but i'm too lazy to blog it

so i was gonna do Real Coloring for this but I gave up lmfao


I started this before episode 10 aired and I was sad because I realized only their right hands were showing and i was too lazy try to change it so i threw the rings on their right hands anyway



So I decided to rewatch Hannibal for the first time since it ended (for now!) and I’d appreciate some more Hannibal/Hannigram content on my blog. So if you still actively post/reblog about it and also perhaps appreciate some of these:

  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Steven Universe
  • Marvel
  • Rhett and Link/Good Mythical Morning
  • Markiplier, KickthePJ, Dan and Phil, and other YouTubers in general…

feel free to like and/or reblog and I’ll check out your blog!

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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Reblog if you're a hockey blog and post 90-100% hockey :)

doesn’t matter what teams you post!

Send a symbol for one thing or situation that makes my muse...

Anyone is free to add more!

❀ giddy
✈ nostalgic
✄ irritated
⚡ anxious
☾ relaxed
♚ envious
♡ infatuated
✘ enraged
⚐ terrified
☁ disappointed
☣ disgusted
☕ exhilarated
☼ laugh
⚕ terrified
⚛ hostile
★ grateful
⚠ distrustful
☔ cry
⚜ motivated
♐ awestruck


μ’s + greek muses

(bc i’m really proud of this edit and too tired to make an ll blog just to post it)

yells softly … i don’t really do bias lists very often. partly because i’m lazy and partly because i want to include everybody but it’ll make the post too long and too tedious to actually write. i just wanted to thank you all for being so welcoming and giving me a chance even though i have a tendency to just drop off the face of the earth and not return to a blog for months and, in some cases, a little over a year and it’s been like this for the past two or three years now, especially with james moriarty. so this is a thank you to followers old and new for sticking by me, writing with me and just being lovely people in general. you guys are the true mvps here !! if you’re not on here, then chances are i’ve forgotten and missed you out ;a; but don’t be disheartened !! I LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU.

@proneanger, @dementally / @solvesit / @animusq, @ripthem, @cruents, @anyalenkaya / @marypoots, @onemansinsanity-onecatsreality, @lawheroine, @spelmans / @thatsecretary, @moranument, @canisriot, @decaydent / @blutorgie, @falseallied / @shieldedsilk, @wasbored, @talkstotwigs, @beauxvoleur, @croquetqueen, @ringwinning, @deiryu, @greyintent, @mildcuriosity, @begetsmonsters, @inomniscience, @faekissed / @gentlend, @eruditioned, @vtrevor / @bbcmycroft / @multiplicis, @saidfocus, @garmrr, @searisen, @ovalbound, @deathwritten, @cupshattered / @abaelles, @tigermarked, @thecleverholmes, @grindxlwald, @honorwinning, @morsestars, @kilgrins, @properlycool, @empiredheart, @whatwatson, @donutwaitress / @bioengiineer, @noosphereous, @consultingsister, @twcsugars, @carneaderunt, @starlightsulu, @silvaer, @shepredator, @redlocked, @patricianborn, @sunworn, @wearspink, @sansbeaute, @diglestrade, @starrysouffles, @rottenintentions, @latiturae, @coastsick, @madeleventh / @armydoctor, @watsonofagun, @higherintellect, @liecaught, @properlyreal, @xaedificare, @ciportne, @faceisariver, @evrus, @okretan, @rottenharls, @storyweaved, @noagcnt, @unholywords, @silfursvik, @scottiish / @riskaddict, @servinglies

once again, thank you all and stay groovy !

Hi! Welcome to my first follow forever! I’ve been a Marvel fan for a long time, but I didn’t decide to make a blog dedicated to it [and other comics-related stuff] until this year. Though I don’t really talk to many people in this list, these are the blogs that have been making my dash [and my ao3 reading list] really great since May. I’m not going to bother italicizing favorites because if you’re here, you’re a favorite. Mutuals, you know who you are ❤

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Follow these people because their writing is like 10/10 and better than my lazy ass who’s not gonna post anything for the next few weeks because of finals and a vacation

@kpopmademyday -highkey I check this blog every single day because their writing is that good. They upload daily too so that’s a plus
@chipsandwaffles -creative af and like their nct stuff is 10/10. They’re the reason DoYoung has been rekting me. Eloping with Doyoung was just too cute
@squaresreact -this is one of my favorite nct blogs because all of the admins are nice af and admin Luna’s voice is kpop worthy
@exobtsimagination -one of the first blogs I followed when I got tumblr tbh. I need to catch up on some of their scenarios but my favorite was the Mafia!Chanyeol one
@shinee-texts -for the kings of kpop only quality material must be made and this person is making them
@iskpoptrash -yo she’s the real MVP tho. Congrats on 2k followers btw.
@exoterrestrial-fantasies -another one of one of the first blogs I follow and I have no regrets
@monbebeswish -for all your Monsta X needs come to them. Reason why I don’t have a Monsta X bias anymore
@moonbinny -they have one of my favorite writing styles TBH. Infliction is my favorite series
@kpopangst -if you’re looking for a good cry here you go
@galaxyscenarios -choigiwa
@lolbtsaus -YAS SLAY! have I ever mentioned how much I love AUs and bad boy!Yoongi and the street racer AUs are going to be the death of me
@picficskpopstyle -fics are so great that I get shook over them
@real-kpop-imagines -it’s true
@sexonextdoor -nsfw but content is great
@sexinthelounge -still nsfw but great blog
@seokvie -sometimes nsfw but I love this blog anyways
@vixx17andbtsimagines -I love this one a lot because I need more VIXX blogs to follow
@imaginethesedorks -I present to you a gift from god

WOWEE you guys, my first milestone on this blog !! I’m so honored and thankful for how well you guys have accepted my literal trash daughter. A few friends got me into this fandom, and I’ve felt welcomed ever since my first day. I’m so happy you guys put up with this little shit. I love every single one of you guys. You guys are a lot of fun, welcoming, helpful, and all around kind. You’re all talented, fantastic writers and I couldn’t ask for a better time to have. I’m putting all of the cuties under the cut so as to not make this post too long, but I want you guys know how much I love and appreciate ALL OF YOU.

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