but i'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen

  • me: ok but this next episode seems like it's gonna have have a really intense bellarke scene and i'm pretty sure that them becoming canon will be now or never
  • bellarke: *doesn't become canon in the next episode*
  • me: ok but this NEXT episode-
Fish walking in on Eddie and Ozzie pointing guns at each other

and she has shit to do and doesn’t have time to settle petty disputes

so she puts a hand to both of their cheeks and, using her powers, tells them to ‘kiss and make up, already’ so they can get on with important business like taking control of the city away from the Court

needless to say, the result is a little more than she bargained for


I’m remembering a long time ago someone (can’t remember who) called Starfire annoying…now I’m just really baffled by this??

She’s adorable?????? Pure cinnamon roll ohh my goodness…

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My assistant manager yelled at me for making a minor mistake the other day, then proceeded to yell at me about a customer that apparently complained about me MONTHS ago for something that didn't happen the way they said. She went on and on for five minutes until I was on the verge of tears. I held it in until I left. I'm pretty sure she secretly hates me. She's always so passive aggressive towards me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm trans but I'm terrified she's gonna get me fired.

  • Bellamy: fuck Lexa
  • Clarke: I want to I just idk I feel like it's too soon and I want to trust her and I believe that she really is sorry and sad about what happened between us but idk I really do want to though I just hope she will wait until I'm ready which I'm pretty sure she will cause she's Lexa and I know she has really strong feelings for me and it's not that I don't feel the same, cause God I do, it's just that I don't know if I'm ready to open my self up again and now that you started a war i don't know what's gonna happen
  • Bellamy: what

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(Sorry! I'm gonna go on a Tobirama rant and I really hope you don't mind! It's not directed at you!!) How come no one talks about or addresses the fact that (it is at least HEVILY IMPLIED) that Tobirama took beatings for his siblings from his father?? Like?? Don't overlook this?? I'm pretty sure this happened at least once in canon actually. Like seriously, was this a frequent thing? What were his siblings' reactions to this? (What would happen if Madara found out??)

This is honestly one of the most heartbreaking things about Tobirama’s childhood for me. Just. Ouch. God. That on top of being a child soldier and dealing with losing two of his brothers so early? Yikes.

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I'm pretty sure this is all on Netflix because these cancellations are happening after Orange is the New Black got leaked. They probably lost/expect to lose a lot of money. Whoever is the decision maker there knows shit though, oitnb's script quality started decreasing in season two and it's annoying some people, they were gonna lose views anyway.

It is on Netflix; everyone’s aware at this point. They do know how to work around their monetary issues regarding views but I wouldn’t give them any props for it either because they don’t know how to manage advertisement for their actual high budget shows. They can still make money from views from other shows and many people who don’t know OITNB leaked would still watch it; I know many individuals who don’t know how to work their way around the internet when it comes to illegal viewing of shows.

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you think isak will find out about sana and even knowing each other tomorrow?

hiya anon! i don’t know honestly… look, right at this moment what we’re expecting, based on the conversation and this clip, is that sana is going over to isak’s to get some dirt on sara. which, i do think we’ll get. but i don’t think that will be the end of the clip, we need to be surprised. and here the fact that isak and even live together now finally comes to fruition: it’s not that hard to presume even will be there as well (isak could have stayed at kollektivet, it’s not as if we’ve seen kollektivet that often for noora to need her old room back). it’s been two (?) weeks since the fight, two weeks since even saw his old friends again, and we basically know shit about how or why it happened. if it’s going to be discussed – which the text from isak saying that he wasn’t punched indicates – i’m pretty sure we’ll get to know some information. finally. it’s a dramatic moment, waiting to happen. but if it’s gonna be about this connection between sana and even? i don’t know..


The Blacklist AU | Liz and Ressler leave the FBI to work for Red in order to catch Berlin and Tom.

His jacket is long gone, lost in the floor of some russian mobster’s club. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, the first three buttons of his now bloody shirt are missing, gun hidden in the back of his trousers. He has a nasty cut on his left eyebrow, a swollen cheek and probably a broken lip, but he’s still alive.

When Ressler opens the door of the suite the first thing he sees is Dembe and Red playing chess.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Oh, Donald,” says Red cheerfully without taking his eyes off the game. “What took you so long?”

“You left me with a bunch of Bratva guys, just after you took half of their money, because you said you need to take care of an important matter. What the hell is so important about chess!?”

“Take a breath, agent Ressler.” Donald clench his teeth. He’s not an agent, not anymore, Red has to stop calling him that. “We had a lead, but it’s far gone by now. We were waiting for you.”

“You have a lead?”

“I was speaking with Max,” says Liz coming from the next room with a tablet in hand. “They saw Berlin a few days ago in… What the hell happened to you?” she asks him as soon as she raises her eyes from the tablet and focus her glance on Ressler.

~ Extract from Gone rogue


Hello everyone, so Ive not been good at keeping up with everyone this past month, sorry for that. Its been a really bust time for work and Ill probably be very inconsistant checking Tumblr for the time being.

The reasons I love Jess Mariano have nothing to do with Rory. He was this kid growing up in a fucked up life with a mother who did drugs, dated/got married a lot, she obviously didn’t cook for him because it was pointed out by Luke even that she wasn’t one for household stuff and considering the trouble she had at making Thanksgiving dinner, I’d say cooking was part of it. We never know the extent of her drug use outside of pot or the extent of her boyfriends. But imagine being this kid who had to take care of his mother when she’s drunk or high or having to hide from whatever boyfriend she has. Then imagine getting into trouble and being shipped off to a place you’ve never been to and to an uncle you’ve had minimal contact with and who knew how your mother was but did nothing to help Jess sooner. Then imagine the whole town being against him, aside from two people, which is two more than he ever had actually. He heard so much crap about how he’s the bad guy and had all these people against him that he probably started to believe them. Then in walks his father who he never met (yes, never met because they changed the canon to when he was born even if 2x05 says differently) and he genuinely becomes curious as to who the hell this guy is and why wasn’t he enough to stay? He wants to know this guy who left him with Liz and maybe understand why. I wish they’d mentioned if they kept contact but the fact that after California, Jess kept in contact with his mother and he slowly built himself up. And he had to do it away from Stars Hollow. He had to do it on his own. Because even if anyone knew how his life was pre-2x05, they might not understand. Was leaving a shitty thing to do? Yes. But it needed to happen because if he stayed there, he might never have overcame any of the shit he’d dealt with. And then he doesn’t come back in Rory’s life until he’s gotten his shit together and he mended his relationship with Luke and wrote a book and made something of himself. He moved past whatever happened in his past and with his mother and that in itself is a pretty hard thing to do. And sure, he was a snarky little asshole too. But if you consider the circumstances, its probably to mask his feelings which I 1000% relate to.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: we most likely will probably never get a teen titans season 6 because it's all wrapped up and shit and goddamn that show ended nearly 10 years ago how is this even possible and unless its like finding nemo or some shit where the sequel comes out 10 years later, im pretty sure its just not gonna happen but like the sad thing is though is that it could happen, and it has the grand probability of being a success i mean like with new technology and social media we have whole new ways we could air and share, like it could even be a webseries and it would make money almost definitely, although i doubt theyd start off from where season 6 left off but they could make a spin-off once ttg! has ended, and despite how ttg! has a younger demographic and how low rated it is, its making a shit ton of money and cartoon network is not going to take it off the air any time soon and they cant make a new teen titans show if ttg is still on, and we're also probs not gonna get a teen titans live action movie any time soon either because the rights are sold to tnt for the tv show but think about how cool it would be with all the upcoming dc movies and how fuckin dark they are and shit and we could see the squad in real life but intermingling with batsy and the joker gah, but dude even with the cartoon, think about it this way, once ttg! ends, all the kids that watched it will be older so theres an even bigger audience to bring back a spin off show or a "season 6", it could have a new art style like honest to god i dont care, its more than likely not gonna happen but what im saying is that someone should really consider it because they could be rolling in dough and ILL FINALLY GET TO SEE A SEASON WITH A STARFIRE ARC GODDAMNIT
Angst Meme
  • I... I think I'm bleeding.
  • I may not be well versed in anatomy but I'm pretty sure my legs aren't supposed to bend this way.
  • It's nothing, really.
  • Everything's... blurry.
  • I'm not gonna try and tell you nothing happened.
  • Don't worry, I'll be fine.
  • I can't live like this.
  • It HURTS.
  • Please, don't leave.
  • I won't lie and say I'm sorry.
  • I can't be with you when you're like this.
  • Can you please come get me?
  • I did something bad.
  • I'm going to regret this, aren't I?
  • It doesn't matter, it's in the past.
  • What happened?
  • Where am I?

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Okay so if Amity Park is infected with ectoplasm... The disasteroid is made of ectoranium and I'm pretty sure it's generally accepted that ectoranium messes with ectoplasm, so what happens when the disasteroid passes through?


I was tempted to go with a MORTAL PERIL answer where they become susceptible to ectoranium in a Superman/Kryptonite way but I think it would be even MORE fun to imagine that the ectoranium simply makes all their abilities and weird mutations go away

so instead of the whole disasteroid incident I’m gonna go for a set up where there was a meteor shower and chunks of ectoranium have scattered all over the joint, including Amity Park, and all these little chunks are interfering with Amity Park’s weirdness

so people go around expecting the usual weird shit but find everything to be strangely mundane, like that shopping cart at the grocery store that always manages to stock itself with cheese is suddenly left cheeseless

the books at the library don’t scream at people with dirty hands who try to pick them up, and that one chair in the corner no longer slows down time for the person sitting in it, this upset many bookworms, the chair has lots of fans

kids get to school way too early because the usual distortions that extend their walking time are suddenly nowhere to be found, and the buses are running normally as though they had never had teeth lining the doorways that dripped acidic drool on any blonde that passed through, Star and Dash don’t mind this change as they no longer have to dart through the door

having everything suddenly turn back to normal is met with a mixture of relief and disappointment, mostly Amity’s older population prefer the town being back the way it was, (except the elderly who were rather fond of their anti-gravity spot) but the kids?

the kids don’t like having their abilities fading away, they don’t like that they can no longer ride the crazy airwaves that used to appear through that tunnel under the train tracks, they don’t like that the giant mysterious block of water in Mikey’s backyard that he invites everyone to swim in has suddenly succumbed to the laws of physics and collapsed, flooding the neighbourhood

the town becomes boring, uninteresting, and also undefended, the ghosts keep away due to the ectoranium but now the Guys in White no longer have overpowered teenagers to stop them from dragging the especially mutated kids off to some lab to study, though even the Guys in White find that more and more difficult as kids wandering around with glowing skin and strange extra limbs are becoming less and less frequent

it takes a while for Danny to find out what’s causing this change, but it doesn’t take long to organise a young hunting party for the offending hunks of rock, so they can be disposed of and the town can be put back to what has become their normal and not the boring mundane normality that most of their parents sigh in relief at

but even when they succeed, the Guys in White learn about the ectoranium, and suddenly Amity Park’s kids have something new to fear

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oh my! when i saw louis' tweet shading the zaughty picture i just laughed and thought it was another stunt to make the fandom focus on NB and i thought we're gonna get an announcement about him soon, but then i saw zayn's tweet and... it's so hard to keep my cool haha! i'm sure it's another absurd social media stunt, but it still hurts to see zayn's and louis' names attached to those words... shit, who knows what they make of this narrative-wise! i'm already dreading the tabloids and articles...

Anonymous said:
Um thoughts on what just happened on Twitter please 


Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:
Have to know your thoughts on Zayn jumping into the fight? 


I feel pretty embarrassed for everyone involved. Imo, clearly this is a stunt. Not even a creative one–yet another twitter feud. 


But, this does accomplish a few things:

  • Keeps 1D and Zayn in the press. The OT5 are ok with each other narrative had run its course. So now the spin is tension and hard feelings. Gotta keep the stunt going until it’s time to wrap it up for good. 
  • Naughty Boy is about to get a lot of media coverage in America. I can call that right now. This is what Simon Cowell wants for sure since it looks like a Zayn/NB collabo is coming via NB’s new album.
  • The convenient timing of this just caused anticipation in 1D’s appearance on the Late Late Show to shoot up 100%. Good for James Corden, Ben Winston, 1D, Simon Cowell, Modest, etc. See how that works? All the usual suspects are still getting theirs. 

The only glitch is mitigating the potential damage to rebranding efforts because this is hella childish. It’s a turn-off to me so I can imagine potential older fans won’t appreciate it. But I think the new team can handle it. And away we go…

Ian Bohen Panel [3/?] about Peter's love interest
  • Fan: I was wondering if Peter ever will have a love story in the series?
  • Ian: We've talked about love interests this season, but I can't tell you who it is, I was very very surprised and it might get a little racey. So it hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen in the next episode that we're gonna shoot when I get home next week. (Note: He said that at Alpha Con, 6th June 2014). Yeah I think it's cool. She's hot by the way.

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hey i have a question? you seem pretty politically informed and its hard for me to find completely unbiased sources on anything. i realize putin and hillary have a bad relationship - and putin has threatened to start a nuclear war with us if she's elected or something? i'm pretty sure nobody in the US would survive that (i'm a hillary supporter, just so you know. but i get very very paranoid and im kind of worried?) do you think that a nuclear war will happen between russia and the US

I think it’s fair to say, if nuclear war between Russian and US was ever gonna happen, it was gonna happen in the 50′s-80′s when relations between the two countries were extremely strained. I know it might not seem like it now, but things are a lot more relaxed than they were. Russia is no longer the super power it was. It’s still powerful, but it’s only just recently they have attempted to press back against NATO and the EU expansion into former USSR countries, and even then only because Ukraine is literally right there on their doorstep and easy pickings.

As for whether Putin would be “bold” enough to nuke the US is Hillary gets in…Putin knows that using a nuclear weapon is the one thing this world will not forgive ever again. Any country which does resort to using one on, lets face it, what would be an incredible whim, must face retribution and ultimately annihilation from the rest of the world.

And while Putin is many things, he’s not bout to sign his own death warrant based on the elected President of another country. What he is hoping for, is that the US population will elect someone who is easily manipulated, dim witted and insecure to get into power, so he can use them. He’s hoping for Trump to win because he knows Hillary is hard and calculating and almost impossible to rattle. He looks at Hillary and he sees American power. He looks at Trump and sees his own.

So no. I don’t think we’ll end up in another Cold War with Russia if Hillary gets in. I think like a lot of things with this election, it’s blustering and fear tactics disguised as policy. But unlike Trump, Putin is a seasoned politician, and he knows the world is watching. And he knows the cost of his actions, and the cost of nuclear war is just too high.