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“Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that have been rated the most passionate, the most pure - this one left them all behind.”

one year since the most magical first kiss of all time (march 29, 2016)

donghyuck fansites to support

with all that’s been happening i just want to remind that now more than ever it’s important to show appreciation and support not only to donghyuck himself, but to the fansites who have expressed that they will continue to stand behind him. some haven’t voiced their opinion yet, others are generally inactive, so below i have listed the few that have explicitly said that they will support him despite the rumors and the hate he’s been receiving.

feel free to add to this list if any other fansites happen to say anything regarding this matter or if i forgot anything!




Witty Boy

some thoughts on Kirishima’s character development

Let me just start out by saying, I’m so happy to see Kirishima finally getting some time in the spotlight.  He definitely deserves his own arc, and after this last chapter, I’m so excited to see what development Horikoshi has in store for him.  Already we’re getting to see a new side to his character, and it really hit me hard to know that Kirishima thinks he isn’t on the same level as his classmates.  This one line in particular really stood out to me: 

So I started going back through some of Kirishima’s previous scenes to see how either those events influenced this mentality, or how this mentality would have influenced those events.  And the obvious place for me to start was with the two specific scenes that Horikoshi chose to place in the above panel: Bakugou’s kidnapping during the training camp, and the first round of the hero license exam. 

In the case of the field training camp, Kirishima took matters into his own hands after the fact, risking his entire hero career on saving his friend.  We got to see exactly how he felt after the whole ordeal: 

We know that Kirishima felt awful that he couldn’t do anything to help his friend, and he most likely feels partly responsible for letting Bakugou get taken.  Even though there was truly nothing he could have done, it’s a natural reaction to take the blame upon himself and want to make things right (especially when it’s someone he’s close to and cares about a lot).

But we never had any fallout from the second scene Horikoshi posted.  This:

This was probably a very traumatic experience for Kirishima, having his body completely mutilated and being unable to stop it or reverse it on his own.  But we were never given any indication of the effect this had on Kirishima after he was released from this guy’s Quirk.  It happened, he was freed, and it was never mentioned again.  Kirishima was able to move into the next round of the exam and received his license as a result.

However, taking all this and the recent chapter into account, I saw this scene in an entirely new light:

When I first read this I thought it was really sweet how Kirishima cared about Bakugou’s results just as much as his own.  After the latest chapter though, I now think Kirishima may almost feel guilty here about the results.  Had it not been for Bakugou (and Kaminari, of course) Kirishima never would have made it to the second round, let alone gotten his license.  He hadn’t been able to pass the exam on his own, having to rely on others to get through, which probably contributed to his feeling uselessness. 

Anyways, I’m very excited to see him fight in the upcoming chapters and I really hope it will restore some of his faith in himself.  Now that Amajiki is potentially down, it will be even more important for Kirishima to step up and prove (to himself mainly) that he can become the hero he wants to be.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?  Or any other scenes you think are important in Kiri’s development?  I’m probably looking way too hard into this, but I just found it interesting. 

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