but i'm really happy with the result


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Key of Hearts by Caitlin Smith

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Finally finished editing my letterpress design for my printmaking class! Skeleton keys have always been fascinating to me from an artistic perspective, and it was a lot of fun experimenting with line work to create something that felt organic and mechanical at the same time. Overall I’m really happy with the results! And of course there are multiple color schemes as usual because making up your mind is for losers. Psh.

I Believe in Jim Moriarty (OH YES, I’ll write it often. YES.)

Tbh I don’t have much to say, I’m just happy with the result! Haha. I re-use the bat pin! I experienced the background and I’m really happy!

i guess my point is really that christine sinclair means so much to me, and to be one of the greatest of all time on a team that could never really keep up w/ you or get you the kind of glory and results you deserve couldn’t have been easy, and she carried canada for so long asking nothing in return and just being this strong, quiet, dignified leader with an unrivaled passion for the game. and i’m so happy that as her career gets closer to its inevitable end her team is starting to catch up with her, and i’d imagine she’s proud that her legacy is gonna be these young women like fleming and rose and beckie who grew up idolizing her carrying the torch, and none of them are gonna have to do it alone because she fought so hard to make canada soccer what it is today. anyway this is just like run on sentences about how much i love christine sinclair, but i mean she fully deserves the whole world and, i don’t know i feel like her impact on the canwnt and on woso in general is really understated

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Day #3: Trust

Love is like handing someone a gun (…) and trusting them to never pull the trigger.


Always look at me

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A wood burning I did of @therealjacksepticeye a while ago, it’s all done in pointillism and its on a 5"x5" piece of wood. It took a few days but it was totally worth the result! 
If Jack sees this, I hope that it brings a smile to your face just like your videos do for all of us.
And I hope all of you guys like this as well, I’m happy to contribute to the community in any way I can.