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If Jamie and Claire could text: Bears and Wolves edition (When Jamie kills the bear in Drums of Autumn)
  • Claire: Jesus Christ jamie shouldn't you come to bed?
  • Claire: I want to put more salve on you
  • Jamie: aye soon
  • Claire: Jamie you got slashed by a BEAR
  • Jamie: aye it hurts but i'll do
  • Jamie: dinna want to be rude.
  • Jamie: Nacognaweto and the other lads are verra amiable, though we barely can understand one another
  • Jamie: but hey, guess what?
  • Jamie: they've taken to calling me...
  • Jamie: ready?
  • Jamie: now
  • Jamie: I'm no' one for self adulation on the whole
  • Jamie: ....but that's a braw name, that
  • Jamie: ye can call me that in bed anytime ye like ;)
  • Claire: of COURSE, darling
  • Claire: and you can call me ***Wolfslayer*** while you're at it
  • Jamie: ;D
  • Jamie: when ye kill yourself a wolf, mnd, let me know, and i'll get it painted on a crest for ye
  • Claire: ....
  • Claire: are you serious right now?
  • Jamie: of course!
  • Jamie: Auntie Jocasta could recommend a fine painter, I'm sure
  • Claire: NO, you arse
  • Claire: about the WOLF
  • Jamie: ... not following?
  • Claire: JAMIE...
  • Claire: come on
  • Jamie: what
  • Claire: ...SERIOUSLY??
  • Jamie: WHAT??
  • Claire: I HAVE killed a wolf
  • Jamie: ????
  • Jamie: no ye havena
  • Claire: **flails**
  • Claire: I certainly THE FUCK DID
  • Jamie: dinna be daft
  • Jamie: must ha been a dream ye had?
  • Claire: !!!!!!!
  • Claire: ummmMMMMMMMMMMMMM?????
  • Jamie: when, praytell?
  • Claire: pejrntpiuw4nr[gpiwng rpqiuebgr'on
  • Claire: when I got dumped out of Wentworth?
  • Claire: And it was snowing??
  • Claire: and I got attacked by a wolf???
  • Claire: and didn't have any weapons????
  • Claire: so I got it to bite my arm?????
  • Claire: and then got it round the throat??????
  • Claire: AND SNAPPED ITS NASTY NECK???????????
  • Claire: WITH MY OWN GD BARE HANDS??????????????????????
  • Jamie: whoa
  • Claire: "whoa"
  • Claire: jesus h roosevelt christ
  • Claire: get NO credit
  • Claire: NO credit at all
  • Claire: istg if I had a cock there would be songs sung about it already
  • Claire: #YES ALL MEN
  • Claire: (well)
  • Claire: (to be fair it was at the abbey and you were very sick and troubled)
  • Claire: but i TOLD YOU the story, dammit!!
  • Claire: don't you remember??
  • Claire: mcrannoch sent me the pelt?
  • Jamie: !!! OH AYE !!!!
  • Jamie: but I just thought it was one he killed himself and just sent the fur as a gift
  • Claire: t y p i c a l
  • Jamie: but TRULY ssnch
  • Jamie: that's the most badarse thing i've ever heard in my entire life
  • Jamie: my wife the wolfslayer
  • Jamie: oOo
  • Jamie: just got chills
  • Jamie: and a cockstand
  • Claire: well that's something
  • Jamie: no really
  • Claire: oh i believe you
  • Jamie: ....a wee scrawny sassenach
  • Claire: HEY NOW!!
  • Jamie: killed a WOLF
  • Jamie: like
  • Jamie: a REAL LIVE WOLF.....BAREHANDED?????
  • Jamie: HELL
  • Jamie: TO
  • Jamie: THE
  • Jamie: YESsssss
  • Jamie: that's MY wife!
  • Claire: well you're late to the party but you've come in style
  • Claire: thank you darling
  • Claire: terrifying at the time
  • Claire: but yes, pretty bloody awesome in retrospect
  • Jamie: ye bet your sweet plump arse it is
  • Jamie: OOOOO!!!
  • Claire: ...cockstand?
  • Jamie: no
  • Jamie: (i mean yes but)
  • Jamie: .....can we get matching tattoos?
  • Jamie: wolfslayer and bearkiller?
  • Claire: ....
  • Claire: sure why not
  • Jamie: coolest damn wife of all damn time

i want to celebrate my 3 years / 14k followers somehow but i’m not entirely sure what to do and i need more blogs to follow so in the meantime if you post

  • harry potter 
  • game of thrones / asoiaf
  • star wars
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  • aesthetics / scenery / poetry

could you please like/reblog this? my dash has been so quiet and now that i’m active again i really would love to meet more people! and if you have any fun ideas for my celebration don’t hesitate to send them my way! i’m considering giveaways, prompts, playlists, anything fun to celebrate all you lovely people supporting me over the years!

    I’m not going to lie, I’m shy. I’m incredibly shy. Although I would personally love to interact with each and every one of you lovely people who follow me ( seriously, you’re all so amazing, I can’t believe all of you follow this silly blog what ), I am an anxious writer who is forever doubtful of who’d genuinely like to interact with me as well, or who would want to see me in their inbox or IM’s, ect. So! With that said, here’s a PERMANENT STARTER CALL. By liking this, it will mean that you are comfortable with me jumping into your IM about plots, sending you memes or even just random things, writing you random starters when inspiration hits, tagging you in posts, & all that fun stuff.

    Along with that, it’d mean that you’re cool with talking ooc as??? what are we all doing here if not having fun & making friends through this beloved hobby of ours???

   If all this is something you’re interested in, no matter what fandom you are or anything of the like, then you’re more than welcome to hit that like button!

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Hello there- I'm one of your active followers, and I don't have as much confidence as I'd like to about coming to ask you forwardly, but I'm working on a few new au's and I was wondering how you feel about voltron sports au's? At the moment I'm working on a parkour AU, as well as Volleyball. Opinions? Do you think they should be langst centered?

I LOVE SPORTS AUS! Parkour au sounds hella awesome. And I think it should be exactly what you want it to be. Do YOU want it to be langst centered? Its your au so make sure you’re having as much fun as you can!!

secluded-delusions  asked:

Which party do you think is the one to least infringe on minority rights? I'd like to vote Green Party but since Trudeau insists on keeping FPTP system, which party do you think has a chance on winning that seems to actually care about the environment and minority rights? I'm so unsure of which party to vote for now. Thanks for the effort you put into this blog, I really appreciate it and trying to become more informed about our politics but I'm never sure which news outlet to follow.

If you want a progressive party that can realistically win, the NDP is your answer.

The Greens don’t actually have as strong a record on social issues as the NDP, and only in very few ridings do the Greens have any chance. If you’re not a fan of the Liberals and want a more progressive party, the NDP is a good one that has a long history of advocating for minority rights and the environment.

The NDP:

-Supports Electoral Reform, and wants Proportional Representation.

-Had the strongest climate change plan in the last federal election (even stronger than the Green Party)

They oppose the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline project (both federally and in BC):

Resounding “no” from B.C. NDP Leader on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project

Several B.C. NDP members calling for reversal of Kinder Morgan decision

-Has a long history of advocating for LGBTQ rights. Although Justin Trudeau’s government has introduced legislation giving human rights protections to transgender people in Canada, the NDP has been the one fighting for this for most of the past decade.

Other LGBTQ NDP stuff:

-The NDP has been the most active party trying to help refugees fleeing from Trump’s USA:

NDP: Liberals must provide resources needed for asylum-seekers at our border

-The NDP was the major party trying to bring attention to crises involving indigenous people like Attawapiskat. This is back in 2011, when people weren’t even paying attention to the issue:

NDP challenges Harper to visit Attawapiskat himself

And here’s 2016:

World ‘shocked’ by Attawapiskat suicide crisis: NDP MP Charlie Angus

I could go on and on. If you’re tired of the Liberals and want a progressive government, support the NDP. They have enough of a base to win under FPTP (unlike the Greens), and their policies are much more progressive than the Liberals.

The NDP also in many provinces support a $15/hour minimum wage, expansion of our healthcare system & elimination of university tuition.

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i came out as trans to my mum last night. it was stressful and weird but she's very understanding and is going to help me come out to my dad and stuff. i'm not sure how, if at all, i would've realised i was trans if it weren't for your presence, and all the things you talk about and draw attention to, and the support you give so many people in so many ways. i originally followed you for robots, but i ended up with a life i never knew i'd have, and i love it. thank you so much for being yourself.


I’m so glad to hear that. I hope everything works out for you.

Week 1 - The Haunted Hill (1/?)

Hi everyone! Since September seems so far away, I’ve decided to challenge myself to post one new Outlander artwork per week from now until the premiere! If you’re interested in following my art struggles, I’ll be posting every Monday and tagging as #oneweekcloser

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Hi there ~ I started following you yesterday and I'm in need of monsta x blogs to follow (mostly content makers, like gifs and edits), so if you could please, recommend me some good blogs to follow, i'd be really happy! thanks in advance!

sure thing!!! i might be missing a few people tho ;-;

these are the blogs that make content for them:

@hotseok / @93kihyun / @bunnywonho / @sh0wnu / @jookyun / @kittyminhyuk / @hyunqvwon / @hyungnu / @babywoon@monstaexo / @ckyun / @calemiel / @imchangki / @kihqun / @kyunie / @m-onstax / @minhyukie / @wonkkung / @wonhontology / @wonhobe / @ukihyunnie / @94wons / @changkyunsfw / @hyunwoo / @wonho@lostinmonstax

and here are some that don’t or rarely do but are my favs!!

@glokyun / @amohyunwoo / @hyungmon / @chorapper / @1leeminhyuk / @ki-hyunie / @mmonbebs / @wonhosgf / @liimchangkyun / @kihyunswife / @youkihyuns / @yookihyeun / @changkyuun / @heonies / @kihyunsbb / @shitwonho / @minhyuukk / @minpuphyuk / @jooheonypup / @hyungwon

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Ok but would you recommend any blogs then? I'm new so I'd love to see who you follow

























I’m sure there are more but those are just off the top of my head ❤️

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Since I started following you on tumblr and reading your books, you've answered quite a lot of my questions and I'd like to thank you for it. It means a lot to me and it makes me really happy. I think it's great that you try your best to interact with your readers, I really appreciate it and I'm sure a lot of other readers do too ❤️

Thank you!! :)

                  THANK YOU FOR 100+ FOLLOWERS!!

I can’t thank you guys enough!! This blog has grown much faster than any of my other blogs which is good since i pretty much killed off all of my other blogs in favor of this one and it’s still hard to believe on my end! All of you have been so nice, and I love you all!

I think, to commemorate, a follow forever list is appropriate. Anyone especially close to me gets a paragraph on how I feel! Anyone else that I enjoy gets a mention!

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(I'm a host) Had a guest come in with his son and asks his son where he wants to sit. I grab menus and I tell them I'd follow them to where they wanted to sit. The dad is letting his son choose. Kid wanders around the restaurant for about 5 minutes and I'm following them to make sure I know where they sit. Kid decides he wants to sit in the one place that no server has as a section. Like, don't let your kid choose this kind of thing dude. Just let me seat you.

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Hey! I'm not sure if this would be useful or interesting for you/your followers, but I recently found a cooking channel with no talking and relatively soft sounds. There's no music either. The channel is EMOJOIE CUISINE (in caps like that). I figured I'd pass it along in case you or anyone else is interested. :)

Thank you so much for sharing this!! I checked it out, and they post two of the same video, one with music and one without. They remind me a lot of Peaceful Cuisine!! If anyone wants to check it out, it’s here on YouTube 

anonymous asked:

Can your (freakingAndIncredinly amazing) drawings be used as references? I ain't going to redraw them like some child starter artist, I'm recently practicing more anatomy to fix my lil mistakes and you've got really different and beautiful anatomy models on your drawings, I'd love to use them for ideas. I'm not sure if my random sketches will be posted on Tumblr or somewhere, but just asking in case <3 And btw I'm really really in love with your drawing and coloring style! tEacH mE sENsEi

yooo! this has actually been asked several times in the past, so i finally added it to my FAQ:

^^^ so yea, like it says, as long as you can follow what I said here, go for it! 

also, i def suggest reading anatomy tutorials and finding actual stock photo references if you’re having trouble on anything. i often rec my friend’s pinterest board, cos it has a nice organized collection of refs on various body parts and subjects.  =D

kiancalling  asked:

Hi there, I love your blog! I've been following for a couple months now and I've loved (literally) everything you've posted. Thanks for all the inspiration :) I'm sure you've gotten this question before, but I'd like to start my own studyblr (to motivate myself to study for the HSK), and I'm curious as to how you two got so good at it! Any advice on how to stick to it, what to post, and just getting off the ground? Thanks so much!!

Hey there :)

We’re so glad that our study blog was able to inspire you <3 And we’re super happy that you want to start one of your own! It truly is a great way to motivate both yourself and other people ^_^

There are a few tips that we think are pretty valuable for study blogs first starting out:

1. Post original posts! While looking at other people’s posts are a great way to feel motivated/inspired, and it’s perfectly fine to run a studyblog appreciating other people’s notes, it is also important to occasionally post your own. Take photos of your own work and share them with the community! Showcasing your work also brings in more followers: amazing people who wish to follow and support your progress :)  

2. Participate in blog rates/blog awards! By participating in these ‘events’, you will not only be exposing yourself to bigger blogs, but also allowing these more established blogs to present you to their followers. Furthermore, blog rates are a great way to receive constructive criticism.

3. Make friends! Don’t be shy about sending asks/messages to other blogs, either asking for tips, complimenting them, or simply extending a hand in friendship. The studyblr community is filled with wonderful people, and once you make some friends, you’ll feel right at home :)

4. Tag people! When posting original posts, it is perfectly alright to tag other blogs. Many blogs tell you on their pages whether they are tracking certain tags (e.g. we track #stvdybuddies). If so, they will be able to see your posts and help you them!  

5. Establish Networks! There are many small studyblog chats/communities within the studyblr community. You can always apply to join one of these groups :) It’s a great way to make friends and to become more integrated within the community.

6. Share your achievements! If you’ve reached a milestone that you’re proud of, feel free to share it with everyone <3 Many people make posts celebrating their milestone and sometimes host special events in honor of their achievements (e.g. blog rates, blog awards, follow forever)

anonymous asked:

I know you're busy with school/work/running this blog but I was wondering if you could help me out? I'm considering writing a RWBY AU of Voltron, there wouldn't be much if any shipping and the plot would follow differently than RWBY's. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in it so I'd like your opinions! I'm sending this anon because if I do go through with this AU I will make a blog dedicated to it. Thank you and keep being awesome! Keith = Ruby, Lance = Weiss, Pidge = Blake, Hunk = Yang

Sorry, but I don’t watch RWBY. But an au sounds really cool tho, maybe some of the followers can help you out!

- Mod Keith

anonymous asked:

im p sure anon means cishet ace inclusionist

*my longest deep sigh ever*

That’s what I thought, but I’ve seen some people use the “inclusionist” thing for k.ink communities too so I just wanted to make sure, but alas!! It was just as I feared

Discourse gives me stress headaches, I’m extremely over the “inclusionist/exclusionist” thing and every mentality thereof, so here’s a picture of my face rn instead. Please enjoy

(as of posting this, I’ve already lost 7 followers and I haven’t even said anything either way, r.i.p.)

anonymous asked:

hi! i know this might be an odd question to ask, but do you have any recommendations for simple mori kei/dark mori/vintage style stuff? i'm pretty new to the whole aesthetic, but most of what i can find is more fantasy oriented and i'd like something a little more earthy instead. there aren't a lot of fashion oriented mori blogs on here, so i'm not sure where to start. thank you for your time!

i have tags for all of the stuff you’ve listed (mori kei + dark mori + vintage and also strega which is similar to dark mori kei) so i definitely recommend checking them out, but i don’t really follow a ton of mori blogs–it’s an aesthetic i adore but it’s not at all how i personally dress, i just find it really cute on other people. 

some folks i do follow who dress that way areeee:

poison apple printshop - kickass lady printmaker who makes awesome art and also dresses incredible and has been doing really cool textile work–definitely good for inspiration both clothes and art wise

disheveled mori witch - AWESOME outfits, such incredible layering and tons of other cute mori outfits as well

c4tbus - plus sized nb poc with incredible outfits….what more needs 2 be said tbh

kesstiel - MORE incredible outfits by another nb person!!!! 

their blogs are all good for fashion inspo, but maybe not so much if you’re looking for links to buy stuff? anyone else have any suggestions for this anon?