but i'm really happy with how it came out!!!


creativecockbitesnetwork prompt: make a graphic in the style of an album cover.

Part 1 out of 3



Final Fantasy Type-0 Week:

Day 1: Beginning and Death;

Eiko - The Shrine Maiden!

Finally finished this piece by the end of the week, or near it. A new League of Legends OC, my very first and I’m really proud of this piece!

In addition to this, I’ve opened a new DeviantArt account and will be moving my most proud works onto it! Feel free to check it out often.

So glad how this came out, I’ve learnt a lot and I can definitely see my own improvement. 

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LOL not quite what I intended... Consider me educated and appologetic... on re reading my question it came out far more damng of rogue than intended...I really didn't want to blame either. I'd like to re frame the question if I could find an inoffensive way to do so. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I honestly don’t think that either could really be happy seeing the other in a happy relationship, they still have too many romantic feelings for one another.  Remy was supportive of Rogue in her relationship with Magneto, but that’s probably partly because he knew it couldn’t last.  I’m sure that it if had gotten serious between the two, he’d be royally pissed.  Rogue had genuine issues with Joelle, since the woman was lying to Remy, but she was also clearly uncomfortable with the idea that someone might have taken her place in Remy’s heart.  While I doubt either of them would mind too much if the other dated, both seem to believe that they are destined to be together in the end.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes friends!!!

I just came back from an outing with my friends and a celebration with my family to find all these wonderful sweet messages in my inbox and I absolutely cannot thank you all enough! It made me so so happy like I really don’t know how to put it into words! Thank you all so so much!!

(With that being said, if you guys prefer not to have your dashboard filled with birthday messages blacklist ‘birthday stuff’ to avoid the clogging!)

Just came back from trb in LA...

When the boys first came out I couldn’t believe it. I was crying cuz they were so near yet far away. They didn’t look real. Standing just a few feet from us were wax sculptures 😂 jungkook looked manly as hell, he doesn’t look like an eighteen year old (or whatever his age is). Jimin was ethereal. His hair, his abs, his smile was too good. I couldn’t see much of v since my view was basically hair and shoulders 😥 but jin really did look like a princess and he did look like he does on his mukbang videos 🐰 Rapmonster was lookin fresh with his styled hair and suga did aegyo so my dream became reality. Jhope, jin, suga, and maybe v focused on our(my) side of the stage because we were so thirsty😸 it was a sticky, sweaty mess but it was hella fun. My next goal is to see them up closer either VIP+ or win a hi touch or photo ( in my dreams 😅)

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Hi! I just wanted to thank you for all your lovely artwork. I've been shipping those two ginger dorks for exactly a year now, and it was actually one of your pics (the one with Hans brushing Anna’s hair) that made me think 'ah screw it, I ship Hanna now' all those months ago. (Yes, you kind of 'converted' me, haha.) Anyway, yeah, just came by to say thanks for all the Hanna goodness! ♥

*GASPS* Really?!? :DD That makes me so incredibly happy beyond belief! Wow! One of my drawings! That’s amazing OwO  Ohmygoodneeeeess, thank you so so so much, dear, ahhhhh!  And you are very welcome^^

Oh, wait! Let me hug you before you leave! And maybe kiss you too!

I’m beyond happy that Taylor Swift came out and apologized. I’ve always loved how kind and genuine she’s always been, and if anything it’s 90% of what makes me support her (the other 10% is bc of her bomb-ass music.) Seeing her post broke my heart, and although I can understand how she took it the wrong way it was making me sad to see some days go by and she hadn’t put out an apology. I saw the tweet last night and I was immensely happy. She’s grown so much from when she first started and it’s great to see that’s she’s continuing to let herself grow by knowing her mistake and apologizing for it. I have so much faith in her, and I’m so happy that none of it is going to waste.

Here to annoy you all with cosplay wip pics and talking about how proud of myself I am.

I spent hours looking between a monitor and a poster board trying to reconstruct the design and I’m really happy about how it came out. I did make a few mistakes, whoops, but overall I think this cosplay will be my best/favorite because every step of the process has made me feel better about myself.

today when i was out to eat with my mom our waiter noticed my necklace and he’s the first person to know that it’s a rune and not an f and i was so happy! and then he brought up how the other day someone came in with a symbol on their jacket, a white wing crossed with a blue wing and i was like attack on titan! and he was yeah! and basically we had a discussion about anime and my mom was confused but it was a really nice thing for me tbh