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SOME NEW OCS I MADE!!!, I haven’t even introduced all my ocs to you guys but still continue to make more :’),,anyway

Tobias is the tuff buff boy, he loves to work out, and acts tough all the time to hide the fact that’s he is a total softie and cries constantly. hes also nervous and jittery around new people, but calms himself down by exercising. He hates all junkfood, and doesn’t believe in soda. Tobias loves Xyriel because of how nerdy he is, and how tough he despite how short he is, he even still loves Xyriel no matter how many times he’s made him cry.

Xyriel is a videogame loving nerd with a bad mouth and attitude, no matter who you are he’ll tell you off. Hes overall a horrible person who yells a lot. unlike Tobias he loves soda and junkfood, he absolutely hates exercise, he’d rather die than run. Though he thinks Tobias is a bit weird and annoying, he still loves Tobias, and he thinks that its really adorable that Tobias has a big crush on him.

Tobias is Filipino/Latino and Xyriel is full Filipino. Tobias can understands Tagalog but isnt very good at it speaking wise but is fluently good at spanish, Xy knows Tagalof fluently.

How to be productive af at school

5.10.17 050 49/100 days of productivity Hi, guys, it’s been a little bit since I posted but I’m home sick because I was in bit of an accident and wanted to post today. I hope you find some of these helpful:) 

  1. If your stuck there might as well not waste your free time doing things you can there
  2. Listen to what the teachers say/ pay attention Obviously… 
  3. When taking notes if you can review them beforehand do, but if you can  take pictures of the slides and then write the gist of them in your notebook you can save time while still getting the same amount done
  4. Ask friends during lunch or breaks to help you with things you don’t understand
  5. Teachers will be more willing to help you if you start something in advance 
  6. Have an easy go-to method of note taking that is universal, this is going to make taking notes go by faster and easier making sure you don’t miss anything or have no space.
  7. Use free periods and study halls to study instead of just homework. Sometimes if I have a free period and just do my homework I get home and I'm too lazy to study but if it was my homework I know I would have to do it.
  8. Make a list of things you want to finish before the day is over and stick to it
  9. Place yourself with the correct people. People who want the same things or have similar goals are best to sit with don’t just spend the period just laughing and goofing off
  10. Know how to say “No” we all would rather do that fun thing or just forget about school but you have to remember that sometimes ou have to just get something done and the reward could be saying “yes”

“No onions, just the way you like it.” You smiled as you dropped the bag of food besides the car he was working on. 

“Well isn’t this just the favourite part of my day,” he smirked and wiped his hands on a white piece of cloth staining it black. Like the charm he was, he strolled over to you with that enticing smirk plastered onto his face. Swiftly, he put his hand on your lower back and pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

“It’s the least favourite part of mine.” You pouted as you pulled away teasingly.


I don’t know why I always have to fuckkng defend myself on here now. I always liked coming here and posting what I WANT. And I will still continue to do so. Chris knows what I post and what I’m going to post because I ask him. He can post whatever he wants as well. So once again, stop sending us shit telling him that he deserves better or whatever cuz you don’t know what we talk about or what we do. I have nothing to hide so if you just want to start drama AGAIN, then please unfollow us both.

Thank you.


if i should tumble, if i should fall
would anyone hear me screaming
behind these castle walls?

Send me one (or more) of these as a prompt with a pairing/otp and I’ll write a drabble. 

Aaah, yes I could see either of them on both sides of this honestly. I hope you like it, @alightfromtheshadowswillspring

Word count: 715

They were both in the back room of Anteiku unloading coffee bean sacks that were recently delivered into the storage area. That was until a particular slam and clink made Touka completely freeze and turn in the direction of the sound where the door shut.

“I thought I told you to prop the door open when we came in here!”

“Huh? Sorry Touka-chan, it slipped my mind.” Kaneki sheepishly grinned apologetically.

“Well now we’re locked in here until someone opens this door from the outside, you idiot.” she retorted coldly while glaring daggers at him.

The back room of Anteiku was only a small room that was mainly used for storage purposes. The walls were thin with no windows for any natural light source, the only lighting was the occasional flickering of the synthetic lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. The air in the room was musty and damp from random leakages and mold spores, like you almost couldn’t breathe. A sudden draft made a chill run down his spine.

“Don’t tell me you’re cold.” as she glanced at him with an annoyed expression.

“N-No, what about you?”

“Tch, why do you care?”

“You asked first.”

“Screw you.”

Just then, Touka felt warm hands cupping her own and then pulling her into a tight semi-awkward embrace. She wanted to scream and yell at him, she was going to push him away and punch him, but she didn’t. For some reason she felt as if her entirety of energy was drained from her and she had no strength to fight back. She could feel his hot breath tickling her ear and part of her nape.

She could feel a boiling sensation building up within the back of her throat, as she felt his warm soft body press to hers. She didn’t even think or hesitate when she pressed her lips gently on to his chapped ones.


“Shut up.”

This time she kissed him again more forcibly, pulling him by his tie and nipping at his lower lip. Kaneki gasped when she bit down hard enough just so she could slide her tongue into his mouth.

“T-Touka…” he breathed between their kisses.

“T-ToukaAHH!” he moaned as she began moving her mouth to his neck.

Her breath was hot and her lips were soft as she peppered kisses from his jawline and back to his neck once more.

“P-P-Please stop.”


“I said stop!”

He had to rip her away just to stop her from taking things further.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” his voice hoarse, trying to catch his breath.

Touka didn’t bother in retorting back, she didn’t care. Now that they’ve gotten this far. Why stop now? Not when she finally knew his feelings were in return with how she felt. In fact, stopping was the last thing on her mind.

She kissed him again in a harsh manner, pushing him against the wall, pressing her body onto him. Not wanting to be pried away from him again.  

“Aaah!” he practically choked, moaning into her kiss and trying to hold her as close to him as he was physically able to.

Touka was now loosening his tie, trailing kisses down his jawline to his neck again, clumsily fumbling with the annoying buttons of his dress shirt. Kaneki was about to help her until he heard a faint clink and the door gliding open.

“Is anyone in here? I heard someone–” Nishiki stopped mid sentence once he saw Kaneki and Touka; registering the situation.

“Shitty Nishiki!”

“The hell you kids are getting it on while we have a shop full of customers?!”

“Shut up!”

“Nishiki, we were-”

“Save your excuses for another time when there isn’t a line of customers waiting for orders.”

The room was dim but the light coming from the now opened door made their flushed faces more apparent than ever.

“I’ll leave the door open, make sure you clean yourselves up.”

“Shitty Nishiki, we didn’t do-” she was quickly cut off by Kaneki softly pressing his lips onto hers in one swift movement.

“Can we please continue this later?”he said, straightening his tie and grabbing one of her hands, leading her out the door. With that, he could have sworn he saw her smile and reply under her breath; “Anytime.”


Last day of training camp and it’s almost too late (let me dream okay)

Bonus ‘cause they are two dorks and don’t have a clue what to do or say