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You said you wanted a smaller cast and a timeline for the AU meets canon, so what we obviously need is an Canon Itachi, Canon Kisame, and Canon Team Seven meeting AU Sasuke, Kisame, and Ryuishi (I did a random roll with a number generator on who would go with AU Sasuke and it turned out to be Kisame and Ryuishi lmao) And as for a timeline, how about the Chuunin Exams? I'm totes down for some bewildered dick jokes.

This turned into chaos.  I tried to stick to Chunin exams, but the Akatsuki duo only show up right after them? And then Team Seven isn’t together for a long time, and also Sasuke doesn’t have much of a rapport with Kisame and Ryuishi? And all the OTRATS characters are post OTRATS, so the age gap? And and and-

-And here’s this piece which is thousands of words long, which is unedited and unbeta’d.

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You didn't prove anything, sarada herself literaturly says "What it means to be an uchiha anyway" in chapter 1 I doubt she even knows the truth about itachi, hell I doubt if sakura herself knows the truth, she couldn't even remember if the man she spent her life chasing after wore glasses or not. Sarada doesn't like sasuke, period she said so herself in chapter 7 that she wants nothing to do with "that person" she doesn't want to be like him at all. When sasuke came back he trained boruto con.

con. for the exams and neglected his own daughter and from the looks of it he still neglects her since boruto knows how to use a sword now and wears sasuke’s cape while sarada can ever be a tsunade carbon copy version 2

 con. the other fathers raised their children, they were there for them, you not saying them interact in the movie doesn’t mean that the bond of a father who is always there for child is weaker than sasuke and sarada’s non-existence bond. You just con’t form a bond with a father you didn’t see for 12 years that is equally as strong after having one dinner together. I doubt sasuke will ever train sarada or spend time with family since he left at the end of the novel because his forests need him.

Oh yeah and those similarities you listed don’t mean anything, sarada can’t control her genes and the colour of her hair, hell she hates his favourite food and doesn’t have any connection with him and when I say connection I don’t mean the you’re connected me because I'me connected to your mom bullshit, something that is for them alone, that’s what they don’t have,you would probably just tell me to get off anon and come clear trying to make yourself feel superior (I don’t have tumblr) con.

con. just because you can’t refute what I just said

Really? Lol. Okay, you obviously didn’t get the hint the first time, so I’ll go into more detail this time around.

“You didn’t prove anything.”

No Anon, I proved a lot.

  • You said that Sasuke and Sarada have a non-existent relationship, I proved that wrong.
  • You said that Sarada knows nothing about Sasuke, I proved that wrong.
  • You said that Sarada and Sasuke definitely share no similarities whatsoever, I proved that wrong as well.

“Oh yeah and those similarities you listed don’t mean anything, sarada can’t control her genes and the colour of her hair”

Well I’m afraid that was your own fault for making such utterly ridiculous statements just to satiate your own hatred for the pairing. If you don’t like them, then at least make points that are actually relevant. Because if you make a claim as stupid as “They definitely share no similarities whatsoever”, then I don’t see how you can expect to not be proven wrong, when yes, it can literally be disproven by simple facts including that they both have the Sharingan, they both have black hair etc.

But hey, to further refute your claims, just because I can, here are two other similarities that don’t depend on genetics at all. Firstly, they both share the same mannerisms:

And secondly, they are both very naturally gifted with Shurikenjutsu and wire based techniques.

Boruto tells Sasuke that Shurikenjutsu is Sarada’s speciality in the movie, and he thinks that’s because she’s his daughter:

And Sarada demonstrated her proficiency with the technique not only in Gaiden where she threw 3 shurikens simultaneously at Mini Shin with immaculate accuracy, but also during the Chuunin exams where she managed to save Boruto through the use of her wires:

And in the following scene, Sasuke proved to Boruto that the fact that Sarada was his daughter meant nothing in regards to her skill with Shurikenjutsu; she was simply very good at it, just like her father, who among other examples, demonstrated his proficiency with projectiles against Itachi:

Summoning multiples shurikens with ease and throwing them at different angles, yet they all reached the same destination:

So yeah, you’ve been proven wrong Anon, again.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

You didn’t answer my previous question. What do you think it means to be an Uchiha? What do you think it means to be a part of any clan? Because as I said before, nothing constitutes being part of a clan other than the factors that I stated, so what are you anti extremists trying to prove by reiterating the same drivel over and over for the past year? Because not only is this point so obnoxiously inane, but it’s being taken out of context anyway.

Just prior to the example which you seemed so proud of using, Sarada’s head was full of questions regarding what things meant, as well as their purpose:

Sarada was questioning the very meaning of being a ninja Anon, so of course if someone indicates that she’s good at being a ninja, she’d respond by saying that she doesn’t know what that means. That’s what she was referring to, not the being an Uchiha part. How could she know what it meant to be a skillful ninja who “could breeze through the exam with [her] eyes closed”, as Chouchou so eloquently put it, when she was questioning the very foundation of being a ninja in the first place?

Oh and by the way Anon, these questions that Sarada was asking herself, that’s yet another similarity that she shares with her father, as Sasuke also asked these heavy questions to himself, Orochimaru and to Hashirama at one point, regarding what it meant to be a shinobi:

So please if you send me another ask, do answer these questions, because I’d really like to see the extent to which you’re willing to go in order to give your points even the slightest bit of legitimacy.

Now to continue refuting what you said, because you just make it so simple.

“Sarada doesn’t like sasuke, period she said so herself in chapter 7…”

Mistake No.1 - Why are you basing your claims off from the middle of Gaiden and not it’s conclusion or the Boruto movie? You know, the things that came afterwards and would therefore be Sarada’s current sentiments and feelings? Seriously, where’s the logic in that?

Mistake No.2 - Sarada didn’t mention Sasuke at all towards the end of chapter 700+7, she only referred to Sakura. She refers to Sasuke at the beginning of 700+8, so that shows how little you pay attention.

Mistake No.3 - Linking on to your first mistake, at the end of Gaiden (the part you should be referring to), Sarada wore such an upset expression at the mere thought of being separated from her father again: 

That’s obviously because she doesn’t like Sasuke, and doesn’t want anything to do with him right? Of course!

Or what about in the movie, when Sarada alludes to how happy Sakura was that Sasuke was finally back:

And Sakura noted that Sarada was just as happy that her father was back:

She’s obviously very happy that Sasuke is back because she doesn’t like him, and doesn’t want anything to do with him right? Makes perfect sense!

Now to continue refuting what you said.

”When Sasuke came back he trained Boruto for the exams and neglected his own daughter”

I guess now you need to learn what “neglect” means, because Sarada was actually the one who pushed and encouraged Sasuke to train Boruto. Therefore, she wanted this to happen:

And observe just how much Sarada’s face lights up when Sasuke agreed to make Boruto his disciple, she looked really happy for him:

Thus, the term “neglect” cannot be used in this context, because how can Sasuke be neglecting Sarada by training Boruto, when Sarada was the one who encouraged him to do so in the first place? Logic Anon, regardless of how much you may disagree, it is an important part of life.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

“you not saying them interact in the movie doesn’t mean that the bond of a father who is always there for child is weaker than sasuke and sarada’s non-existence bond”

And now you need to learn the definition of the phrase “non-existent”. It means it doesn’t exist Anon, it means it’s imaginary. That term cannot be used to describe Sasuke’s bond with Sarada because their bond exists. I gave the example of Sasuke interacting more with his child than any other parent barring the Uzumaki’s, in order to highlight that fact to you. Unless of course, your definition of a “bond” means for two people to stay with each other 24/7 for years, because that doesn’t constitute a bond. So surprise surprise, an anti extremist who is misusing terms left right and centre in order to further their own agenda. I haven’t heard that one before…

And by the way Anon, not only was Sasuke gone for around 7-8 years, not 12 like all you extremists keep on saying, but Sarada was only 11 in Gaiden and that’s when they reunited, so please do the math, it’s not hard.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

Neither the movie, nor the novel state that Sasuke left the village again, or that he’d be going on another long term mission away from the village. In the movie (done by Kishi), he stayed with Sakura while overlooking the children:

And according to the translation of the novelisation (not done by Kishi), Sasuke would investigate the true identities of Momoshiki and Kinshiki, and after giving the children a smile “he never showed anyone but Sakura”, he simply “disappeared into the darkness”. Nowhere does it say he left the village, or would be going on another extended, years-long mission, so would you please stop jumping to conclusions based on minimal evidence.

Now to continue refuting what you said.

“Sarada doesn’t have any connection with him and when I say connection I don’t mean the you’re connected me because I'me connected to your mom bullshit, something that is for them alone”

Anon, the mere fact that you even think that’s what that scene actually means just further highlights your lack of understanding and attention. Sasuke didn’t say that he was connected to his daughter because he was connected to Sakura; I don’t know where you got that from, because Sarada didn’t even ask him if he was connected to her. She asked him if he was truly connected to Sakura, not her. And he answered affirmatively, using the justification that Sarada was the proof of their connection:

Not only that Anon, but Sasuke and Sarada share a connection of being father and daughter. I’m not sure what you think constitutes a “connection”, but if it’s as skewed as your definition of a “bond”, then I don’t even wanna know.

So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say that I apparently didn’t prove anything. I disproved everything Anon, and did so again here. If you think I’d need to make excuses for ANYTHING regarding what you say, then you obviously don’t know who you’re talking to. So by all means, if you’d like to step further into the lion’s den, I’d be more than happy to continue.

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Hello! Do you have any tips on how to study for the JPLT exam? I'm in high school and I was advised by my Japanese teacher to take N5, not exactly sure where or how to study for that. Thanks! c:

Hi!! I’m actually in the middle of studying for the JLPT too! I’m not really amazing at studying or anything like that, but I figure I can give you a breakdown of how I’ve been approaching it and what I’ve been using :D

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Can you do one with cal where he's like the schools star soccer player and stuff and you tutor him and he gets really stressed and starts like crying and you help him and stuff:( Also thanks for having your requests open, I'm really loving your writing

Star Player And Star Student




“Y/N can you stay back, I need to have a word please” your Maths teach Mrs. Sykes announced after the bell rang, your stomach dropped when the words left her mouth. You’re what they call a star student, Someone used to set an example for others. “You wanted to see me Mrs. Sykes?” you asked making your way to the front of the class, slinging your bag over your shoulder as you did so “yes, I need you to tutor another student” she explained, you nodded signalling for her to continue “Calum Hood isn’t doing very well and with you being top of the class I was hoping you’d be kind enough to tutor him, help him get his grades up” she inquired pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, you thought about it. Calum Hood was the star soccer player of your school, he was also known as a pain in the ass, sighing you nodded your head “yeah, I’ll tutor him” you smiled as she stood from her chair smiling back “thank you Y/N, I really appreciate it” I gave her one last smile before leaving the classroom with my head down, almost knocking into the schools super star as you did “shit, sorry” you mumbled moving out of his way “don’t worry about it” he grumbled back as he walked into the classroom. This is gonna be fun. 


Calum found you stood at your locker stacking books from your bag into the top shelf “when do you want to start this whole tutoring thing?” he asked startling you with his surprise appearance “how about after school?” you asked unsure of the days he had practice “yeah, okay. We can go to my place” he announced before pushing himself up and sauntering away. That’s how you found yourself in stood in the middle Calum Hoods room, eyes lingering at the band posters he had scattered around, a bass in the corner. You never knew he played. “You can sit down” Calum snapped you out of your thoughts as he threw himself on his bed, you sat on the edge pulling out your Maths books and a notepad “what are you struggling with, geometry, algebra?” you asked trying to find the best place to start “all of it” he chuckled. 

“You can do this Cal, it’s really simple” you tried to encourage as he chewed on the end of his pen, pulling at his hair slightly, you could tell he was getting frustrated. “I can’t fucking do this, I need to get a good grade in Math so I can get my scholarship but this is fucking bullshit!” he yelled slamming his pen down onto the book letting out a frustrated groan as he did, you moved the books aside, shuffling closer to him on the bed “you wanna take a break?” you asked hoping it will help clear his mind “yeah, a break would be good” he mumbled, whipping his cheek. Your heart sank, you hated seeing people cry. “Calum, it’s okay” you cooed wrapping your arms around his shoulders, pulling him into a hug, he wrapped his arms around your waist bringing you as close to him as physically possible “my whole family are expecting me to get this stupid scholarship so I can go to that stupid school and be a stupid soccer player, I can’t do it!” he mumbled into your shoulder, letting the stray tears fall. You rubbed circles into his bad cooing encouraging words until he began to relax. “I can do this” he mumbled more to himself as you wiped a stray tear with your thumb “yeah, you can” you smiled before handing his books, trying again. 


You’ve been tutoring Calum after school for three months, a friendship blossoming as you did, so much to the point where you’d attend his soccer games to cheer him on. Today was the day he got his results back for the Maths exam he took a week prior, deciding his fate once and for all, he walked over to you, envelope in hand taking deep breaths “I can’t do this” he mumbled handing you the envelope “It’s gonna be fine no matter what” you smiled at his as you began to open it, both of your hearts were beating a mile a minute. Your eyes scanned the page for the results, when you found them your heart dropped, looking up at him “what did I fail, I failed didn’t?” he groaned tugging on his hair. “You passed” you mumbled still starring at the numbers placed in front of you “what?” he asked, unsure if he heard you right “Calum, you passed!” you almost yelled jumping into his arms as he spun you around. “I passed” he smiled still holding you in his arms. Calum studied your face like it was a puzzle he needed to solve before crashing his lips into yours, you melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as his grip on your waist tightened. Pulling away he leaned his forehead against yours “all thanks to my amazing, beautiful tutor” he mumbled against your lips before reconnecting them. This boy is your safe haven and you are his. 

Thank you so much <3 I’m glad you’re enjoying my writing!! I hope you enjoyed! and  thank you for requesting my sweet smol bean x

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Hello again! Maybe if you have time, I have a prompt suggestion for you, protective dad Oliver basically scaring the living day lights out of his daughters date, or even if you have any Olicity family fix recs, that would be cool too! I'm on the last two days of finals and girl your fics are life!! Hope all is well with you! *hugs* :-) Side Note: Thanks for your advice on my English exam! It went quite well I think. I actually managed to work an Olicity reference into one of my essays!

(Yay! That’s awesome news about your English exam, and the highest of fives for getting an Olicity reference in! *hugs*) This fic is based in the Queen family ‘verse simplyfragile and I accidentally created. You can read other stories here - read everything Esther writes for Scott and Tam, they’re delightful.

Oliver’s eye kept twitching.

Ever since he’d heard Tam had agreed to go on a date - an actual date, like they were specifically seeing each other to see each other, not to study, not to watch TV, not to do… friend things - with Scott Goodall, his chest had felt a little too tight and his intestines had slowly but surely been tying themselves into a giant knot.

And his goddamn eye wouldn’t stop twitching.

They were supposed to be just friends, that was it, that was all. The thought of Tamsin dating anyone at all was enough to make his skin tighten to the point his body was about to suck it all back in, but with him?

“You’re overreacting.”

“No, overreacting is me finding him and telling him to never speak to our daughter again, Felicity. This is concern.”

“Ha, right. And that twitch right there…” Felicity poked at his eye and Oliver batted her hand away. “Has nothing to do with overreacting.”

Oliver glanced at the clock as he shut down the computer - it was nearly 6:30, the designated pick-up time. Shutting off the light, Oliver took a deep breath and stepped into the hallway.

“You have to remember this is about Tam, not you.”

“I remember being that age-”

“And we all know you were a buffoon, Oliver, but she really likes him. Be nice. Let him at least give you a reason to not like him.”

“I already have a reason.”

“Besides the fact that he is interested in our daughter.”

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Hi my lovelies! First of all, thanks for all the good work you guys put up in here. Second, I just finished a week of exams (ugh), so I haven't had much time to read but I'm wondering if there's a way to uptade the dirty talk tag? Or maybe the BDSM one? (Dunno if those have been uptaded recently and if yes, I'm sorry!) All the love. X

dirty talk hasn’t been updated in awhile

Night Shifts by LadyMerlin (1/1 | 2,608 | R)

Stiles having night shifts at the station had spelled the end of their sex-life.

It had been okay, for the most part, because Derek loved Stiles for a lot more than just the (incredible) sex. Still, neither of them would ever turn down the opportunity to do-the-diddly-do when they could.

(Shut up, Stiles. No one says that.)

Dyke Daddy Derek Hale by Spitshine (1/1 | 1,837 | NC17)

“Little slut,” she chuckled, sounding fond. “All right then. Just for you.” She pulled Stiles away from the wall and leaned where they’d just been, unbuttoning her fly and pulling her cock out. It was too dark to really tell the color, but it glittered something like indigo in the low light. Stiles started to kneel down but Der grabbed their waist, spinning them around to face away from the wall and keeping them up. “One thing first, boy. Bend over and tug that little skirt up for me, huh? Show me how bad you want daddy’s cock in your dirty mouth.”

The Birthday Plan by ElStark (1/1 | 1,368 | NC17)

Tumblr ficlet in which Stiles gives Derek nice things for his birthday.

Also, everything leads to my appreciation for Bottom!Derek :’)

Lessons by Inell (1/1 | 4,744 | NC17)

Stiles accepts Derek’s offer to teach him how to play pool.

Sex Toys Sent Me To The ER by Zeath (1/1 | 3,735 | NC17)

Today is just not Stiles’ day. He had to go to the hospital with a little problem, only to find he sat right next to a super hot guy with a dish towel wrapped around his hand. Well, this could be interesting.

A Model of Professionalism by WonderWolf (2/2 | 7,350 | NC17)

Professor Hale is different, and not just because Stiles has a crush on him the size of Texas. Not only is he breathtakingly gorgeous with his sexy stubble and witty (and somewhat flirtatious) banter, but he makes an effort to talk to both the students and Stiles, making sure he is always comfortable.

He’s never modeled nude in one of Hale’s classes before, but he’s never declined a class taught by Professor Hale, no matter how short the notice, and probably never will.

(Or the one where Stiles is a talkative nude model and a bet is made)

Hot Summer in Diagon Alley by LadyDrace (2/2 | 2,321 | NC17)

Derek pays his usual pre-term visit to Stiles’ stationary shop in Diagon Alley, but this year things turn out a little differently than normal.

Oh, what a nice surprise! by skinsharpenedteeth (Gavinscotts) (1/1 | 2,530 | NC17)

Stiles comes home from a long day at work to find Derek has planned a special surprise.

Turn You Inside Out by emissarystilinski (1/1 | 1,855 | NC17)

“If you’re a good boy, I’ll fuck you just like you want, but you have to earn it, Stiles.”

Goodnight, My Number One Crush by strawbry (1/1 | 2,045 | NC17)

“The second he sees Stiles, he freezes. Stiles is spread out naked all over the length of the bed, head flung back and eyes shut, fingers lightly circling the base of his cock. A spike of lust catches Derek in the chest and he slumps softly against the doorframe, hyperaware of everything around him. He hears the jackrabbit beating of Stiles’ heart, the hitching of Stiles’ breath as he massages the head of his cock, god, he smells like sex and Derek can tell that he’s leaking pre-come everywhere.”

Stiles’ car breaks down in the rain and he spends the night in Derek’s guest bed.

One True Dick by eeyore9990 (1/1 | 1,898 | NC17)

Fifth anniversary: for basic bitches that meant some shit like gifts made of wood. Stiles Stilinski was not a basic bitch.

Which was why Derek was pacing back and forth in the middle of a circle of mountain ash, watching Stiles writhe and moan on their mountain ash-encircled bed whilst painting his well-lubed rim with yet another circle of — that’s right — mountain ash.

Off Limits || Klaroline

Klaus was relieved Enzo St. John seemed like a halfway decent roommate. He wasn’t expecting Caroline’s constant presence to be part of the deal, though - not that he was complaining.

Shuffling his bag to the other shoulder, Klaus pulled out his wallet to get his ID card. Thoroughly exhausted from his first studio class, all he wanted was to collapse in his bed for one of those naps college students are always accused of taking. He silently prayed Enzo would be out as he let himself into their shared dorm.

The sounds of Mario Kart and trash talk quickly belied those hopes. Glancing up, he realized that not only was his roommate home, but so was Enzo’s demon best friend.

“Hey, Klaus,” Caroline greeted happily. “I’m totally crushing Enzo for the Star Cup, if you wanted to play next.”

Okay, maybe “demon” was a strong term.

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Part of My Chemistry

Advent Prompt #11: Teaching assistant!Darren and College Student!Chris with a science lab experiment gone wrong. Chris gets worried Darren is hurt since he’s the one who blew up the thing because of a bet on how to make your teacher lose his cool. CrissColfer. 4K [AO3

Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

Chris is a planner. He wrote his first short story at age seven and decided writing would be his career by the time he was nine. It’s a conviction he never wavered on. By junior high and high school, he was planning all his courses and extracurricular activities (of which he signed up for the bare minimum possible while still having a passable resume for college applications) around what would help him develop his writing and strengthen his applications to colleges with strong creative writing programs. Now, many years later, he’s finally made it to the University of Michigan and aside from the school’s obsessive interest in football, he’s pretty damn happy with his choice. He’s got professors that understand him, that have been published themselves and understand his drive to achieve the same, that give him actual criticism and feedback on what he’s writing. Chris feels like he belongs here in Ann Arbor, like he’s home in a way he never felt in Clovis, not even on the best of days. All his years of planning and striving and working and dreaming have finally paid off.

The one thing Chris had absolutely never planned for was falling in love with his teaching assistant. Chris would never write something so cliched for any of the characters in his novel, so the fact that he’s become a walking cliché himself is a shameful secret he finds himself constantly trying to deny. But then he walks into his Chemistry lab section at 6 PM every Thursday and he looks at stupid Darren with his stupid riot of curls and stupidly compact frame and melodious voice and stupidly cute smile and he just falls all over again. Basically, he’s fucked.

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Have I told you how awesome you are today? No? Ok, you are awesome! I'm so happy that you are continuing Remember Me. 🙊 And I just wanted to let you know that I miss Free to be me.🙊🙊🙊🙊(no pressure).

The parts are here: Part I - Part II 

Gail stirs in her sleep, finding her normally soft bed quite hard and stiff. It takes her a moment to realize she’s not actually in bed, when she catches the sounds of cheering from below.

What the?

Gail wakes up only to find she actually fell asleep at the top of the bleachers, and a moment longer to realize why. She was supposed to be flunking that math test, by not writing it. And the bleachers had become her favorite place to haunt ever since she spotted Holly here the other day.

She would have continued with her sleep, if it weren’t for the damn cheering.  Gail tries to sneak a peek at the grounds, where there was some match of some sort. It takes you a while to realize it’s a soccer match, the girls team. Not really caring about the match, Gail lies down again, to squeeze in a snooze before she had to get back home. Trying to shut out all the cheering of the audience members below, Gail tries to go sleep. Except that they’re squealing like a bunch of madcaps. Deciding that that was the end of the nap, Gail gets up and walks down the bleachers to the few rows where there were a handful of people cheering for the team.

‘What a bunch of lo-’

She’s about to finish that comment when she spots Holly on the field, the long-limbed, warrior faced goal keeper who was keenly watching every movement of the ball.

Nerd’s a Jock?

Gail’s groans out loud at that thought, and some of the students there actually turned back to give her weird looks, all of which she ignores. Besides, she knows she stands out of from the normal jock crowd, with her black leather jacket and short blonde hair, unlike all these guys standing with the school teams bright red blazers.

Terrific, Peck. Fall for the know-it-all all-rounder. How apt of you.

She sees Holly in those tight soccer shorts and a part of her just really wants to walk onto the field and make out with her in the middle of the field.  Besides, it’s not like the goalie does much in the game, and she was sure Holly could spare some time. She sees Holly pounce at a foul ball and she’s salivating.

Those shorts should be illegal.

At that moment, the opposing team’s striker knocks a curve ball right towards the goal. It almost defies the laws of physics, the angle, the absolute lack of space to actually get the ball in, it was insane. By logic, the ball should have flown way above the crossbar, but by some feat, it managed to curve right into the goal. You can see Holly lunge at it, but by the tiniest of margins, she misses it and the ball hits the back of the net. There are all-round groans at that, but all the jocks around Gail where all amazed by the sheer awesomeness of the goal.

Gail asks about and finds out that the scores were 1-0 and apparently both teams were evenly matched. It’s about 4 minutes till full-time - and the home team didn’t have much time to equalize. Sure enough, the game ended in 4 minutes, and both the teams sauntered off the field into the locker rooms. Except Holly, who was lying flat infront of the goal post, staring at the cross bar. A few team-mates call out to her, but she waves them off. They leave her out there, alone and a part of you feels a little bad for her. Surely she wasn’t beating herself up over that goal? No one could have saved that.

Soon, all the jocks around you leave the bleachers, and you’re alone as well, waiting for the nerd to pack up and come sit at the benches as she always did. Except she’s still on the field, now clutching the crossbar of the post and hanging from it. She did look pretty frustrated, and Gail assumed she wouldn’t be joining her this evening.


Gail walks down to the locker rooms for the teams, finding that empty as well.

Everyone’s left Nerd, come on.

She finally spots the brunette trudging off the pitch, and walking towards the rooms.

'Didn’t know you were a Jock, Nerd.’ Gail starts, giving Holly the fright of her life.

'Geez! I thought there was no one here!’

Gail shrugs off that, continuing with her pestering.

'If you told me you’re a Jock, I wouldn’t have started calling you Nerd.’

Holly sighs at that, clearly not in the mood for Gail’s annoying questions.

'Not now Gail’ she mutters, heading towards her locker, pulling out her clothes.

'You can’t possibly be feeling down because you didn’t save that.’

'I should have. I’m the Goalie.’ she huffs, sitting dejected at one of the benches in the room.

'That was an impossible goal! I don’t think anyone could have saved that!’ Gail tries to appease the brunette, who was clearly beating herself about it.

'I should have.’

'Come on, Holly. You can’t possibly expect to do everything!’ Gail reasons with the ambitious brunette, who looks back at her with a scowl.

'Are you serious?’ Gail replies. Here she was failing math, and there’s Holly, who wanted to make wonder saves and save the world from cancer.

'I don’t see why I can’t do everything.’ Holly replies, standing up and going to change into her normal clothes.

Gail was having the hardest time not going into the changing rooms and running her tongue all over the brunette and her hot body. In a few minutes, Holly does reappear, in a clean shirt but in the same soccer shorts, and Gail was almost digging a hole with her hands in the pockets of her leather jackets as she eyed the brunette’s long tan legs.

Holly completely ignores Gail’s ogling, and walks about the changing room, stuffing her clothes into her bag.

'What can I not do?’ she turns back to ask Gail, who immediately snaps her attention back to the brunette and her brooding.

'You can’t fail a Math test like me.’ Gail starts, and Holly immediately shoves her shoulder for that.


'I thought I told you not to fail anything.’

'Not my fault, I overslept.’ Gail explains. Damn the brunette was powerful.

And such a freaking turn- on.

'Well, all I’m saying is you can’t win every championship in the world.’ Gail hurriedly continues, not wanting to seem that utterly desperate infront of Holly.

'This was a friendly. Tomorrow’s the match.’ Holly replies, walking out of the locker room.

Gail’s jaw drops at that, and it takes her a moment to actually process what Holly said.

'Are you kidding me!’ Gail yells, stomping out of the room.


Later that evening Gail came to realize that the Principal had called her mother and told her about the exam-skipping.

That, however wasn’t the problem ‘coz Gail wasn’t failing math in anyway - as she did actually have enough marks to pass.

Turns out, Gail was flunking gym.

anonymous asked:

Hey there super human, you wouldn't happen to have any supper happy fluffy prompts sitting waiting to be written would you? Today has sucked balls hugely and I just wondered if you were planning on working on any prompts could you maybe do a happy one where like no one dies and no one gets there heart torn into a bajizzilion pieces? If not, fear not, I will survive!

“Chlo, what’re you…” 

Chloe’s biting her lip, squeezing Beca’s hand as she pulls her and walks backwards. It’s four in the morning. There is dew on the grass, and the air smells like how Beca imagined the ending scenes of every high school coming-of-age movie would smell. It’s metallic. Crisp. New and old all at the same time, with change creeping through the black-red sky. 

“Shh, Becs,” Chloe said quietly, “Just a little more.” 

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