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“Hey, Patton!” Logan called out to the boy retrieving books from his locker. “Would you like to hang out at my place tonight? I have no one to study with because Anx is going on a date with Roman for Valentine’s Day.” It was a Friday afternoon, Valentine’s Day, to be precise. Of course Logan, being the absolute-nerd-with-no-idea-how-romance-works he was, had no date, nor anyone left to study with. Patton turned to Logan and smiled.

“Of course! I’ll swing by around six tonight, is that cool?”

“Yeah. That’ll be great.”

Fast-forward three hours, Logan and Patton were in Logan’s living room, ‘studying’.

Yeah, they were watching Disney instead. Usually at six p.m. Logan would be revising his notes for the day, but ‘since it’s a weekend and you’re my best friend, I suppose I can make an exception’.

“You know,” Patton began, sounding slightly, disheartened. “It sucks that I’m single on Valentine’s Day. I’m nice to everyone all the time, and I get nothing in return, you know?” Uh-oh, feelings. “What am I doing wrong?” Logan looked down towards his friend, who was cuddled into his side, underneath his arm.

“Nothing. You’re doing nothing wrong, Pat. You just may not have anyone actually interested in you within the small dating pool that is our school, there are many more people out there. Besides, you have many friends. We all love you, platonically.” But, his mind reminded him, there is one person that likes him romantically. Logan shoved those thoughts away. He didn’t need them right now.

“Are you sure?” Patton asked with a sniffle.

“Of course I am. Do you maybe want some food to cheer you up?” Logan asked Patton, stroking his hair lightly to calm him down. Yes, Logan had figured out how to calm his friends down when they were upset, he’s not completely emotionless.

“Sure,” Patton sniffled. Logan got up and headed to the kitchen behind him, before realising,

“Oh, wait, I can’t bake for shit.” Yeah, even thought Logan was pretty gosh darn diddly smart, he’d forgotten to teach himself how to bake.

“Language!” Patton scolded. Logan just rolled his eyes fondly.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’ll just make some hot chocolate, is that okay my wittle sweetie-pie?” Logan teased at a pouting Patton.

“Shut-up,” Patton muttered, blushing furiously. Patton’s eyes continuously travelled back to where his best friend was, making him lose concentration on the movie. He wished, oh he so, so wished Logan would get the freaking hint. All the flirting at school, the cuddles, everything. That boy was so oblivious. When Logan came and settled back next to him and Patton took a sip oh the oh-so pleasantly warm hot chocolate, he sighed happily. At least he was in his company.

Logan smiled when Patton relaxed. He turned his head back to the movie, wrapping his arm around his best friend. Then, out of nowhere, Patton gave Logan a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered, cheeks dusted a light pink.

No one was surprised when they turned up to school the next week, holding hands.

dad no omg

Morality just wants to be cool

i’m v aware that I’m not funny thanks, fite me

God, writing this made my brain hurt.

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((this was originally supposed to be an angst but I’ll write that later))

Warnings: None (if I missed something make sure to message me!)


Morality really missed the old days.

As the oldest to appear in the mindscape, he had been the one to greet each new side with open arms and plenty of cookies!

But things have changed. They never sat together for meals, they barely talked anymore, barely even saw each other.

Morality just wanted things the way they used to be.

So, he did what anyone does when they want to know something. He grabbed his laptop and searched google.

“How to be a cool dad??” Was the first search he typed, waiting for the screen to load and give him his answers.

A short list of YouTube videos popped up, the first being, “the coOOL DAD LOL!!1!!¿!¿”


‘That seemed like a creditable source!’ Morality thought while he clicked on it, the transparent bubbles of the YouTube loading scroller rolled around his screen.

When the video loaded Morality immediately cringed at the bad quality. Everything was fuzzy, but he would gladly go through that for his kiddos.

A man in shiny gold parachute pants ran out, a snapback on backwards and shutter shades over his eyes. He ran into the crowd of kids and dabbed, neigh neighing away slowly as he kickflipped on a skateboard and rolled away, still dabbing, shouting “swag, yolo” and other various slang terms as he went.


Morality was in complete shock. Is…was that really how “Kool Kids” acted??


If that was really what he was supposed to do then… That’s what he would do.. I guess?

Still a little stiff, he toddled over to his closet,digging through the depths of the area to find his old clothes.

–[next morning]–

Anxiety stumbled into the kitchen, nearly tripping over his own feet as he walked to the coffee maker, pouring it into Prince’s dry bowl or Coco Puffs.

“Okay MCR, that was my bowl. “Prince said from by the fridge, the gallon of milk clutched in his hand.

Anxiety grabbed a spoon, taking a big mouthful of the coffee-cereal wreak with a smirk.“Get over it Aurora. Unless you like extra caffeinated Coco Puffs, it’s my bowl now. "He hefted himself onto the counter, taking another large bite to spite the fanciful side and sagging his shoulders against the microwave.

Logic was the next to enter the kitchen, grabbing a couple eggs from the fridge and starting to make himself a couple fried eggs. "I hope you didn’t use all the coffee to create your abomination of a breakfast."Logic muttered, casting a slightly irritated and disappointed look at the nearly empty coffee maker.

As the three made their respective breakfasts, it wouldn’t occur to them that this was the first time in weeks they had all been in the same room for more than a minute, or that Morality had yet to arrive.

But they were about to notice Morality. Oh boy were they about to.

Morality made a mental note that skateboarding on carpet was difficult, the wheels sinking into the plush rug underneath him. Slowly but surely he scooted his way to the kitchen, checking to make sure the baseball cap he got from Thomas was just perfectly crooked.

When Morality skated (when did he get a skateboard??) into the kitchen, Anxiety choked on his cereal.

The father figure was wearing a pair of silver hot pants with a tank top, snapback flung backwards over fluffy and wild hair. He had a shark tooth necklace and his normal lensless glasses were replaced by shutter shades.

He looked like a love child of the past and future fashion styles and honestly Anxiety was unsure how to react.


Through shutter shades Morality dabbed, giving Anxiety a fist bump. “What up my wiggity whack dude bros??” Morality asked, doing a quick cabbage patch before swaggering over to the fridge and pulling out a dank box of frozen waffles.

“My Krazy Kiddos just chillaxin in the digs?” He asked in the same over the top voice, dabbing twice.

“Morality what the hell has gotten into you??” Logic said, surprising them all. The teacher looked at Morality incredulously, his eyes wide.

“Some krazy Kool kidzs spirit!! I’m your cool pops, you whack dad!!” Morality proclaimed, ju-juing on that (non-existent) beat.

With that, his waffles popped and he rolled on out of the kitchen, leaving the rest of the sides to stare in horror.

Okay, Morality was becoming an issue, Logic decided.

He started to show up that way to videos to. He was screwing Thomas moral compass up and worst of all he kept using those stupid slang words.

Logic rarely understood Morality when he spoke, but this was too much. What did dank even mean???

This he spent much of his week avoiding Morality and plotting with Prince and Anxiety on how to get remold Morality back.

They approached him one day while he was in his room, spray painting slang words on his walls.

“Morality, we need to talk-”

Morality spun around, wearing four snapbacks at once and a mullet. “What’s up muh krazy kidz? How can your kool pops-icle help you out??”

Logic cringed, Prince taking over the conversation.

“Morality this is getting out of hand, why did you change yourself like this?? Why won’t you stop?”

Morality frowned, Prince was being super un-rad about this. “It’s all for you my special Bois!”

All three blinked. “What?”

Morality swagged up and down, a funky fresh beat all up in his noggin.

“My three favorite bros had been all separated which was v un-rad my broskis. But now that I’m hopping and popping you’ve been spending more clock wags together than in a long time babes. ”

It took a brief moment for them to decipher what Morality had said. Anxiety stepped up, pulling Morality into a hug. When he let go and stepped back, the snapbacks and mullet cane with him, Anxiety throwing them to the side.

“Morality. Dad. I’ll admit, I’ve been a but distant recently, but this is over the top. ”

Morality nodded dankly. “Yeah, i’m picking up what you’re throwing down. I just wanted it to be like old times, ya know?? When we would at least be chillaxin on the couch with a poppin movie and some hot corn…..”

They all stepped forward, embracing Morality tenderly.

Prince was the first to speak. “How about this, we can have movie and dinner nights??” Morality nodded softly, squeezing Prince’s swol bicep comfortingly.

Anxiety was next. “I’ll….. Hop and bop out of my room more often, how about that?” Morality nodded excitedly, a peek of his old self appearing behind the six pairs of shutter shades.

Logic finally stepped up. “I can make time for you all between my researching sessions…. I suppose. ” Morality squealed, grabbing all of them and pulling them into an embrace, a couple pairs of shades falling off.

“You guys are my baes…. And my ultimate fam.”

Just this once they rest decided to let that comment go, as it seemed to be affectionate.

But dank Morality would never be returning.

Ever again.


Space Cat? ✨

So I had this thought that Keith turns purple slowly? Like different situations bring on different degrees of purple? It kinda looks like bruising and is heaviest around the eyes. I like to the think the paladins freak out thinking he’s injured but then discover it’s just his Galra side showing ahah. And then over time he can control it kind of? I dunno I’m tired and he has galaxy hair why am I like this. I hope this is good Space Trash. 😩👌🏽 @lancemyboi2k17


THE TABLET WORKS hooray! 8D Feels weird and both these felt funny to draw (the new pen feels like. flimsier than the old one? the old one was heavier and smoother and had this little give and click to it that this one doesn’t have, and also the pressure settings aren’t the same even though I did some adjusting) but that’s why I reserved today for getting accustomed to this. xD 

ETA: added a colorful picture yay!

“even when you think it’s time to give up
take care of you and find yourself again if you need to
- Moony 6/24/17

How Do I Love Thee?

One morning Cas found it taped to the bathroom mirror:

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints,–I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life!–and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Later, at breakfast, he waved the paper at Dean. “Elizabeth Barrett Browning?” he asked.

“What?” protested Dean, ears pink. “I read. Not as much as you since you moved in here, but I read.”

“I like the poem,” Cas said. “And aside from the fact that you had no ‘childhood faith’, it fits, I think.”

“That’s not quite true,” Dean said quietly. “I didn’t believe in Chuck when I was a child, that’s true enough. But Mom taught me to believe in angels.” He looked up at Cas, grinning. “And yes, it fits. After all the crap we’ve done for him, Chuck had better give us a place together in heaven after we die!”

“I have hope,” said Cas.


A few days later, Cas found a sky blue scrap of paper on the passenger seat of the Impala:

He walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in his aspect and his eyes.

He smiled at Dean. “A bit liberal with the pronouns, but I like it.Tennyson.”

“I liked the part about the starry skies and the eyes. It made me think of you. And “all that’s best of dark and bright”? I couldn’t describe your wings better. So what if I changed it a bit…” Dean mumbled.

Cas leaned over to brush his lips against Dean’s cheek. “It’s perfect.”


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