but i'm so excited for the new season

What people mostly want from snk season 2:
  • People who haven't read the manga: oh boi oh boi I want so many answers, I need to know who the colossaus and the armored titans are, I'm excited to see the beast titan and everything they showed us in the trailer om g
  • People who have read the manga: oh boi I'm so excited to hear the new opening theme
Gotham S4 Preview is AMAZING!

It won’t be seen by most Gotham fans for another two days until the Gotham panel on Saturday. But I went to The 5th Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero panel today and they showed clips from all the shows represented at the panel. David Russo, who is the composer on Gotham, was there. I got into the room just after they finished showing Gotham’s intro, so I don’t know what they showed for that video, but I could hear the familiar music as I was getting my bag checked. But then they also showed the S4 trailer as part of his introduction later.

MAJOR Spoilers Below……………….Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled! Also adding a “keep reading” just in case.

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In addition to the micro aggression from the lady on the tram and having to defend herself once again, this little moment of Sana refusing the pepperoni pizza and then picking if the beef from the other pizza is, I feel, gonna be a theme that builds up through the season. It’s one of those things that makes you feel different. Why didn’t the other girls know that Sana can’t eat pork and non-halal meat? Haven’t Sana bothered to tell them or have they forgotten? It’s not like it’s something new to Sana tho, she has lived here her entire life. I’m really excited for Sanas perspective. Really damn excited!

   “Imma call you lavender, because they’re pretty and purple just like you!”

Ever since I saw Lavender is the new black, I always wanted to draw these two but never got around to it. Also, I know this is late but thank you all for the birthday wishes! I didn’t think that I would get so many but I appreciate every single one of them~!  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


•"Your favorite Night Vale Presents shows will come back for second seasons.“

•"We also have more new podcasts we plan to launch this year.”

•"We have a second Night Vale Novel we are finishing as we speak.“

•"The paperback release of the first Night Vale Novel.”

•"More of our popular liveshows,“


•"Other stuff that isn’t quite ready to announce publicly but we are bursting to tell you.”

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please tell me your thoughts on all of the new voltron trailers/ information we've gotten i really want to know what you think

I!!! am super pumped for Lotor’s general squad, they all look interesting (and hot) and I’m honestly just really excited for a new enemy. For all that Zarkon was the Big Bad these past two seasons, he was a pretty stationary and straightforward guy. Lotor looks like he’s manipulative and takes initiative which’ll keep the team on its toes and force them to react to and anticipate situations in a way they hadn’t before. 

On that note, I think that Lance’s “we gotta stop shooting where the creature is and start shooting where the creature’s gonna be” strategy is going to become relevant soon.

And speaking of my son, holy shit, so excited to see what comes next with him and Keith. The bits I heard from the pre-released episode sound so promising when it comes to their dynamic. And the fact that Lance did The Shiro Thing and gave a speech to calm Keith down just….. I’m so proud of him……….

Look’s like we’re gonna see Allura in Blue!! And leading the Voltron alliance!!! I’m gonna cry kids!!!!!!!

And Resistance!Shiro!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!

I’m also really interested in seeing how Keith handles the Black Lion. It seems like his angry little “you wanted me to lead? well this is how i lead” line was directed at Black, and I’d love to see that relationship explored, especially considering Keith’s close, almost sibling-like relationship to Shiro. I hope they explore his past in regards to him having to deal with losing people (let this poor boy cry :(). I also have some thoughts about leadership within the team and whether or not he’ll actually be the leader (between his close bond with Red, his feelings about losing Shiro, and Lance taking charge in s3e1….. hm………) (co-leaders?) but they’re not really organized yet. That’s a meta for another day lmao.

I’m just really excited all around!