but i'm pretty sure it was totally crazy

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Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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We've got a giant "Watch Our Barista Christine on Big Brother!" sign behind the registers at work
  • Stupid Girl Who Apparently Knew Christine in High School: What's that about?
  • Me: Oh, that's Christine, she's on Big Brother.
  • Stupid Girl: No, I know, but what's that about?
  • Me: ...um. She's one of our baristas. She's on Big Brother.
  • Stupid Girl: Right, but what's it about?
  • Me: It's a reality show. Like Survivor but in a house.
  • Stupid Girl: No, I know, but what's it about? Like, is she crazy?
  • Me: ...
  • Stupid Girl: We went to high school together but I didn't really know her. What's it about? Why's she on the show? Is she crazy?
  • Me: ...
  • Stupid Girl: Like, crazy, you know, she's totally fucking crazy.
  • Me: ...no.
  • Stupid Girl: But she's got to be fucked up, right?
  • Me: No. She's a fan of the show and she's into strategy games. She sent in a tape and went to a casting call and she got onto the show. We're really proud of her.
  • Stupid Girl: But she's crazy, right? You can tell me. She's totally fucked in the head, right?
  • Me: Do you want to order a drink or not?
  • Barista: [later after stupid girl is gone] I know Christine said she went to high school with assholes and idiots, but seriously?
  • Me: Right? Who the fuck comes in here and talks shit about Christine to my face?
  • Barista: She ordered decaf, right? I'm pretty sure I heard her order decaf, so that's what I gave her.
  • Me: Serves her right.