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So I really love the abridged series, I really do (or the first two seasons of it anyway). I’m glad it’s sort of a reason that the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom is still so active, and I’m glad it brought me into the fandom in 2009.

But I kind of hate how the abridged series has tainted fan content. It seems like even when the artist or author didn’t intend to, the characters are acting more like their abridged selves instead of their canon selves. This is especially true for Marik and Bakura.

I just want to see more in-canon-character thiefshipping :/


And now every time I reach for that tether, I know there’s no one on the other end, and I feel like I’m falling into nothingness. [x]


HD gameplay footage of Sonic Forces!!


someone suggested smooches and another cuddles sooooo

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

I’m honestly still in awe at how underrated hyuk is like..he’s so well rounded. He’s a great dancer, vocalist, actor, and apparently now he writes music as well?? He’s smart (was the top of his class) and translates english for the members with ease, and he plays piano really well. He’s really dedicated to what he does and I don’t think many people know this but he’s SUPER SWEET to starlights (letting them squish his nose omg, being really friendly to an i-starlight when she was backstage at one of their tours, doing aegyo when the hyungs aren’t there lol) idk man more people should appreciate hyuk y’all are missing out


Quick thing for @springtrap-trash! Happy birthday!

HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”