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(Slapping some test colours on one of ~17 panels, which are about half roughed out as of tonight! …Not including the backgrounds, which are just sketched in…)

Thanks for sticking around during a period of silence on my end, friends! I had a busy couple of weeks, between finishing up my part of the job for an upcoming project launch at one office, grading a huge stack of papers at the other, and submitting a conference paper, and it left me with approximately enough energy to walk my dog and eat meals for a while there! If you ever want to chat with me and I’m not around on here, feel free to hit me up for my Discord details. 

Anyway, I’m still hoping to do a White Day comic–the one I promised last year, haha–in good time before I launch into some kind of multi-page project in the spring, but man! Time’s really zipping by. @_@

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Do you ever think about how it hasn't even been a year since Mystic Messenger came out, and already so many people have lost interest? Posts from writers that would usually get 500+ notes only get around 100. I'm just scared that it'll only be a few months more before it all goes away.

I think it’s a normal thing to happen in fandoms. It’s hard to keep a buzz going over something that barely has new content. 

However, I wouldn’t be worried about it going away. Sure, notes may dwindle but I don’t make content for the notes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the fandom like this. 

So, keep smiling and enjoying the content that we have! (: Don’t give up hope! 

So I saw the “Almost-potential-date-who-is-3x-my age” again today.

I’m not sure why, but every time I’m around him I just start rambling. I mean, I know I am being myself, or at least trying to be, but I feel like I’m rambling, and feel like such a fool for some reason, and this time was no different.

After class, we left together and were kind of just talking and bitching about finals, and how fucked we thought we were. He also offered to let me use his essay as a reference (because, like, this fucker is not even a history major like the rest of us in the class and yet he’s the smartest person there???). 

Anyways, so I passed on his essay, because I am a dumbass, and yet he was encouraging me the whole time, telling me it was only a matter of practice. 

Before I knew it, we were at the library, and I realized I had absolutely no reason to be there and he needed to get to a class in 15 minutes. 

I think this adorable idiot simply walked there with me to talk to me???? And I’m just there like “Bitch, let me love you!”

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It probably won’t even go there at all, ever, but it was still cute. 

How I imagine that TFA S4 Cosmo episode going
  • Cosmo: OOF! OUGH! OW!
  • [[CRASH LANDS onto the set of a Sci-Fi movie. Everyone is at lunch.]]
  • Cosmo: WOOOO, that could have been a better landing...
  • Cosmo: Wait a minute.
  • [[Looks at cameras.]]
  • Cosmo: Oddly miniscule mechanisms?
  • [[Looks at flying saucers.]]
  • Cosmo: Tiny vehicles?
  • [[Pokes a dresser full of makeup which poofs a cloud of the substance.]]
  • Cosmo: Ack! Pbbth! Strange mineral composites?!?
  • Cosmo: ... Why did I come here again?
  • Cosmo: ...Eh! I'm sure it'll come to me. Now let's see...
  • [[Eyes all the vehicle options. Golf cart, mo-ped, bus.]]
  • Cosmo: Too tiny, too tiny... [WHISTLES] too massive!
  • [[Spots the spacecraft set piece]]
  • Cosmo: [GASP] It's... perfect!
  • [[He scans it]]
  • Cosmo: Aha! Now I can check "getting acclimated to one's environment" off my... list?
  • [[Starts rummaging through crash site]]
  • Cosmo: Ergh, I know that datapad landed around here somewhere...!
  • [[Sees director's watchdown screen replaying the day's filming.]]
  • Cosmo: Ahh, there you are!
  • [[Rips screen from console, it glitches and continues playing on a loop.]]
  • Screen: [saying garbled message]
  • Cosmo: Now YOU can tell me what my mission is!
  • Screen: Take over the planet! [KRSSHT] Take over the planet! [KRSSHT] Take--
  • Cosmo: Got it!
  • Cosmo & Screen: TAKE OVER THE PLANET!
  • [[Screen keeps going.]]
  • Cosmo: ... How am I gonna do that?
  • -----
  • -----
  • [[LATER, after the cops are called]]
  • Cosmo: OOOO, flee from me small organic lifeforms, for I have claimed this planet in the NAME OF CYBERTRON!
  • Captain Fanzone: [with megaphone] Alright tough guy, thanks a lot for the show-- BUT YOU'RE BLOCKING TRAFFIC!! So how's about you wrap this up and go home already.
  • Cosmo: Haha! Silly organic! This IS my new home!
  • Captain Fanzone: Riiiight.
  • Captain Fanzone: [with megaphone] Just... go back to your team at the warehouse.
  • Cosmo: [Blinks] Team? But I came here by myself!
  • Captain Fanzone: [with megaphone] What?
  • Cosmo: Yeah! And I come in peace! No, wait, not that, I mean... THE OPPOSITE OF PEACE! This is a hostile take-over!
  • [[Cosmo starts making "pew pew" noises.]]
  • Optimus (from Fanzone's walkie): Captain, my team is all here and accounted for. No one's out taking a joyride...
  • Captain Fanzone: NEVER MIND THAT! Right now I'm by the studios looking at some alien machine guy that's destroying property and declaring war! He says he's not one of you! So hurry up and get your team down here and deal with it! I swear if it's another one of those Megatrons...
  • Optimus (from Fanzone's walkie): We're on our way, Sir!
  • Captain Fanzone: And we'll do what we can until you get here... Aim your weapons everyone!
  • Captain Fanzone: [with megaphone] ALRIGHT, YOU DECEPTICON SCUM! You may THINK you're here to take over our planet, but we HUMANS won't roll over so easily!
  • Cosmo: Hm? But I'm not a--
  • Captain Fanzone: [with megaphone] FIRE!!!
  • Cosmo: WAAAAAAAAUGH!!!
  • [[Cosmo runs and dodges the blasts, ducking behind a building.]]

Kannao @ Manga Studio

My first shot at Manga Studio. The interface is intimidating compared to SAI but they have a lot in common so it’s not like totally bad. I just have to play around the tools, setting and etc.

Although on this pic, it was all fun and games until I realized I’m working on 600 dpi and been lagging a bit. I realized it when I was almost done… OTL

Gosh the blend tool is awesomeeeee and those pattern brushes are fun!

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May I possibly request like... an ot3 fic bout how the three of them started dating? Perhaps w/ Vivi + Lewis already dating and both being like "ohshit I like Arther too what do I do" until one of them can't handle it anymore and tells the other but the other is like "wow me too" and then they have to get Arther in on it even though he still thinks hes 3rd wheelin it. Bonus points if Lewis is alive somehow. IDK, all of this is real loose so pick what you like of it and I'm sure it'll be rad.

The Love goes around a fanfiction by mysteryskull-fanfiction

Authors note: Here’s one of the requests that I was supposed to post last night! I’m so sorry that it wasn’t posted but I have somewhere to go today ; v ; I hope you guys like it!

Rating: SFW

It was a hot day, and Lewis was staring at Arthur, watching him as he fixed the van. He noticed how the others muscles strained, how his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and how sweat ran down his face, for some reason, to the bigger male, it was attractive. No, it wasn’t just those things, It was Arthur himself that Lewis found attractive. He didn’t know why since he was dating Vivi, but He just did. He didn’t even know he was staring at Arthur until the blonde spoke to him.

“Hey Lewis? Can you toss me a drink?”He asked, making Lewis blink and snap back into focus. Arthur stood up straight and stretched his arms up over his head, smirking at Lewis, who looked like a deer in headlights.

“I um, what did you ask me again?”Lewis looked sheepish as he had to ask that, a light blush dusting his cheeks as he gave Arthur an awkward smile.

“Toss me a drink, a Coke if you will.”he repeated, chuckling at his friend as he picked up a coke and threw it in the blonde’s direction, in which Arthur caught it easily, popping the tab and taking a drink from the can,” Thanks man.” Arthur set the can on his workbench and went to back to working on the van.

Lewis stared for a little while longer before getting up and going off to find Vivi. He needed to tell Vivi about how he felt about Arthur. He found her in the kitchen, making a sandwich,”Vi, we need to talk about Arthur..”

“What about him?”she was spreading some mayonnaise on one of the slices of bread that she held.

“Well..I-I was thinking..Ugh, jesus fuck, I’m just gonna come out with it, He’s freaking hot and hes a great guy and I know that we are dating, but I also like him, and I don’t know what to do..”he said it rather quickly and Vivi had to process his words before setting down her sandwich and wiping her hands off as she thought,”Vi, I’m so sorry, I still really love you but I-”

“Oh, no, its okay Lewis, I know Arthur is hot, and I actually am gonna admit that I like him too..I was thinking about asking if we could invite him to be in a Polyamorous relationship with us, that way he won’t feel left out and we can all be together happily.”

Lewis processed her words and let out a relieved sigh,”Thank god that you agree, and I hope that if we ask him, he says yes, because I don’t want to ruin our friendship..”

“Actually, I think I would be down with it cause I like you both as well.”Lewis and Vivi both jolted and looked over to see Arthur in the doorway, they looked like deer in highlights before Lewis spoke.

“R-Really? Y-You like us both?”Lewis looked surprised at Arthur and then glanced at Vivi, who seemed just as surprised as he did.

“I love you guys so much, You both are my best friends and your attractive, plus the bond between us is strong, so there’s no problem there..I suppose I should say that I’ve been wanting to do this for a while cause you know, watching you guys be love birds sorta made me feel like a third wheel..”Arthur stood there now, rubbing the back of his head and looking down sheepishly.

“Then I guess it’s settled huh? Lets give this Polyamorous relationship a try, shall we?”Vivi looked excited, clasping her hands in front of her with a loud clap, in which Mystery barked in response to.

Lewis and Arthur both nodded, big grins on their faces. It seemed like the love would go around from now on between the three.