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the foxhole meme
  • unspoken team rule to flip off every raven on campus  
  • allison: no fear
  • nicky: neil in jorts 
  • allison: one fear  
  • dan sets aaron’s alarm to ‘bad case of lovin’ you’ he can’t figure out how to change it and he is apoplectic with rage  
  • she changes it to a different doctor themed song whenever he gets particularly annoying  
  • wymack gets a mug that says ’#1 dad’ every year, signed by all the foxes 
  • even andrew  
  • wymack doesn’t know if he should be touched or suspicious as fuck  
  • you’ve heard of kevin day now get ready for
  • kevout night
  • aaron: swears 
  • matt: covering neil’s ears, aaron that’s such a bad example to set for the children
  • nicky: why the heck do we have to be up so early?
  • dan: I know we’re all tired but let’s watch our fucking language
  • neil, opens his mouth in an interview
  • foxes: why r u like this  
  • nicky: kevin here is ur disgusting Health smoothie why do u even drink it
  • kevin: eating vegetables increases life span  
  • nicky: so do you have any positives or  
  • 'hey kevin here’s another picture of jeremy go add it to your shrine we’ll wait’  
  • neil: half asleep 
  • renee: neil what’s five plus one   
  • aaron, whispering: twelve 
  • neil, bolting awake: TWELVE  
  • ‘what’s your favourite colour’ 'exy’  
  • matt, pointing at fluffy puppy: neil it’s you  
  • andrew, pointing at dented trash can: neil it’s you
  • kevin: yeah everyone on our team is rly passionate abt exy we always give it our all  
  • camera pans to andrew. he is sitting down in the goal, sunglasses on, neil fanning him as he lounges back. none of the referees seem to know what to do.
  • kevin: I am so sick of being alive (x)
  • allison, at every minor inconvenience: 'i don’t deserve this. i’m a nice fucking person’
  • referring to Kevin as various queens from history  
  • 'yeah ok cleopatra shut the fuck up’  
  • 'hey elizabeth i of england can u maybe like chill’  
  • 'neil josten if u could come to the front of the shopping centre please ur mother dan wilds is here to collect u’
  • ‘kevin u know there are other sports except exy right’
  • kevin: sounds fake but ok

me: i have no idea why i’m single lol

friend: you’re single because you’re in love with that red-headed anime boy from that one app.


what the fook u mean “that red-headed anime boy” u lil shit

Someone wanted process on FB (there’s not much unfortunately plus there’s that whole weird skip where there was a lot of layering/overlaying/curve using).

hey guys uuuhhhh pirate / mermaid au with pirate thief sloane and mermaid hurley bc the discord was talking abt it and i lov it

  • so sloane is an infamous thief in the pirate world, but no one knows what she looks like as she disguises herself each time she joins a crew
  • she joins thm & gains their trust during their long voyages, but unbeknownst to thm, she’s robbing thm fucking blind
  • when she’s gotten all she thinks she can afford to steal, she scoots off at the next stop, not rlly wanting to stay longer than she needs to
  • the treasure isn’t just for her tho. she gives it to those who are going thru hard times, to ppl who actually need it
  • when all tht is done, she heads back to find another crew to sucker; she’s been doing this same plan for forever and she hasn’t once gotten caught
  • not yet anyways
  • this new crew is cautious, too cautious for sloane’s liking, but she still joins thm. she knows they must hav some good treasure if they’re being this careful abt it
  • but her worst fear becomes reality when a crew mate sees her sneaking a big ol gem into her pocket. sloane was too slow, and god does tht shock her for a while
  • as they decide what to do w her, sloane is freaking out. what the fuck is she going to do ??? she can’t get out of this one, there’s no where else to go
  • she knows it’s over when they decide to make her walk the plank. it’s always the fucking plank with these people
  • as she looks down into the sea, she prays to any god tht will listen. this isn’t how she wanted to go, not so soon
  • thank god someone had been looking out for her then, someone she had no idea even existed
  • hurley. hurley had been spying on the ship for a while now. she always spied on ships, but this time it was different bc. well bc she saw sloane

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Aedion Ashryver, Wolf of the North

Handsome was a light way of describing what Aedion was. Overwhelming was more like it. 

Towering and heavily muscled, Aedion was every inch the warrior rumor claimed him to be.


Welcome to City Hall

um. so i have a lot of sentiment attached to this picture, since it was maybe the first properly completed piece of art i’ve done in a few years (i know i’ve uploaded things recently, but it took a while to get this scanned). sometimes you get stuck in a rut and then a spark of inspiration comes along that kicks you up the backside until you go find your watercolour set, and for me that spark was the MBMBaM tv show, apparently. episode 2 is probably my favourite, and the scene with Mayor Williams (if i may call you Mayor Williams) is one of many many many highlights.

there’s lots of little errors that i keep picking up on (i was Extremely Rusty especially in the inking department) but mainly i’m just very proud of finishing this and i hope it makes someone smile like the show made me smile (eg. like a big goof).

this is random but i just saw some people who were part of the tag during bb15-bb17 say that they hate bbtumblr now and i just wanna say… yall can talk all you want about how yall were “funnier” but honestly you guys were literally the most cliquey drama-ridden people ever and the fact that yall feel superior to the newer bb blogs just because you were part of some stupid inner circle during bb17 just proves my point

i. two girls. childhood friends with criminal minds. her locks of bleach blonde a contrast to mine; bland. with children’s hands, we hold unto each other with a grip so fiery i feel the strain years later. when we are reunited, i barely recognise her; her silhouette an imposter of the girl i once knew; a shell of the persona she once held.

ii. a girl so wonderful she would light up any room she entered; no need for chandelier or lamp; she radiated warm. the sunlight bouncing off of her olive skin; her hazelnut eyes holding the secrets of the universe inside. even though we are still young, when she pushes me on the swing set; i shiver at the feel of her fingers.
even now, her touch has wounded me; and although the scar is beautiful, i cannot breathe.

iii. perhaps in another universe it would have worked out; her freckled flesh reminiscent of constellations dotted across skylines; her bobcut swinging as she swung her hips without a care. maybe if her words weren’t so spiteful, maybe if her tongue didn’t spit acid whenever we spoke; maybe, just maybe, our fingers could have stayed laced.
yes, god, i have a taste for blood; but i’d rather be free of romance than be kissed by a fist.

iiii. the first girlfriend i ever had; and her world shook mine. somehow, in that battlefield we called love; i was fighting a pointless war. greed; deceit and disloyalty. i took a handful of clay and attempted to mould myself into the perfect woman. if i had some leftover, i would have moulded her some humanity.

iiiii. her tired eyes and cigarette stains; stank of compliments and radiating self consciousness. if only she could see herself through my eyes; see how she turns heads. she suckles on her cigarettes; savouring the taste and hoping to mask it as an afterthought. i hold her close; feel my fingers thread themselves with hers; feel her breath fall deep and sync with mine.
her love is anything but a mistake. after all, she’s the only one whose touch does not injure me.

but she’s never been one to conform to patterns.

—  the girls i fell in love with and how they broke my heart

Alex Fierro, my fave character in the magnus chase series :3

I really, really want to work on an actual illustration again, but nowadays, I can’t spend more than 20-30 minutes on a drawing without the guilt of neglecting schoolwork crashing down on me haha.

So yay to colored sketches that keep this blog alive lol

antigravitykitty  asked:

What do you think Ravus' vices are? I somehow feel that he must have some, but I can't imagine what they would be

As perfect of a man as we make Ravus out to be, I’m sure this guy has a HELLUVA lot of vices with him, both personality-wise and physically. c: Here’s a few of what I think they are.
AKA It’s time for me to rip on Ravus!

Vice Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret – Ravus and His Vices Headcanons

  • Probably REALLY conceited, especially during Kingsglaive times.
  • Like, legit, he played high and mighty to the point where he called King Regis a fake king. And said that he was better than Regis.
  • Then he got flambeed. RIP his arm.
  • Imagine him to be REALLY envious of people too.
  • Like, the grass is greener on the other side.
  • Everyone is better than him and his despises it.
  • Despite us knowing he was important to some plot things, he WAY puts himself up on the list of important people.
  • Ego much?
  • Not really, but he elevates just how important he actually is.
  • When everyone thinks of him as useless.
  • He’d be that grumbling bitch in the back of the class whose pissed that little Iggy took his favorite seat in the front.
  • Petty as hell, probably too.
  • He choked out Noctis, after all, just because he got his feelings hurt.
  • What the fuck, Rae-Rae?
  • Probably has a mega-sweet tooth.
  • Or eats away some of his stress.
  • Probably scratches himself when angered or upset.
  • Not because he’s itchy, but he literally claws at himself to the point of self harm.
  • Imagine the collar around his neck that covers the sides, right?
  • Now imagine him digging that prosthetic into his neck as he just wants it all to end.
  • Probably a rambler too when he gets on a roll with talking.
  • You saw how he monologued during Verse 2 after all.
  • An avid eavesdropper probably.
  • Because he’s secretly a gossipy bitch.
  • He’s probably the asshole who eats the last piece of cake.
  • While staring you in the face.
  • Was your name on it? Rae-Rae don’t care. Rae-Rae don’t give a fuck.
  • Don’t talk to him unless he’s had his morning tea.
  • You will be destroyed.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ravus ‘I’m really a giant mess’ Nox Fleuret

I’m just going to say that it’s chasing him because he’s probably done what 90% of the Pokémon fandom has done before and called that Klink ugly.

I know that he hasn’t called a Pokémon ugly since the whole true beauty thing with Mimi… but really, Klink should be an exception.