but i'm so tired right now i don't think i'll be able to

Please don’t worry about me.
I’m just a little tired from being strong all the time…. Between dealing with all my own problems, pretending everything’s fine and helping other people with their problems – I sometimes feel like I have no energy left.
Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like to be taken care of… for someone to wrap me up in a blanket, hold me while I cry and tell me that they love me and that everything will be alright. But for some reason, whenever anyone asks me if I’m okay – I always say I’m fine!?
I think deep down I’m afraid…. Afraid that if I reach out for help, I might be let down… or afraid that if open up, all the pain I’ve been holding inside will come flooding out and I won’t be able to stop it.
I think that’s possibly the biggest paradox of having strength… that sometimes you spend so much of your energy being strong for yourself and others that it ultimately weakens you to the point where you feel you have nothing left to give… That’s how I’m feeling right now – but give me time and I know I’ll be okay.
I’ll push through like I always do… because I’m strong….
and I don’t know how to be any other way.
wanna one as things i've said
  • Daniel: my sweater smells really good right now but i know if i wear it for the day it won't smell as good and i'm afraid that i'll never be able to get this smell again.
  • Jihoon: i look so cute right now but no one wants to go out but you know what? fuck them i deserve to show the world my beauty.
  • Daehwi: yesterday i cried while making toaster strudel. i didn't cry because of the toaster strudel i cried because i saw a stray cat and he looked so lonely.
  • Jaehwan: i am so talented in so many ways but people can't seem to see it? sure, i almost set my kitchen on fire making noodles and lost my dog while walking it but doesn't everyone?
  • Seongwoo: sometimes i wish i wasn't as loud and extra but then i realize that that's my brand, my gimmick it's what people are gonna remember me for.
  • Woojin: it's 3:55 am and i just heard a loud noise i'm not sure if it's a murderer or a tree but either way i'm still not going to be able to sleep.
  • Guanlin: i hate and love when people tell me what to do because on one hand i like being independent and strong but on the other i forget how to tie my own shoelaces
  • Jisung: some days i feel like i'm 80 and other days i feel like i'm 4, like one second i want to sleep for nine years and others i just wanna yell about everything.
  • Minhyun: i thing i could be a better person. not in this life but maybe another. i could be reincarnated into the nicest fucking bird in the world and everyone would love me.
  • Jinyoung: i'm tired of people thinking i'm depressed because i don't smile. like i'm not sad it's just i don't care about what you're saying and i'm thinking about ducks.
  • Sungwoon: i wish it wasn't weird for people my age to go trick-or-treating because now if i want candy i actually have to buy it with my money. i wish i could still dress up as a furry and not be judged.
jealous | chapter five

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

word count: 2,994

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

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October 28, 2017 [Fri.]

[23:45] I am fucking tired. Thank god tomorrow is Saturday because if I had work, I wouldnt be able to wake up probably. Park fucking Chanyeol is such a pain in the ass. I don’t hate it though.

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ikon as things i've said
  • Yunhyeong, after waking up: Wow, what a long day, right?? Haha, I'm so tired, goodnight you guys!
  • Bobby: If you touch my food again .... I'll push you over yourself.
  • B.I, playing two notes on a xylophone: I'm a musical genius
  • Donghyuk: Yeah, I don't really think I'm indecisive about things .... or maybe I am .... well no, I guess I'm not ..... actually yes, probably. Wait- no, I actually am
  • Junhoe: I'm like in this perpetual state of judging everyone around me
  • Chanwoo: Listen, I know I look like a tall twelve year old but I'm practically an adult now, I go to bed at 11 now
141029 Daesung Q&A on Twitter
  • Q: Have you eaten Oden today?
  • D: I've eager everyone's love! (daepril26)
  • Q: I wanna go for Karaoke together (with you)!
  • D: Me too! (daepril26)
  • Q: Are you still playing (/into) drums?
  • D: Of course! (daepril26)
  • Q: Who would you like to spend Halloween with?
  • D: TOP! (daepril26)
  • Q: Do you like older girls?
  • D: Of course! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: How can I meet you, DaeSung?
  • D: Believe in destiny! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: I won't go to the bathroom until you reply to me!
  • D: Go to the toilet first! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Do you keep in touch with TOP lately?
  • D: Since TOP is a baby, I always protect him. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: I want to go to the encore LIVE, please lend me some money.
  • D: Please lend me your wallet. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: How will you dress up for Halloween?
  • D: Hulk (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Difference between the feast(party) in Japan and Korea?
  • D: No difference. Just drinking-fights (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: What is the latest thing that you bought?
  • D: Trousers (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: How's CEO Yang been doing these days?
  • D: He's been good. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Does Santa exist?
  • D: My Santa is TOP! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Your eyes are bigger today?
  • D: My eyes are always big. It's just like I'm hiding them. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: I want to go to a haunted house with you! Will you protect me?
  • D: I probably won't be able to protect you (laugh) (MShinju)
  • Q: You keep mentioning TOP! Who do you like more, VIP or TOP?
  • D: Difficult... If I have to choose... TOP (laugh) (MShinju)
  • Q: After Hokkaido, what's your favorite place in Japan?
  • D: The place you're at! (MShinju)
  • Q: Can I wear the D-kun pajama to your release events?
  • D: What will you be wearing underneath? (laugh) (MShinju)
  • Q: Why are you so sexy?
  • D: I was born with it (MShinju)
  • Q: What do you think of SOL-san (YB)?
  • D: I think he's really free spirited (susifg)
  • Q: What words do you wanna hear from your lover?
  • D: "Your eyes are so big!" (susifg)
  • Q: I want to live in your nose!
  • D: Go ahead! It's warm there! (MShinju)
  • Q: Daesung, aren't you tired by now? Are you okay?
  • D: Never mind! (It's okay!) (daepril26)
  • Q: What animal do you like the most?
  • D: Dolphin (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Waist is important for men ! and women...?
  • D: Can I not say about it..? (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: If you could be a woman for a day, what would you do?
  • D: i'd like to meet D-LITE (lol) (susifg)
  • Q: Which YG artist do you feel awkward with when you two are alone?
  • D: V...... I....... (Seungri) (susifg)
  • Q: You are the member who make BIGBANG laugh, right?
  • D: No ! I'm always serious. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: If you don't reply to me, I won't work tomorow....
  • D: Let's take a holiday together. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Please reply with one character only
  • D: "To" (daepril26)
  • Q: Please tell us a secret of BIGBANG members.
  • D: I won't. It's a secret. (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: Daesung! What were you pointing at (referring to the pic on album cover)
  • D: Y.O.U! (daepril26)
  • Q: I'm a fan of SeungRi, but I will be your fan if you reply ! kk
  • D: That's good ^^ (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: My dream is to get in YGE ! Please say something for me.
  • D: It's kinda(unexpectedly) simple! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: It's getting cold. Do you like winter?
  • D: Yes, I love it! (ShrimpLJY)
  • Q: TOP's bday is coming soon. What present will you give him?
  • D: I'll send him a selfie. (susifg)
  • Q: Is your nose getting bigger?
  • D: It's still growing! (MShinju)
  • Q: What do we do if it gets even bigger?
  • D: How about you move in? (MShinju)
  • Q: Tell me a good thing about BIGBANG.
  • D: Our endless freedom. (susifg)
  • Q: Did you watch TOP's movie?
  • D: Yes, it was the best in the world. (susifg)
  • Q: Have you prepared a bday surprise for TOP?
  • D: The fact that I've prepared nothing is the surprise. (susifg)
  • Q: What is your favorite BIGBANG song?
  • D: DOOM DADA! (MShinju)
BTS Reaction: Their S/O has to go to a specialist doctor because she's been in pain and she's scared about it.
  • No computer = no gifs I'm sorrryy. I hope you still like it and I wish the anon who requested this the best! Enjoyy💜💜
  • ———————
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • At first he'd think you're just tired and having a random pain, nothing special. It changed when you told you him you'd been in pain for quite some time now and needed to go to a doctor.
  • Jin: Why didn't you tell me? I could've taken care of you.
  • You: I didn't want to worry you, you're busy-
  • Jin: and you think you're health isn't important?
  • Jin: Let me take care of you when you need it. I love you, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?
  • Jin: Let's set up an appointment with the doctor and see what's going on. Whatever happens I'll always take care of you, princess. –He hugs you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and his chin atop of your head–
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • He noticed you'd been in pain for a bit but decided you'd be okay the next day or something but when he saw it wasn't he asked you if you were okay or if you needed a doctor.
  • You: I'm scared, what if I'm not okay? It's been like this for so long and I'm worried I'll be very sick.
  • Yoongi: You don't know anything right now, Y/n. Calm down. Wait till we hear a doctor alright?
  • You: I can't. It's..
  • Yoongi: Baby, Just breathe. Everything will be okay whether you're sick or not. I'll be there, I'll be there to help you and support you.
  • You: Thank you so much, What would I do without you?
  • Yoongi: Panic. -He smiles a little and wraps one arm around your shoulders-
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • He'd be extremely, overly worried about your health. He'd cut off any doubt you had about being okay because he couldn't handle the fact of you may be extremely sick.
  • You: Hoseok, please listen. We have to consider what could be wrong with me.
  • Hobi: No, I refuse. I refuse to listen.
  • You: You're so childish.
  • Hobi: I am. I will be. I want to hear it from the doctor if you're well or not, okay? Understand that I can't handle knowing that you might seriously be unhealthy when I want to believe that you'll be just fine. Just fine.
  • You: Hobi.. I'm so sorry.
  • Hobi: I'm sorry too. Let's not talk about this. Let's watch Disney, sound fine kitten?
  • Hobi: Maybe it'll make you relax and forget some of this for a little.
  • Hobi: I hope you know I want the best for you. I love you and you'll be okay. You'll be fine, it'll just be something small. Believe that.
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You guys told eachother everything. There was hardly any secrets between you guys. So you told him what was going on and he listened carefully.
  • RM: First thing I want you to know is don't be scared. We don't know anything about what's happening and we can't just make assumptions.
  • You: But there's so many what ifs..
  • RM: Stop, those are the reason you get scared. They are just what ifs.
  • You: There could be something actually wrong with me.
  • RM: You don't know that nor do I. First let's get this checked out. You might just be in pain and need medicine simple as that. You might be extremely sick and need more care but you'll get better and we'll work together.
  • You: and if I'm not able to get better?
  • RM: Stop it, Y/n. We. Don't. Know. Yet. And I hope that's not the case. Let's look at this situation neutrally. Alright?
  • You: Alright?
  • RM: Don't be too scared. I'll be there with you, honey.
  • Park Jimin:
  • Once he knows he'd be making sure to talk to you, to ask you how you are and wait till your doctors appointment.
  • You: Do you think there's something wrong with me?
  • Jimin: No
  • You: Are you sure?
  • Jimin: Yes
  • You: I could be-
  • Jimin: Y/n stop. Please just be quiet, stop thinking these things. You'll be fine. You have to be fine.
  • You: Are you okay?
  • Jimin: I'm afraid. I don't want you to.. I don't want to lose you like this. I want to do so many things with you and I don't want our time shortened. So please, please stop.
  • You: I'm sorry.
  • Jimin: I know you're scared too. Just express your fear differently. I'll comfort you however I can, gorgeous.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • As he figures out this information he takes care of you every second he can. Super worried but tries not to show it because he wants you to feel safe.
  • You: Taehyung calm down. You don't have to do all this for me.
  • Tae: Aren't you in pain?
  • You: Yes but I feel like you need rest too.
  • Tae: No, I don't. I want to take care of you so let me. Until that appointment comes I'm caring for you.
  • You: What do you think is wrong with me?
  • Tae: I hope there's nothing wrong. I want you to be healthy.
  • You: and if I'm not healthy?
  • Tae: I'll still love and care for you, beautiful. But I believe you'll be fine. You will be okay, nothing will be wrong, and we'll be happy as always.
  • You: Come cuddle with me.
  • Tae: -He gladly agrees and you guys stay in a blanket cuddling and him caring for you hoping you'll be alright-
  • Jeon Jungkook:
  • He'd listen seriously to your explanation, that you have been in pain for awhile now and need a doctors appointment. You even told him how you were scared of what was going to happen.
  • JK: We really don't know anything until we go to that appointment. Let's not worry too much until we have information.
  • You: Are you sure?
  • JK: Yes, I'll care for you until then. You'll be just fine Y/n. I'll kiss it better.
  • You: You're so cheesy.
  • JK: Did I make you smile though? You'll have the golden maknae power to heal you and give you luck.
  • You: You're so cute.
  • JK: I'm not you are. You're an adorable Y/n who will be okay. You will be safe and healthy with me, alright doll?
Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card "Relaxation Date" EN TL
  • (Very rough translation. If I've made mistakes, feel free to message me with corrections! I'm still in the process of learning and any help is appreciated. Fixed formatting [30/8/17] after breaking it; might transition this to the format the rest are in later.)
  • Shirabe: [Stare-...]
  • Elfnein: Zzz... Ah... What is it, Shirabe-san...?
  • Shirabe: Elfnein, you're sleepy...
  • Elfnein: Yes... Ah, um, I've been stationed at headquarters since yesterday...
  • Kirika: Since yesterday...? You mean, you've been pulling an all-nighter!?
  • Elfnein: I did take a, a little nap...
  • Shirabe: ...Are you okay?
  • Elfnein: I'm all righ... Wha!?
  • Kirika: That must've hurt... She propped her head up with the wall...
  • Shirabe: ...Are you really okay?
  • Elfnein: I, I'm fine... I woke up a little just now... More importantly, what official work is there?
  • Kirika: Oh, that!
  • Shirabe: We wanted to use the simulator for some training, but...
  • Elfnein: So that's what it was. Please wait a little while. I'll get it ready now.
  • Shirabe: ...Is she really okay?
  • Kirika: It doesn't look that way at all...
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan, you've been kind of greedy since this morning...
  • Elfnein: Yawn... ah!
  • Elfnein: I'm s-sorry... I've been in a bit of a daze...
  • Shirabe: You're apologizing to the wall.
  • Elfnein: Wha- ah... Shirabe-san, I'm sorry...
  • Shirabe: You're still bumping into the wall. That's not me.
  • Elfnein: You're right... Where did Kirika-san go...?
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan's numbers were coming up short, so she's working overtime on a check.
  • Elfnein: Ah, is that so... Alright, then I'll...
  • Shirabe: Even if you keep working despite being tired, I think that's too much. You should rest a little.
  • Elfnein: But I can't be the only one resting if everyone is working their hardest...!
  • Shirabe: ...Well, it can't be helped.
  • Tomosato: Ah, Shirabe-chan. Kirika's adjustments just need a little more.
  • Shirabe: Is that so? Then, I'd like for you to give Kiri-chan this message. Please let her know we're going out to the park for a little while.
  • Tomosato: Yep, understood.
  • Shirabe: Let's breathe in some fresh air with a little change of pace.
  • Elfnein: B-but I...
  • Shirabe: It'll be fine.
  • PART 2
  • Elfnein: Ah, ouch...!
  • Shirabe: Tripping even with nothing in your way... Look, you need to watch your step.
  • Elfnein: Yes, I'm sorry.
  • Elfnein: Oh, ow...!
  • Shirabe: And this time she hit a telephone pole...
  • Elfnein: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
  • Shirabe: Don't apologize to the telephone pole. Even cutting out the bad condition you're in, you've already blundered enough.
  • Elfnein: I have so little knowledge of just about anything that isn't alchemy...
  • Shirabe: Is it really just your knowledge...?
  • Shirabe: Show me your hand.
  • Elfnein: My hand?
  • Shirabe: I'm a little worried, so how about we hold hands?
  • Elfnein: Okay... Thank you very much.
  • Shirabe: I know how it feels to not be able to rest, so at least breathe in some fresh air...
  • Elfnein: I will, thank you...
  • Elfnein: [deep breaths]
  • Shirabe: ...She's fast asleep. Ah, I think a little nap's fine. Just a little.
  • Elfnein: ...Yes, I'm sorry...
  • Shirabe: Right after the Frontier incident, Kiri-chan also apologized a lot in her sleep...
  • Shirabe: But I feel like her sleeping face looks good.
  • Shirabe: Fufu. Kiri-chan, could you wait a little more?
  • Kirika: Oof, they left me practicing alone...
  • Kirika: But this is the last one! Even if I'm waiting for Shirabe's sake, I've gotta finish up quick!
  • Kirika: Gear adjustments, FINISHED!
  • Kirika: Alright then, I'll hurry over to Shirabe's side!
  • Elfnein: Ha...!
  • Shirabe: Are you awake?
  • Elfnein: ...I fell asleep so quickly... A, ah, I'm sorry I used your shoulder like a pillow!
  • Shirabe: That's...
  • Elfnein: I've got to show my gratitude somehow... Ah, what's that vehicle over there?
  • Shirabe: It might be an ice cream truck.
  • Elfnein: I'm going to buy some as a token of thanks!
  • Shirabe: It was really nothing! Ah... she's gone.
  • Elfnein: I bought some. Here, please feel free to eat up.
  • Shirabe: Just one? What about yours?
  • Elfnein: I didn't have enough money...
  • Shirabe: If that's the case, let's eat it together.
  • Elfnein: Is that okay?
  • Shirabe: Yes. I think it's tastier eating together than eating alone.
  • Elfnein: Shirabe-san, you're so kind.
  • Shirabe: I'm not really-
  • Elfnein: Ah, Shirabe-san, there's some ice cream on your cheek.
  • Shirabe: Hya!? What!?
  • Elfnein: Please don't move. I'm removing it.
  • Shirabe: Elfnein, you're tickling me!
  • Kirika: De... de...!
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan-
  • Kirika: De-de-de-de-ss!?
  • Kirika: How did the two of you end up in this kind of relationship...!?
  • Shirabe: Hold on, Kiri-chan!?
  • Kirika: I, I'm...going to get away for the sake of friendship! Shirabe, I hope you're happy!
  • Elfnein: She's already run away... Are things going to be alright?
  • Shirabe: It's not good, but it'll be fine.
  • Shirabe: Jeez, Kiri-chan is...
  • Elfnein: I'm sorry. What I did just now was weird, wasn't it?
  • Shirabe: Just a little. What you did just now was off limits for people who aren't intimate friends.
  • Elfnein: I understand... Then was it wrong to do that to you...?
  • Shirabe: No... It wasn't bad, but you should treat Kiri-chan the same way.
  • Elfnein: Understood. Next time, I'll do the same to Kirika-san.
  • Shirabe: Mm... Sure, let's go with that.
The intuitive types in a reality show PT 5
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>NOTE:</b> we wanted to thank everyone who supports this series by liking, reblogging and even commenting! It really helps<p/><b>INFP:</b> should we continue or...?<p/><b>INTJ:</b> I'm leaving this stupid game *goes back to room*<p/><b>ENTP:</b> well the atmosphere isn't right anymore for a game...<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> I'm gonna go check up on ENFP *leaves to go find ENFP*<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> is anyone confused or is it just me<p/><b>INFJ:</b> *nudges* jeez. *rolls eyes* ENFP is upset because INTJ doesn't get enfp<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> to be completely honest, I wouldn't understand her either<p/><b>INFJ:</b> *nudges harder*<p/><b>INTP:</b> I'm actually pretty confused. What?<p/><b>INFP:</b> *sigh* to be honest, I don't what ENFP and I see in you two sometimes...<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *sitting in the corner of the upstairs bedrooms*<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> AHA found you! *slowly sits beside ENFP* hey, how are you?<p/><b>ENFP:</b> I don't wanna talk about it<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> okay okay we won't, I'll just sit here with you, okay?<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *nods* *sniffles*<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> you need a hug?<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *nods*<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *gently hugs ENFP*<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *sniffles* I just don't know why INTJ is so cold. I try so hard to get him to open up and see me as more than some crazy person.<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> and you are, we all know that. You see, rationals are like that. They are so logical that even relationships have to benefit them and make sense. Right now, he just hasn't seen what intellectual lesson you can give him<p/><b>ENFP:</b> you...how do you know this?<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> I may talk a lot, but when it comes to people's internal feelings, I like to pay attention more.<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *smiles shyly* thanks, ENFJ<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> I'm gonna get you a glass of water, okay?<p/><b>ENFP:</b> *nods*<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *walks out of room to find ENTP waiting outside*<p/><b>ENTP:</b> hey<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> hi, what's up<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *frowns* nothing, it's just...I was passing by and heard you comforting ENFP<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> yeah, I was concerned for her. She's strong but INTJ, I think, may be her weak point<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *nods slowly and crosses arms* you...really care about people, huh?<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *scratches nape of neck* uh, I guess.<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *narrows Eyes* have you ever thought about how unfair it is that people don't put in the same amount of effort on to you?<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *pauses and frowns* I'm not being kind to people because I expect it back *begins walking down stairs*<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *follows* no, I'm saying that...doesn't it bother you? That majority of the people that you take care of, the people you would take a bullet for, wouldn't do the same for you?<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *annoyed* what are you getting at?<p/><b>ENTP:</b> all I'm saying is be careful. Your unconditional love for people is really admirable believe me. But...there's a reason why ENTJ, INTJ, INTP and I lack in that area<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> Oh yeah? What's so bad about being a human being and not a robot? *walks away*<p/><b>INTP:</b> *goes into the downstairs room where INTJ is*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *glances up from their book* what do you want<p/><b>INTP:</b> INFP says to go apologise<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *rolls eyes and continues book* what's up with you and that INFP girl. And also, I have no reason to apologise. As I said before, I was being myself<p/><b>INTP:</b> *shuffles feet* well I mean, I know that...but-<p/><b>INFP and INFJ :</b> *bursts in room* you gotta apologise!<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *mutters curse word under breath* leave me alone, everyone.<p/><b>INFJ:</b> we're serious, INTJ, we heard what went on in there<p/><b>INFP:</b> we aren't gonna force you, but at least let us explain<p/><b>INTP:</b> *awkwardly/silently steps out of the room*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> this is honestly stupid, why am I the bad guy right now?<p/><b>INFP:</b> you're not. But if you take initiative on apologising first, then she will follow<p/><b>INTJ:</b> well I don't need an apology from her<p/><b>INFJ:</b> just listen, okay? She just wants yo be your friend, and you keep closing the door on her.<p/><b>INFP:</b> don't you see how hard she tries to get to know you? Sure, I guess, she's a little too...<p/><b>INTJ:</b> "in my face"?<p/><b>INFJ:</b> more like enthusiastic. But it's hard for her to tone it down<p/><b>INTJ:</b> and it's hard for me to be able to deal with her when she's constantly dragging me along everywhere<p/><b>INFP:</b> *sigh* just...give it some thought, okay? She really cares about you and wants to get to know you<p/><b>INFJ:</b> if you need anymore encouragement, we'll be outside *INFJ and INFP leave*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *groans and rubs temple* this is so stupid....so unnecessary, illogical, unpredicted, out of sequence, waste of time...and so so so stupid.<p/><b>INTP:</b> *quietly enters*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *doesn't look up*<p/><b>INTP:</b> I agree with them.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> congratulations<p/><b>INTP:</b> no, INTJ, listen. INFP, I don't know, it's something about her being completely different than me that is really interesting you know. The whole, getting in touch with your emotions is something that you can't get by yourself.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> and how is getting in touch with my emotions in any way beneficial?<p/><b>INTP:</b> *sits down beside INTJ* because you finally feel satisfied. You feel satisfied that you finally have everything and understand even the most complex of subjects.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> *stares at INTP* what do you mean?<p/><b>INTP:</b> the thing me and you lack is...well...emotional and sentimental value to things right? They are, for us, the hardest concepts to grasp. And when someone can naturally see these things, it really teaches us something we could never do on our own<p/><b>INTJ:</b> ....<p/><b>INTP:</b> I'm not saying "go apologise" because I honestly also agree that you don't have to. But let her open the door once. Don't be afraid.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> I'm not. But okay...<p/><b>INTP:</b> *gets up to leave*<p/><b>INTJ:</b> uh...INTP. uhm I...<p/><b>INTP:</b> *grins* it's alright, no problem<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> *hanging out by the fridge* hey ENTP<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *frowns* hi<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> what's up with you *takes sip of coke*<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *eyes ENFJ across the kitchen, getting a glass of water* nothing<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> uh, okay....<p/><b>ENTP:</b> do you ever get tired of all these idealists?<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> well I guess sometimes, yeah<p/><b>ENTP:</b> and how they just act like everything is going to have a happy ending. And that love conquers all and how they can't set aside their emotions for a clear, logical decision?<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> wow there, what happened? First INTJ, now you?<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *grunts* whatever it's nothing<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> hey, you're worrying too much. Is it that ENFJ guy?<p/><b>ENTP:</b> he's just so naive<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> *laughs* aw are you having a crush<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *shoves ENTJ* I am just curious about how these people work. Afterall, we are all so different from each other<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> hey, remember, we are gonna keep it together and win this *holds out fist*<p/><b>ENTP:</b> *looks at fist and smiles* yeah we got this *fist bumps*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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What do you think of Deaf Courfeyrac and Video Relay Combeferre? (AKA, the one who translates speeches and news programs to sign language)

Okay, my understanding of all this isn’t necessarily the best and there’s really only so much research I can do at midnight, so please be kind. Anyways, my first thought was the sort of VRS stuff you get with a phone service?  Like where Person A is d/Deaf and speaks over camera through an interpreter to Person B who’s hearing.

A(speaking English) <—-> C (speaks both, interpreting) <—–> B (speaking ASL, has a camera and a screen so that they can see C and C can see them)

So in this case we have Person B as Courf, and Person C as Combeferre.

Now – this actually made me laugh so hard when I first saw it?? Because the thought of how this goes from “professional, disconnected strangers” to actual friends is just beautiful.

Like this is Combeferre’s job.  He is good at it.  He – is – professional.  He loves the very real challenge of getting up every day, going into a completely new, random situation, and needing to translate two completely different languages in real time so that they maintain nuances and the conversation can be successfully carried out between two people.  Sometimes it’s bizarre or exciting or unsettling, though often, when it comes to the conversations themselves, it’s sort of dull.  And maybe today has been exceptionally dull.

He relayed one conversation that was basically twenty minutes of two people discussing how much the other’s children have grown.  One was about a very unfortunately placed rash that someone has.  One involved an older hearing person who Combeferre really wished knew ASL because her hearing was going and he ended up needing to repeat the same recipe for oatmeal-raisin cookies to her about four times. He is genuinely going out of his mind with boredom and all he can think about is the book in his bag which he really wants to take out and read.  

Then he gets connected onto another call.  And suddenly he has this face full of a quite young, quite attractive young man with this huge, dimpled smile and curly hair and really gorgeous eyes.

But Combeferre is a professional.  So he tells himself.

And he’s waiting for this discussion to be, oh I don’t know, talking to his mom about who’s turn it is to take the dog out, or about homework, or something equally dull because that has been his day. Instead the hearing person on the other line sounds like they’re voice is literally made out of fire and they start having this intensely passionate political debate and it’s all Combeferre can do to stay detached and professional and relay the message without putting his two bits in.  It is easily the most fun call he’s had all day – probably all week – because his Deaf client (called Courfeyrac by the hearing one who answers to Enjolras ) has just the most beautiful speech, he talks with his entire body so enthusiastically he’s repeatedly nearly throwing himself out of his chair, and Combeferre is genuinely loving trying to interpret for the man called Enjolras because he speaks so passionately that it feels like it takes all of Combeferre’s energy to properly translate it.

(Also, brief interlude: imagine Combeferre trying to pronounced Enjolras’ name when Courf finger-spells it at him.  Or imagine him trying to figure out how the fuck you spell “Courfyerac” when Enjolras says it – are there protocols for that?  Or is it the Starbucks’ cross-your-fingers-hope-it’s-right method?)

And yeah, despite everything else Combeferre ends that day very happily. He goes home that evening still thinking about Courfyerac, and even finds himself looking up some of the topics him and Enjolras were talking about later that evening instead of reading more of his novel.

Still, it was a one time thing, it was fun, but like any other job it passes and he moves on to new conversations between new people.

Until all of a sudden he’s faced with Courfeyrac fiddling with his camera again.  This time it’s not Enjolras he’s talking to but a man called Feuilly and they’re trying to make plans for a rally they’re apparently having soon and once again Combeferre is completely enraptured.

And that could have been called a coincidence, until, a few weeks later, he connects to another call and is once again faced with Courfeyrac. And once again has to dredge of every little bit of his schooling and experience to stay professional. Because holy shit Courfeyrac is actually the cutest boy to ever sit in front of a camera.  And once again he goes home and fucking daydreams about this random client and his wonderful views on politics and how clever he is and how charming he is and how Combeferre really, really, really wants to actually talk to him, not just relay someone else’s words to him from the other side of a screen.

And then it happens a fourth time, and Combeferre has a complicated relationship with religion but in this moment he is now certain that some sort of greater being exists because it or he or they are clearly trying to torment him at this point.  Except this time he’s on a late shift, and he’s tired as fuck and has been chugging coffee like it’s water, and Courfeyrac has called up a person called Grantaire.  Grantaire is not a fun person to interpret for because he seems to write a novel just to say a sentence and laces that novel very heavily with obscure metaphors and references.  He is also a wonderful person to interpret for because he has a fiendishly clever sense of humour that has Combeferre’s lips twitching in amusement.  But jokes and puns do not translate easily, especially from ASL where puns are physical.  So, exhausted and amused and just thrilled to see Courfeyrac again, when Courf tries to tell Grantaire a particularly bad joke that he’s desperately trying to figure out how to translate, he can’t help it, he cracks.  He just doubles over and starts howling with laughter because good lord that was so terrible it was actually the worst joke he has ever heard and that does it he is absolutely in love.

When he’s finally able to compose himself again (and feeling awful, shit shit shit, that was really unprofessional, he is not supposed to do that, he’s not supposed to be involved in the conversation, not if it involves interesting politics or bad jokes or even cute boys) he straightens and just sees Courfeyrac grinning at him so hard it has his eyes all crinkled up – it may be the only smile in the world that can truly and accurately be described as beaming.  It’s like the sun.

And then Courfeyrac signs So this is probably super weird but I’m pretty sure I’ve had you do some of my other calls before and you probably don’t remember me at all but can we get coffee sometime? Please??  Except, shit, I don’t know where you live.  Cyber coffee? We could sit in our own houses and Skype drink coffee?

(They Skype drink coffee together two days later.)

(also: Courf definitely noticed the really cute VRS operator he kept getting connected to because he’s never seen anyone manage to sign Enjolras’ speech quite that well.  Plus, he keeps getting this little crease above his eyes like he’s genuinely thinking about what they’re talking about, or his mouth’ll quirk a little at the jokes like he’s trying really hard not to laugh and dang it Courf really wishes there was some way he could just break the fourth wall and make this operator talk because he really looks like he has something to say and Courf really want to hear it.

When he got that last call with Ferre, it was because he’d convinced R to join him in his VRS operator hunt which basically involved him repeatedly calling and hanging up until he found the right one, and then being a sarcastic little shit with R since the interpreter seemed to be a sucker for clever jokes and Courf will break him.)

A kings throne can be used for other things than just sitting on. Imagine sitting on Thorin's throne naked.
Sorry it turned into smut. I couldn’t help myself. Do you mind? ;)

Finally the meeting was over. The whole damn day and long into the night they have been talking about everything what he, as the king, need to know or has to decide over. 

His councilors already left to their chambers to get the desired rest. Not so Thorin. He makes his way the the throne room, for thinking and maybe even relaxing a bit before sleep. Expecting you to already laying in your bed, taking your night rest.

Damn. I promised her to be there tonight. 

He thinks to himself, knowing you would understand but upset after all that he could not spend time with you again. 

A few hours before

You just finished your beauty routine. Still dwelling in the huge bath you let your mind walk.

He is not coming today either you thought to yourself. You sighed. Understanding he must fulfill his duties but damn it you wanted to be with him. Talking, relaxing, cuddling. You imagined his deep husky voice which brings you chills up your spine, his long silky hair and his muscular body. 

Oh no 

Bad enough your loving heart yearns for your king to be by your side, your body does miss him as well. Nights over nights you were wet for him. Laying in the large bed waiting for him to arrive and become one again, but it never happened. There was just too much work for him to do right now. 

These nights you simply pleasured yourself, although it never satisfied you enough. You need to feel your most beloved right next to you. Into you. 

He was in no better mood. Also yearning to be one with you again, but can’t the last days. Your desire became unbearable. To that point that you nearly walked around every day dripping with lust.

I never imagined that one could slide away like this when you make love to someone you truly love.

And then you make a decision.

‘All right your majesty, I take the lead now. If you don’t come to me, I need to come to you.’ you said smirking, preparing yourself for your plan.

'My queen? Are you alright? To whom are you talking to?’ your handmaiden asked worriedly from outside the bath.

'Eh! No one. Thank you Gori. You can leave work for the day. I see you tomorrow then.’

'So early? T-thank you my queen! May I assist you with something or bring you something before I take my leave?’

'No no, thank very much. I appreciate that. Have a nice evening!’

'Your too kind, my queen.’ the young dwarven handmaiden said happily and left.

Present time

Still in his thoughts about you, Thorin didn’t even notice he is half way away from the throne as he hears a familiar voice.

'Evening my king.’ you say softly.

He says nothing. Eyes widened. 

Beguilingly beautiful you sit on the kings throne, veiled in a large cloak of silk fabric. Completely bare underneath. He did not now that yet though.

’(Y/N)? I thought you were sleeping.’

He steps closer and stops where the steps to the throne begin.

'No. I couldn’t sleep. Like so many nights before. I miss you.’

His face becomes a frustrated expression.

'I’m sorry my love. I do miss you as well. But you know I-’

'Yes.’ your soft voice interrupting him.

'I understand. Don’t worry. You are the king. With that responsibility comes a lot of duties. But don’t forget that I love you. That is why I am here.’

’(Y/N)…’ Thorin whispers between his teeth. He looks like he is in pain.

Is he thinking I’m going to leave him now or so? 
You smile. 
'My love. My king. My Thorin. I came here to make you forget all your duties and worries for a time.’

You stand up from the kings chair and let the cloak run down your shoulders. Now resting on your wrists, still holding it upwards. Exposing your naked body. His mouth goes dry and his eyes grow dark. His lower half filling itself with heat and his member twitching in the sight of his wife. Immediately blood rushing to where it was needed.

'When was the last time you took me?’

'My love.’ He blushed 'Here?’

'Yes here. A kings throne can be used for other things than just sitting in my opinion. I’m tired of doing it myself. I am yearning for you, don’t you see.’ you touched your lower body half 'I need you right here. Inside me.’ You let the cloak fall to the ground as Thorin passes the few steps up to the throne and kisses you passionately. Forcing his tongue into your mouth, heavy breathing. By witnessing your wet and glistening womanhood with his sweet juices he always likes to taste his pants become more and more tighter.

'What if someones coming?’ he asks between the kissing. Leaving your mouth and trailing down your neck.

'I don’t care.’ you moan.

'Your right. Besides everyone is asleep. You should keep quiet.’


'Your screaming and moaning, my love. Loud. I love that but these halls are echoing.’ he smirks and you blush deeply.

’D-don’t say such embarrassing things. Ah!’

He chuckles as he licks and nips your hard nipples, massaging your breasts. Your knees shaking.

'If someones coming I have to carve his eyes out. No one is allowed to see my woman bare. To see you in ecstasy like this. Except me.’

You smile happily to yourself and take his face in your hands, up to your mouth.

'Always and forever your woman Thorin. Claim me.’

Your womanhood throbbing he lifts you up and throws you on the throne. Facing him, legs half spread you watch how he undresses his lower half. His trousers fall to his ankles, his bare macular chest with his soft chest hair exposing through the now opened tunic. You let your hand trail from his chest down to his member. Standing dangerously erected, thick and twitching. Already a few drops of precome peaking out of his tip. He groans and suddenly takes your hand roughly. 

'Turn around.’ you hear Thorins husky voice filled with desire. 'I’ll have you this way first.’

He turns you around, your hands resting on the thrones armrests. His large strong hands coming to your hips shoving himself into you with one thrust.

You gasp in surprise and of the slight amount of pain. But you were wet enough to take him.

'I’m sorry love! Ugh your so tight. I’m finally inside you. Ah you feel so good around me.’ ,he pants ,'I try to do it slow.’

Your cheeks grow hot and reddened over his words. He starts to thrust into you slowly.

'Ah! D-don’t say such embarrassing things.’

'Why not? I know you like it.’ He smirks. You turn your head to face him with red cheeks. 'Your pussy is so wet and tight. How did I survived these last days.’

He ankles his hips and jerks upwards hitting your sweet spot. You let out a loud voluptuous moan.

'Quiet love.’ trying hardly to keep his own groans unheard.

Your moans only fire him up, thrusting now hard and rough into you. He knows you like it rough, though he tries to take it slowly this time, because he did not have you in such a long time. Apparently failing to do so. The black haired dwarf knows he would no longer be able to control himself. 

’T-thorin I’m going to- AAAAHH !!’ you couldn’t finish your sentence. Tightening around his cock you came screaming, immediately covering your mouth to muffle your love moans. Still thrusting into you, hitting your spot everytime so you could ride out your whole orgasm, your husband comes as well. A deep groan escaping his throat, shooting his seed inside you. He bits down at the right side of your lower back.

Still breathing heavy you sit on his lap. He placed the two of you gently on the throne and covered you half with the cloak. Leaning against his chest, his strong arms around you.

'I’m sorry I came inside you.’

'Nah… It’s okay.’ you closed your eyes feeling his seed squeezing out of you on his thigh. Looking up at him you talk innocently 'You know I was going to give you a special treatment. My full service you know. Satisfying you. I did not assume you would like to have me immediately.’

He looks down on you and chuckled.

'I was missing you the last days as well as you me. What makes you think I am not satisfied? I enjoyed your body, voice and your love within deeply.’ He kisses your lips softly. 'But… I think..’, the dwarf touches your hard nipples, 'I’d like to have you again.’

You can feel his cock stiffening against your legs.

'It would be my pleasure.’ you said grinning mischievously, lifting yourself up and placing your legs on both sides of his body. Holding yourself up right above his thick cock. Which is slick with your juices from your previously love making.

'Mahal it will.’

You lower yourself onto him, your body sucking him in in one moisty move. His hands and your hips lifting you up and down. You gasp. Feeling him twitching inside you. Rubbing along your inner walls.

'Ah (Y/N) I love you. I love you so much.’

'Thorin… forever. I love you forever.’

He slams you down on him, nearly screaming.

You hands cling onto his tunic. Caressing his chest. Your tongues find their ways to one another a begin battling. You deepening the kiss as long as you can, but the ecstasies forcing you both to break free to breath heavily. Moaning and panting he speeds up. Your liquids leaking out your lower body onto his lap, mixed with his seed. The sound of your bodies meeting. Wet sounds as your cunt squeezes its walls, indulging his thick member totally, nearly pumping the mixed fluidness on his lap. Your orgasm is building up again. You close your eyes and lower your head. ‘Look at me.’ obeying him you meet his eyes. ‘(Y/N) I am close.’ Thorin pants.

You smile. He moves his left hand thump to your swollen clit without leaving your hip. You gasp, moaning loudly as you feel your orgasm will come in a few seconds. 

'Let’s come together. May I release inside you?' 
You chuckle between your groans.
‘Mh ah.. your asking now? You already have.’

His grip on your hips tightens, nearly painfully. Feeling him twitching you give him permission ‘Yes ah release your seed inside me, oh please.’

He heaves a loud groan not caring anymore if anyone would hear them. You came with him, tightening.

In silence you cling to one another, catching your breaths.

'I must admit… I thought you were going to leave me.’ the king under the mountain looks straight into your eyes, your bodies still connected.

'How could you think of such nonsense. I belong to you.’

‘My queen. My love. (Y/N). I am yours and you are mine.’

'Pass death, forever I am.’

Sorry I just love this Game of Thrones quote. It’s so beautiful!

And Gori is a female dwarf name and a character I put into this story. She does not exist in the books.

I’m sorry for all grammatical mistakes. 

Shamchat howlter bantz
  • This is a conversation between Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat and yourself, Phil Lester (I then double as dan).
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Hi dad
  • Phil Lester: Dil!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I'm going out tonight so I need some money
  • Phil Lester: Oooh is that with tabitha again?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: No, just a party at my friends house but she will be there I hope...
  • Phil Lester: well i can lend you £10
  • Phil Lester: but try not to spend it all like last time
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: No I need more than that!,*whines*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I need at least £50
  • Phil Lester: no! you still haven't paid me back from the last time
  • Phil Lester: go ask dan
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Urgh... Fuck sakes.. Where is he?
  • Phil Lester: i think he's still browsing tumblr
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Just give me the money and I'll give it back I promise
  • Phil Lester: No i physically don't have any cash
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Yeah u do *shouts*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Daaaa-d don't be such a dick
  • Phil Lester: *dan comes in from other room*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh hi dad, Phil won't give me money because hes so tight and mean *gives phil dirty look*
  • Dan Howell: i thought i heard him give you £10
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: He won't give me 50 like I asked for? Will you?
  • Dan Howell: no
  • Dan Howell: but i can give you another £10
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: WHYYYY...
  • Phil Lester: and that should reaaallly be enough
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: NO! *stomps foot* I WANT £50 FOR FUCK SAKES
  • Dan Howell: LAnguage!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Dadddd just give me the money!!! Why are you being so tight !!!
  • Dan Howell: We've both offered you money. Either take it now or the offer will be gone
  • Phil Lester: And you won't be able to buy any pandas
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh my god... FINE I will take the shitty £20 *holds out hand for you to give money*
  • Phil Lester: *both exchange exasperated looks but hand over the money*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Its still not enough *gives you both angry glare and stomps to my room and slams door shut*
  • Dan Howell: I thought he was going out?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *gets ready and goes in kitchen to get a drink before leaving*
  • Phil Lester: I hope i wasn't this annoying when i was 15
  • Dan Howell: unfortunately i think i probably was
  • Dan Howell: but with less of a social life
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *looks at you then leaves the house* *comes back at 3 o'clock in the morning smelly of weed and beer*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Smelling*
  • Dan Howell: *dan is up browsing tumblr*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *creeps slowly in to kitchen trying to be quiet*
  • Dan Howell: *dan pretends not to notice*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *gets in to kitchen and makes some food*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *goes into my room opens window and light the cigarette*
  • Dan Howell: *dan stealthily walks up behind him* HEy dil
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *jumps up and throws cig out the window* ohh hi dad, you scared me
  • Dan Howell: You do know that smoking these days really isn't as cool as it used to be....
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Um.. I wasn't smoking!
  • Dan Howell: You should really check out my video about that
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: I have and its stupid (hey lol its okay XD) *shuts window and jumps on to bed* now if u could get out I'd like to sleep now
  • Dan Howell: How was your evening? Did you see tabitha again? #diltha
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *looks away from you* yeah,I saw her...
  • Dan Howell: how are things going between you?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Good
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Me and Tabitha had a great time actually
  • Dan Howell: I'm really glad to hear :)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *yawns* urgh I'm tired now please go away dad, *closes eyes and drifts to sleep*
  • Dan Howell: *watches over you for a few minutes before going to find phil*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *wakes up next morning*
  • Phil Lester: *is sneakily eating cereal out of the box*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *watches you and just shakes head and smiles* are you sure that's your cereal dad?
  • Phil Lester: Ummmm
  • Phil Lester: *hides box*
  • Phil Lester: what?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *laughs at you*
  • Phil Lester: I... wasn't even eating cereal! That's right!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Okay if your sure *eats slice of toast*
  • Phil Lester: *subtly replaces the cereal box*
  • Phil Lester: so, how was your evening? :)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh it was cool Tabitha was there we spent a couple of hours together... Then I came back home
  • Phil Lester: That's great!
  • Phil Lester: I'm glad things are going so well
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Um thanks. She's sleeping over here tonight, I invited her
  • Phil Lester: *looks very interested and encouraging* That's wonderful news! You can invite her round as often as you like
  • Phil Lester: ;)
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Good thanks dad, oh and tell dan, because I'm going to go meet her in the park in 10 minutes so I better get going
  • Phil Lester: so early? ok I'll let him know
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Thanks *puts clothes on goes out door*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *comes back with Tabitha later that evening* dads! I'm home
  • Phil Lester: Hey Dil!
  • Phil Lester: And you must be Tabitha!
  • Phil Lester: *is very excited*
  • Dan Howell: *dan hears talking and comes in*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Tab: yeah its nice to meet you
  • Phil Lester: *phil goes to hug her*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Tab:*hugs back* um dad me and Tabitha are going in my room for a bit okay?
  • Phil Lester: okay!
  • Dan Howell: *dan is slightly disapproving about the speed of their relationship but goes along with it* okay, just..... be safe!
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Daddddd *whines and takes her to my room*
  • Dan Howell: *dan smirks to himself*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *we both come out of my room the next morning and eat some breakfast, on the couch cuddling*
  • Dan Howell: *dan comes in and starts filming*
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: *tries to block with hands* daaddddddd!
  • Dan Howell: What, it's cute
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Your embarrassing me
  • Dan Howell: besides i haven't posted a video in ageessss and all the phans will be dying to know about this
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Urgg fine.. *kisses Tabitha*
  • Dan Howell: Wow, i think that even qualifies as a thumbnail
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Ha ha funny *we both smirk* me and tabby are going to the cinema soon
  • Dan Howell: *ironically smirks* what are you going to see?
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Oh we haven't decided yet.
  • Your son the cheeky 15 yr old boy brat: Something funny probably though
  • Dan Howell: such comedy
  • Dan Howell: much wow
"american beauty" sentence starters
  • "I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world."
  • "Well, you have absolutely no interest in saving yourself."
  • "Lose my job? I didn't lose it. It's not like, 'Whoops! Where'd my job go?' I QUIT."
  • "I figured you guys might be able to give me some pointers. I need to shape up. Fast."
  • "You're right. I suck dick for money."
  • "Well, what do you say I throw in a little sexual harassment charge, to boot?"
  • "Management wants you gone by the end of the day."
  • "Your father seems to think this kind of behavior is something to be proud of."
  • "It's like God's looking right at you, just for a second, and if you're careful... you can look right back."
  • "When I was your age, I flipped burgers all summer just to be able to buy an eight-track."
  • "All I did was party and get laid. I had my whole life ahead of me."
  • "I rule!"
  • "She's not your friend. She's just someone you use to feel better about yourself."
  • "It's never too late to get it back."
  • "I have lost something. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I know I didn't always feel this... sedated."
  • "You think you're the only one who's sexually frustrated here?"
  • "Both my wife/husband and daughter/son think I'm this gigantic loser and they're right."
  • "I'm looking for the least possible amount of responsibility."
  • "You should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three States."
  • "Can you prove that you didn't offer to save my job if I let you blow me?"
  • "Are you just looking to lose weight, or do you want increased strength and flexibility as well?"
  • "I don't think we can be friends anymore."
  • "Just don't fuck my dad, all right? Please?"
  • "You're way too uptight about sex."
  • "I want to look good naked!"
  • "Someone really should just put him out of his misery."
  • "I'm not paying you to do... whatever it is you're doing out here."
  • "You don't really think [name] and I were..."
  • "Want me to kill him for you?"
  • "I need a father who's a role model, not some horny geek-boy who's gonna spray his shorts whenever I bring a girlfriend home from school."
  • "I quit. So you don't have to pay me. Now leave me alone."
  • "Remember those posters that said, 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'? Well, that's true of every day but one - the day you die."
  • "She hates me. She hates you, too."
  • "There's plenty of joy in my life."
  • "Go fuck yourself, psycho!"
  • "My parents are coming tonight. They're trying to, you know, take an active interest in me."
  • "Gross. I hate it when my mom does that."
  • "Fuck me, Your Majesty!"
  • "I was hoping you'd give me a bath. I'm very, very dirty."
  • "You ungrateful little brat! Just look at everything you have."
  • "I'm so sorry for the way things look around here."
  • "I think using psychotropic drugs is a very positive example to set for our daughter."
  • "Who are you looking for?"
  • "This isn't life, it's just stuff. And it's become more important to you than living."
  • "There's nothing worse than being ordinary."
  • "Everything that's meant to happen does."
  • "You're one to talk, you bloodless, money-grubbing freak."
  • "Welcome to America's weirdest home videos."
  • "Oh well, all right, let's all sell our souls and work for Satan because it's more convenient that way."
  • "I'm sensing a real distance growing between you and [name]."
  • "My job consists of basically masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell."
  • "Don't you mess with me, mister, or I'll divorce you so fast it'll make your head spin!"
  • "Your mom's the one who's embarrassing. What a phony. But, your dad's actually kind of cute."
  • "If he just worked out a little, he'd be hot."
  • "You don't get to tell me what to do ever again."
  • "I'm serious. He just pulled down his pants and yanked it out."
  • "Never underestimate the power of denial."
  • "Are you trying to look unattractive today?"
  • "How dare you speak to me that way in front of her."
  • "Jesus, what is it with you?"
  • "I am sick and tired of being treated like I don't exist."
  • "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in."
  • "See the way the handle on her pruning shears matches her gardening clogs? That's not an accident."
  • "Don't interrupt me, honey!"
  • "[Name]'s a pretty typical teenager. Angry, insecure, confused. I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die."
  • "You better watch yourself, [name], or you're going to turn into a real bitch, just like your mother!"
  • "I marvel that you can be so contemptuous of me, on the same day that you lose your job."
  • "You're boring. And you're totally ordinary. And you know it."
  • "You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday."
  • "Uh, whose car is that out front?"
  • "Your mother seems to prefer that I go through life like a fucking prisoner while she keeps my dick in a mason jar under the sink."
  • "In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times."
  • "She's... she's really happy. She thinks she's in love."
  • "I think you just became my personal hero!"
  • "Man, you are one twisted fuck."
  • "The only way I could save myself now is if I start firebombing."
  • "You know, this really doesn't concern you."
  • "I mean, how's her life? Is she happy? Is she miserable?"
  • "I'd really like to know, and she'd die before she'd ever tell me about it."
  • "Your wife is with another man and you don't care?"
  • "It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself."
  • "In less than a year, I'll be dead."
  • "[Name], today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go fuck himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus."
  • "I wish I could tell her that's all going to pass, but I don't want to lie to her."
  • "We've met before, but something tells me you're going to remember me this time."
  • "I can't believe you don't know how beautiful you are."
  • "Well, at least I'm not ugly."
  • "This will be the high point of my day; it's all downhill from here."
  • "[Name], are you masturbating?!"
  • "If people I don't even know look at me and want to fuck me, it means I really have a shot at being a model."
  • "In a way, I'm dead already."
  • "You are so busted."
  • "I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up."
  • "Well, congratulations. You've succeeded admirably."
  • "The car I've always wanted and now I have it."
  • "God, it's been a long time since anybody asked me that..."
  • "Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about."
  • "I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose."
  • "Our marriage is just for show. A commercial for how normal we are when we're anything but."
  • "It would be nice if I was anywhere near as important to him as she is."
  • "Gotta spend money to make money."
  • "I refuse to be a victim!"
  • "I was filming this dead bird."
  • "Do you party?"
  • "Oh, what? You're mother of the year? You treat her/him like an employee."
  • "Could he be any more pathetic?"
  • "I think it's sweet."
  • "You need structure... you need discipline."
  • "He's just so confident, it can't be real."
  • "So, you're fucking psycho-boy on a regular basis now? Tell me, has he got a big dick?"
  • "He didn't even look at me once!"
  • "I don't think you'd fit in here."
  • "It seems unfair to presume I won't be able to learn."
  • "Excuse me for speaking so bluntly, sir."
  • "Oh, I'm in trouble."
  • "I didn't mean to scare you. I just think you're interesting."
  • "This country is going straight to hell!"
  • "[Name], when did you become so joyless?"
  • "I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious."
  • "What is this? The fucking Gay Pride parade?"
  • "Sorry about my dad."
  • "To you, he's just another guy who wants to jump your bones."
  • "This is my first time."
Vapor- Part 2

‘That was weird.’ Calum thought as he hands Ashton back his phone. Michael just called Ashton to tell him that he can’t wait to see him. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, Calum doesn’t doubt that one of his bandmates is excited to see his other bandmate. He doesn’t think Mashton is dead unlike most fans. He smiles to himself at that and then shakes his head. But why call just to tell him that when they have only been separated for not even an hour? Michael had taken a shower first, at a rate that was too fast even for him. He did not even go to the living room where Calum was chilling to say he was leaving, he just shouted from the foyer. Michael had been in a hurry. And for what? And now the phone call. There’s an itch at the back of his mind that tells him his bandmates are up to something.

“Ash,” Calum says shifting in his seat.

“Hmmm,” Ashton lifts his chin a bit, turning his head a little, not enough to take his eyes off the road but enough to show Calum he heard him.

“Why was Mikey in such a hurry when he left?” Ashton looks at the side mirror, at Calum’s reflection and finds his eyebrows knitted in confusion. “In fact, why did he want to be there first?” Calum turns his head to look at Ashton and Ashton looks back at the road, barely missing meeting Calum’s eyes.

“Huh,” Ashton decides to play the I-didn’t-thought-about-asking card. “I don’t know. He just told me he doesn’t have the patience for us to finish getting ready. I didn’t really want to deal with him so I just told him to go, why? Did he mention anything on the phone?”

“No he didn’t,” Ashton sees Calum turn his gaze away from the periphery of his vision. “I was just wondering.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing more than Michael being Michael.” Ashton swallows the lump in his throat, hoping Calum didn’t notice that.

Calum jumps when Ashton’s phone rings again. Ashton groaned and reached for it, not bothering to see who’s calling him. He hands it to Calum, choosing to not risk their lives by answering it himself, no matter how uncool that is for some people.

“It’s Feldy,” Calum mutters. “Shall I get it?” They are supposed to meet him at the concert. Did everyone really miss talking to them that much that they can’t wait five more minutes?

Ashton nods. “Must be important,” He answers absent-mindedly.

“Hello John,” Calum greets smiling, even if he knows too well that John wouldn’t see it.

“Hi Cal,” John greets him from the other end of the line.

“Miss me, babe?” Calum jokes.

“Yes, haven’t talked to you in a while. Listen, I wish we can have more time for this call to become a full on phone sex but there are much more important things to do.”

“Are you sure I am not more important John?” Calum softens his voice as much as he can, trying to sound sexy without cracking up.

John chuckles as a response. “Calum, stop this.” He pauses for a moment to let a bit more laughter before he calms down to continue. “Remember that Rolling Stone cover we’re all very much excited about?”

Calum remembers. How could he forget? Being in the cover of Rolling Stone US is part of making it, of actually making it. Most of the bands he looks up to have been in that cover at one point in their careers. To say the band was excited when they were offered the chance is an understatement. He remembers asking if the magazine even had to ask their permission when they all know that a band that has struggled to prove themselves like they had would never turn an opportunity like that down. “Yeah, what about it?” Calum asks.

“The guy who’s going to write the article wanted to do a bit of an interview over dinner. He says it’s nothing serious, just a few questions and mostly casual conversation. Says he’s just trying to know the band so he’d know the direction of the article.” John explains.

“When, now?” Calum asks. On any other day he’d really have no problem with this. It’s just he thought he had a few days to be himself, to not put any masks on and he honestly thinks the entire band feels the same. It’s really not a good idea to be around them when their minds are all set on vacation-mode, even if vacation means only three days. He can already see it, they would be too loose about it, their defenses too down. The non-stop promo have really worn them thin. Plus there’s this thing between him and Luke. What are they supposed to do? It’s easier to fake it when there are cameras all over their faces to remind them and it’s easier to increase their interaction to as high as it can be when interviews only last ten minutes at a time. But this, this is different. Someone asked to sit through dinner with them which could last for an hour, Calum can only pray the interviewer isn’t good enough to notice the problem.

“Yeah now, where are you and Ashton at?” John asks.

“Nearly at the venue.” Calum answers somberly.

“Great! We’ll have dinner at a restaurant a couple blocks away. Luke and Mikey are already on their way there.” Calum almost chokes at the mention of Luke’s name. He expected him to be present for the interview he just did not expect Mikey to be with him.

“Yeah okay,” Calum says as he ended the call. That’s all he can say really.

This time Calum did not return the phone back to Ashton, opting instead to clutch the device in his hands, turning it over and back, again and again on his lap, just so he can do something with his hands. “Mikey left early for Luke didn’t he?” Calum finally says after a few minutes of silence.

Ashton squeezed the stirring wheel. “Yeah.” One thing he hates a lot is lying to his best friends, but there is nothing he hates more than getting caught and feeling like whatever explanation he has will not suffice.

“I can take it you know, you don’t have to hide things like that from me.” Calum says carefully, unsure if that’s really what Ashton and Michael were doing.

“We just did not want to present any more reasons for you not to come along. We really want to share this night with you Calum, just like old times.” Ashton smiles at him and Calum nods at this. Because he understands why they would want that. He misses it too, the times when they could all hang-out in peace because there is no Luke and Calum that is coming in between the band. And his heart aches with apology. Maybe being more than a friend to Luke was actually a mistake.

Calum keeps his head down as he walks in the restaurant. He’s walking behind Ashton, watching where his feet are going so he can follow. His heart thuds steadily but every beat seems to be ringing against his ears and his chest hurts from how hard it’s pounding against his chest. He’s tempted to quietly turn back around, make some lame excuse about going to the bathroom and never coming back. He’ll find his way home after he’s had a walk around to calm himself. His hand reaches to his front pocket where he placed his pack of cigarettes, wishing he can light one up right now. He does not have to smoke it, he can just watch it burn away, watch the smoke dance against the light from a streetlamp or something, anything but having to see his face.

Calum is shocked when Ashton suddenly stops and the toe of his boots bumped against the heel of Ashton’s. He looks up, past Ashton’s shoulder at the table in front of them. A mistake. A terrible mistake. He turns his body to walk away but Ashton’s hand is already on his arm, his grip tight against his bicep.

“Don’t make me do this Ash,” Calum blinks fast wishing the burn he feels in his eyes isn’t visible as tears forming yet.

A pained expression crosses Ashton’s features and Calum scolds himself for thinking this is only difficult for him. “Sorry Calum, but he’s looking at us and he’ll know something is wrong if you walk away now.”  Calum follows Ashton’s gaze to a man beside Luke, with a thick mop of brown hair. He looks expectant, definitely the type to pounce on anything unusual that’s going to happen.

Calum nods stiffly, his jaw twitching as he moves towards the table. Ashton drops his grip immediately. Calum pulls out a chair beside Michael, Ashton sitting on his other side. The journalist introduces himself immediately and Calum shakes his hand, hoping his grip wasn’t too hard.

“Sorry, I did not know he was going to bring her.” Michael whispers against his ear.

“Sure you didn’t.” Calum knows he’s being an asshole but he really does not appreciate being surprised like this.

“Yeah, you’re right I could have at least warned you. But I did not know how to tell you without you making Ash turn the car around demanding he bring you back home.” Michael says, still whispering, as he lays that white napkin against his lap.

“Huh, funny, cause that’s exactly what I would have done.” Calum reaches for the glass of water in front of him and takes a sip.

Michael places his hand on Calum’s knee, giving it a light squeeze. “I’m sorry okay, I promise to help you get through this.”

“That’s the least you can do.” Calum answers without looking at Michael. He places the glass of water back, looking at the pair in front of him for the first time. He’s wearing her shirt and he wants to throw the water in his glass at him just so he’d take it off. Didn’t he look in a mirror before he left? The neckline looks ridiculous on him! The shirt itself is too short, showing a bit of his skin every time he raises his hand to reach out for something.

“That’s a nice shirt, Luke.” He says instead, swallowing the bitter taste in his mouth. Luke gapes at him in surprise, blinking before composing himself.

“Thanks, Calum. You’ve always, uhm, looked good in white, I guess.” Luke blushes and Calum blushes too. He did not mean it. He did not mean it. Calum repeats to himself inside his head. He can’t have himself believing anything that comes out of his mouth, even if he had told him that before when he first wore that distressed green day shirt with the sleeves cut off, with his lips against his neck, his lip ring scraping against the skin of his throat. Calum closes his eyes hoping Luke can see his pain. When he opens them again, she’s resting her cheeks against Luke’s shoulder but Luke is still staring at him.

“Please,” he mouths, and Luke looks down, turning towards the reporter’s ear after a beat, giving him the answer to his question.

Calum focused on the food the rest of the night, taking the time to cut them into the smallest pieces before putting them into his mouth. His contribution to the conversation is minimal. In fact, he only ever spoke when a question is directed specifically to him. When a contribution is expected from their side of the table, Ashton is quick in giving his two cents. If Calum finds himself unable to continue with his answer, Michael would continue for him or if it makes him too uncomfortable, he would direct the conversation into an entirely different topic. He’s grateful but that does not mean he’s going to pay attention. At the moment, he’s busy slicing a grape in his salad as thinly as he can and don’t know what the others are talking about at all.

He looks up and is surprised when he meets her eyes. She holds his gaze and he wonders at what’s going on in her head. One corner of her mouth turns up slightly and he honestly don’t know what to make of that. Luke put his knife down and reaches for the glass of wine to drink. Then she raises their entwined hands from under the table and place it at the space between their plates. Luke gives her a confused look but she just kept on staring at Calum and Calum finds his knuckles white from gripping his knife too tightly.

He allows his utensils to drop on his plate with quite a noise. “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom,” he excuses himself.

“Please, come back after,” Michael pleads against his ear.

“Make him control his pet by the time I do,” he angrily whispers back.

“You already made me sit across them in that restaurant I am not sitting on the same section as them.” Calum’s tone is full of finality and the only thing Ashton can do is nod.

“Would you like to stand just inside the barriers?” Ashton suggests. Calum looks at him disbelievingly.

“Ashton, we’re two six-foot-tall men. Stand there and what? Block the view of those who actually paid to get in here?” Calum can’t believe he’s making Ashton realize something as trivial as this.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Where do we go then?” Ashton rubs the back of his neck, this whole situation is giving him pain in areas he haven’t felt pain in before.

“I guess we could just stay on the floor, at the back. It’s not a very big venue, it’s not like we’re going to be too far back.” He reasons. He walks away when Ashton did not complain, grabbing a cup of beer among ones lined up on a table.

“You haven’t introduced me to Calum and Ashton yet, do you think we should approach them” She asks. She has never left his side since they arrived back to the venue after the dinner. That’s also what he has been doing all night, introducing her to his friends, never having more than a few minutes with each because she keeps on insisting on meeting everyone. He’s too tired to argue, so he complies.

“No.” He answers a little too sharply. She narrows her eyes at him. “I meant, not now because I don’t know where they went.” He answers. He silently thanks all the saints in the heavens for Ashton and Calum disappearing from sight just at the right moment.

“Luke, I’m heading to our seats. Would you like to head up there with me?” Michael hands him and her a bottle of Corona. Luke thanks him before taking a swig.

“Yeah, we’re coming up.” He grabs her hand and follows Michael.

“Where are Ash and Cal?” Luke asks Michael after they’ve taken their seats.

Michael shrugs and drinks from his bottle. For Michael the best state to be in a concert is a little buzzed. He needs to be just loose enough to properly enjoy himself without worrying about what others think of him. It has become harder to enjoy himself at these things recently, when he’s sure at least a couple of people in crowds would recognize him and probably share whatever stupid thing he decides to do to the entire world. No matter how many times he tells himself that he does not care if the world judges him, it still gets to him. So he just tries to become really careful not to do anything extra stupid. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to get buzzed. He still is, just the right amount of buzzed, nothing more.

It didn’t take long for Good Charlotte to take the stage. Everyone cheered loudly when they come in, Michael standing up from his seat to shout encouragements at their friends. Luke sings along with every word, sometimes even imitating the guitar sounds with Michael, his hand entwined with hers the entire time. He would whisper lyrics against her ear in advance sometimes so she could sing them too. She tries, sometimes she could sing them and they would laugh together if she can’t. By the fifth song Luke and Michael are performing themselves, singing to imaginary microphones and strumming air guitars; she dances along with the songs throwing her hands in the air and nodding along. The three of them are glad when Good Charlotte finally decided to slow it down, their hearts finally having time to go back to its natural rhythm.

Luke wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her head. She places her hands on top of Luke’s arms around her middle and they sway along with the music. That’s when Luke spots Calum on the floor, standing beside Ashton behind majority of the crowd. He can only see the side of his face from this position, his profile, and his strong jaw. He likes running his nose along that jaw, tilting his face up a little when he reaches the spot where it joins his ear so he could scratch the skin with his beard. That always makes Calum shiver.

He closes his eyes and when he opens them, it’s him in his arms. He imagines his chin resting on his shoulders, his arms around his slender waist. He’d nuzzle his face against his neck, kiss him there. He’d make a trail of kisses along his jaw until he reaches the corner of his lips. He’d smile against his skin when he’s there. He imagines him sighing, letting out an impatient ‘Luke, please’ and he’d grin like an idiot at that. Calum would be annoyed, would think Luke is making fun of him so he’d turn and grab Luke’s face so he can press their lips together. He would move his lips a bit and just when Luke’s about to respond he’s going to turn back around urging him to listen to the music instead. Calum loves teasing Luke and Luke loves being teased by Calum.

But Calum isn’t teasing him this time. Luke moves his lips, pressing, pressing, pressing and Calum pushes back, kissing him just as hard. He keeps his arms around Calum, letting it rest against the small of his back. He felt one of Calum’s hands tugging on his hair, the other on his neck. He bites Calum’s bottom lip, swiping at it right after. And Calum opens his mouth, giving out a sound at the slight pain, a sound Luke swallows with his mouth. Suddenly Calum is pushing at him but at the same time fighting to keep their lips together. He realized he wants him to step back so he does, keeping Calum’s body flushed against his. He felt the seat on the back of his knees. One last push and his sitting down. Calum climbs on his lap, grabbing the sides of his face and continues kissing him. Luke places his hands on his muscular thighs, running them up and down, stopping at his hips and hooking his fingers on his belt loops.

“Let’s get out of here,” he says when Calum moves to kissing his jaw, He bites him and Luke has to stop himself from moaning. “Calum, please.” He breathes.

Calum suddenly pushes against him and stops kissing. “What did you just say?” Luke blinks his eyes. His vision clears just as the weight lifts off him.

He runs his hand against his face. “Oh god I’m sorry,” he tells her. Michael is looking at him from behind her, shock also on his face. He’s assuming he knew what happened.

She shakes her head and grabs her purse from her own seat. “I can’ believe this.” She says as she walks away.

“Well, she can’t seem to get away fast enough,” Michael commented after she has left, nursing another beer. Luke has his elbows against his knees trying to think.

Luke stands up and Michael raises an eyebrow at him. “Mikey, if she comes back, just talk to her.” He tells Michael, clapping him on the shoulder.

“What, why? Where are you going?” Michael asks but Luke is already several feet away from him. Michael shrugs wondering what it is with tonight and people walking out.

“Ash where is he?” Ashton turns to Luke, clearly startled. Luke’s hand is on his elbow, his chest rising and falling too quickly.

“Luke, why were you running?” Ashton sometimes has this knack for asking the most irrelevant questions.

“I saw Calum here beside you a while ago, where did he go?” Luke tries to ask one more time.

“He said he needed a smoke. Probably at the back or something,” Luke is walking away from him before Ashton can finish.

Luke finds him at the end of a hallway, standing beneath what must be a vent, watching the smoke he blows get sucked upwards. Luke slows his pace as he approach him, questioning himself why he thought it’d be a nice idea to talk to him right now. He’s had so many opportunities, back when they were touring Europe for promo. They were alone then, the band was alone, she wasn’t there. He could have talked to him when they were in Amsterdam, just after Michael broke down, because Calum could have used an extra friend when Michael isn’t able to be that for him. He could have talked to him when they were in three countries in a day, he noticed Calum was tired then, but unable to sleep, just like him. He could have talked to him on that peaceful train ride to Scotland when he could have been more forgiving.

If Calum noticed Luke coming, he did not give any indication of it. When Luke reached where he was, he did not even turn his head to look. Luke steps in the cramped space, leaning against the wall opposite Calum.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I’m doing here?” Luke says when it became clear to him the Calum will not say anything first.

“No, because you’d tell me anyway.” Calum puts out his cigarette. He knows Luke doesn’t like its smell.

Luke lets a small smile form on his lips. “I’m sorry,” Luke says looking at the ground.

Calum snorts. “What for?” He decides to lean against the wall opposite Luke too, he suspects he can’t handle standing on his legs and this conversation at the same time.

“For leaving just like that. For leaving you back in Florida.” Luke looks at Calum, expecting him to have his head bowed down just like he had. But Calum is staring right at him, and Luke almost closes his eyes at what he sees in them.

Calum gives him a sad smile and Luke’s chest aches because he did that. He forced Calum to smile at him even if he’s feeling like he can’t. He made Calum hide his feelings from him just like he does to everyone when he once was one of the few privileged enough to know what he truly feels. “Are you really?” Calum asks him.

Luke is at a loss for words. How does he prove him he’s sincere? “I am.” He says weakly.

Calum places his temples between his thumb and other fingers, rubbing at his eyes as if to erase traces of tears from them. “Okay,” He says staring Luke in his eyes again. Luke feels a sob rise up from his stomach to his throat. His chin trembles but he keeps it at bay.

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Luke asks because he wants Calum to be angry at him. He wants Calum to be so angry at him that he’ll shove him against a wall and punch him in his gut. He wants him to tackle him on the floor, lock his head up until he’s red in the face from lack of oxygen. He wants Calum to hurt him, like he hurt Calum. He figures he can handle that kind of pain, but not this, not this. This…hurts more.

“What do you want me to say Luke?” Calum’s tired. He’s not sure he’s fought enough but he feels like he has. He can see the veins in Luke’s forehead starting to pop out. Luke is angry and Calum doesn’t know why after all this time it’s still Luke who is angry. He’s supposed to be the one who’s angry, but all he feels is exasperation.

“I don’t know, Calum. You were ignoring me so I thought that maybe you cared what I do after all. I thought it meant that you did not like seeing me with someone else. I thought that it meant that you wanted me after all! Don’t you Calum? Don’t you want me? At all?” Luke sounds like he’s pleading but Calum doesn’t know what he’s supposed to give him.

Calum just nods. “You’re not going to say anything?” Luke runs his hand in his hair in frustration.

“I won’t lie to you just so you could hear the words you want to hear.” Calum tells him.

Luke swallows. “You don’t want me.” he says in resignation.

“I don’t know. I can’t give you the answer you want because I don’t know! And it’s really difficult to figure that out when I see you shove your tongue down her throat because it makes me want you but at the same time not want you!” Calum pushes himself against the wall getting closer to Luke with every word.

Calum is suddenly so close to Luke, their noses almost touching. Luke searches Calum’s eyes and his chest tightens when he sees it there. Calum’s gaze shift down to his lips and Luke is pulling Calum by his shoulders closer to him and he crashes their lips together. Calum tastes of smoke but he doesn’t mind because he misses this. And Luke saw that in Calum’s eyes too. They miss each other, they crave each other. The kiss is frantic their hands touching every part of each other as fast as they can, clinging to what they both know is temporary. Calum nibbles on Luke’s neck just like he knew he would when they both needed to come up for air.

“Lie to me, Calum, lie to me.” Luke breathes out, gripping the hair at the back of Calum’s head.

Luke feels Calum’s grip tighten on both his arms. Calum takes a step back, still holding Luke against the wall. They look at each other, both of their breathing heavy. Calum shakes his head. “No Luke, I can’t.” Then Calum is walking away and Luke can only watch his retreating form.

 A/N: Happy belated Christmas or early new year or start of Bali trip? I don’t know but here it is. 

Don't Worry, I'm Here.

Character: Koo Junhoe - iKON
Genre: Fluff
Request: Here!
Authors Note: To the reader that request this! We chose Junhoe since we felt that the youngin needed some more love and we though he fit the concept best. I really hope you see this and I hope you are doing better! Thanks alot for supporting RealGotMarkson and we are so so so happy that we can brighten your day! We really meant it when we said you can send us mail and just to talk! Admin T and I love that! Please do take care and enjoy!

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Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To
  • Leeteuk: I wanted to become happy.. I always have been looking for the key to happiness. Now, I think I have found that key to happiness. Being able to wake up in the morning, meet people I want to meet, and laugh together and cry together.... Beloved family... Beloved members.. Beloved all family members of SM.. Beloved fans... I now realized that everything I've always felt is the key to happiness. I want to feel this happiness with everyone. Thank you, and thank you again; I love you, and I love you.. I hope everyone reading this post will be full of happiness and love.. I love you..!!
  • Heechul: This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It's already been 10 years since we debut.
  • There probably are people who are new to loving me, but I'm sure there are fans who've been loving me for 10 years now. I think about it whenever I'm zoning out in the car, or whenever I'm going to sleep..
  • What 'fans' are..
  • I don't have much of 'fan love' (t/n in other words, fan service), I am not nice, so why do people give love to someone like me, who, in some way, is like a mean 5 years old?
  • And a thought that popped in my head was to not to look for the reason, and to express myself some too. Play (together) like we are eternal friends.
  • And that made me look hard at fans' faces like I'll put a hole on their face. Because of my prosopagnosia, my level of memory with faces are at same level as a fish but
  • I tried to memorize each and everyone but!!! as expected, I couldn't do it well kkkkkkkkkk ah sorry kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can't help this kkkkkkkkkkkkk but still, I read the letters, and try to remember their faces. Lastly, my beloved babies. Hyung will speak informally now. We will grow old someday and get married too. I hope you will come to Super Show in future with your babies. Then I would get emotional and really touched. Let's picture 'eternity' like that together, and be together for a long long time ^~^
  • I hope that you guys will meet good people (partners) and will live happily. You guys have to get married quickly so I feel less sorry when I get married too kk
  • But I have to first quit games and comic books first-ng.. Tremble tremble..
  • Anyways, I love you, my babies!!!! Ppo Ppo kiss~ ^3^
  • Kangin: I realized too late that I am thankful for just being able to be together. I think I know a bit now.. That I was a greedy man who only received. I will now be the one giving. And my beloved family members, let's live happily. I really love you. Grandmother who is watching me from heaven.. There are many promises I made with you that I couldn't keep; I'll live with them in my heart. Grandmother, do not worry about anything there and rest peacefully. And our fan ELF!! Oppas will protect you.
  • Shindong: I am now repeating the process of writing and erasing. I really don't know how to express this good feeling and thankful thoughts. Really. I will just!! Show it on the stage!! Everyone, sorry for being unable to express myself. Yes, that's true. The people that have the hardest time while producing this album are the song writer, lyrics writer, singer, producer, choreographer, manager, stylist, photographer, etc.. there are countless people but!! You guys, who anticipate and listen, have to be there (for that to happen) so, sigh.. I think I was living with a really big delusion. How to say.. 'I'm always showing you guys this really cool look of me, and the funny side of me! so you guys have to always anticipate and wait for me..' Why did I think that way... Anyways thank you. I think this is the first time I wrote my true feelings on 'Thanks To', without calculating (what to say). Sorry, and sorry again. From now on, I will only write real 'Thanks To' on 'Thanks To's... Thank you, everlasting friends~
  • Sungmin: An album to beloved ELF. Thank you for always being with me. You are my precious, everlasting, closest friend.
  • Eunhyuk: Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I've experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it's not easy for a person to go back to 'their first mindset'. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.
  • Donghae: Dear Father/ Last time I saw you was around 2006 8/8 Tuesday 3AM, but it's already 2014 8/21 Thursday. A lot of time has passed, right? ^^ Like the time that's passed, the environment around, many people, thoughts, and appearance has changed a lot. Some changed for the better, some not. But I am always working hard so that my core that I am holding on, does not change a lot. Because you, father, are in that core too. You'd be disappointed if I changed to (not good/bad), so I am working hard to (not change) ^^ then you can compliment me when I meet you again. I'm still young, and I'm still the son that wants to receive compliments from father. But it's been a really long time since I've been unable to hear those compliments. Soon, I will perform 100th concert performance; It would have been nice if father could have watched at least one of those 100 performances. It's sad. I'm really thankful to be able to do a job that I love, be loved while doing that job, that there are people who cry, laugh, and be happy because of me-though, what am I (for them to feel that way for me)-, and that there are people who have dreams while watching me. I'm very thankful that those people exist, and I am thankful about everything, that I can feel that I am living a life that I am more thankful of. Complains, not being satisfied, being lazy... Looking back now, I can see that everything- even things that I didn't feel good about- are thankful things. What I am most thankful about is that I am your son. It's a letter to you after a long time. 2014 8/21 Thursday 7:04PM, after 2 years... Let's talk again when another album comes out in future ^^ I love you, dad.
  • Dear Mom, Hyung, HyunGyum / Mom, don't get sick. When you are sick, I feel even more hurt. There are many things I wasn't able to feel when I wasn't able to live with you when I was young, and now, living together, I feel them. I feel thankful from small things like being able to be together, being able to see you, and being able to touch you. When you look at me and smile, when you- who looked big when I was young- now look smaller than me, when you- who walked really fast- walk slower than me, and when I felt that you- who looked strong and powerful- have become weaker than me, and is depending on me, tears come to my eyes. Just don't get sick. I love you mom^^ Beloved hyung, you are very tired, exhausted, and bored these days right? But I am happy and full of energy because of hyung. I think a lot about how I can do more for you, hyung. It's not that I just want to give you something; it's more like.. I'm thankful that I have a brother, and thankful that I can share with hyung. I hope hyung enjoys it a bit more, and I hope that you will be happy. I also hope that we brothers would rely on each other more. I love you, hyung.
  • HyunGyum-ah, hyung is proud and happy that you have a dream at such a young age. I hope you will work harder, and if you don't want to get hit, listen to hyung more! hehe. Listen to mom, and sleep early.
  • Dear SJ/ There really is no need for words!! I like that we are together, I'm happy that we are together, and I'm thankful that whenever I feel tired and look back, you're standing there by my side without a word^^ There's no need for anything else, let's just do well just among ourselves^^ Suju is the best hehe. Leader Teuk-ee hyung... I will trust hyung and go! and Yesung-ee hyung... If hyung were with us, we would have shined more. I will make it so that when hyung returns, hyung's spot will shine more ^^ I love you hyung!
  • Grow your hand a bit, or I'll just have a smaller mic prepared for you ^^ (Youngjoon-ee hyung, Byungjoon-ee hyung, Junghoon-ee hyung, Yongsun-ee hyung, MinGeun-ee hyung, Siyong-ee hyung, Yongsuk-ee)
  • We are Super Juni-or! ^^ Thank you and I love you.
  • Dear ELF/ You waited a really long time right? Me too me too mee too really!! hehe finally advancing out! ELF all over the world, are you ready?? We are ready ^^
  • In short words, because ELF exists, SuJu can breathe ^^ Please continue to let us breathe ^^ I love you, love you, love you, and love you^^ Always thankful and love you ^^
  • Siwon: I feel the fast speed of time. It's already 7jib.... Thankfully, thanks to your love and support, we were able to go around the world many times, and how many times did we stand on a dream-like stage... Thinking about it all, I'm thankful. I want to say thanks to beloved ELF all over the world who cheer for us without changing. And I want to say thanks to beloved family members, beloved Lee SooMan teacher, and staffs who always work hard to help us. If you guys weren't there, we wouldn't be at this position. Thank you again.
  • Thank you everyone.. Thank you God.. Please anticipate a lot from us, who are just starting now.
  • Ryeowook: Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
  • Teuk-ee hyung, I'm thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I'm thankful that you listen to my words well, and let's continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesung-ee hyung!!!! I hope hyung's empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let's work together again quickly~ let's meet again at Han River kk / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing kk Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung's voice the most kk Let's go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungmin-ee hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let's meet at Sukira soon kk / I'm happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? kkk / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu kk Donghae-hyung, don't be sad~ Let's go again tonight!!! / Siwon-ee hyung, I'm sorry .. that I only like D&E kkkkk I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let's eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu kk / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! kk SJM maknae Henry-yah, I'm always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let's become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I'm thankful, and I love you! ♡ It's 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowook-ee will work hard too with the name 'Super Junior'^^ I love you. Love yourself♡
  • Kyuhyun: Kyu will always be where E.L.F's are...
Everything Left to Say - Part 1

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Determined to the Better End: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

a.k.a. the one in which many beans are spilled and no one is happy about it


i caved again

i just couldn’t leave things well enough alone

and wrote a little epilogue for ‘Determined to the Better End’


As stated previously, this is the first half of the kinda sorta epilogue to ‘Determined to the Better End’. Why? BECAUSE I CAN NYEH HEH HEH because after some time passed after I finished the last part of DttBE, I just didn’t feel satisfied leaving everything at that. I just kept thinking about how everyone would react after Sans and Frisk finally woke up, and that lead to me thinking about how they would react when they let the cat out of the bag about everything, and that lead to….this.

Major thanks to @photoshop-and-chocolate for the encouragement to go through with this, so if no one else enjoys it, I’ll rest easy knowing she will. ;w;


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#337: Lost Memories
  • Niall: "So before your dad comes back I'm just gonna fill you in on the fact that we're in a relationship." He grinned, nearly bouncing on the balls of his toes. "You dad wouldn't let me see you, he doesn't really like me honestly, said it wouldn't be good since you didn't remember much...but I've been here everyday. I promise I have been here everyday." He breathed looking up at you through his lashes. "I've missed you, you know...well you probably don't because you don't remember me." He bit down on the corner of his lip, the smile on his lips faltering a bit. "Niall..." You spoke softly with a tiny smile tugging at your lips as his eyes widened. "You...you remember me." He stammered, with bewildered eyes. "My dad..." You shook your head, unconsciously toying with the ring on your finger. "He told me about you actually...a lot about you honestly. Said you're the little blond boy that convinced me to move iin with em...and that you gave me this." You whispered thumbing over the ring. A sigh fell from his lips as he nodded his head. "I know I don't remember much at all right now...but I do know that you loved me. Love me I mean. Says so on the inside of the ring." You smiled up at him.
  • Liam: He looked down at you with heavy eyelids, bringing his hand up to scratch at the hairs growing from his cheek. "You-you really don't remember us..." He frowned, his shoulder sagging at the realization. "I'm sorry." You whispered after a quick shake of your head, your eyes trained on the little boy asleep with his face nuzzled in his neck. "Dont be..." He mumbled with a tight smile and a slight shrug. "This is Noah...and uh he's our son." He spoke softly, tightening his hold around the little boy. He continued on, trying to fill in all of the blanks about the little boy you weren't able to tear your eyes off of. "What about you? Can-can you tell me stuff about you too?" You asked with furrowed brows after watching him set Noah down on the couch behind him. "Uh there's not much to tell you about me [Y/N]..." He shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets as he inched closer to your bed. "Shit...I never told you my name did I. Liam. I'm Liam." "Liam..." You repeated, catching a tiny smile take over his lips at that. "Thank you for telling me about him, Liam. I'd still like to know about you though...or about us-uh we are together right?" You asked with furrowed brows as he nodded with a small smile on his lips. "How about we talk more tomorrow...you just took in a lot of information. Give your noggin a bit of a rest babe."
  • Louis: He stood behind you with his arms crossed over his chest. "Still nothing?" He asked with a sigh falling from his lips as he watched you look around your shared apartment, peering at the pictures along the sides of the wall unit. Looking over at him with a small frown on your lips, you shook your head. Everything was still blank. He brought his hand up to tug at his hair a groan leaving his mouth. "[Y/N] I need you to remember. I've done everything the doctors told me to. I've taken you to places that should have brought something back...and still nothing." He dropped his hands to his side defeatedly. "I'm trying Lou..." Your frown deepened as you turned to face him. "Try harder." He rose his voice slightly, and tears began to fill his eyes, his shoulders trembling a bit. "I need you to remember [Y/N]...I need you to remember me. I need you-you need to remember what we had [Y/N]." He sobbed, bringing his hands up to shield his flushed face as his body trembled. "Please remember me." He mumbled into his hands. "I'm trying to Louis...don't act like I'm not trying. This is hurting me too..."
  • Zayn: You smiled down at him sadly as he thumbed at the back of your hand absent-mindedly. "[Y/N] I don't think I could ever forget you. You're my best friends." He yawned before a smile took over his lips. "I-ah I know. Always have been." You stammered the smile on your lips faltering a bit and he noticed because the smile on his lips faded away. "What?" He asked with knitted brows. "Nothing...just happy you're awake. That's all." You shot him a slanted grin, sliding into the seat beside his bed. "I am too...you're the first person I asked my mom for when I woke up." He smiled a crinkly eyed smile your way. Your chest constricted at the words that left his lips. "I...I know. She told me." You gave his hand a bit of a squeeze. "So are you gonna be filling me in on what's been going on these days or what." He yawned, bringing his free hand up to rub at his eyes. "We can do that tomorrow...you're tired Z. Go to sleep. I'll still be here when you wake up" You let out a yawn of your own looking on as he nodded his head slowly, sleep easily winning over the battle. "I love you, you know. Always been my right hand " He shot you a slanted smile.
  • Harry: He stared at you with his eyebrows furrowed, "I can't remember..." He mumbled, a small frown taking over his lips. With a shake of your head, you reached forward placing your hand on his knee. "It's okay Harry...it'll come to you." His eyes trailed down to your hand on his knee, looking at the rings on your fingers before tentatively tracing over the jewellery. "I just-I feel bad that remember everything about me and I don't know anything about you. It's kind of not fair you know..." He spoke quietly, glancing up at you through his lashes. "I like this one. Can I have it?" He muttered tapping at one of your rings. A snort slipped through your lips as you shook your head once glancing down at the one he tapped, "That's funny, you always told me this ring was too bulky for my hand...that you never liked it. Hmm maybe it was just your tactic to get it for yourself huh?" You teased, but nonetheless began pulling of the ring and slipping it into his hand. "I feel like I'm telling on myself..." He said with a small chuckle. "Oh you definitely are babe. All of those times my rings gone missing and popping up at your house, you've been wearing it huh?" You knocked your knee into his. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He laughed, you did too for a bit before remembering he really didn't know what you were talking about and a slight frown took over you lips. "You will one of these days, H."
At The End Of The Road.

{ You are very depressed because Harry, your previous boyfriend, just broke up with you.} 


My cold hands are in my pockets, deep. I walk around town like a zombie. Rain drips on my coat, dribbling down and falling on the ground. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and my feet hurt from walking so much. The cold morning wind is blowing in my face, making my cheeks hurt. I’ve been walking around the whole night. I had to think about stuff. Since I barely have contact with my family, don’t have any friends except for Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn… why am I still alive? Nobody gives a shit about me. I reached the end of the road, which led up to a beach. I slowly kicked out my shoes and walked down the stairs. No one was here. I inhaled and exhaled. The cold water hit my feet over and over again, making them numb. 

Tears start to fall, hands start to shake and my mind starts to race. How am I ever going to be able to keep up with this? I feel so fucking alone, it hurts. It hurts to think about how everybody left me just like that. What am I doing wrong? I don’t get it. I really don’t. I bite my lip and look at the sea. Somehow, the ice cold water looks like a solution to my problems. Without thinking clear, I run over to the small cliff where Harry and I always sat and talked about random stuff. Soft sobs escape my chapped lips as I reach the edge, I look at the waves hitting the stones. I grab my phone and text Harry. I think he should know what he did to me. 

To: Harry.
Hey, I know we didn’t speak for 2 moths now, but I just wanted to let you know this: I’m going to the end of my road, hurting. 
Bye, Harry.
I love you.

I tap send and drop my phone next to me. I take a last breath and focus. My phone buzzes and I look to my right. 

From: Harry

What ??

What are you going to do (Y/N)?!

Where are you?

Don’t do anything stupid! I’m coming!

I kick my phone into the water and take a few more breaths. This is going to be it. My end. The end of my story. Book closed.
My feet let go of the ground, my mind let’s go of it’s thoughts and my heart beats slower when I near the water.

Cold waves of water hit me, harder and harder. My headache slowly fades. My memory slowly fades. Oxygen slowly fades. Everything slowly fades.

About to pass out, a large hand grabs my arm. My lungs are already filled with water. The only thing I see is brown hair and a tattooed arm holding me up. Unable to breath, I panic and before I can do something about it, everything turns black. 

’….. Please.. please baby wake up. Don’t leave me here without you.. please…‘ Is the first thing I hear when I open my eyes. Water is stuck in my mouth and lungs. I get pushed up and spit out all of the water inside of me. Having a hard time to breath, I grab my shirt and cough. 
I sob and put my head on my knees. 'Why didn’t you just let me die?!’ I scream and turn around. Two green tear-filled eyes stare at me. 
Harry saved me. He.. saved me? 'Don’t be mad at me… I can’t live with the idea of you dying because of me.' He grabs my wrist but I get up. A little too fast. 'You.. y..’ The world spins around once again and I stumble into Harry’s arms. 'Be mad at me later, you have to rest.' He picks me up bridal style and walks over to the road. He mutters all kinds of things while he puts me in his car.

 My teeth are chattering and goosebumps cover my damp body. 'It’s not far from here, please try to…. just don’t leave me. Okay?' I don’t answer his question. After about 10 minutes of shivers and rubbing my arms to gather a little heat, we pull over at his house. Well, our house. We bought it together. Maybe we moved too fast. Or too slow. 
'Come here.' He whispers, helping me out of the car. My eyes are heavy and my headache is back. He closes the door behind us and all of the sudden, he pulls off his shirt and wraps his arms around me.
'You need to warm up, or else you’ll get hypothermia.' Without giving him any response, I put my freezing hands on his chest. 'God damn you are freezing..' He grabs my jacket and pulls it off. Tears are once again starting to well up in my eyes, coming out in soft sobs. 'Oh no baby please don’t cry, you’ll be fine.. I promise.' He grabs a sweatshirt from his closet and takes off my clothes, but quickly putting his sweater on my cold body. He sets me down on the bed and pulls off my soaking jeans and shoes. 'get under the covers, I’ll make some tea.' He pulls the covers over my body and walks out of the room. Still unable to really understand what the fuck just happened, I stare at my hands. They are red from the cold water and my legs are still tingling. After about 5 minutes he comes back into the room with two blankets and a cup of tea. He quickly wraps me in the blankets and sets the tea on the nightstand next to me. Tears stream down my face. He crawls into the bed next to me and wraps his arms around me. He pulls me up to his chest. Tears fall on his sweater, leaving little dark spots. I grab his shirt a little tighter while he rubs my back.

'Why did you do it?’ He asks. Too tired to explain it, I point at a huge canvas of us hanging above the bed. It was when we went picnicing with the boys and they took it of us. 

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I look up to him. He bites his lip and looks away. 'I miss you too, (Y/N).’
I grab his hand and tangle our fingers together. 'Why did we broke up?’ My voice sounds weak and soft. 'I got scared. I was so scared of losing you that I just.. cut it all off. To prevent myself from hurting, but instead of preventing people from pain, I gave you pain. That’s the last thing I want to do. I love you. God, I love you so much it hurts. I know.. that was so selfish of me and I’m sorry. I can’t promise you that I won’t hurt you again, but please… let me try..' He kisses my hair and plays with the hem of my sweatshirt. I slowly nod. 'What? What’s wrong?' He looks down at me and I look up, directly in his eyes. 'I’ll get back together with you, if you promise me, even though you can’t, you won’t leave me. Not for such a reason.’ He smiles. 'I promise.' He says, before kissing me.

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Agent Carter Sentence Starters - #2
  • "You lousy krauts are in big trouble once __________ gets here!"
  • "Would you mind changing that?"
  • "You moving?"
  • "I lost my roommate."
  • "You think you know people."
  • "What would you suggest?"
  • "I'd hate for you to grow tired of me."
  • "You sure you're reading the right kind of want ads?"
  • "I can't stay."
  • "It's too risky."
  • "Well, if you're certain you wouldn't like to see the master bedroom."
  • "Perhaps one night..."
  • "Just another day at the office."
  • "I'll be standing by with the car at ten to."
  • "Oh, don't be lewd!"
  • "Cancel them both."
  • "I could be your second pair of eyes."
  • "And how do you plan to find it?"
  • "Oh, you've popped a button."
  • "Well, what's the worst that can happen?"
  • "Please! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!"
  • "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."
  • "Is it a person or a place?"
  • "Eliminate all opposition."
  • "Now, are you gonna help me or hinder me?"
  • "Has he never heard of a bus?"
  • "Makes even less sense in the light of day."
  • "I've never seen anything like it."
  • "Excuse me, Sir Isaac Newton."
  • "What do you think did it?"
  • "I need to pop out for a minute - personal matters. Cover for me?"
  • "Can I help you look?"
  • "Get wigglin'."
  • "Perhaps it will be for the best."
  • "I don't have long so listen very carefully."
  • "Make it disappear."
  • "Shall we leave straight away?"
  • "To your very good health, gentlemen."
  • "It's ten forty-five in the morning."
  • "So it's personal - this attack?"
  • "Time out."
  • "Ow! Bloody hell..."
  • "What's your name, darling?"
  • "Stick around. We could use your help."
  • "And how am I to help?"
  • "How comfortable are you with this?"
  • "You'll be dealing with the ladies."
  • "Hold on a moment, sir. Excuse me. Sir?"
  • "Where does that lead?"
  • "May I?"
  • "I said stop!"
  • "Can I be of any further assistance?"
  • "I'm not gonna lie to you. You're in a bad spot."
  • "I don't believe you."
  • "We're under a bit of an accelerated time frame here."
  • "Just. Give. Me. A. Name."
  • "Don't say I didn't try to do this the easy way."
  • "You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not talking."
  • "Ladies shouldn't be seeing this."
  • "You boys play nice."
  • "A penguin could get here faster."
  • "I found one!"
  • "I'm late for my appointment!"
  • "I've- I've no idea what you're saying!"
  • "Don't make me come out there!"
  • "I'm thinkin' maybe it's me."
  • "I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very good neighbor."
  • "Too late!"
  • "Oh no! Nazis! Again!"
  • "I rather enjoy it actually."
  • "Are you trying to butter me up?"
  • "How flattering."
  • "It did seem a terrible waste though."
  • "We're gonna need a new stick."
  • "Hot damn! Let's go, boys."
  • "And here we are again."
  • "Should I leave the engine running in case you trigger another explosion?"
  • "On this occasion, I've got my own ride home."
  • "American women are so weak. You are coming with me!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "What would I ever do without you?"
  • "Why does this keep happening?"
  • "It's so hard getting straight answers out of people nowadays."
  • "Get out."
  • "Car trouble?"
  • "What the hell are you doing here?"
  • "I thought you'd be more impressed."
  • "I don't need your help."
  • "I want protection."
  • "Well, that seems incredibly brave or incredibly stupid."
  • "All finished!"
  • "Uh, bit of a snag actually..."
  • "Ooh, don't shoot yourself in the face."
  • "You did say you wanted to help."
  • "Stop fidgeting! Nothing's going to happen."
  • "Did either of you hear that?"
  • "Shake him loose!"
  • "Shoot up!"
  • "Well, that's suspicious."
  • "Pull. Over."
  • "If you do not pull over this instance, I will have no choice but to shoot you!"
  • "For God's sake, will you please stop shooting things!"
  • "Do I even need to ask?"
  • "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
  • "I hear it!"
  • "Jump clear!"
  • "This is where I get off."
  • "The hell is that?"
  • "I need to find out where you hid them."
  • "You're the only one who knows."
  • "Help me stop them."
  • "I think we should retrieve it immediately."
  • "Allow me."
  • "I used to come skinny dipping here as a kid."
  • "That's a sight."
  • "Somebody knows what we know before we know it, and it's really starting to chap my ass."
  • "You're quite good at that."
  • "You're very fortunate, you know?"
  • "Look me in the eye and say what you meant."
  • "Oh, you're so right! How I managed to stay alive before I met you, I have no idea."
  • "I can't tell if you're being arrogant or ignorant."
  • "If I allow people to get close to me, I put them in danger."
  • "You were his support."
  • "Your desire to help others is noble."
  • "As you were."
  • "She's a slut."
  • "You're gonna love living here!"
  • "Were you limping as you came in?"
  • "I still say it's him."
  • "You bet against me?"
  • "Nobody's lucky forever."
  • "You'll never be able to defeat my secret weapon!"
  • "Think I found something big."