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when people hear fat people say don’t use the body posi tag if you’re skinny and get offended it’s like you all really think these people are trying to say if you’re skinny you aren’t allowed to think positively about yourself and want them to feel bad about their bodies when really the issue is that too many skinny white girls have taken over that tag and have started to use it as another #thinspiration type thing when really that whole thing started as a way for people with different body types of feel more comfortable with themselves by seeing others that looked like them and now it’s just become another thing that’s once again blocking out the voices of fat people 

so the past month or so i’ve been having this really scary issue where i’m unable to breathe. i have asthma, and i know how that feels, and this is different. it feels like what i’ve read a heart attack feels like, and it HURTS.

it’ll happen at least three times a day and there’s never anything to trigger it; it just happens. it’s worse when i’m not upright. my heart starts pounding really fast (i even got my parents to check my pulse, and they agreed that it felt like i’d just ran a marathon), and during this time it feels like there’s a Really heavy weight sitting on my chest, and i get really lightheaded and start losing sensation in my hands and feet. they’ll literally go numb. i also have to sit down bc my legs get weak.

sometimes i can’t move my body. the first time it happened i thought i was having a seizure because i was entirely rigid but kept twitching. but it always goes away? i’ve had this issue before, a few years ago, just not as bad. the doctors just brushed it off as stress then, and that’s what they’re doing now.

but it’s to the point now where i’m terrified im going to have a heart attack or something like that because it’s So Bad that i cannot function when it happens. i get tremors, intense pressure in my chest, shortness of breath, dizziness, and i’ve nearly fainted several times. my blood tests are coming back normal, i’m not deficient in anything– they’re only doing basic tests though and won’t do anything more extensive because apparently i’m just stressed and there’s nothing wrong!

my coworker has hypothyroidism (so does my mom; its when your thyroid doesn’t work enough) and suggested that i may have hyperthyroidism (which is when your thyroid is overactive); these are all symptoms of that, apparently, and i’m also unable to gain weight no matter now much i eat. i just keep losing it. thyroid problems run in my family (my mom, and multiple aunts), but again, the doctors won’t send me to a specialist because they don’t think it’s a real problem. (news flash it’s interrupting my day to day life– it’s a fucking problem)

i’m so scared and i have no idea what to do anymore because ER doctors won’t take me seriously, my doctor won’t, i’ve talked to a few nurses too and none of them think it’s an issue. they think i just need to do breathing exercises to calm down– which i try to but it’s literally impossible to do breathing exercises WHEN YOU CANNOT BREATHE. they also suggest using my inhaler regularly. i’m not stupid. i do that. i have 2 of them and i use one every morning and night like i’m supposed to, and the other ever few hours as needed. they help, but only barely.

i have a severe anxiety disorder and asthma and they always seem to relate it back to that, but i’m familiar with the feeling of both of those and what i’m experiencing now is Not Either Of Them. i don’t know what to think and it’s terrifying because it feels like it’s getting worse and my family and coworkers think it’s serious but doctors won’t listen to me.

Lance leans back in his chair and shoots Hunk a wink. “I am a man of mystery, as it were.” Hunk rolls his eyes without meaning to.
“Oh, really?”
“I’m enigmatic. I could be batman and you wouldn’t even know.
“Well, we sleep in the same bed, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if you had started fighting crime.”
“Well- How do you know??”
“You’d tell me first thing. You’re horrible at secret keeping. You’re like- You’re oblivious, but once you know something you make sure I do too.”
“Tsuyoshi!!” Lance punches Hunk in the arm and pouts. Hunk’s smirk drops.
“You know I love you, Lance. We’re married.”
“You could let me be flirtatious every once in a while.” Lance’s shoulders relax and he fights a smile. Hunk leans over and kisses his cheek.
“Not a chance.”

“When did you start to *fancy* me, Swan?”

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I wonder, do Emma and Killian ever talk about their first few months after meeting? pillow talk style? like how months into a friendship or relationship you might confess that “actually I thought you hated me at first”, but a la storybrooke life? “remember that time you cuffed me in the giant’s lair? honestly, I was a little turned on” or “you totally had a thing for cora, don’t even try it” or “’that kiss in neverland…….. top 5 hottest moments of my life’ ‘only top 5?! wtf killian’ ‘hey, you did somewhat kill the mood by assuring me I wouldn’t get a repeat performance!’” or “‘that time you turned up at my apartment in NY and tried to kiss me when I had no memory of you, omg you dumbass’ ‘ah yes, the week I discovered my being cuffed to things was just par for the course with emma swan’ ‘I don’t see you complaining now wise guy’” etc

aka acknowledging what has happened before while simultaneously accepting development and the fact that they love each other but hey, they didn’t always. I’d love to see some of that. <3 

I wonder if Lex’s obsession with aliens started out really innocently? Like, he looked up at the stars one day and wondered whether or not we were alone in the universe and hoped that we weren’t.

And what if he passes this fascination on to Lena? What if the two used to sit together when Lena was little and just imagine what aliens would be like, how they’d talk and how they’d act and Lena decided she was going to be the first person to make friends with an alien and Lex would laugh and declare that no, he would be the first and Lena would protest and then Lex would throw a pillow at her and Lillian or Lionel would find them hours later, Lena curled up in her brother’s lap, asleep as he read a book.

And imagine if Lex started collecting little alien things for Lena; plushies and figurines and story books and movies and so much Lilo and Stitch stuff and Lillian, of course, disapproves but she would never stop Lex from doing what he wanted and so she lets it go on and Lena and Lex are both just so happy and they watch old sci-fi movies on the weekends and nine times out of ten Lena falls asleep and Lex just turns the volume down and strokes her hair and carries her to bed as the closing credits play.

And it’s like this for years; Lena still falls asleep right up into her early teens and Lex still strokes her hair and then carries her to bed. Talks about aliens become more scientific as Lena comes to understand more about biology and they speculate on the possibility of advanced technology and they buy a telescope and spend hours stargazing and wondering where life might come from or where they might find it. They wonder if aliens will have abilities beyond those of humans or if humans will have powers beyond the aliens. And they wonder and they wonder and they wonder. And then Superman reveals himself and they wonder some more, rejoice in the fact that they predicted some things correctly and adjust some theories they got wrong and it’s amazing.

And then something changes and suddenly Lex isn’t just curious but obsessed. And Lena doesn’t notice it at first and she will hate herself for that later because she could have stopped it but she didn’t. She could have stopped her brother’s madness before it became dangerous but she didn’t see the signs because she was so wrapped up in the theory of it all and she enjoyed spending time with Lex so much that she was blind to what was going wrong in that brilliant mind of his.

But then suddenly it’s madness. Suddenly it’s not her brother that she’s theorising with but a lunatic. And Lena doesn’t know what to do because, oh God, he wants them dead. He thinks they’re dangerous, he think’s they’re evil and whatever happened to the bright eyed boy who’d spend hours designing spaceships and dreaming of one hundred different paradises across the stars? Whatever happened to the young man with brilliant ideas and an even more brilliant smile?

And aliens aren’t as much fun to talk about anymore, not when there’s that manic gleam in Lex’s eyes that screams of danger and evil. So Lena hides them; she hides the toys and the books and the films and the plans and she hopes that it’ll be enough to make Lex forget about aliens, about his deranged ideas. 

But it’s not. Of course it’s not, not with Superman flying about and being a hero and being so very, very alien. And Lex only gets worse and Lena stops seeing him as he spends more and more time in his lab, working on ways to take down the Man of Steel.

He fails, of course, and the trial is torture and Lena is forced to watch as her brother, the only person in the world who’d ever loved her, is taken away and she wants to forget, wants to suddenly just stop knowing about aliens and what they did to her family and she wants to cry but she can’t because she’s a Luthor and Lillian would have her head but, oh, how her eyes burn with unshed tears.

And then Lena’s alone and she doesn’t know what to do so she moves to National City and she meets Kara Danvers and she falls in love but she doesn’t tell her because she doesn’t want to lose her only friend, the only person who’s cared for her since Lex.

But they still hang out, they still go on lunch dates and they still have movie nights on Kara’s couch and then one day Kara puts on a film about aliens, one of the ones that Lena used to watch with Lex all those years ago and she comes undone and, gosh, Kara shouldn’t have to see her like this but she doesn’t complain and just holds Lena close and lets her cry into her shoulder. And then Lena tells her everything, how she wishes she’d seen the madness earlier, how she wishes she’d done more to help and Kara listens and holds her and it’s amazing to Lena that she would.

They watch the film in the end, Lena insists upon it and Kara makes sure she’s okay before she presses play and she is so they sit back and thy watch it.

Lena falls asleep halfway through and her head falls into Kara’s lap.

She wakes up a little as the closing credits begin to play, Kara stroking her hair just like Lex used to do and Lena stays still because she’s not really awake and she’s enjoying this too much but then the film ends and Kara turns off the TV and she carries her to bed and kisses her forehead and maybe it’s finally safe to start wondering about aliens again.

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I asked you if you could draw me art of kuroken half a year ago and you did draw a chibi version of them but I wanted the non chibi one. Since you run a few askblogs I'd assume that you'll draw them for free also because I can't afford to pay you. And my request still stands, please draw kuroken.

I don’t really have the time to draw something like that, so sorry but no.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really don’t like Debby. Not because she is/was with Josh. I haven’t liked her since I started looking into her, after loving her on The Suite Life On Deck and Jessie.

I really don’t like how after she and Josh broke up, she posted screenshots of her texts with Camila, where she basically trashed Josh, saying all kinds of things, I truly believe isn’t in his nature at all.

But the main thing that really ticks me off about Debby is how she talks/tweets/snapchats/likes stuff to do with Josh then once people start asking about it and what not she does stuff like

It’s like dont give the ‘ugh, I’m so private, don’t talk about my love life/Josh and I, nothing’s happening’ act, when the whole reason people talk about it and what not is because she brings it up. I’m not saying they have to tell fans anything about their personal lives, but it she doesn’t want people knowing/ isn’t ready for people to know, why does she always bring or hint at stuff to do with Josh? 

things that make me happy:
• cats purring
• the smell of the ocean
• cursive
• perfume bottles
• sleeping in
• making people laugh


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

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Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

If you were a dragon, what would your treasure be made of? What would you be obsessively hoarding? For me it’d be art supplies and various dinosaur items. Tell me what your hoard would be in the comments or in the tags!


I’m not that good with mecha or Ultimate digis ‘cuz they have lots of details orz so here have WereLazulimon! also when I was mid doing this I realized I missread the thing, sorry if you were expecting a human Laz with her partner OTL