but i'm not sure what for

remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.


{1/?} *:・゚✧ social media au where yoongi is an insta famous model and aspiring singer taehyung is the guy in his class who has a big ass crush on him. 

@yasisworld: Ready?? I’m gonna make a fool of myself 😂😂

Hallo! Ich heisse Marie. Ich bin 21. Ich wohne in Paris. Ich habe einen bruder und eine schwester. Ich habe ein hund, ein Deutscher Schäferhund. Ich liebe Robron. Aaron/Danny ist so wunderschön!!! Ich spreche Deutsch sehr gut. Yasi, du bist wunderbar. Ich liebe dich <3 Danke and Tschüss! 😂😂

In my defence, I think I would be a little bit better at reading german 😂 I look like a child who just recites her lesson she just learned in kindergarten 😂 So if we see each other one day, I think it’s better if we talk in english or you have to learn some French :p 

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Chapter Fourteen of After The Tournament

What if Remus and Sirius realised Harry was being abused? What if all Dumbledore’s careful plans were pulled apart by the power he relied on most of all?

After the Triwizard Tournament, a traumatised Harry admits he can’t go back to Privet Drive. Sirius and Remus refuse to submit to Dumbledore’s plan and take him back to Grimmauld Place with them, where they must learn how to live together, how to care for one another, and how to trust one another. After so long, can they build a family together? Will they even have a chance when a war rages outside their door? And can the prophecy ever be fulfilled?

Damn, these just keep getting longer. I can’t believe I’m only up to Harry’s birthday, what the hell?!?! Oh well, more story? Yay? Enjoy!

I’m pretty sure Mei’s cinematic short made alot of us bawl our eyes out.

And then there’s this lil detail that I saw that I particularly liked but am not too sure on the accuracy of, and that is tea serving.

 In SG, we usually serve either rice wine or tea as a sign of respect to our ancestors during Qing Ming/ Grave sweeping Day to remember our ancestors and loved ones ( by placing three small lil cups of tea/ rice wine at the gravestone). 
At the same time, tea serving or 敬茶  is also a tradition that’s practiced during weddings where the newly weds serve tea to their relatives to acknowledge their new in-laws and new “brothers” and “sisters” and to pay respect to their current blood relatives.
Now I’m half drunk out of my mind and it’s late at night and @pentacass​ is half egging me on and I cannot brain properly right now, and inferring off the photo of Mei and her co-workers; they obviously seem like a close knit group of friends to her. 

I’m secretly half hoping/ imagining that those cups of tea she’s left for them is cause she’s acknowledged them as her brothers and sisters and served the tea to complete the tradition properly. 

Or to put it simply, She considers them as family.


On second thought, now that I’m slightly more sober.
Can you imagine the line interactions between Mei and Angela ingame?
How Angela asks Mei about how she stays looking so young?

Mercy: Mei, you haven’t aged a day. What’s your secret?
Mei: Cryostasis. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend it.

Can you imagine, how Mei must be hurting sooooo much inside, when Angela asks that question? Like she just nyooooms back in her head sifting and recalling memories of when she just came out of the chamber to prep tea and all that shit for her colleagues as if its just another regular day at work? I wonder now, does Angela know what really happened?