but i'm really sorry about the crappy quality

I doodled this last night during my break between work projects and school projects. There has been endless talks of an Ocelot Convention for days now on my dash and I blame Vale and the anons.

Even the ever romantically oblivious Big Boss would realize something was wrong with a room full of Ocelots.  



Nothing remarkable, just…more bull poetry that happened to be sung with sad, sad piano and recorded with a REALLY CRAPPY microphone. It was like, 99 php which would be $2. I’m really sorry about the slight static in the background but I couldn’t get rid of it. Also, I apologize for the poor singing too.

Ugh, high-quality condenser microphones are really hard to get, I’m really sorry about the quality but I hope you like the song anyway. It’s more angsty Flowerfell stuff sung from Frisk’s POV.