but i'm not putting text over text

i feel like i really have no trust in people at the moment, like the fact that you’ll never know someone’s true intentions really fucks me up

i’m actually so happy right now and it has everything to do with the fact that i am awake. that i’m not laying in my bed sleepy and bored. i’m reading sanvers fic, cross legged on my desk chair, listening to dua lipa and just… chill. it’s warm and i’m happy.

We don’t talk enough about Root’s shakey statement to Harold: “I thought I could sacrifice everyone, I really did”, and how losing Shaw made her realize there was something, other than the Machine, that was sacred and unexpendable to her.
Root spent so many years looking for something perfectly designed, larger than life, and once she found it she truly believed that all she needed was for the Machine, her God, to be free, no matter what the cost – personal or otherwise. And ‘all’ it took was losing Sameen to realize that wasn’t true. That she needed more than the super artificial intelligence she had devoted herself to for life to mean something.
Her love for Shaw shook the very core of Root’s existence/beliefs, and that’s beautiful. That’s how you write an epic love story.

when i write a post that’s negative and people start reblogging it because they find it “relatable” it’s just kind of strange. like i guess its nice to know i’m helping them feel less alone. but it’s also kind of weird to know that so many people are reading about a personal insecurity of mine lol. also i know they’re not really seeing it as me talking about my problems and more seeing it as me acting as a voice for their own thoughts on themselves. but that almost makes it weirder in a way? i’m being consistently separated from my own emotions. people are taking those words and applying it to themselves. i’m not sure how i feel about that? it’s different than sharing a funny message or an optimistic encouragement. i want people to feel joy. i want to spread that feeling. but my vulnerabilities? i’m not sure. in the end i have no one to blame but myself for putting them out there but. it’s just kind of strange, you know? that’s all i can say. it’s strange.

Most of the information about the San Francisco timeline is spread over many text messages and photo’s seen when Max hands in her contest entry. I thought it’d be nice to put all that info in one tidy timeline for future reference.

Monday, October 7th:
- Max texts David about Jefferson and the darkroom. Hands her photo entry in for the Everyday Hero contest.
4:05PM - Prevents Chloe from being shot (rest of the day plays out the same as episode one).
- Kate thanks Max for talking to her class, says she feels much better now.
- David calls the police and leaves to go find the darkroom, he does not return home till late. Chloe and Max text each other throughout the evening.

Tuesday, October 8th:
-  Max and Chloe agree to meet at Two Whales for breakfast (rest of the day plays out the same as episode two until Max returns to Blackwell).
- Officer Berry and Partner raid the darkroom with David.
11am (ish)
- Jefferson and Nathan are arrested at Blackwell.
Afternoon (?)
- Rachel’s body is found.
- Warren texts Max in shock over Jefferson, says he never suspected him of being anything other than a teacher.
3:52pm -
Kate tells Max she is shocked about Jefferson and Nathan’s arrest and that she has to go make a statement with the police.
- Chloe asks Max to meet her at the lighthouse after just finding out what happened to Rachel.

Wednesday, October 9th:
11:02am - Chloe thanks Max for being withh her the previous evening, she is still upset about Rachel but Max continues to supports her.
12:32pm - Max’s mom texts her after hearing about Jefferson’s arrest.
12:42pm - Max’s dad tells her to answer her mom’s texts.
Evening - David apologies to Chloe for his behaviour and they have a talk. Chloe appreciates that he found Rachel and caught Jefferson, also admits he cares for Joyce and herself.

Thursday, October 10th:
9:38am - Chloe texts Max telling her about the conversation with David.
9: 45am - Dana tells Max she’s making a cheer about Max’s photography skills.
12:21pm - Max does homework while Chloe texts her. Chloe says she’s already done her paperwork for the Bay City College.
5:13pm - Max tells Chloe she won the Everyday hero contest.
6:56pm - Warren jokes about Max’s new found fame and congratulates her on winning the contest.
8:12pm - Max’s mom congratulates Max on winning the contest.
9:23pm - Kate congratulates Max on winning the contest, they agree to meet for tea once Max returns.
Evening - Chloe hangs out with Max in her dorm room while Max packs for San Francisco.

Friday, October 11th:
unknown time - Max takes a taxis to the airport in Portland (about an 1h 30m drive).
Flies from Portland with Principal Wells to San Francisco (2 hour flight).
Arrives at gallery.

yet another TFLN meme

[text]: I can’t trust your balls anymore

[text]: According to the arrest report, I shouted “no, YOU put some pants on” at the cop. Downhill from there.

[text]: Stop it. You know what r&b does to my body

[text]: I feel awful. The bartender added me on facebook and there’s chips all over the bathroom floor

[text]: Baked goods and tits. Hard to go wrong there.

[text]: He drunk texted me what I think is two snails fucking on a mushroom. Is “you sick bastard” too mild a rejection?

[text]: A party without a pinata is not a party I want to attend.

[text]: I can insert a female catheter, but I cannot grill a cheese.

[text]: Only you would consider your best friend fucking your boyfriend to be a sign of everlasting friendship

[text]: I’m glad you don’t care about kids. That’s one of your better qualities.


[text]: He’s far too busy staring into my soul to touch my tits.

[text]: Decided to stop by the store on my walk of shame. I must really look like shit, a six year old girl just walked up to me and said “my mommy wanted me to tell you Jesus loves you.” Thanks kid.

[text]: Do you remember telling the Uber driver that “his cologne makes you want to bone”?

[text]: I can’t open my mouth wide enough to make full use of this snapchat update

[text]: Costco™. Making alcoholism affordable!

[text]: shut up and let me use my vagina as a weapon of self destruction in peace!

[text]: I’m making myself the patron saint of bisexuality

[text]: Someone needs to fuck me in my slutty pumpkin costume, and I would ideally like it to be you

[text]: Apparently today is power bottom appreciation day. Consider urself appreciated

[text]: I don’t know why I bit your face last night but I’m sorry.

[text]: I have drunkenly angered a family of raccoons. Please send help immediately.

[text]: I’m sorry for getting drunk and throwing a robo-bird at you.

[text]: I’ll meet you in hell with unlimited boxes of wine though

[text]: i’m gonna crowd surf you onto his dick

I Have Andy Hurley Feels

Andy Hurley is the heartbeat, the pulse, of Fall Out Boy. 

Sometimes a quiet thump in the background, steady and deep and vital. Sometimes a staccato rhythm, like the nervous baby bird you carefully scooped up and put back in the nest. Sometimes unbelievably loud, like the clock at your grandparents house that you swear is thundering in your skull when you’re trying to sleep over. Sometimes quiet like typing in your room messages to your friends halfway across the country who you’ve never met in person but feel closer than some of your family. But most of all his playing is the base upon which the songs that have defined some of the best moments of your life are built.

so, yeah, that red-bearded drummer? i’m a fan.