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How to easily tell if two people like each other

Have you ever wanted to figure out if two people like each other? Well look no further! Here are the main signs right here!

1. They’re always really close to each other

2. They smile at each other a lot

3. They like to do the same things

4. They have similar body language

5. They flirt/bother each other often

6. They’re always together

7. They like to touch

8. They become easily jealous 

9. And last but not least concern for each other

Those are only a few signs, but now you’ll be able to easily tell if you ever wanted to!

  • TV writer: i can confirm this character has been involved with men and women but they are not gay or straight. they don't fit any labels
  • me: that is literally called a Bisexual™
  • Victor: Chris help! I'm so Gay
  • Chris: *sigh* what did Yuuri do this time?
  • Victor: He smiled at me and the sun was hitting him so perfectly and he's so beautiful and perfect help I'm so Gay I want to marry him
  • Chris: Victor you two have been married for 2 years
  • Victor: I know but can I like EXTRA marry him? I want to be significantly more married to him than I am right now

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I thought I was over of how bad s4 was but I'm not and it's now 4 am and I can't sleep. The thought that's making me loose sleep is why did they have to make Mary part of the team? It's just the two of them against the rest of the world, right? why did they have to love her and include her in the cases? Why can't at least Sherlock see how horrible she is? I know I'm being rediculous but it gets to me it really does

Hey same ridiculous insomniac anon do you know what gets to me too??? John cheating on Mary even if it’s texting… people argue that it’s in character he’s a womanizer after all but isn’t he the guy who’s loyal very quickly? What do you think?

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, I never understood why they went the route of making all of S4 essentially NOT about John and Sherlock. I liked the visuals of T6T and TLD, but Mary REALLY fucking killed it for me, especially the magical redemption arc they chose to give to her. The whole season felt really ooc for me, and Mary being more of Sherlock’s partner than John was REALLY rubbed me and many others the wrong way. The way the narrative was going, it SHOULD have been her being on the run FROM them, not working WITH them.

Because of this, I really, really feel like there is a false narrative at play here, that the entirety of S4 is being told like a blog entry (hence why they stopped the blog AND used the title of one of the entries to clue us into this fact) because of all the OOC-ness, inconsistencies, fourth wall breaking, “scene jumping” and the “fakeness” of Mary’s death and TFP. The season contains a sense of adventure,  is romanticized (though in the wrong direction), and fantastical elements, just like the blog. I found it SO bizarre that Sherlock CONSTANTLY kept saying “I’m Sherlock Holmes!”… just like John’s blog would have done. And TFP for me is John’s TAB, so there’s already an alternative narrative. Anyway, this went way off topic, but you get me. John’s blog is playing out on screen. Why, I don’t know; perhaps to show the general audience that not having John and Sherlock in the picture together doesn’t work, since most of the entries are told as if John is standing on the sidelines watching events unfold – ergo making the season seem very not-our-show. Plus, calling the first episode “The Six Thatchers” after a blog entry on John’s blog and ENDING the season with Mary narrating is so telling to me.

Second part of your ask: I AGREE. It’s really weird to me, simply because we SAW John was essentially done with dating by the end of ASiB because he was happy with whatever he could get with Sherlock. And it took him TWO YEARS to mourn Sherlock before he decided to move on, and for whatever reason, Mary was able to establish that trust with John within six months (I presume she emulated what she thought John wanted, but she’s a professional manipulator). He only stayed with Mary because he didn’t think Sherlock wanted what John wanted, and perhaps also some manipulation on Mary’s part, convincing John that Sherlock would never love him like she loved him.

So then when John is “cheating” I find it really OOC, if only because I just can’t see John ever wanting to get involved with anyone every again after the heartbreak of both Sherlock and Mary. Though, I still hold the belief that it’s really Sherlock John is texting in T6T, and we are told otherwise because of the false narratives (given that I think that the episodes are being told like a blog entry, it’s only natural to assume lies about the things truly happening are present). And maybe it was “just texting”, fine, but it just doesn’t really fit John’s character to me unless that person is Sherlock or unless John is doing another plan behind everyone’s backs with Mycroft (ie. the texting is coded and E is an associate of Mycroft). He has serious trust issues, even an emotional affair with some rando on the bus just doesn’t jive with his character arc they’ve built up over three seasons.

I don’t know. People say it’s in his character, but I just have a really hard time seeing it, especially since he knows the kind of person Mary is (killing Sherlock for trying to tip off John), like… I can’t imagine he would do that again. Mary’s complete shift from the character she was in S3 is what’s tipping me off the most about a false narrative, and as such we can assume the other characters may not be who they seem to be as well, at least in my opinion.

  • Naruto: So, like, ever since Hinata confessed to me, people have been like- ya know
  • Sasuke: Hn
  • Naruto: And I'm just- I don't, like, I can't- ya know
  • Naruto: But I should, right? There's no reason I shouldn't, uh, ya kn-
  • Sasuke: Dobe, if you say "ya know" one more time
  • Naruto: I can't help it, I'm just so, so, ya know!
  • Sasuke: Why are you talking to me about this, idiot?
  • Naruto: You're the only one who hasn't said anything, ya know. Sakura-chan, Kakashi, Ino, Iruka, even Kiba have been on my case non-stop.
  • Sasuke: It's your life. Your choice. Do what you want. It makes no difference to me.
  • Naruto: But, but Sasuke, I'm just so... Ya know.
  • Sasuke: Fine, usuratonkachi. We'll talk.
  • Sasuke: Do you think she's pretty?
  • Naruto: Eto... *squints* I guess so.
  • Naruto: Actually, now that you mention it, Hinata's kind of a looker, huh
  • Naruto: But she's still not as pretty as- *glances over* Uh, other people.
  • Sasuke: Like who? Sakura?
  • Naruto: Yeah, Sakura-chan and... Someone else
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: So the problem is that you have feelings for another person
  • Naruto: *blushes* Um... I guess, but I doubt you- I mean, this other person will ever, ya know, feel the same way, so I should just
  • Sasuke: Have you said anything?
  • Naruto: Well, no
  • Naruto: But after everything that happened, you- I mean, this person should get it by now, and if y- they don't, that probably means it's one-sided. Right?
  • Sasuke: Maybe
  • Naruto: Oh
  • Sasuke: Unless I -I mean, this 'other person' was thinking the same way as you
  • Naruto: Really? You Were?
  • Sasuke: Were what? I'm talking about this mysterious 'other person' who's apparently prettier than Hyuuga Hinata, which is -mmmphmm!
  • Sasuke: What was that, you moron?
  • Naruto: It's called a kiss, teme.
  • Naruto: Something two people do when they like each other.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: I'm not familiar with the concept.
  • Sasuke: Maybe you should show me again.

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Hello! I've been following you guys since I was a teenager (when you guys also would have been teenagers!) and I remember you wrote a post once on whether you were sure the animation industry is what God really had in mind for you, or something like that. Well, I suppose I'm going through the same thought process now. The industry seems like an impenetrable fortress at the moment. What I want to know is, what's it really like on the other side? Are you happy?

We’re so sorry this took forever to answer! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had the energy to write an answer for those more thought provoking messages.

You’re right! There was a post or two with those concerns in mind. Don’t know where it is now, but it’s somewhere in the archives.

Any Christian who knows how important it is to walk with Christ also knows the importance of being the best you can be for Him and others; to truly show His love and compassion. But the question always seems to be for the Christian , “Is this where He wants me to be? What area of work would best be fit for my growth as a Christian?”  There’s this mentality that the entertainment industry is not exactly the first place a Christian should be offering their skills to. They should be in the Church, or going on Missions or other jobs that appear to be a more hands on effort for reaching the message of Christ and “using our abilities for Him”. Sure, it’s encouraged, but God would just be counter productive if he only used His children to be confined to areas of the Church . God will find the most resourceful way to use you for His Glory because He is a creative God who will NOT limit the use of our abilities. Sometimes that means going into the belly of the beast. Give it some time and lots of prayer. The thing is, you never know where you’re going to end up, but when you know you’re in the right place, you will have peace about it!

It’s no hidden secret that the majority of people who work in the entertainment industry are not very keen on Christians in particular, despite it containing people who claim to be accepting of people who have different in beliefs. We know we’ve had a few experiences where people would send us rude comments, messages, or just go out of their way to ignore us simply because we have God in our profile. And this has happened with a few people in animation as well. We haven’t even actively said anything thing to anyone except put a three latter name in our bio. And it usually never fails that we lose followers on social media even after some kind of post that mentions anything in the slightest bit about God. Not to say that people on the other end haven’t experienced negativity from Christians who were un-Christ like in their execution of their differing beliefs either, but more or less, we are very few in this industry. And if there are more Christians actively working in the industry, sometimes they don’t want to risk their career and connections because of their belief, so they keep God more under wraps.  

So what is it like? It’s been fine, but sometimes it feels lonely. But we have met a few that we can comfortably have conversations with regarding God. But we have also come to know and care about those who don’t know God, and have become what we would consider our friends. We can just simply show our love and pray for them that they may find God. Use your abilities that will be portrayed positively. It doesn’t have to be that you need to be drawing pictures of Jesus or walk around with a Bible in tow everywhere you go. But your actions and sometimes your answers to certain situations can really be a defining trait that people will make the connection with if people know about your faith in God.  We believe God is leading us somewhere. And He is leading you somewhere too. This is just one pit-stop to another destination in our life. He has the master plan. And it’s not always easy, but God will be there to guide you in your steps and lead you where He knows it’s best for you. Trust us, we did a lot of praying too and had doubts as well.

As for being happy? Well, we’re doing pretty okay! Happy is kind of a broad term for  something that seems like we need to experience 24/7. Because like any human, we’re not always happy. We have our rough days, days of doubt, anxiety, sadness, frustration, confusion, etc. But we can have Joy and seek Peace knowing the God is with us and that we can rely on Him .

One of our favorite verses because in times of uncertainty, there is Hope. We just need to trust. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New King James version)

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.

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I feel so bad right now because of the episode and I don't want to move but I have school tomorrow and I'm really depressed

Oh honey, we’re in the same boat.

But hey listen.

We ship two women who love each other and are giving each other full, happy lives.

We ship two women who look at each other like this:

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And who kiss each other like this:

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And who laugh together like this:

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We ship two women who care for each other, who are committed to each other, who assert to the other what they need, who build each other up, who own up to their mistakes and work so hard to fix them, who listen to each other and respect each other and who are falling deeply, deeply in love with each other as they cultivate a beautiful and healthy and loving relationship.

That’s what I’m going to be grabbing onto, and I hope it comforts you, too.

I’m sending you so much love, sweetheart. So. Much. Love.

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so, i noticed that my human bill turned a year old this month (ayy same birth-month!) so I thought it would be funny and interesting to compare him to the first real drawing I ever made of him (theres more but they are all sketches and TERRIBLE) and OH BOY CHECK THIS OUT the guy changed a lot! I love it tho, it’s a good change and he went through a lot of that but I’m super at peace with where he is right now. I really wanna draw my AU as a comic now.

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I'm not sure if you're taking requests right now but it says ur ask box is open! when you have time could you write noctis/mc pretending to be fake engaged so they can get free wedding cake samples .. I just really like his "cake, baby!" line :)


The two of you planned these days to indulge occasionally – usually around your anniversaries. Staff at the Citadel thought Noctis was planning for the wedding, but when they saw you without an engagement ring on your finger, they were often disappointed. Regis turned a blind eye to it after the first few times his son and you had your “Cake Days”. He knew Noctis had a massive sweet tooth.

Today was no different. Noctis linked arms with you and led you to the dining room, where a long table with plates covered with metal, domed lids waited for the two of you. A small, round table was set up at the end of the longer table, and Noctis pulled out your chair so you could sit before taking the other chair beside yours.

A wedding planner and a few of her attendants filed into the room, all overly enthusiastic greetings and brilliant smiles. Getting a job planning the future king’s wedding was a big one, if she managed to land it. The murmurs of the prince’s attendants outside made the wedding planner nervous, however. Hopefully this wasn’t a farce.

She presented Noctis and yourself with the first cake sample, and went on about the flavor of the buttercream and different cake layers it had while you and the prince each took a few bites. His displeasure matched yours, and he waved for the next one.

You and Noctis played the part of soon to be wed couple all too well. This was partially because you were utterly in love with the prince, just as much as he was with you, and partially because the laughter the two of you shared had the underlying secret that this was the greatest way to get free sweets ever.

With the ninth or tenth cake finished, the wedding planner looked anxiously at the remaining sample and set it on the table for the two of you. Six, they better like it. Her attendants were exchanging a look that didn’t quite register with her, but she paid them no mind. Noctis and your opinions were what mattered.

Curiously, Noctis rotated the plate on the table, seemingly lost in thought. It was definitely prettier than the other cakes the two of you had sampled – a non-traditional cake – black as night, with painstakingly crafted sugar flowers, covering the top,  ivory in color and dusted with edible gold leaf.  A small sphere made from blown sugar rested on top amid the blossoms, sprinkled with gold leaf as well. Noctis shifted in his seat and gestured to the sphere with his fork.

“Do the honors, sweetheart?”

You tapped the tines of your fork against the sugar dome a few times, cracking the fragile shell to find something that definitely was not edible within.

Stunning wasn’t a strong enough word to describe the ring. The band was thin, braided silver, with pave-set diamonds that wrapped around a pale, oval-cut piece of celestite. You stared at it, stunned, lost to the rest of the world apart from the man sitting beside you. The wedding planner made an audible gasp that didn’t quite hit your ears, as Noctis smoothly stood from his seat after taking the ring and got down on one knee. It was rare that he seemed so confident – and the smile on his face shined when he saw you already begin to subtly nod before his proposal even left his lips.

“We’ve done this as a joke a few times, Y/n,” with a pause, he took your trembling, extended hand and began to slide the ring onto your finger. “Why don’t we make this the real thing?”

It was safe to say you had accepted, since your nods became more visible and eager. Words escaped you. The ring was breathtaking. Noctis’ plan was flawless. He gently held you in his arms and pulled you into a kiss. When he pulled away he was beaming, and he continued to hold you close, cheek-to-cheek.

“We’re still gonna do this cake thing, right?” he whispered.

You playfully slapped his shoulder and giggled.

“I think we can taste test a few more cakes before the wedding.”


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HELLO. I'M BACK. (Ok, this is only my second time requesting but that's ok.) It's the Anon who requested the Taehyung x reader that accidentally turned angsty. But it's ok! It was really good! Anyways, I'm back to request 2 + 69 with Jungkook if that's ok. (You two write so well)

Prompt request: “Are you kidding me right now!?” + “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Humour + Fluff

Summary: You have a paper due in twenty minutes and it’s a stressful time. You prefer to work at the library, because your university’s computers run much faster than your cheap laptop. Unfortunately, someone else seems to appreciate the technology and appears to be playing League of Legends on your computer.

Word count: 945 words

You might have shed a few tears when you noticed you were missing a citation on your twenty-page paper that was due in twenty minutes. But you definitely did cry when you realized you referenced an actual book instead of a website.

Shooting up from your chair, you received a few concerned glances from the students around you. Paying them no mind, you darted to the second level of the library in an attempt to find the book you had read earlier that week.

As you wandered aimlessly through the shelves, you checked the time on your watch. You had fifteen minutes left. Cold sweat dripped down your back as you searched for the ancient history section.

Finally, you found the section (it was actually on the third floor) with twelve minutes left. If you recalled correctly, you were fairly certain that the book you referenced was red. And that was all you knew.

Your breathing quickened as you scanned the shelves, examining every red book in the section. Glancing briefly at your watch, you realized you only had seven minutes left. Returning to the task at hand with renewed vigour, you dove towards the nearest red book. Once you pulled it from the shelf, you finally recognized the cover.

“Thank god,” you practically sobbed. Clutching the book to your chest, you darted back the main level of the library, nearly tripping down the stairs as you went. An imaginary clocked ticked away in your head.

You reached your computer with four minutes to spare.

But there was a slight problem.

A boy was sitting at your computer, his large frame hunched towards the monitor. His fingers danced over the keyboard and he clicked the mouse furiously. He had a hood pulled over his mess of brown hair, and from what you could see, he was biting his lip as he focused on the screen in front of him.

And what was he so focused on? This boy was literally playing League of Legends on your computer.

“Are you kidding me right now!?” you shrieked, slamming the book onto the desk beside the boy. He jumped in surprise, eyes widening as he turned to look up at you.

“Uh, I can explain–”

You cut the boy off mid-sentence, grabbing him by the front of his hoodie.

“You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you,” you hissed, feeling slightly frenzied due to your rapidly approaching deadline and a chronic lack of sleep.

The boy quickly shut off the game and jumped from the seat. He moved aside, eyes cast down. You didn’t bother sitting. Luckily, the boy hadn’t signed out of your account, so you pulled up your assignment. You grabbed your book and located the publication information and relevant page numbers as fast as you could.

In the end, you submitted your paper online with thirty seconds to spare.

When you turned to collect your belongings from where you had scattered them earlier, you were surprised to see that the League-playing boy was still there.

“Uh, I-I can explain that,” he stammered nervously, light pink dusting his cheeks. “But I just wanted to say sorry–I didn’t realize you had to submit a paper.”

You smiled, feeling a little bad for scaring the other student. Upon closer inspection, you realized he was quite good looking. He had large eyes, a strong nose, and a full lower lip, which was bright red from all the nervous biting.

“I’m not going to say it’s fine, because who the fuck plays League in the library?” you laughed, pleased to see the boy relax a little. “But I didn’t mean to freak out that much. Just…stressed, you know?”

“Who plays League–period,” the boy snorted, almost to himself. He looked somewhere else in the library, his expression pained. “My friends dared me to do that.”

You followed his line of vision, settling on two other boys who sat at another row of computers. They were laughing hard, receiving annoyed looks from the people around them. One of them had a wide, rectangular smile and the other had little crescent eyes.

You realized all these boys were ridiculously cute, and wondered if all good-looking people just automatically became friends. Eventually, you turned back to the offending boy, whose expression had become sour.

“I just have to say one more thing before I leave,” the boy said with a long-suffering sigh. He met your eyes, inhaling slowly and blushing even more. “W-wanna come back to my base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod?”

You stared up, wide-eyed, at the boy in front of you. In the distance, you could hear the sound of unrestrained laughter. The boy covered his face with his hands, and after a moment of shock, you burst out laughing.

Tears streaked down your cheeks as you laughed uncontrollably. You wiped them away hastily as the boy glanced back at you, surprised. Eventually, you were able to compose yourself.

“Wow, I’m swooning,” you giggled. After a week of stress, you finally felt the tension slipping away.

“Thanks,” the boy cringed. He glanced at his friends and then back at you. “I’m Jungkook, by the way. Sorry we had to meet like this.”

“I’m Y/N,” you replied with an easy smile. “And it’s fine. You left quite an impression.”

A few weeks later, you were dragged to your university’s video game club’s weekly meeting. It turned out that Jungkook and his two friends (who later introduced themselves as Jimin and Taehyung) made up the club’s executive team.

That day, Jungkook asked you out with another lame League of Legends inspired pick-up line.

You accepted his proposition without a second thought.

- Girl in Luv

Oh my GOD I HATE MYSELF. Why do I always reference lame ass things? Is LoL even relevant anymore?? Anyway…thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed! Our requests are still open, so check out our prompts page if you’re interested! Happy reading~


Sirius is a bottom. Remus is a top.
Sirius tried topping once or twice, in the beginning of the relationship. He thought he was the one with more experience. But Remus had come back from the library one day, tired of studying and looking for some release, and he had pushed Sirius against the wall and done everything the perfect fucking way. Sirius thought he knew where to kiss and how to build up tension when HE was topping, but he was nothing compared to Remus. Remus had had a malicious look in his eye that first time, and Sirius couldn’t help but admit it: he fucking LOVED the anticipation, the sounds that would come out of his mouth, the waiting, the denial of a climax. He loved having a gag in his mouth, being told when to be quiet, when to scream, when to come. He loved being tied up, being forced to wait and watch while Remus slowly removed each item of clothing off of him. He loved being powerless, he loved having a master, he loved being controlled in every possible sexual way.
And Remus loved having control. He just wasn’t the bottom type, and loved torturing Sirius as long as possible, letting him get right to the top of the roller coaster but not letting him fall. It was fun. It was addictive. And God, he was GOOD at at. He loved watching Sirius squirm and beg, and he loved denying Sirius the right to have his release. He loved having Sirius completely at his mercy.
And between the two, everything was safe. Everything was agreed on, and they both respected the other.
And they were both happy with how things were. Really fucking happy.

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Acchan!!! What do you think about Amon and Touka's talk!?????!!!?

Hey Anon! Ah, well, so many things happened in just one talk somehow but since it’s linked to the rest of the chapter, it’s hard to speak about just that. xD 

I mean, when I initially read the chapter, I hadn’t slept in 24+ hours so in my head that was ‘lmao Amon/Touka + Akira/Kaneki wut” (+ Ayato/Hinami of course) but then I took a short nap before rereading it again and… Amon’s and Touka’s respective feelings are mainly what you conclude on when it comes to this talk (I insist that it doesn’t have to be seen as romantic even if it might be). 

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid rambling but, aside from what I already reblogged on the subject, clearly their talk indicates that we’re hopefully going to have a mini-arc centering around people talking:

  • Amon/Kaneki, which apparently was offscreened (?)
  • Amon/Touka which just happened -> Mado’s death is “solved” from Amon’s point of view
  • Akira/Kaneki which got delayed because Akira has a few understandable issues with her current situation but I think they should talk again later (again they have a deep emotional link + I don’t think Kaneki actually told her that he killed Arima but just that they fought, what’s the point of lying to her about this, especially when she’s not a ghoul?). 
  • Akira/Amon (and maybe Akira/Seidou, if Seidou is anywhere to be found?) -> as Touka urged Amon to do 
  • Akira/Hinami, as Hirako explained.
  • Akira/Touka, because Touka wants to + that’s important for Akira’s character development
  • maybe more Hinami/Ayato talking since Ayato is the one Hinami seeks comfort from for this situation?
  • Kaneki/Hinami and/or Hinami/Touka talking? Hinami doesn’t want to bother Kaneki about Akira because she’s important to him, but she has the right to tell someone besides Ayato about not feeling okay about this situation.
  • Kaneki/Touka at last, but probably once the matter with Akira will be solved (?)

So I’m personally very excited about that “mini-arc” and I hope they all get to talk :D Besides that though…

I’m 2000% proud of Touka at this part, because remember when she actually killed Kureo? Honestly, I knew she’d have to talk about it with Akira one day, but I wasn’t expecting her to want such a talk.

She grew up so much, I’m so proud of her! And also….

Amon had the coolest moment of the whole chapter and I’m proud of him too <3 I’m really glad that the two of them actually met up before this moment and that they manage to have such a good and positive relationship. 

I think that’s about it Anon, but I love the entire chapter actually, so I’m really happy right now! ^_^

I hope it answers your question, have a nice weekend! :D

  • ban ryu: alright then han sung. since you say you're that smart, solve this without using any calculator. find the arc length of three x times the square root of seven minus two from x equals zero to one half.
  • han sung: *stares at equation while deeply thinking* well, there are two 'twos' in the equation- minus two and the denominator from the one half. the number two sounds like the letter 'u', and u is between the letters 't' and 'v' in the alphabet.
  • han sung: but tvs aren't really relevant anymore because everybody has computers now, so it's kind like... if you have two tvs, what is it even-
  • han sung: *out loud* four.
  • ban ryu:
  • han sung:
  • ban ryu: ... that's right...
"Ultimately, the journey is long and I see the chemistry between those two actors and I love those two characters, but I'm not making any promises. I just don’t want people to watch the show just for any one relationship." he says. "For me, Bellamy and Clarke are the two leads of the show, really, and they are partners. They work well together and when they are firing on all cylinders and in the same direction -- good stuff happens. And when they're at odds with each other or separated from each other -- bad stuff happens. So does that take a romantic path eventually? Who knows, but it's certainly not where either one of them is at right now."


JR translation: It’s not about ships, for godsakes, leave me alone. What part of post apocalyptic survival story do you not understand??!!!! They’re trying to save the world!!! But Clarke and Bellamy are together because that’s what the show is about and they’re super hot together, I’m not stupid, but I’m going to draw it out and I’m going to make you suffer for it and you’re going love it but I’m not going to tell you that because spoilers so I’m just going to say… it’s coming but not right now.

ha ha ha 


Thomas and James and smiling into kisses

Simsrena: the one with the growing belly...

So as many of you have already guessed, our lovely Bernie is pregnant!! 

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I know! 

It’s so exciting!

And before you ask, yes it is Serena’s. How? The power of chemistry my dears and… perhaps something else…

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No wait… wrong fandom…

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Bernie and Serena are expecting their first baby! This is exciting, well I’m excited - are you excited?

I mean, Bernie and Serena look pretty excited. 

Now, now ladies, you know what kissing can lead to… hahah too late! 

So on Bernie’s last day on AAU the ward, she screwed up a lot of tests (baby brain is what we blamed it on) and then decided she wanted to perform heart surgery on a patient…

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Despite their occasional odd choices, never question a pregnant lady! Trust me. I just saved your life. You’re welcome. 

Anyway, when Bernie got home Serena was waiting for her with fresh ice cream and heart cookies (which as any sims player knows, heart cookies makes everyone who eats them flirting… what a dirty mind I have Serena has!)

Anyway, have a cutesy photo of Serena talking to the baby bump!

Maternity leave can be pretty boring - so I’ve been told. And Bernie thinks so too! She can’t run, she’s not in surgery, Serena isn’t around to satisfy every flirty urge Bernie has because she has to work extra hours, she can’t go more than five minutes without peeing like a champion and she no longer likes fish tacos - which was pretty traumatic! 

But hey, that’s all ok because while we’re waiting for baby to pop, Bernie had time to paint and look at how good she’s getting!

Oh yes. That really is what you think it is!

And with Serena at work, Bernie has taken up the gaming duties…

And it appears as though she’s also addicted to a simulation game where people are having sex in a hot tub…

This is familiar to me… have we been here before?

Ah… yes…

That’s why that was familiar…

You see, me and Bernie are like two peas in a pod!

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Even more so when she ended up falling asleep on the sofa!

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I really need to stop falling asleep on my sofa… I should also be going to bed right now… but my sofa is so warm and cosy…

oh no…