but i'm pretty sure it was totally crazy

You know, I rewatched Road to Eldorado today and…

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I can’t help but look at scenes like this here and think “Peter and Yondu would totally pull stunts like this. Crazy, cheeky, dumb, but actually freakin’ working.”

And I’m not even sure which one of them would have the idea and start it.

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But I’m pretty sure Peter would be Miguel.

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And Yondu makes a good Tulio.

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Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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It is finally finished!!!!

Okay guys so here’s the drawing i’ve working on! I’m just so damn happy i was able to do it before the due date!

I ended up doing something different for the background cause if not i would have NEVER been able to finish in time hahaha!

I’m pretty sure it’s the first really big thing i’ve drawn digitally! I still gotta practice a lot but i’m really happy with how it turned out! (except for the table numbers, that was a batte with the drawing program that do not even want to remember! D:<) 

So that’s it! Now back to studying like crazy! :D 

Edit: ahhhhh i’m so sorry! i had tp takeit down cause i totally missed that i shouldn’t upload it!!! D:

I will put it up again as soon as i’m sure i can! :D

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How do you deal with being a 'lipstick lesbian'? I struggle with this so much, like I'm (23) pretty sure I'm gay but I literally don't fit any gay stereotypes or whatever... I hate drugs and rarely drink, don't have any tattoos or crazy piercings or whatever it makes it really, really hard for me... I hate it all uh. I'm super girly and literally so 'straight' looking/acting whatever. I'm just confused and struggling so much

so to be honest i totally struggle with this still sometimes….. i feel like i am taken less seriously in the lesbian community because i look “straight”. it’s so silly! i totally went through a phase when i first came out where i felt like i had to dress a certain way to fit in and i realized it just wasn’t me. i love dresses and makeup and i also fucking love vagina. you don’t have to dress a certain way to be gay and you just have to remind yourself of that. you are who you are and you don’t need to conform for anyone. you are valid!!!!

We've got a giant "Watch Our Barista Christine on Big Brother!" sign behind the registers at work
  • Stupid Girl Who Apparently Knew Christine in High School: What's that about?
  • Me: Oh, that's Christine, she's on Big Brother.
  • Stupid Girl: No, I know, but what's that about?
  • Me: ...um. She's one of our baristas. She's on Big Brother.
  • Stupid Girl: Right, but what's it about?
  • Me: It's a reality show. Like Survivor but in a house.
  • Stupid Girl: No, I know, but what's it about? Like, is she crazy?
  • Me: ...
  • Stupid Girl: We went to high school together but I didn't really know her. What's it about? Why's she on the show? Is she crazy?
  • Me: ...
  • Stupid Girl: Like, crazy, you know, she's totally fucking crazy.
  • Me: ...no.
  • Stupid Girl: But she's got to be fucked up, right?
  • Me: No. She's a fan of the show and she's into strategy games. She sent in a tape and went to a casting call and she got onto the show. We're really proud of her.
  • Stupid Girl: But she's crazy, right? You can tell me. She's totally fucked in the head, right?
  • Me: Do you want to order a drink or not?
  • Barista: [later after stupid girl is gone] I know Christine said she went to high school with assholes and idiots, but seriously?
  • Me: Right? Who the fuck comes in here and talks shit about Christine to my face?
  • Barista: She ordered decaf, right? I'm pretty sure I heard her order decaf, so that's what I gave her.
  • Me: Serves her right.