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if all of bts were animals what kind would they be (in your opinion) also if you want to answer as to why they would be that animal, that is also an option

Yoongi: Slow loris. Tricks people (Jin) into giving him food and cleaning up after him and rubbing his sweet belly by being cute and pitiful. Doesn’t care much for humans, except the ones who give him food (Jin).

Jin: Hungry Hungry Hippo. Can fit unimaginable amounts of food into his mouth. Where does it go? Seems serene enough until one day he’s pushed too far and he literally bites off Jungkook’s hand.

Jimin: Perfectly groomed Pomeranian with a puppy cut and the personality of a Yellow Lab. He’s that one little dog that even people who hate little dogs can’t help but love. Would drag your unconscious ass out of a burning building with his tiny jaws. A hero.

Taehyung: Peacock. Showy as fuck, unbelievably beautiful…. until u see him run….. Have you ever seen a peacock run? 

Rapmon: Chimpanzee. An extremely complex creature, incredible self-awareness. You are in awe of his intelligence. Then he starts eating his poop and you’re like… oh…. 

Hobi: A baby deer that never grows up. Precious and elegant, forever tiny. Will never betray you. U can just put him in your backpack all day and not worry about a thing. He’ll be there chilling, backing you up. 

Jungkook: Lion (in captivity). Refuses to interact with the lioness in his exhibit. Ate a zookeeper once. Do not release him. 

Assassin’s Creed. Malik Al-sayf (battle stance)

The first frame was the first one I’ve drawn. I thought of coloring it but change of plans happened… so I added the wind. And THAT happened.

I want an RPG of Assassin’s Creed in Tales Series style. Damn, that’d be awesome.♥