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With the most recent tumblr update to mobile apparently completely decimating the tumblr careers of every artist and creator on this site, I figure this is as good a time as any to issue a reminder that reblogging the work of artists you admire on this website is arguably the best way you can support them.

If they refuse to listen to our response on net neutrality

If you haven’t heard already, the fcc has admitted to not caring about the 22 million emails they’ve received unless they were in ‘legal terms’ meaning unless you talked like a lawyer who specializes in this specific category, they ignored your email. It doesn’t look like they plan on changing their mind, no matter what we do.
As hopeless as that sounds, we might still have a way to fight back. I’ve heard a few states are trying to make Internet access a state provided utility like electricity and water. If that happens, companies like Verizon would take massive blows. Spread the word, if we can convince our local governments to make internet a state provided utility, it would help not only to sway the votes, but help preserve the Internet in general.
I’m posting this on multiple fandoms because the net neutrality tag gets censored. Remember, without net neutrality your fandom will be completely destroyed.

Don’t start your posts with “Oh I’m not a fan but-”

Doesn’t matter if you knew of him or not. Don’t make this about you. This is about a talented guy, a sweet and strong one that openly supported minorities, spoke up on behalf of people that have mental disorders, advocated for the LGBT community… All that while living in a society that keeps on ignoring said issues, treating them like they don’t exist. This is about a brave man that defended people that suffered from mental illnesses with his all, and as we can tell today it’s also because of how he knew what they were going through. Respect him, think about his good actions and how he did make a difference while he could. How he touched many lives. Understand that the routine idols are forced to endure have consequences. Stop ignoring that the industry is hurting these people, pay attention to what they’re really saying. Pay attention to how the companies are treating their artists. And please remind yourself that it honestly doesn’t matter if they’re constantly smiling - you don’t know how they’re truly feeling. Please, please take mental health seriously and take the time to be kind to others.

My state is burning, people in Yemen are starving and dying, Libya is selling slaves, Puerto Rico is running out of medical supplies, Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water, the state of Alabama is really trying to vote in a fucking nasty pedophile, the orange fool who sits in the White House declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
And the U.S. is low key trying to get rid of the Internet y'all we only have till December 14 to sign petition, call your senators People are failing to realize that losing Net Neutrality will impact how you get jobs, how you navigate the already trash education system, what media you’re exposed to, smaller/local business, and a lot more. It’s not just losing out on social media and memes.

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already


Or text
text RESIST to 50409

Or if you can please call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121 CALL: 202-418-1000 (FCC) Or text RESIST to 504-09

in my next life I’m going to be born as a twelve year old boy who unravels government conspiracies with my small, nerdy group of friends while riding bikes around our supernatural town 


Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops


It’s 1am and I don’t know why I did this

As a person I understand the appeal of drinking out of a whole skull but as an archaeologist I don’t approve of the way people think it’s done (when it’s actually done)

Also. When you put a skull on a shelf. That jaw. It’s gon fall. You better take it off or glue it or smth bc it’s going to fall

Historically speaking, when we find trophy skulls, the jaw is usually missing, or it has been especially taken care of to help it stay in place. When it’s missing, sometimes it’s been snatched off the head while the skin and meat was still there, sometimes it’s because it fell after the skin decomposed

Either way my friends told me to stop telling stories like that at parties


> What is I-Lovelies?
> Ah, I’m Jimin
> I don’t know this term
> I-Lovelies is cute
> Are ARMYs A-Lovelies?
> I’m Ji-Lovely
> It doesn’t sound cute
> Both Chim-Lovely and Min-Lovely sound weird
> I’ll be Jimin-doongie/lovely
> Alright~ I’ll just be lovely
> The reason why I posted the English word “yippee” a while ago
> Is because its pronunciation is similar to “ippi” that ARMYs call me by haha
> I posted it because I was fascinated by it
> I’m lovely, you all are lovelies
> I’m in my room sitting on a chair
> I was dozing off earlier since I was sleepy, but I’m awake now and sitting
> This is fun because it feels like I’m chatting (in KKT) with you guys
> I need to go, but since you all are asking for a picture, I’ll upload one and leave
> You guys have lots of questions? I’ll listen to them next time, now I must go
> Sleep well everyone
> Heart

I-Lovelies (International Lovelies/외랑둥이가) is the nickname Korean fans made for Bangtan’s international fans. In return, international fans call Korean fans by K-Diamonds.

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