but i'm really happy with the result

Based on a scene from the fic Burger Kings by plantegg on Ao3! It’s such a cute fic!


I’m feeling so happy that I was able to commission @kredous for draw  @cloakndgger ‘s spy and my Sniper!! This was a gift for her bd, Laurie and Cecil look so handsome if you ask me!. Honestly, I’m so impressed with the result! It’s just incredible!  Please, you should definitely get a commission from Kredous next time! It’s just so gorgeous!

Headcanon: Ryoma is fully supporting Takumi in this Voting Gauntlet and is happy that his brother has a real chance at winning this. Takumi wanted to participate for so long that he would be overwhelmed with joy and really pumped up but his insecurities started acting up when he realized he might go against his older brother.

I just want Takumi to win this so he can build some self-confidence and be a petty winner who will rub this victory on Leo’s face so much.

But I would be happy with any of these two winning. GO, HOSHIDO BOYS! GO!


Guys I’m really excited to show you the promo I made for the UCL semifinals between Real Madrid and Atlético, go watch it :)

Tales of Berseria - The Major Arcana (SPOILERS)

0: The Fool – Maotelus/Phi

The Beginning and The End – Infinite Potential – Unaware of the Void

I: The Magician – Magilou Mayvin

Power – Awareness - Consciousness

II: The High Priestess – Silva

Unconscious Awareness – Non Action - Potential

III: The Empress – Medissa

Motherhood – Senses - Love

IV: The Emperor – Artorius Collbrande

Authority – Structure - Regulation

V: The Hierophant – Grimoirh

Education – Identification - Guidance

VI: The Lovers – Oscar Dragonia & Teresa Linares

Commitment – Unity - Values

VII: The Chariot – Zaveid

Self-Assertion – Will – Hard Control

VIII: The Strength – Shigure Rangetsu

Courage – Honor - Resilience

IX: The Hermit – Prince Percival Yil Mid Asgard

Searching – Solitude - Introspection

X: The Wheel of Fortune – Eizen

Destiny – Movement – Personal Vision

XI: The Justice – Eleanor Hume

Fairness – Responsibility - Decisions

XII: The Hanged Man – Seres/Celica Crowe

Letting Go – Suspension Between Life And Death - Sacrifice

XIII: The Death – Kamoana

Transition – Moving Forward - Renewal

XIV: The Temperance – Tabitha Baskerville

Balance – Moderation - Stability

XV: The Devil – Velvet Crowe

Obsession – Manipulation - Struggle

XVI: The Tower – The Crowe Family

Downfall – Sudden Change - Revelation

XVII: The Star – Benwick

Hope – Inspiration - Sincerity

XVIII: The Moon – Melchior Mayvin

Fear – Illusion - Bewilderment

XIX: The Sun – Rokurou Rangetsu

Vitality – Optimism - Certainty

XX: The Judgement – Innominat/Laphicet Crowe

Rebirth – Judgement – Moral Worth

XXI: The World – Kurogane

Significant Accomplishment – Fulfillment - Integration

itsmegan347official  asked:

Can you please do number 7 for the kiss art challenge Adrienette? I Forgot to write that in that last ask😂

Sure thing!

A kiss under the rain C: