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Podcast time... again?

Like I wrote a post about a week ago or so. And never a post of mine had receive such likes and reblogs (there aren’t many, but for me they are a lot. I have like 20 followers and most of them are not real people, and I’m at 70 or more notes) So if people like this, why shouldn’t I write more? This isn’t going to become a weekly thing, because even if I wanted I get obsessed with things too often. Like I only listen podcast for two weeks and then I stop and see like 10 seasons of 6 different series, or 20 movies per week, or 3 books a day (the book thing happens scarscely, usually on holidays). Well, here I go again.

If you want, you can skip to the interesting part, I don’t mind people not reading my rantings.

Podcasts I’m listenting to:

-Alice isn’t Dead, written by one of the creator of Night Vale. It promises to be as strange as Night Vale is, and I have to admit it creeps me out a bit, but other podcast is almost giving me nightmares.

-D&D is For Nerds, just listened to the first episode, mostly it is an easy listening (does that expression make sense?) It’s just a group of friends having fun.

-EOS 10, I finished the first season and I love it. I can’t bring myself to listen to the second one because we still don’t know when the third season will start. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably have finished it by the next update I’ll post.

-Hello From the Magic Tavern, this was actually a recommendation I got from tumblr (thank you, @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey​ ) And it is just pure, unadulteraed fun. It is improvised and the main cast are just three but they have guests in almost every episode. It’s a fantastic comedy, quite literally.

-Kakos Industries, I listen to it when I want to stop thinking It’s quite regular i its format, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a bit monotonous but it works. I like it.

-King Falls AM, it’s so easy to fall in love with King Falls AM. I’ve previously compared it with Night Vale, and maybe the concept seems similar but the actual show isn’t. Whereas Night Vale is a creepy town which I would be scared to live in, I actually would love living in King Falls. Just listent to it.

-Limetown, waiting for the second season.

-Lore, creepy as always but I’m actually a bit disappointed with the last episode because it seemed more like an addition to the first episode than anything.

-The Black Tapes, remember when I said before ‘other podcast is almost giving me nightmares’? Well this is it, between this and Lore, these two week I’ve scared of everything, I’m like 8 years old again and I can’t be without a light on. Pathetic, right? I was actually kind of bored mid-season because they never really closed a case and most of the information given I could do wihout, even when Alex *SPOILER ALERT* realises that everything is connected, which honestly wasn’t such a big a revelation, it was a rather weak plot twist. Ok, it kind of got me mad, because it was kind of stupid. (Ok, sorry for ranting, sorry Black Tapes, I like you a lot really)

-Welcome to Night Vale, I still need to listen to the last two episodes so nothing new to report

-Wolf 359, only listened to the first three episodes but so far, so good. I love Eiffel antics and how he distrusts basically every other character.

List of to-listen: Tanis, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City, The Message, Serial, Sayer, The Secret World, We’re Alive and Presidential.

I might be quiet, but I eat lunch with friends, crack jokes and talk about music and makeup. every minute I spend in their presence tears at my being, but I persist, I grit my teeth and take your immaturity and stupidity, your small minded remarks. why do I do it? I do it so no one will harass me for being alone, even if that’s when I feel most comfortable. I do in hopes of it benefiting me–someone will give me cash or know someone who will help me in my career.every day my mind wavers between people being obstacles standing between me and my goal and people being tools and stepping stones I can use to achieve my goal.


Inspired by this fic “Rudely Interrupted By Scruff”

Words: 1K

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Lazy morning in the life of a hairy-faced Winchester

Warnings: Too much fucking fluff. It’s 6 am okay? I didn’t mean to.

A/N: I was bored and I read that and decided I wanted to do something similar. If @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious ​ you want me to take it down, I totally understand. I don’t mean to steal your idea I was just bored. IF you want it deleted just say the word. Happy new year everyone. I love y’all. Gifs are irrelevant but eh.

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 here’s  another  open  starter  call,  as  since  refreshing  this  blog  up  ––  i  deleted  all  my  posts  to  start  new.  so,  click  that  lil’  heart  down  there  if  you  want  a  one - liner  or  something  along  those  lines  !    MUTUALS ONLY.  NON-MUTUAL  LIKES  WILL  BE  IGNORED.


Eggsy Unwin, badass extraordinaire.


After a lengthy post of these novels got deleted, and currently being too sick and lazy to re-type everything, I decided to simply share with you these two books. I absolutely loved “Tell The Wolves I’m Home,” and definitely recommend reading it to anyone! It is in my top 5 favorite books of all time! “The Good Luck of Right Now,” wasn’t my favorite read, however, it is my most recent one and even though I struggled with it at the beginning, I am happy I finished it!

Heading out on another vacation this weekend! Please feel free to share with me your favorite books! I am always looking for new ones to earn their keep on my bookshelf!

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I recommend not queueing the twins if you queue things bc in my experience you’re either too lazy to delete queued posts or you forget about them altogether & when the whole fandom is mad at one of them (which happens quite frequently for whatever reason lmao) he’ll appear on your timeline like

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& you wanna know who tf reblogged that fucker during this time of fuckery, but it was you. it’s your own fkn fault bc you queued him & now it’s too late anyways bc you’ve seen a former source of happiness, be it that smile

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or them moves

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that body

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him being a dork

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or a lil cutie

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or just him seeming like a likeable person for once

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& he looks at you like he knows he’s the reason you ain’t gonna get no sleep tonight

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bc flashbacks to times of laughter are happening, it’s all frustrating bc now you wanna kiss & kill him simultaneously, so on the outside you’re #unbothered but on the inside you’re like

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[Rant primarily aimed at Him-who-must-not-be-named aka lestwinson is here too, also applicable to Lau at times]