but i'm practising

No Fernandes this week, maybe next week too, even the next next week, neither the next next next very next week we could see his face again. So you may have glasses Jellal bless you I pray ~

Received a lot of notifications like/reblog from ppl thank you so much! It seems everyone prefer my illust than the others so hah, wont give any update for JLF’s submition this week ~

  • Me: Ah just gonna go practise my music for a lil bit, 30 minutes tops :)
  • Me, 3 hours later: *looks up* wait why is it dark outside

i recently caught up with bsd and fell very hard for these two, so naturally i had to draw them

Contemplation on Sangwoo’s Character:

This is basically a vomit of ideas surrounding Sangwoo’s (so far) incomprehensible character. Feel free to read it if you want. And any comments would be awesome ^_^

There’s discussion of BPD associated with Sangwoo’s behaviours, his attitudes towards Yoon Bum and his mother, and his habit of looking empathetic then apathetic.

Be warned that I could in future write one of these for each chapter.

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I don’t care what car he drives, if he can even afford a car, I dont care what job he has and how much he makes, I don’t care who his family is, and where they came from…I just don’t. What am I supposed to do with that? I would walk miles barefoot with a man who’s religious, over sitting in a comfortable car with a man who’s not. I’d sleep on the floor with a man who’s God fearing over sleeping in a big comfy bed with a man who isn’t. I can sacrifice and compromise easily with someone who has a strong imaan. I can fall in love easily with someone who I know loves Allah more than they will ever love me.