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A coworker asked for my # & I gave it to him without really thinking about it. Pretty much everyone has everyone else's # where I work because it makes it easier to find coverage & we like to chat over text. But then he later asked me out and I was like oh, THAT'S why he asked for it. I turned him down & explained that he's too young for me (he's like 19 and I'm late 20s). Ever since then I started getting a ton of spam calls/texts, so I'm p sure this kid put my # number out there in revenge. /:

i need youngmin and jaehwan and sewoon to debut ok i need it to carry on i need them to debut so i can stay sane i need them to debut so my acne will be cleared and so my crops will grow and so i can live my life without worrying ok listen them debuting is the equivalent of all m y dreams being fulfilled it will be tHAT moment of running through a field of dandelions with my arms wide open and i am smiling and the sun is shining down on me and i didn’t forget to put some spf on and i don’t sneeze because my allergies will be cured too do u understand??? i need youngmin and sewoon and jaehwan (lemme add in jisung and my bby sungwoon too) to debut! pls!

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So I've had alot of trouble lately with a district manager putting our store in a group chat so he can "update" us on what he deems as important matters. I've been off the past 2 days, and I've had text after text over how low our accessory sales have been in comparison to our phone sales. He tagged me complaining that if I don't sell something that day then he was gonna send me to a smaller store, to which I said. "I'm literally not in town. Look at my schedule" Pretty done at this point.

This guy sounds so uptight that he doesn’t even have an anus at this point. I’d either look for a new job or just ignore him. Ignoring him would only yield the usually annoyances because, tbh, who would work for this dick shit otherwise? He probably goes through employees more than I go through glasses of water everyday. I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s on the extreme spectrum of douche fuckery that I bet he gets shit from everyone and can’t afford to fire you. -Abby

TextsFromLastNight (2/?)
  • [Text] I gave him head during Pitch Perfect 2, I felt like the Bella's were cheering me on with their back up tunes.
  • [Text] Also. I think I just got sentimental over a nude.
  • [Text] I preemptively put on a cape before eating a bunch of weed brownies. Best decision ever.
  • [Text] Nothing makes the walk of shame as great as disapproval from a mom getting ready for work.
  • [Text] Dude I'm hungover as fuck in a bed in Baltimore with another man... I don't think I can make it.
  • [Text] You are an awesome peach made of glitter.
  • [Text] We almost ended up sober because of u!!
  • [Text] I said no to friends with benefits because it was too much commitment.
  • [Text] He's been pretending to be gay for 3 months in order to get free weed.
  • [Text] I appreciate the I'll come bail you out of jail tone in the text.
  • [Text] Beyoncé wouldn't let anything bad happen here.
  • [Text] Is this like a preordered booty call?
  • [Text] Learn from my mistakes, you naive soul - Gay love triangles are just as dangerous as straight love triangles.

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Hey! I love your work and I wonder how do you write your scripts? I mean... Do you write it like à novel or like a "text of theater"? (I dunno how to say that sorry ^^") I really hope I'm understandable... 😅

Oh yes I understand haha
Well I just put the Name of the characters, the action or expression they’re doing, and finally the dialogues. I try to make the dialogue short, about two lines, so when I make the animation the text won’t take over the screen!

when i write a post that’s negative and people start reblogging it because they find it “relatable” it’s just kind of strange. like i guess its nice to know i’m helping them feel less alone. but it’s also kind of weird to know that so many people are reading about a personal insecurity of mine lol. also i know they’re not really seeing it as me talking about my problems and more seeing it as me acting as a voice for their own thoughts on themselves. but that almost makes it weirder in a way? i’m being consistently separated from my own emotions. people are taking those words and applying it to themselves. i’m not sure how i feel about that? it’s different than sharing a funny message or an optimistic encouragement. i want people to feel joy. i want to spread that feeling. but my vulnerabilities? i’m not sure. in the end i have no one to blame but myself for putting them out there but. it’s just kind of strange, you know? that’s all i can say. it’s strange.

You Scared Me!

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Request// Hi I love your imagines they are AMAZING I was wondering if you could make me a Liam Dunbar one my name’s Michelle brown hair brown eyes reading and punk pop music Thank you (Fluff) 

A/N// Thank you that means so much to us, Sorry it took a while we have been really busy, but here it is we hope you like it, are request box is still open.

It had been a long week at school and I was blessed that it was finally the weekend so I could just chill out, reading and listening to music, well after your homework. So I decided to get that done so I had the weekend to myself. I dragged myself off my bed and headed downstairs to grab my bag. As I sat down at my desk I put away all your distractions, mostly my phone because if my boyfriend Liam started to text me, I would never get any homework done. He would understand. I hoped.

Before starting I decided to put some punk pop music on, just on low so I could still concentrate.I took a seat at my desk for the second time and grabbed some homework. It was maths. I had to work out the missing angles and give geometrical reasoning for my answers. Luckily for me, angles were your strong point, so you got them done quick. Before I knew it all my homework was done and it only took me 2 hours. 

I packed everything away and leaped onto my bed and pulled out my reading book, The Maze Runner, I were so into it, I only had 6 chapters left and I had to finish it that night. As you were reading you couldn’t stop yourself from gasping at the shocking twist they added in near the end. As I finished the book, I wanted to pick up The Scorch Trials, and carry on reading, but I couldn’t, because I wouldn’t be able to stop reading. So instead I turned my Punk pop music up and started to dance around my room.

When I was dancing, I saw something in the corner of myr eye, it was my phone flashing, I totally forgot that I put your phone on silent, I grabbed my phone to see who it was. It was Liam. I had 7 missed messages and 5 missed call from him. I suddenly felt really bad, I knew how worried he gets because he would always think that I had been taken by something. Ever since I found out he was a werewolf, he would always want me to be safe, he couldn’t stand the the thought of me getting hurt, or even worse. Being killed. I opened up the messages.

Message 1: Hey baby, what are you doing I miss you Xxxx

Message 2: Baby? Xxxxx

Message 3: Michelle! Why aren't you answering me? Xxxx

Message 4: Michelle, Please answer me your starting to worry me Xxxxx 

Message 5: Please baby, I'm really scared, please say you okay? Xxxxx

Message 6: I have rang you and your answer me please  Michelle Xxxx

Message 7:  Michelle! if you don’t answer me I'm coming over! Xxxxx

I felt really bad about this, I texted him straight back.

To Liam

I'm sorry Li, I was doing my homework, so I put my phone on silent so I could get it done quicker, but then I finished The Maze Runner then I started to listen to music, and totally forgot about my phone, i’m really sorry that I scared you, and you can still come round. Xxxxxx

I didn’t have to long, to get a text back from Liam.

From Liam

Thank god your okay! You really scared me, i thought you had been taken, i’m on my way, DON’T PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT AGAIN BABY!

To Liam

I will be waiting and I promise babe i won’t do it again. Xxxxx

When I were waiting for Liam to get to my house, I decided to start The Scorch Trials, I couldn’t wait any longer. After reading two chapters, I heard something. It was from my window. I opened it up.

“Really Dunbar, throwing stones at my window to get my attention, there is this thing called a front door you know, you maybe new to that” I laughed

“I thought it would be romantic, and really, please stop hanging out with Stiles, your starting to become him” he answered as he started to claim up to my window.

“Oh just hush it you, and get you booty in” I spoke.

“Okay okay, i’m here know, I'm…” Liam was saying before he fell through the window.

I helped him get up and he pulled me into a warm embrace.

“Oh Michelle, please never do that to me again,I was so scared, I thought you might of been taken and been hurt or killed” Liam said as his head rested on my shoulder.

“Listen Li i’m fine, i’m sorry I scared you, I will never put my phone on silent again, even when i’m going sleep.” I said still hugging him.

We both didn’t want to pull away, but I had to. We both went and sat on my bed, we both cuddled up together. Liam kissed the top of my head and pulled me in closer. I loved having Liam around because we would just cuddle and talk about whatever we wanted. School, Lacrosse, the supernatural, you name it we would talk about it. I turned on a film and we enjoyed each others presents, while he played with my soft brown hair.

Sadly it was getting late.

“I will have to get going soon, it’s getting really late” Liam tells you. I looked up at him, with the sad look in you brown eyes.

“Can’t you stay the night Li, we don’t have school tomorrow so we can cuddle all day, and you know I will be safe, please” I begged, but I didn’t have to ask Liam twice.

We both got under the covers and cuddled up to keep warm.

“I love you Michelle” Liam whispered in my ear.

“I love you too Liam” I smiled back planting a soft kiss on his lips.

All of a sudden Liam pulled away.

“What’s wrong Li?” I asked

“Wait I have just realized something” he answered

“What, what did you realized babe?” I asked again, he looked straight at me.

“You finished The Maze Runner without me, we were reading that together” He finally said, I playfully slapped him on the chest.

“Stupid, you really worried me then, I thought there was something really up, and I couldn’t wait I had to read it, sorry Baby I will carry on with you still though, and oh my god the twist” I was beginning to say but Liam interrupted me.

“Say no more, I will read it, but at least you have to wait to read The Scorch Trials with me” He said laughing

“Yeah, I will wait” You said with a grin on your face

“You didn't” 

“I did only 2 chapters”

He pulled me into him and started to tickle you.

“That’s what you get for leaving me behind”

I Will Marry This Girl One Day - Austin Carlile
Could you please do an Austin carlile one where you too are best friends and he texts you saying he’s feeling sad so you go over to his and put on his tshirt and music and start dancing and goofing around to make him smile and he secretly takes a video of you and puts it up on Instagram with a really fluffy caption like “I will marry this girl one day” something along those lines, sorry it’s long I really admire your writing though :))x

Aw I liked the idea of this one, I hope you like it c:

I look down at the newest text on my phone from Austin. ‘I’m just feeling really down, you know?’ it reads. I hated it whenever Austin felt miserable. I re-read the text and a thought flashes in my mind. I look at the time: almost 10pm. Without thinking twice, I grab my phone and keys, leaving out the front door.

Pulling up at Austin’s house, I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure I look presentable. I get out and toddle up his drive, knocking on his door.

Immediately, a smile appears on his face as he sees me. “Y/N,” He breathes. I loved the tone in his voice, the way he says my name… It’s perfect and I fall almost instantly. “I… Heard you needed a friend?” I smile hopefully. “At, 10pm?” He looks astonished. “Hey, if you need me, I’ll be here.” I smile at him warmly. “Now are you letting me in or not, punk?” I break the moment, not wanting to make things awkward. “Of course, get in here.” He shuffles out the way, letting me walk in.

“Oh, so you’re staying the night?” He nods his eyes at the packed bag in my hand. “Duh, I’m not going to drive back in the middle of the night, am I? It’s dangerous.” I try to sound serious, but it doesn’t work. “Mhm, maybe I don’t want you sleeping in my house.” He teases, closing the door behind him he wraps his arms around me from behind. His touch makes me tingle and my heart skips a beat. “Too bad, you’re stuck with me.” I look over my shoulder and grin. I loved spending time with Austin, he was my bestfriend. And I loved being in his arms. But then I realised why his arms were coiled around me. “No…” I mutter, grabbing his arms and trying to pull them off. “Too late.” He murmurs, almost seductively, but the moment offs it.

Savagely, he tickles me. I squirm and kick out. “Austin, stop, get off!” I giggle between my cackles of laughter. “Not a chance.” He chuckles, spinning my around and pushing me against the wall. His hands tickle my sides and I can’t help but die from laughter. “Austin, for crying out loud.” I say out of breath after he stops. Both of his arms are pressed either side of my head and we look at each other deeply in the eyes. Heaving, he smirks. “I guess you’ll want to go get dressed for bed.” He then says, unblocking his arms. He runs his hand through his hair and steps back with a hopeless smile. “Uh, yeah.” I stammer, reaching for my bag.

I stride up his stairs into his bedroom, thoughts lingering on him. For so long I’ve have these feelings for him, but I’ve tried to tell them they’re unwelcome. I mean, seriously, me and Austin? Like that could ever happen…

Dumping my bag alongside his bed, I place my phone on the bedside table. It’s not the first time I’ve stayed over at Austin’s; we do it quite often. We even sleep in the same bed, however, nothing has happened between us ever. I’m stuck in the friendzone, and I doubt I will ever get out.

Quickly, I undress into my underwear in his room. I pull on some shorts then ramble through his wardrobe. He loved it when I wore his shirts, I know it’ll cheer him up. Let alone I adored wearing them. For a short amount of time I felt like I was his, and it was perfect. I soon find an appropriate shirt. Although too big like everything else, I slip into it. Pulling my hair out of it’s pony tail, I look in his mirror. I’m a scruffy mess, but hey, I’m comfortable.

“Hey, hot-shot.” I say sarcastically as I walk into his living room. His smile expands as he looks at what I’m wearing. “You’re wearing my shirt.” He tilts his head. “Mhm-hm.” I nod my head. “Like it?” I ask. “Of course I do, you know I love it when you wear my stuff.” He half smiles as he stands up. Love, the word echoes in my head in his voice. “I love you..” I whisper, too quietly for him to hear. “What?” He asks. “Uhm, never mind. What does it take to get some ice cream around here?” I joke, subtly changing the subject. “Pft, check the freezer.” He rolls his eyes and grins.

I leave the room and go to the kitchen in search for ice cream. Ugh, I really need to get over this crush… It’s never going to happen. My mind taunts. “I know that.” I mumble out loud. Taking the ice cream from his freezer, I grab two spoons too and walk back to the lounge.

Austin is back on the sofa staring absentmindedly at the TV which has now been set on a music channel. “Why were you chattering to yourself in the kitchen?” Austin faces me, an enquiring look on his face. “Was I?” I act dumb, pulling a weird facial expression before sitting down next to him. “Mhm.” He says, wrapping his arm around me. I place the ice cream on his lap and we both take spoonfuls frequently.

“How are you feeling?” I ask him, looking into his dark luscious eyes. “Better, now that you’re here.” He looks down at me, his words sinking into my mind. “But yeah, just, I don’t know what’s up. I’ve just been feeling a little shut, you know?” His voice becomes dull, I nod my head.

Standing up, I offer my hand to him. “C'mon.” I smirk. “What?” He cocks his eyebrow. “Get up and jam with me.” I giggle, finding my beat to the song that’s playing. “No, I’m sure you’re more of a solo dancer.” He shakes his head. “Pft, you’re missing out.” I say, turning my back. Attempting to flow with the music, I break out into a range of uncoordinated movements. Clumsily, I stick out my arms and legs and just spiral with the music. “So beautiful, busting your exquisite moves.” Austin chuckles from behind me. “Pft I’d like to see you do better.” I say, as I make a weird form of dance steps towards him. “Now come up and join me.” I say as I face him. Flipping his phone in his hands, he finally gives in.

“Finally, something I could dance to.” He murmurs as he stands up. “But, it’s a slow song.” I say awkwardly. “And?” He tilts his head with a warm smile then takes my hands. “Alright..” I say, still unsure. Placing my hands on his shoulders, he manoeuvres his hands to my waist. At first, we’re distant, trying to find fluid movement with one another. Awkward definitely describes it. But Austin suddenly pulls me closer to him, pressing my body against his. And suddenly everything fits into place. Gracefully, we dance together to the slow song. I could stay in this moment forever. Flowing, our bodies sway the whole way to the finish of the song. “Thank you.” He murmurs, pressing his forehead to mine. I hold on for just a while longer, to feel like I belong to somebody, but soon enough he drops my hands. “How about we, uh, go to bed then? It’s kinda late.” He rubs the back of his neck. “Sure.” I smile, still wishing I could be getting rocked in his arms.

As we reach his bedroom, he pulls his shirt and jeans off. I was used to it, so I didn’t try to stare. However, I did take a glimpse as I slid into the bed. Taking my phone in my hands, I ensure I have switched my alarm off before relaxing onto his pillows. “You comfortable?” Austin murmurs, pressing his back to mine. “Mhm.” I nod as his arms wrap around me. It felt like I was at home in his arms like this, I just wished he felt the same. Soon enough, I doze into my sleep, surrounded by the sweet scent of his cologne.

The Next Morning

Streaming in my eyes, the sun shone through the window. I try to make as little movement as possible; I wanted to avoid waking Austin. Who - I checked - is lazily asleep next to me still. I quietly slither out of his grip to reach my phone before replacing myself. I check the time. 10:07am. I really should get up… So I slide into early morning routine and go through some apps: Twitter, tumblr, Instagram. Scrolling through my feed, I come across a post of Austin’s from last night. ’I will marry this girl one day.’ the caption read. I frown and wait for the post to load. Once loaded, I view a video of me from last night, dancing. I widen my eyes, the little shit. ’So beautiful, busting your exquisite moves.’ I hear his voice, repeated from last night. I smile down to the pillow I’m laying on, his sweet voice. I re-read the caption over and over in my mind until it leaves me frustrated. What on earth did he mean? Maybe, just maybe he..

“Morning, beautiful.” Austin’s morning voice is deep, and greatly seductive. I’m greeted my his lips pressed to the back of my neck, man… Quickly, I flip my phone down to the bed so he doesn’t see what I was watching. “Hey.” I smile dozily as I turn over to face him. “It’s true, you know.” He mumbles. “Mhm?” I raise my eyebrows. “I will marry you, one day.” He says affectionately. Speechless, shocked and surprised, my frown deepens.

“Kiss me, Y/N.” His husky voice commands spontaneously. Rushing the moment, I press my lips to his cheek sweetly. Surely that’s what he meant? “Not there,” His tone is almost sarcastic, and he smirks. Hesitantly, I slowly drag the time where my lips hover by his. Moreover, my breathing hitches and I struggle to proceed any further as I feel his long breaths against my lips. As if he was eager, he moves his lips towards mine and creates a long, benevolent kiss. Striking me by surprise, I feel frozen. Austin’s warm hands curve to my face, where he cups gently and tilts my head closer to his. It’s not long before my heart gives in, and I wrap my legs over his waist, colliding our bodies. Snaking around his neck, my arms push our lips even closer. The moment lasts longer than a few minutes, before it comes to an end. Reluctantly, I lean away from him, wanting his lips on mine again. But my eyes catch his, and they’re filled with admiration, it’s breath taking. “Y/N, I love you.” His words are laced with passion, and so it laces up my tongue. My breaths been taken away, I can’t express how much this completes me and sends wonders throughout my body. “I love you, too.” I whisper, hand stroking his cheek, I break into a feeble smile.

but imagine calum sitting outside of your bathroom door staring at the wall opposite him while he waits for you to come out and tell him whether or not the pregnancy test you took came back positive because you’ve been trying for a baby for almost a year now and haven’t had any luck and he just wants a damn baby so when you open that door with tears in your eyes and a positive pregnancy test in your hand he swears he could cry too and he grabs you and spins you around before remembering that you were carrying his baby and putting you down gently, bending over so he could be level with your belly and rubbing his hands along it as he whispers “hi baby, I can’t wait until I get to hold you.”

text message ✉️ jake 🐍
  • [after fifteen minutes of typing and retyping]
  • Sarah: Hey.
  • Sarah: Listen, I think I owe you an apology. Correction: I /know/ I owe you an apology.
  • Sarah: I was acting irrational yesterday and you're right it wasn't my battle to fight but me, being the drama-loving bitch that I am, got involved anyways. I really was thinking about how much I wanted to put Kitty in her place--that wasn't the time to do it. And now I definitely messed everything up with you, Marley, and probably the entirety of the Upper East Side.
  • Sarah: I don't expect you to forgive me. If I were you, I wouldn't either but it doesn't hurt to try. I want to be a good sister to you Jake. And I know I'm not in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo anymore so I'll act differently. I'm willing to step back and let everything blow over for now.

Justin had been worried sick over Fitz, knowing he used drugs was bad enough, but after what happened when he took a bad pill, seeing him so sick and knowing it could’ve ended much worse, he felt determined to help him. He wanted to make sure he’d stay away from drugs. So after texting back and forth, they agreed to meet to hang out. Justin–reluctantly–put on pants, and went over to Fitz’s room. He texted him: 

I'm outside bitch open the door

He leaned against the wall as he waited for him to open, grinning at him when he finally did. “Hey, Mr. Fitz.”


Hi my name is Shay Obsidian and I have short obsidian black hair (that’s how I got my name) with teal streaks that fall to a razor sharp point and dead yellow eyes like a bird and a lot of people tell me I look like Tori Meadows (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Christopher Arklight but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a bird but i don’t have any wings or a beak. I have pale white skin. I’m also an xyz master, and I’m a part of a super awesome resistance. I’m a rebel (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly leather. For example today I was wearing a red turtleneck, leather pants, my fusion butt kicking boots and my “fuck you gravity” coat. I was walking around heartland city. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun. A lot of fusion scum stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.