but i'm sayin' though

daudsiider replied to your postdo you think anne will live?

she’s one of the only characters who in history lived for a really long time so if they killed her off, i would call bullshit so fuckin fast.

you have every right to that reaction!!! I’ll be extremely upset if she dies, too :’(

though I will say that the historical record is extremely spotty, and though I’m far from being an expert, I know that much of what is known about her later life is speculation. (if I recall correctly there is also actually no record of her execution or release?!? I’m pretty sure.) aaaand the bs writers have said they’re not going to keep themselves firmly tied to history anyway, so I guess…don’t count on that D: fjdlskfjfjdsklfjdsljfld

I’d absolutely love for them to use the ambiguity to keep her alive and give her a long happy future bc I’d die if anything happened to her but…all I’m saying is they never claimed to be sticking to the record, so don’t be surprised if they don’t :’(


Patrick Kane - [74/88]


The true meaning of this scene.

i’ma be real, though, my issue isn’t whether or not bonkai will happen, i mean it IS but it’s bigger than that, it’s julie’s attitude toward anything romantic regarding bonnie. she’s blatantly bewildered by fans wanting bonnie in a romantic, sexual relationship with *anyone* or she makes hypocritical complaints about the ships we ship her in. the most she can say about kai is that he has a little crush on bonnie? when it was klaus and caroline, he was completely in love with her when all he did was give her a dress after talking to her for like 5 minutes on her would-be deathbed. she’s comfortable with bamon because delena is still in play and as much as i ship them (i ship bonkai and bamon, multiship, don’t hate) i can feel a certain amusement in the way she gives us their scenes that tells me she doesn’t take them seriously even though they legitimately make sense and kat has as much chemistry with ian as she does with chris (different chemistires for sure, but chemistry nonetheless) so it’s bigger than whether or not bonkai will happen. at least for me.