but i'm sure all of us are supposed to be doing that

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Are you guys all related or just some of you are related to each other ?

Larry: I’m not sure what he’s doing running around….I’m supposed to be the youngest one here!

Larry: *coughs* But anyways… Lemmy’s kinda right? I mean, us Koopalings are all brothers… and sister. But our relation with Bowser and JR? That’s another case.

Larry: So basically Bowser adopted us when we were younger, and now he’s our ‘father’! I think that’s all there is to it..? Oh, and JR is like our brother I suppose, can’t forget him.

First time

Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Pairing: Touya/Yukito

Rating: 13+, mentions of sex but not graphic.

Summary:  On their first time, there’s something bothering Yukito.

Notes:  Just a short ficlet, this pairing is an old love of mine and I wanted to write a little something. You can read it under the read more or at my AO3

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Dear Merlin,

I saw there was another letter, but it didn’t have a name. Though I’m sure I know who’s it for and I figured if you ain’t gonna read the ones I leave just for him, then I’d best do you the same courtesy. I haven’t read it, especially ‘cause it looks old. Yellowing a bit at the edges. I’m gagging to, but I haven’t.

I wasn’t trying to be stealthy, not really. Not that first time. I was, just, upset. And it took way too little time to become used to going to Harry when I’m upset. Habit, I suppose. Thanks for having a word with the docs, but if they need to do something, tests or the like, and I’m in here, they can kick me out. I’d rather Harry get better and wake up. Me sighing at his bedside like some war wife isn’t going to do any good for anyone but me.

I’d love for you to help me with the stealth thing and the blending in. I know I wouldn’t blend in right now, but if I’m gonna be a Kingsman then I’d best learn it quick.

I appreciate you letting me writing just to Harry. It’s not that there’s anything I want to keep from you, but there are things that it’ll help me to write to just him. And thanks, for what you said about how he’d be proud of me. And how you are too. That’s why I’m working so hard. I wanna be a Kingsman, yeah, but I also wanna make you both proud.

Warm regards (I learned a new closing!),

Eggsy Unwin

Kingsman trainee: Lancelot

Eggsy sighed as he folded the letter and wrote Merlin’s name on it. “Now, for you Harry,” he said, reading aloud as he wrote. On the off chance Harry could hear.

Dear Harry,

I miss you. Please wake up. I’m going to become a Kingsman and then I’ll be there to watch your back next time. I don’t know how often a mission needs two agents, but I hope that every time I’m with you. I know you’ll take care of me and protect me. You make me feel safe. Haven’t felt that way in a really long time.



Swiping a hand across his suddenly wet eyes, Eggsy wrote Harry’s name on that letter and folded it and extra time, tucking it under a vase on Harry’s bedside table. “I best get going. Good night, Harry. Please wake up,” he said, his usual mantra upon leaving Harry’s room these days. Eggsy looked and felt the strongest urge to kiss Harry’s forehead, but Merlin had cameras in here and there were some things he couldn’t say out loud. Not yet.

The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.

ok everyone always talks about stucky and that one scene from lilo and stitch where lilo makes a diagram with stitch’s “badness” level (see below), headcanoning steve doing something like that for bucky when he’s transitioning back to bucky from the winter soldier

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but like IMAGINE CLINTASHA imagine clint bringing nat into shield after he was supposed to kill her but didn’t and coulson and fury are just like whatever, she’s your problem now, make sure she doesn’t murDER ALL OF US IN OUR SLEEP and so clint makes this badness level diagram for natasha and just yeah

Just Friends: Part One

Lucas and Riley have been friends since they were kids, and Lucas has always seen Riley as a sister. They’re in college now and he’s starting to feel a little differently when he notices that other guys are taking a liking to Riley.

There’s a girl I know, she’s been like a sister to me my whole life. We grew up doing everything together. I used to think she had a thing for me, and that was why we hung out all the time, but I always ignored it because I just liked her as a friend. We’re in college now, and with our amazing luck, ended up at the same University. We make sure to have at least one meal a day together, and we hang out on the weekends when we can. We agreed it was okay to make other friends and meet as many new people as we could.

I’ve been feeling differently toward her lately. I notice people taking second looks when they walk by her at the dining hall. I notice people smiling when they look over and hear her laughing. This bothers me for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on what it is exactly. I never realized how attractive Riley was to other people. She had these long legs that you just wanted to touch to see how smooth they were, and her hair was long and wavy and it always smelled like apples. Her eyes were this dark brown that made you think you were dreaming. Her smiles gives you hope, and sometimes you can catch her biting her bottom lip, one of her habits. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a really good look at Riley.

When we were in high school, we both dated around, but nothing ever stuck. We’d get bummed out when we couldn’t make time for each other. Everyone thought we had some weird open relationship or something. We went to every single dance together, including prom, so people were convinced we were more than just friends. We just dance well together, I don’t know.

One day at lunch we were talking about our classes and some new friends we had made. I had told her some joke, and her coffee almost came out of her nose. Some guy walked up to our table.

“Hey Riley.”

“Oh, hey Chris.”

“How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, and yourself?”

“Good, hey I was wondering if you’d like to catch a movie some time?”

She looked at me and then back at him. I wanted to speak up. The nerve of this guy, he didn’t know who I was, i could be her boyfriend after all. I could tell she was uncomfortable.

“Bro, I’m sitting right here.”


“And well it’s pretty rude to ask out someone’s girlfriend right in front of them. I suggest you move along.”


“It’s okay babe I got this, Chris was it? Yeah, she’s taken so just keep walking.”

He walked away, sort of shocked and confused. She watched him walk away, and then she gave me an angry look.

“What the hell was that?”

“He was making you uncomfortable so I said something to make him leave.”

“I was uncomfortable because you were sitting there. I’ve wanted him to ask me out for weeks now. What is wrong with you?”

“Why would me sitting here be the uncomfortable part?”

“Because I was hoping when he’d ask me out it would be in private. Great, now everyone’s gonna think we’re dating…again. Guess we’ll be stuck in high school forever.”

“Riles I’m sorry, you didn’t mention you were crushing on someone.”

“You and I don’t talk about that stuff very often Lucas, you know that. Look, just don’t do that again, okay?”

“Sure, yeah, sorry I thought I was helping.”

“How about if I ever need you to do the boyfriend excuse, let me say it first.”

“What if we’re out and some girl I don’t like is hitting on me, can I use the girlfriend excise first then?”

“Well of course, just make sure a cute guy isn’t also hitting on me.”


Today really bothered me. Like it would be so bad to be known as my girlfriend. Wait..why do I even care? It’s not like I’ve ever wanted to go out with Riley…but I also don’t want someone else going out with her. We’re older now, what if someone doesn’t like that her best friend is a guy, and makes her stop talking to me. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. I need her. Oh fuck…I’m in love with Riley.


to protect (prə-ˈtekt), v. | to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger

Developing Inferior Fe: Exhibit A

Scenario in question: A scene on TV, where a sad, scared six-month old baby is abandoned by her criminal father for the fire department to find and return to her family.

Reaction before development:

INTP: Well, he wasn’t going to be able to take the baby with him. I’m not sure what else you expected. What are you supposed to do in that situation? She’s unharmed, isn’t she? She’s going to get back to her family; she’ll be fine. It was probably the best move on his part, since he still doesn’t want her to be hurt.

Reaction after development – a few years later…

INTP: *Begins tearing up at the image of the frightened baby on the verge of tears, looking into a stranger’s eyes* Oh, my GOD! That poor little thing, She’s so upset, and doesn’t know what’s going on. How could he just leave her there, and let her be so sad and scared! It breaks my heart to see a tiny baby like that so confused, and put through so much; she doesn’t deserve that kind instability and treatment! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Please, let me take care of her, she’s such a sweet little darling honey who deserves to be safe, and the very best life that she can be given! Not anything like this!

Out of the Woods

Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader
Word Count: 1545
Warnings: Implied sexy time, car wreck and related injuries, implied character death, angst, feels.
Song: Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift
A/N: The third of my fics for my one-shot series collab with Ashley (@d-s-winchester) - make sure you also check out her fic for today, which can be found here! You can find the masterlist of all of the fics for the collab this week here. Enjoy!

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Requested By Anonymous!

“Do you think that our baby is going to have your super speed?” You mumbled as you and Barry were sprawled out on his bed together. You two had been working apart from each other all day in the same damn lab. You running tests with Caitlin, and he had been training with Cisco and Dr. Wells. You were both exhausted, and you weren’t even sure if you were supposed to leave.. But you did. 

Bed sounded so much more alluring than other people at this point. 

Barry snorted. “God I hope not.” 

You raised your head from his chest, and flattened your hand that was playing with his fingers against his own. “What do you mean by that?” You tilted your head a little. 

“Can you imagine? Having to chase a little speedster around? One must be hard enough,” Barry shook his head in mock sympathy for you, but you just moved closer to him, so that your lips were almost touching. 

“No, you’re not hard to catch at all.” You murmured, raising one of your hands to caress his cheek softly, your breath mingling with his. “One promise of Big Belly Burgers and you’re right there.” You removed your hand and settled yourself against his chest again. 

“You little..” Barry chuckled, and you grinned against the fabric of his shirt.

“I do hope he or she gets your looks though.” You kept talking when Barry tried to speak. “In specific your smile. Your smile’s nice.” You hummed, intertwining your legs with his. 

“My smile is nice.” Barry replied innocently, and you rolled your eyes. 

“Hopefully they get your modesty too. It’s enviable.” 

“Everything about me makes everyone jealous, sweetheart.” Barry replied right back, and you finally broke, laughing quietly as you shook your head a bit. 

Barry couldn’t help but join in. 

Suddenly your stomach lurched, and you sat up a little. You put a hand over your mouth, but the danger had passed for now. You hated moments like these. You didn’t smell anything you didn’t like, you didn’t taste anything you didn’t like, your baby just didn’t like you sleeping. So it was either making you puke, or making you have to pee. Fantastic, huh?

“Are you alright?” Barry glanced up at you curiously. He had been falling asleep prior to you sitting up and just staring off at a place on the floor. 

“Hm?” You looked over your shoulder at him, but then grimaced, holding your hand over your stomach. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to be in the bathroom now throwing up because our baby’s a dick.” You muttered under your breath as you pushed yourself up, and shuffled towards the bathroom. 

Barry’s laughter followed you, and you glared down at your feet. Stupid men. 

“That’s something they defiantly get from you then, hm?” He called after you, and as much as you hated it, a smile tugged at your lips. 

“Hush, you.” You called over your shoulder as you closed the door behind you. Locking it for good measures. 

Oh My God I’m so sorry.


It was around two years ago, when I messed up my refutes in the yearly debate competition of my school. It was seven months ago when I gave the farewell speech and felt like I hadn’t done good enough. Tomorrow, I’m going to attend a Language Festival where I’ll be participating in five categories, and I wasn’t even sure if I will be able to make myself go up to the stage or take my place and participate.

Till I saw TEN’s performance tonight.

He is a true inspiration. He placed last in the previous round, but he made it to the top and  he proved himself. He didn’t let the trauma get to him, he didn’t let the fear subside his love and passion for dancing; he proved himself, flew to THE VERY TOP.

So, I am not dreading tomorrow anymore. I am actually looking forward to it. I will give it my best, because TEN taught us all today that WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES.

Thanks, Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Thank you so much. We love you.

~ Admin Ayu ♥

also i know moses is technically supposed to be the “greatest prophet ever” or whatever but like i get really emotional about the differences between him and elijah

moses was chosen by gd to be the earthly savior of our people and to be the first jew to see the entirety of the torah and what it is to be jewish and he hated it. he did it out of obligation, bc gd wanted him to, bc it was the right thing to do

and honestly to me that is so much of what being jewish is. like yes there are the jews who are like elijah who come to the table ready and willing, who eagerly absorb every bit of wisdom the rabbis have to offer, who are the jews we all aspire to be

but for most of us, judaism is something we come to through struggle. our paths are plagued by doubt and questioning and uncertainty. we don’t choose to be jewish, maybe we aren’t even sure we want to be jewish, but we continue on bc that’s who we are. even if we aren’t sure we believe what is written in the torah, we are jewish to our core and we will continue to be jewish because that’s what we are

elijah is the jew we aspire to be, but moses is the jew we are

Priya is really pushy, did you know this? If either of the boys is getting any attention she sidles up and takes their place while batting her eyelashes like, ‘Move over, hamburgers. A prime rib is coming through.’
—  my dad
  • A-Rod: I hate knowing that this might be *voice cracks* one of the last times we'll play together *breaks down*

I know people see Superman as this bright, shining beacon of hope (I mean I totally do), and that lately with MoS and now BvS some are complaining that this isn’t the Superman they know and that he’s not “supposed” to be this sad, conflicted, confused being with a bunch of dark filters on top.

But I LIKE this Superman. Because this world is a pretty shitty place and he has seen that, experienced it, knows it. And he STILL TRIES. 

And I’m not even going to use the comics as a comparison because Superman hasn’t been bright and campy and wholly accepted by humanity for decades in them. 

This is a Superman that I think we can relate to. One who has seen suffering or has been through it, one who has known rejection and loneliness and fear. Who questions himself constantly. Who has also known love and goodness despite it all. And who decides to use the biology he was given to make sure people never have to feel as helpless and lost as he has. 

THAT is hope.



I don’t think I can ever express it with words, but thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping to see me at the crazy loud madness that was the BRITs red carpet!! For signing my piano songbook, and for even taking the time for a photo. I cannot get over how selfless you are when it comes to your fans and what you do for us, I feel so lucky to have been there, in the right place, at the right time.

You KILLED your blank space performance and WON YOUR FIRST BRIT (complete with the cutest speech ever)!!! CONGRATULATIONS LADY!!!!! I am sure you are out partying hard right now with your LADS and celebrating all your successes! I made some lovely friends whilst we waited for you today, we went for food after the red carpet and screamed with happinesss when we saw that you’d won!! I gave a letter to one of your team (not tree-paine, a different girl). I don’t know if it will get to you, and I don’t suppose I will ever know if you do read it, but in it I told you about my piano covers on here, so maybe you’ll see them! I was offered an internship in London yesterday and today I get to meet you and some of your amazing friends, so I honestly feel like I might be dreaming and my chill is almost certainly lost forever.

Good luck with tour rehearsals and I’ll see you at hyde park!!!!! I love you.

Amy xxxxxx

I always loved Valentine’s Day because I love love and I love chocolate.

I never really took in the idea that it was supposed to be for couples only. I liked getting valentines and candy in school, and when I was single as an adult, I used to take it off from work to spend the day with myself, and do nice things, and eat chocolate.

I always want, every year, to do something like give all my friends valentines. Or bring them to work. (Someone at my temp job gave me a little valentine with a lollipop today!)

But I haven’t had the spoons for that yet.

But you know what I CAN do?

I can tell all of you cinnamon rolls that you are adorable, precious beings and I love everything you post and reblog and ask.

I love my mutuals, I love my followers, I love the people I’m following. You have all taught me a TON, and shared such delightful stuff. You have been sweet and honest and vulnerable and funny and interesting.

Like, even if you think your posts are all meaningless one-line boring things about math class, or terrible needy cries for help. You’re not being terrible or boring. You’re sharing a piece of yourself with the rest of us. Probably a piece that you don’t share with too many people, because you think it’s so awful.

It’s actually a huge gift. It lets people have this little moment of connection with someone, which they might not have in their offline life. It lets people see that they aren’t alone in feeling that stuff; or if they don’t feel it, it lets them have a glimpse into other people’s experiences on this big blue planet.

So thank you all for sharing all of this awesome stuff. Happy Valentime’s Day. You’re awesome.