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Patrick Kane - [74/88]


Hotch/Reid + Text Posts (pt. 1)

(pt. 2 | pt. 3)

I have no clue what I hoped to accomplish with this.  I may do more, idk.

my favorite thing about Ore-sama Teacher is how everything is totally set up like it wants to be a reverse harem romantic comedy but that never really happens because everyone gets in so many fights they don’t have time for a love life

I mean I’m pretty sure like half the male characters have a crush on Mafuyu and I don’t think she’ll ever notice


That time Tracy talked about making fun of Dave, and his (non-existent) accent.

The Babysitter - Part 2

Part 1

A/N: STILL MORE SMUT. I keep accidentally writing smores instead of smut and it’s SUPER embarrassing. Anyways, due to VERY POPULAR DEMAND, there will be more than JUST TWO PARTS. :). SO HOLD ON TO YO BUTTS.

Ben came back a few minutes later. He looked absolutely furious. Okay, so he probably wasn’t upset about Anakin.

“You,” he hissed.

You stood up and grabbed his face. You took control and kissed him harshly. You wanted him so badly. You were so wet. He took your lower lip into his mouth and bit down on it sharply. You whimpered in appreciation.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he spat as he ground his erection against your hips. He wanted you as badly as you wanted him. Was it even a question that you wanted what he was offering?

“Yes,” you groaned against his lips.

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The true meaning of this scene.

my alma mater has never contacted me for anything but money

you know what would be great?

if i got a letter that said “hey there fellow wildcat! just checking in to see how everything is going. how are you doing in the life after graduation? have you found a job? we have an amazing alumni network to help if you haven’t. are you looking to apply for grad school? that’s a great option; we have resources to help with writing personal statements and can schedule informal information sessions with alums that graduated from here and may be at schools you’re applying to. we are so proud that you’ve made it through school with us. we want to help you make it through your next steps as well!”

real talk

i’d give all my fucking money to the institution that helped me cultivate a career and not just came to me with their hands out.

just sayin