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Hi, I'm starting to get the flu and I'm pretty sad since I also have to give away my dog tomorrow so it is just making me worse. Can I have a scenario of Rei, Ritsu and Mao taking care of a very sick Anzu that can't get out of bed who's also having high stress? Thanks! :)

oh no i hope you’re doing better now !!! i wrote this as soon as i saw your request, i hope i’m not too late… please take care of yourself ! ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Mao :

“Really, Mao, you didn’t have to come all the way here…” Your boyfriend pointedly looks away, now busy making sure you have enough pillows and you feel comfortable in your bed. You squirm a bit under the three blankets he’s piled up on top of you, and he mistakes that for you trying to grab another pillow. He’s already put one under you before you even have time to protest, and you just sigh, admitting your defeat.

“It’s fine, I was planning to come anyway. And I can’t just leave you like that, who knows what you’d be up to if I wasn’t here ?” He laughs embarrassedly when he meets your eyes, and lets out a little sigh of his own.

“Maybe I kinda overdid it”, he mumbles, eyes on the ground. Now you feel like comforting him. Great job, Mao.

“Yeah, you did, honestly.” He looks up at you, still stuck and unable to move under the pile of blankets, your fifteen pillows threatening to take over the bed at any moment. His nerves eventually get the better of him and he starts giggling like crazy, soon joined by you. Once your nervous laughter finally subsides, you’re left wiping away at a stray tear while he fumbles around, retrieving a bottle of cough mixture from a paper bag.

“Did you buy medicine too… ?” He nods at your question, busy reading the package leaflet while you’re left staring at his bag in awe. Did he really think of everything… ?

“Of course. I’d be a pretty bad boyfriend if I didn’t, right… ?” He laughs weakly, trying to measure how much cough mixture he should pour in the little plastic spoon he found inside the box. You just stare at him, vaguely embarrassed, while he timidly moves the spoonful of medicine near your mouth.

“It’s not exactly tasty, but it should do the trick… I think”, he says hesitantly. You groan when a drop of sticky liquid falls on your chin, and he barely suppresses a nervous chuckle before angling the spoon better and finally getting it in your mouth. You can only grimace as you swallow the medicine, and he smiles, putting the bottle away.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever had”, you comment, looking away as he bends closer to you to wipe the drops that fell on your chin and pillows, courtesy of his trembling hand.

“Sorry about that. It works really well, I promise.” He smiles weakly at you, although his cheeks are more than a little red. Maybe it’s the sudden proximity… He jumps up a bit when you grip his wrist, admittedy a bit tighter than you intended.

“It’s fine, Mao. I’m… I’m just really happy you’re here… Especially since I needed you so much.” Wow. You managed to say all that without bursting into tears. Your voice did crack a bit on the last few words, but you’re still mildly proud of yourself. Are you this emotional because of the fever, or is it because you’ve been so stressed out recently, you wonder…

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you deal with that by yourself. Besides, thanks to Ritsu, I’m used to taking care of sick people. You wouldn’t believe how cranky he gets when he’s sick.” You laugh softly at his comment, making him smile in his turn. You can’t help but notice how pretty his eyes look when they’re twinkling happily, and so close to yours at that… You want to look away, but he inches just a bit closer, already slowly closing his eyes. His cheeks are beet red, and you try your best to muffle a chuckle before he shakily presses his lips against yours. They’re so warm and nice against yours… You close your eyes in your turn, parting your lips slightly when his tongue shyly pokes against them. Before you have time to truly melt into the kiss, a sudden weight on you makes you gasp, and Mao immediately moves back, removing his hands from where they awkwardly landed on your chest.

“Sorry, I kind of toppled over…” He tries his best to smile despite the embarrassment, before his face suddenly contorts in disgust. “You were right, this cough mixture tastes disgusting”, he adds, nose scrunched up in a way that makes you giggle.

“Told you so. It’s your fault for suddenly kissing me like that. What if you get sick too ?” He just shrugs at your question, giving you a shy little smile that makes your heart beat slightly faster.

“I don’t really care. If it’s the price to pay to see you smile and get better, then so be it.” You’re left staring at him, eyes wide, and he awkwardly blinks. Then realization dawns on him. “Did I say something cheesy again ?” he laughs, and you can only join him.

“You did. But it’s fine. I like it.” You’re not sure you actually said that last part out loud, but the warm smile on your boyfriend’s lips and the blush that spreads on his cheeks and ears seem proof enough. Maybe he’s just as glad to be with you as you are he’s there taking care of you when you most need it…

Ritsu :

“I can’t breathe, Ritsu…” You squirm a bit, but he squeezes you even tighter in his arms. You didn’t even know he was that strong… Maybe it’s what you deserve for not knowing he had it in him to almost hug you to death. Your boyfriend mumbles adorably, still half-asleep, then lazily opens his eyes. His red gaze meets yours, and he lets out a little smile.

“Too bad. I’m not letting you go.” You groan in response, and he chuckles, slightly relieving the pressure of his arms around you. There, much easier to breathe. He waits until you’ve made yourself comfortable on your bed to nuzzle against your neck, sighing in pleasure as he gets ready to nap again.

“Are you sure it’s going to make me feel better ?” you ask, not entirely convinced by his method of choice. He simply nods, looking up at you from under long dark lashes.

“Trust me, I’m an expert… A good nap can do wonders. Just rest and let me heal you…”  You’re about to question that last part when he starts nibbling on your skin, right at the junction between your neck and shoulder. You barely muffle a little yelp, while Ritsu just smirks against your skin.

“Is that part of the whole ‘healing’ thing too ?” Ritsu doesn’t answer your question, letting his lips wander lower and lower, kissing your collarbone and licking his way down to your chest, where he rests his head before he shoots a grin at you.

“Yeah. It’s supposed to make the illness go away.” You can only blink at him while he lovingly nuzzles against your chest, hands pawing at it. He really looks like a cat… You’d almost let him do as he pleases, just because of that lovely face of his, weren’t it for one particularly insistent grope.

“How is that supposed to make me feel better… ?” He rolls his eyes at your question, as if the answer were obvious and you were just particularly slow.

“Simple. To make you feel better from a fever, you’re supposed to get hot, right ?” His mouth is pursed in an adorable self-sufficient little pout, almost making you want to kiss him. If only you didn’t risk making him sick too…

“Well, yeah, but…” He cuts you off before you have time to explain.

“Don’t you feel hot, right now ?” He’s staring at you intently, lips finding their way to your neck again. You’re not sure if he’s genuinely trying to help with your fever or if he’s just found an excuse to do as he pleases again…

“Um, yeah, I do”, you concede, looking away when he inches closer. He’s grinning widely now, visibly satisfied his unusual remedy is working wonders.

“There you go. Told you it works.” Before you have time to refute his claims, he suddenly kisses you, not leaving you time to breathe. You were just starting to kiss back in earnest when he pulls back. He’s somehow still smirking, but you notice he’s slightly out of breath too…

“Was that part of your healing technique too ?”  you tease. He nods, snuggling close to you again and looking supremely satisfied.

“Yeah. And the next step is a long, long nap. Lucky you, I’m an expert at this too.” You roll your eyes but it’s too late : he’s already dozing off. Your fingers softly run through his hair, petting it slowly as he falls asleep.

His chest is moving slowly as he takes deep breaths, and you’re left to admire how pretty his face looks when he’s asleep. He looks almost like an angel… too bad he’s not always like that. You smile a bit, imagining his reaction if you’d told him that. He would probably huff his cheeks and cross his arms, throwing you an unamused glare… Really, his glares would impress you a lot more if he didn’t look like an adorable but quite pissed off cat.

As your thoughts are wavering, you find your eyes slowly closing. Unconsciously imitating Ritsu’s deep breaths, you’re on the verge of falling asleep. He’s so warm against you, too… You lean against him, cuddling him as your conscience drifts away. You’re barely awake when he opens one eye to smirk and whisper “Sleep well…”

When you wake up, you’re feeling strangely refreshed. Maybe the medicine Ritsu gave you really worked wonders on you… You still feel a bit feverish, but you’re doing a lot better. You turn to your boyfriend to tell him when you notice he’s tightly gripping you, face hidden in your neck. Is he still asleep… ?

“Ritsu ?” You gently touch his shoulder, and when he looks up at you, your eyes go wide. He’s shivering and his cheeks are burning hot… “Oh no, looks like you caught my fever…”

Your boyfriend barely represses another, longer shiver, looking at you as stoically as he can with cheeks that red. “I’m fine. What matters is that you’re better. Besides…” Before you can say anything, he’s hiding in your neck again, hot breath dancing on your skin.

“You can always try my great healing method on me… right ?”

Rei :

Honestly, this all feels so weird. Having Rei lovingly nurse you while you’re sick definitely wasn’t what you expected from a guy who claims he’s a vampire and tries so hard to be seen as hardcore. Well, him giving you medicine wasn’t so bad. But maybe reading you a bedtime story before your nap was a bit too much. You did fall asleep in record time, but still…

You wake up to feel slightly disoriented, before you remember you’re in Rei’s bedroom. The furniture clearly mirrors his aesthetic and tastes… He’s nowhere to be found, though. You’re just about to get up and go look for him when he comes in, holding a tray, and smiles at you.

“Oh, fret not, my love. Go right back to lying down, would you ?” You begrudgingly comply, while he puts the tray on the nightstand and comes to arrange your pillows so that you’re in an almost seated position.

“You know, I can get up just fine”, you say, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he lets you rest against the pillows, brushing a piece of stray hair behind your ear.

“You do not need to. I believe I already told you how I planned to take care of your every need.” He sits next to you and grabs a plate on the tray he brought, gently blowing on it to cool down its contents. Is it… soup ?

“Did you cook for me too… ? You really didn’t have to, you know !” You’re feeling a bit embarrassed, but he gives you a little smile. Clearly, he’s happy nursing you like an overprotective mother.

“You took such good care of me when I was in need, my love. How the tables have turned…” He chuckles, but brings a spoonful of soup closer to your mouth, and you feel your cheeks slightly blushing when you realize he wants to spoon-feed you.

“Really, I can eat myself—“ He completely ignores you, but you can see the corners of his mouth quivering. Is he fighting off a smile ?

“If you would please open your mouth, just like me. Aaah~” He opens wide to set an example, and the little light twinkling happily in his eyes tells you he’s having a lot of fun. You dejectedly do as he says, looking away as he spoon-feeds you. The soup is delicious, making you suspect he really cooked it himself… He clearly reads you like an open book, given that he smirks a bit.

“I see you are enjoying my home-made cooking. Do not worry, I longingly thought of you as I was preparing it…” You’re too tired to do much else than rolling your eyes. He’s gonna tease you no matter what, anyway. But as he dutifully feeds you until you get embarrassed and take the spoon yourself, you’re left thinking he’s not doing this to make fun of you. Not with the loving way he looks at you. Once you’re done with your meal, he takes the tray from you but makes sure you take vitamins. There’s really no way to escape his surveying gaze and you down them soon enough, much to his satisfaction.

“Very good. You shall see, you will be doing much better now.” He seems to mean it’s thanks to his loving care, but truth be told, it might rather be the ultra-efficient medicine he got you. You just nod wearily, but blink down in surprise when he leans down to softly kiss your forehead. His lips barely touch your skin before he turns away with one last smile.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have dishes to wash.” He was about to leave when you manage to catch his arm, and he immediately stops in his tracks. He doesn’t even look surprised, rather worried.

“Wait… Can you stay with me ?” Rei doesn’t answer right away, instead slowly blinking. “Please ?” you add in a tiny voice. You’re already feeling all gloomy again. Maybe that’s because of all the stress you’ve been feeling lately…

Rei just puts the tray down again and sits on the bed. Before you know it, he’s looming over you and kisses your forehead again. This time, his lips caress your skin a little longer. His fingers gently brush your cheek, and you can’t help but get lost in his mesmerizing ruby eyes for a moment.

“Of course, my love. I am devastated you are feeling so sad.” You don’t remember ever telling him about it, but it’s not even surprising. Rei’s ridiculously good at reading you… When he hugs you tight, you hide in his chest. He’s big and his arms are strong, making you feel safe and protected… You close your eyes when he starts tracing intricate and soothing patterns on the back of your neck with his fingers, whispering sweet nothings in your ear until you calm down.

“Everything is fine, do not worry… I am here, by your side…” You weakly nod, sniffling softly. It feels kinda lame, just unloading all your stress in front of your boyfriend, but at least you feel a bit better now. And when he leans in to kiss you, all the tension just melts behind your closed eyelids.

When you resurface, he’s gently cradling you in his arms, his voice a caressing murmur trying to lull you into sleep again. With how tired you are, you gladly snuggle against him, letting go of all your worries. He smiles gently at you as you fall asleep, and you weakly smile too. He is so good to you…

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Ugh I don't think I can survive voltron fandom anymore. Now Lotor made appearance and half of my followers are disgusted by him and other half wants to fuck him. The bullying is getting worse and as much as I love all the VAs they're not calming the fandom by engaging. Kl@nce shippers are annoying and I can't stand half of them even though I am pretty much hardcore kl shipper. Why do people make it a shipping competiton I just don't get it and I'm so tired.

We all are tired, fam


“Hey.” All Might starts plainly. Feeling now would be a good time to ask as any.

“Yea?” The nameless ghost asks turning around and looking at him with eerie green eyes.

“What should I call you?” The ghost blinks and opens his mouth to say something but stops, confused he looks to the bowl of ramen on the dinner table. “I don’t know” they lean in closer, tone lighter “what do you want to call me Mr.Moon?” Eyes curious and bright.

Rubbing his chin he tilts his head thoughtfully, “Well ghost isn’t going to cut it forever you know. I figured I might as well ask you. After all it will be your name from now on till you remember your real one.”

The ghost hums in thought for a bit then says with a hint of humor in there voice, ”how about All M- absolutely not.” He interjects rather quickly, none of that, they’ll figure out why soon enough.

Pouting the ghost mutters, “ I thought it would be funny… but okay I guess not.”

Petulant they continue with the original topic, “well if not that how about, eh sun or sol! Yeah I can call myself sun and keep calling you Mr. Moon!” He says joyfully all while he starts to float backwards.

Grabbing them and steadying them upright. Once upright he holds there arm down , All Might sighs exasperated. “By any chance do you know why they call me Moon?” Really he doesn’t understand why they all call him that.

Sun looks at him with a wide smile. “Well Mr. Moon I thought it was obvious,” they laugh a little and continue,” it’s because you shine just like the moon, they get drawn to you because of how bright you are.” His smile seems sincere but… he can’t help but think otherwise.

All Might just stares at Sun with tired eyes, ready for his daily short nap, pushing his lips in doubt, he replies to the ghosts silly answer.

“That’s a terrible lie and you know it. Unbelievable.”

Him bright and shining? After everything? That’s just a cruel joke now. He’s no light to anyone.

Not anymore.

(A compass is good with circles but I suck at using them)

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For the anon who was getting angry at cam for being salty, I'm pretty sure if someone your close friends with might possibly be about to hurt themself or worse and you can't get a hold of them, you'd be pretty fucking salty from the stress that shit could put on you. Anywho cam the way you acted had a perfect reason, Best wishes.