but i'm so glad that you still love me


We’ll eat you up, we love you so! 

I had these illustrations just sitting in my sketchbook for weeks and I’m very glad to finally have them colored. (I can still feel my wrists aching just by looking at these aaugh).

These were done purely for fun, and along with feeling like doing a crossover that I have not seen done yet. Drawing these were super fun to do and I hope you enjoy haha <3

I’m still v emotional from today’s episode but also really wanted to post this because apparently, I missed not only one but two birthdays.

So first of all, very happy and very late birthday to the loveliest @bleulily!! I just wanted to say that I’m so glad we started talking and I love screaming with you about yoi, keep being your awesome self! 💕

Secondly, happy birthday to my sweet sinnamon roll Yuuri Katsuki. We’re all very proud of you <3

My sister’s thoughts while watching eyewitness:

• She loved Tyler (not that I was surprised, she’s got a type)
• every time Ryan appeared “no nOO NOT YOU AGAIN”
• Helen lost a lot of cookie points in the last few episodes but by the end she was loving her again
• Gabe as BestFatherOfTheYear™
• “Tony I love you but for fuck’s sake sTOP GIVING OUT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO PEOPLE!”
• during the finale: “Anne no no no nOO”
• “Lukas’ hair was so fake honestly please let him have his natural hair colour next time”
• during the sex scene: “oh my god they’re..? They’re doing it??? Isn’t Lukas in pain??? Stop! Guys no, no, ahi, painful, stop trying to take his shirt off he jUST GOT SHOT!”
• “ok I love this tv show and I’m gonna scream if we don’t get season 2
• but
• everything
• is
• liteRaLLY
• who was in charge?? Why did they decide the show needed to be this grey blob???”

So all in all I can say she loved it and she is now a true eyewitness fan.
Mission accomplished.

pahkdahdjskah i just hit 1k???? tysm to all of you for putting up with me! when i made this blog six months ago, i never thought that i’d go so far, and honestly im just so amazed. all of you are so good to me, and i still don’t know how tf I’ve never even gotten an unironic hateful anon, despite all of the shit that i do! i owe all of this to all of you, bc you are all so kind and sweet! so here’s a follow forever to appreciate some of my favorite mutuals and shout abt how much i love them! i 11/10 recommend following all of these wonderful blogs! (if we’re not mutuals and i included you or if we’re good friends and i forgot you then please deck me) 

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I’m a few days late but Happy New Year, everyone!!! 2016 was The Fucking Worst but I’m glad to have made a blog because I met incredible people on it, people who became my best friends and helped me through a lot of shit. I’ve now had this blog for a year and also got nearly 300 followers so thank you!!! Mutuals/favorites/absolute fucking angels’ URLs are bolded but I love all of you so much and y’all run amazing blogs. 

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You two talk a lot, huh?

so my dad found this black kitty on the street scared, alone, hungry and crying. he said he fed some popcorn to him and the kitty ate it really fast but he was still scared and crying. so my dad tried to calm the kitty down and he picked him up and took him home and texted me about it. once i got home i saw the kitty hiding next to the stove from my dog and my dad asked me “ so what are you gunna name him ? ” and i didn’t know yet so i just said “ possibly bob i don’t know yet ”. and i started to get closer to the kitty and he started to sniff me, and once i touched him and started to pet him, he started to purr. once we fed him, cuddled with him, and played with him, he just can’t stop following me and laying on me everytime i sit down. and right when he left my room playing with my dog, I thought of what i wanted to name him. Credence. my parents really liked the name and im so happy because my baby kitty, Credence, has the love that he deserves. 🖤😇
I still love you. I will always love you and it’s kind of sad. But loving you is dragging me down, and driving me mad.
Someone else thinks of me the way you did, and he’s so sweet. I really like him, and I’m glad I found him. He makes me happy.
I haven’t been happy in a while.
I’m hoping I can start a new world for myself.
A happier world.
I just wish you weren’t at the back of my mind sometimes.
No, I don’t want to forget you. You used to make me happy, you used to be my best friend. You used to be my everything.
I just want to be over you.
But I probably never will be.
I hope you’re happy you’ve done this to me.
I bet you couldn’t say the same.
—  {via cheerupsavvy}

listen, i love you. i know you don’t love me back, and i know anything i’ve said since i told you makes you uneasy. i’m sorry. i’m glad you still want to be friends. i should be happy with that. but i’m selfish, and i fell harder for you than i ever thought i could. so i will try to avoid you for your sake, even though i’ll keep leaking my thoughts & making it worse. you will continue to not talk to me and not invite me to your parties. i thought we clicked. i still feel it. i guess we don’t.

anonymous asked:

Asdgj i love your writing im so glad reqs are open aaa. Ok ok um - can i req the passione gang (or just gio, bruno and fugo) seeing their crush in maid costume (mission/infiltration idk) and when they end reuniting with the group theyre embarassed and as they try to escape they slam onto them boi - and are like "pls hide me" - i mean whatever u write ill love so

MY AESTHETIC TBH. I’ll only do the three you requested so that the headcanons can be long because I’m a lazy person!

  • While Giorno knew everyone in the group had their own roles to fill during this infiltration mission, the set up for this mission had been so rushed that he didn’t get the chance to ask Bruno what everyone was going to be.

  • So imagine his surprise (and redden cheeks) when weeks later he sees you approach him in your disguise. You were dressed in a beautiful french maid uniform, of which had been sewn to accentuate the most appealing parts of your body. The matching black stockings and collar themed choker certainly didn’t help his ever growing blush.

  • This poor, normally composed Don would have his tongue completely caught in his throat. He’d try and say your name, but all he can manage is a stutter of the first syllable. While it was clear that you had been nervous too over the outfit, seeing him so out of character had managed to get a small laugh out of you, which had completely broke him.

  • Giorno would have to take a deep breath before trying to talk again, but he wouldn’t even get the chance. Just as he was about to speak, the two of you turned toward the sound of glass shattering, followed by a very loud Narancia yelling everyone to scatter. Needless to say, that meant that it was time to run.

  • With everything a complete mess, especially after the sound of bullets reverberating in the ballroom, Giorno would immediately grab you and pull you close to him. Depending on the situation, he might even have to pick you up bridal style and carry you out of the area.

  • After it’s all over, and everyone in the group has managed to escape from the nearly ruined mission, you and Giorno would be left alone together. While Giorno (very obviously) enjoyed the sight of you in your uniform, he’d quickly remove his coat and wrap you in it.

  • “I’m sure it must have been hard for you, having to wear that everyday…” his hand lightly brushed the collar on your neck “…Especially this.” As quickly as he could, the collar on your neck would be turn into vines, weaved together with a single Forget-me-not.


  • Naturally, since he’s the one who would be planning the entire mission, Bruno knew exactly what you’d have to do. Even as he wished other wise, Bruno would approach you and instruct you to become a maid for the target, as he needed someone on the inside to give him information He told you it’d be easy, since the target didn’t really choose his maids based on their cleaning abilities. Of course, he’d never do this if he didn’t know 100% that you’d be safe.

  • But the day would eventually come when it was finally time for the rest of the group to find their way inside of the mansion. When it happens, Bruno’s first instinct is to find you and check on assignment’s status, but the sight before him will leave him completely speechless.

  • You had looked absolutely beautiful in your maid uniform. Dressed from head to toe in shinning black silk, your outfit left very little to the imagination with how perfectly it fit your body. Still, even with your figure being shown off well, the bright whites of your chest and bottom of your skirt were made purposefully made to attract the eyes to what be considered by most ‘the best parts’.

  • And attract his eyes they did before he recomposed himself as quickly as possible. Bruno would never be able to forgive himself if he had blown the mission purely over how beautiful you looked. Still wasn’t easy though.

  • With his composure returned, Bruno was just about to ask you about the details he needed before he noticed the target entering the room. Not risking being caught, Bruno immediately grabbed onto your hand and had you both move to the hallway, where he hurriedly asked you where the nearest place to hide would be.

  • Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately) for you both, the nearest hiding place was a very tight broom closet, forcing the two of you to press as tightly together as possible. While Bruno had wanted to take this chance to ask you about mission, he’d find himself distracted once again, specifically over the feeling of your hands on his chest and your breath on his neck.

  • Please. Help him. He can only take so much.


  • Fugo, like Giorno, would have no clue what your role was, as he was quickly forced into his own. As Bruno instructed, Fugo was to enter the mansion as a new butler, since the target liked to partner up what they considered their play dolls. As to what that meant, he was about to find out.

  • Already feeling the rage boil up inside him, even mantras of ‘do it for the mission’ were doing little to placate when it came to the target’s attitude. His only wish was to punch the living daylights out of the target and finish this mission earlier than planned.

  • That all ceased to be a problem the moment his eyes landed on you.

  • Your uniform looked beautiful, if not a little inappropriate. While seemingly modest in the way it covered most of your chest, a small sliver of cleavage would make itself show. But that modesty was none existent towards the skirt. It had been barely long enough to pass what needed to be covered, and the stockings were short enough to leave a section of skin exposed.

  • The target immediately began to laugh at Fugo’s expense, as the blush that covered Fugo’s cheeks could easily be seen from a mile away. While this had concerned you, given Fugo’s anger issues, he was far too captivated by you to even notice.

  • From that point on, you and Fugo had been paired up for entertainment purposes. After all, the fated romance of two ‘strangers’, brought together by the target was just what the target had always wanted. Because of this, the two of you were forced into some awkward situations, such as being forced to not only share the same room but also the same bed.

  • Even so, Fugo would be very gentlemanly to you and offer to do things like sleep on the floor or not be under the same blanket as you so you can sleep peacefully. After all, he knew better than anyone at this point that good rest is going to be the only thing to keep the two of you sane with all of the target’s antics.

  • In the end, after Narancia’s abrupt glass shattering and screaming, Fugo would immediately run to your side and carry you out of the ballroom. He was going to just carry you out of the ballroom, but he refused to pass up the chance to give the target a quick blow to the stomach before Mista takes the final shot.



WAS ACTUALLY A GIFT FROM @deathishauntedbyhumans !!


I love you, too, Moe! Thank you for the beautiful gift (and thank for telling me about my mistake oh my gosh) *many apologies and hugs and thanks*

happy valentine’s day ya’ll !!

i wish i had the time, talent and wit to slap some v-day cards together but i don’t but like i still love ya’ll

@femlokis amy, GIIRRRLLL, my v first friend in the gotham fandom, ily. you’re so great and i hope we have many more days of yelling abt cory and robin together ahead of us xoxo

@geleaousfandoms kev you’re such a talented lil sweet pea and i’m so glad i met you!! you inspire me to be a better writer tbh. keep up the High Quality work man <3

@flux–and–flow flux you’re so fuckin chill man i cherish our late night scream sessions together 100/10 would have alcoholic beverages with xoxo

@talkriddletome gracie, i thank you so so so much for not only being so so Kind when i first met you but for introducing me to the snake family squad and for generally being such a good bean i love you v much stay groovy xoxo

@endless-nygmobblepot ella, light of my life, my fairy godmother. thank you for making all my meme dreams come true. u da Real MVP love ya u beautiful bean xoxo

@riddlerbird lee i love you so much you’re such a good parental figure pls adopt me irl tbh i feel like i would get 100x more wise from just being in your presence ilysm !! xoxoxo

@nygggma ashley!! i know we don’t talk a lot but you’re so sweet and i love u v much!! hmu let’s yell abt the nygmobs together xoxo

@abaddon-queenof-hell alice i have known u for such a short time but you’re such a cutie patootie and you’re so sweet and talented af i love you and your oswald knee xoxo

BUT ALSO @grandmentalitykitty @nygmaticreport @bizarre-transmission @anachronistic-voice i know we haven’t talked all that much but i hope you guys are doin swell xoxo

and to everyone else, i hope you’re having a great day regardless of what you’re doing today !! u cute don’t let anyone tell ya any different ok ily xoxo


“Can I borrow somebody’s phone, I have to check on Buddy.”

               “Did you get a dog?”


“When you love someone, they’ll drive you crazy because they know they can”

Can you also believe that Robert Sugden, the man so desperate to keep the affair hidden, who went to some very dark places and did very dark things, just organised his wedding to Aaron like it was the most natural thing in the world. 

Because he accepts himself now, and is happy for people to know he’s bisexual, because someone has seen all of him, and still loves him and it just makes me very emotional.

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Harry Potter AU headcannons for the RFA! What houses would they be in and why?

I would love to write this but a sad sad confession is.. i’ve never seen harry potter ;0

my old church absolutely CONVINCED my parents that harry potter was a
“portal for sin”
and so they never let me watch it as a kid!
Now they don’t really care what i watch, but i still never picked up much interest in it lolol

browniefox  asked:

I can't believe The Size of Our Actions is canon! (though while I'm here I might as well mention that I really love that fic! It's so cute! And I'm glad Coran got to have a moment with little Shiro too \(^0^)/)

Aiieeeeeeeee!!! Me too me too! Thank you so much. I’m so happy people loved that chapter; I was a bit worried with Coran’s reputation in fandom no one would take him seriously, so I’m really glad the opposite has occurred :) He’s definitely fun to write. I’m so glad you enjoyed!

  • Me: *Sees a post of mine on the front page of the TFHC tag*
  • Me, in tears: nice