you don’t think you can, you have to try, please!”

Cut to Dean facing off against Abaddon. By this time the Mark of Cain has gifted Dean with a few superpowers and he is able to quickly overpower her and pin her to a wall. He advances on her, blade raised.

Which is when Cas runs in.

“Dean, stop.”

…I have a ton of variations of this conversation! None of them entirely coherent. I thought I might at some point collect my thoughts/emotions enough to be able to pin it down and script it, but I’ve given up trying, at least for now!

Basically a ‘yellow crayon’ speech to Dean from Cas (the phrase 'let go’ is involved at some point, possibly 'this isn’t you’ and/or 'don’t make me lose you’… sometimes there’s declarations of love, depending on how sappy I’m feeling :p), ending with Cas leaning in to gently draw the blade from Dean’s fingers, while Dean rocks forward, crying into Cas’ shoulder as Cas wraps his other arm about Dean and holds him close. Maybe whispering soft, comforting things like 'I have you’ and 'it will be alright, Dean’ or just 'I’m here, I’m here’ in response to Dean weakly clasping Cas’ coat and choking out 'Cas… Cas, I…’ through his tears.

(and then later Cas takes Dean back to the bunker where Sam is waiting, pacing, arm properly bandaged - and Dean stands in front of him, tearful, only managing an anguished 'Sam, I’m sorry’ before Sam is wrapping him up in a crushing hug, wincing from the pain it zig-zags up his arm but not letting it stop him, crying too as he chokes out “I don’t care what you think about anything else, but don’t ever ever think I don’t care about you, Dean. I love you. Whatever you believe, you have to believe that.”)

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