but i'm not like other moms


Family portrait
..some are more photogenic than others. Some close their eyes, some look scared and then there’s Asahi.

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hp houses as text posts

slytherin: no mom I don’t want a boyfriend I want a kingdom (x)

ravenclaw: Remember when Netflix and Tumblr didn’t exist and you read like 10 books a week? Good times. (x)

gryffindor: i’m really glad “fight me” has replaced “sue me” in the common vernacular because i don’t have any money but i do have Fists and am always angry (x)

hufflepuff: what do u mean we’re not friends, we follow each other (x)

I had a dream the other night. About the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, weirdly enough. Will Smith and his whole family were vampires.

Everything was like exactly the same, but the instead of ‘i got in one little fight’ it was ‘i took one little bite and my mom got scared’ in the theme song, and he was chasing girls because he was hungry. But the whole ‘Banks family are stiff and overly formal… and then there’s Will’ was still a major thing. More so because ageless vampires set in their ways, and then will kinda just does what he does.

when the words weigh heavy on the heart

posting them in parts bc this is taking longer than i thought and i’m trash

u could potentially?? consider?? this a five times fic

also turns out this is going to be in the sleepwalking verse ;) enjoy ;)

part one

She’s irritated the first time it happens.

He can see it in her face, in the scrunch of her nose and the creases between her brows. He’s only known her a month but already he knows he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that look, doesn’t want to be the one strapping her down to that gurney or trying to find the vein in the crease of her elbow. Three separate rivulets of blood forge their own individual paths down the left side of her face and she swipes at them with a strangely absent kind of force, like she’s brushing away a gnat instead of smearing a dark red mark along the side of her face. Her nostrils are flared and there’s fire in her eyes and her jaw is set and really, truthfully, Amy Santiago is a terrifying force to look at.

Even if she is being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

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Angel the series rewrite where when Charisma Carpenter winds up pregnant, instead of writing… what they did… they write a story where Cordelia had entirely consensual sex with Groo (turns out their magical prophylactic only prevented the visions transferring, not pregnancy) and has a basically normal pregnancy. The big bad for season four is summoned Literally Any Other Way. Cordelia never goes into a coma or dies. Instead she joins Wolfram and Hart with the rest, and she’s juggling being a working mom to a half-demon baby through the final season and it’s hilarious and awesome. She’s like an amazing dragon mom. All the zany baby stories are perfectly apt metaphors for actual parenthood, with just minor comedic magical emphasis. She doesn’t die at the end of the series either. She just fucking lives to fight and be a cool mom.

So you know how I’ve been complaining about being sick and nauseous the past month or so? Turns out I’m what you might call, “10 weeks pregnant.”


Don’t mind us, we’re just two lesbians! Nothing to see, nothing to see!


I’m trying to piece together what happened to Jumin’s mom.

The really popular opinion is that one post that posited that she has mental health issues and is incarcerated somewhere.
Personally, I like that theory. A lot. It’s true to MysMe’s underlying mental health theme. And this is Tumblr. We want to take care of our mental health community.

But I think the story is a different kind of sad.
I think Jumin’s mother is exactly like all the other women. I think she married Mr. Han for money. I think Mr. Han cheated on her a lot. And I think they divorced when Jumin was young, and Mr. Han won custody.

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You know how Shiro, Keith, and Hunk have those pouches on their belts? Any idea if they've ever opened them up on-screen? I'm very curious as to what those guys keep in those things.

Hunk says his are empty in s2e6 which gave me the idea that he mostly uses them to keep track of like… nails and screws and other small bits if he’s working on something and if he isn’t in the middle of a project they’re just there. He probably would’ve packed stuff if he knew he was going to space but whoops.

I’ve talked about this a little before but with Keith I feel like he is Armed For Survival. Like. Keith is the unexpected mom friend specifically in like. He is always the one who has more supplies than is even necessary. Carries sewing kit, matches, little pocket flashlight, probably granola bars. And duct tape. As far as Keith is concerned if you’re in a situation and don’t have a roll of duct tape what’s wrong with you

It’s important to consider we don’t know if Shiro is normally a belt pouch kinda guy, since it would seem at least some of his clothes are borrowed from Keith given he got them at the shack- so if I had to guess, I feel like Shiro would also be Prepared ™ but unaware of it? Like at some point Keith is like “don’t you have a flashlight” and Shiro is like “…I do?” and lo and behold he does. He’s probably not quite as dedicated to… maintaining that, like preparation for Shiro is more “do I reasonably expect this to be something I’m going to need” while Keith at any given moment could probably set up a decently comfortable campsite from the contents of his pockets.

Pidge doesn’t have belt pouches but I want to mention her because of her dauntingly huge backpack, because look at that sucker:

that is more backpack than Pidge has torso.

My impression is that it’s probably like 80% Pidge’s scanner setup and the remaining 20% is Pidge’s diary and a couple of other things. Probably at the garrison she didn’t ever want to leave her personal effects where someone might stumble across them (hence both why she had her diary in her backpack where Hunk could find it and her very defensive response to him reading it) so she’s still just got most of that with her. 

And I can probably mention Lance since, complete the paladin set here, right? 

I think Lance probably has his wallet, and unexpectedly deep jacket pockets, and… that’s about it, except for a candy wrapper folded into a very small bird. 

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

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I was at a used bookstore with some friends the other day. I can't remember the name of the book, but there was a book about vampires and it looked to be about as close to porn as you could get it and still put it in the children/young adults section. Anyways, I saw it and was just like "If I were here with Tumblr mom, I would get this and beg her to read it with me. Can't be worse than vampire nail nipples. ... Can it?"

Literally nothing, and I mean nothing was worse than that era of my life.

Which I inadvertently brought back and can now never escape thanks to the internet. 

That last scene emphasized that dean is still a parent even when his mom is around. Telling her that she’s gotta make her own decisions even if he doesn’t like them - that’s usually something you hear a parent telling an adult child, not the other way around. Dean is a parent, always has been, always will be. Having his mom around, even if she DID make him lunch and kiss him goodnight, isn’t gonna change that.

Nice... ish Vlad AU

AU where Vlad doesn’t use his powers to become rich and famous, instead he TELLS HIS FRIENDS and they help stabilize him/ get rid of the ecto impurities. From there he begins to use his kick-ass new powers as he, Jack, and Maddie stop all the ghosts that are coming through.

Fast-forward and Vlad is like… the eccentric uncle in the family. After some sort of incident, new-parents Jack and Maddie ask Vlad to conceal his powers and keep them a secret from their kid(s). Maybe his Plasmius powers are starting to overwhelm him, making him behave more ghost-like. He’s starting to turn blue when he uses it too much, eyes going blood-red. Eventually, Vlad agrees to use his powers less, and to keep them a secret from Jasmine (and eventually, Daniel too), for everyone’s safety.

Fast-forward again to when DP takes place. Danny get zapped and starts exhibiting ghost powers. Vlad is honestly kind of excited– finally, he can share his experiences with someone! So he reveals his abilities to Danny and starts to give him little here-and-there lessons about being part ghost. Jack and Maddie are very upset about this, because he didn’t ask for their permission to nurture Danny’s new powers.

“We don’t want him growing up thinking these powers are normal, or for everyday use! Vlad, we talked about this..”

“Is that how you see me? Come on, get it out then, we’re doing this already–”


“You think I’m a freak.

No! We–”

“Don’t deny it! You’ve known me for too long, at least say it to my face!”


“Go on. Say it. I’m a freak that needs to be locked away…”

“Vlad… we don’t– here, sit down…”

“… I think it’s time for me to go.”

And that’s the tipping point. Vlad disappears for almost a full year before rearing his head again, in full Plasmius form.


“Is that… really you?”

“Ah, my dear friends the Fentons. Would love to catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to… but I don’t think you’d approve.”

And Danny is pitted against his own Uncle, after realizing that all the ghosts that have been bothering him since he got his powers were sent by Vlad.

Later, Danny might use his powers too much and start to turn into Dark Dan– or just become overwhelmed with his ice powers– and Jack and Maddie have to seek out Vlad for his help before he hurts himself and those around him.

Space orcs The Mom Friend

So you all know what a mom friend is. But how the fuck do you explain that to a group that doesn’t have that dynamic? Like what if the mom friend is unique to humans? Like, aliens trying to understand why there’s one human who constantly makes rounds to check on the other crew members. They know logically of course that everyone is safe but they check anyways. Trying to explain it is difficult and it pretty much brakes down to they have claimed you and want to know you’re safe deal with it.

Add to this if you can think of any better ways to describe this cause that would be amazing!

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First of all your art is incredible! I'm sorry if it's a bit off of your confort zone but I'm wondering how your beautiful boy Majestat would look like as a baby?

i’ve drawn babies like two times before so this was a challenge! but here he is with his mom! and to the person who asked about the relationship he had with his mom; they loved each other very much until she died! she wasn’t always there for him and had to let other’s raise him but she adored him and provided everything he could ever want, except maybe her presence. he looked up to her a lot, and even though he kind of warped the image of her after she died he would always see her as this strong motherfigure worthy of a lot of respect and attention.

thank you! <333

  • Them: How are you?
  • Me: No but seriously will Eleanor or Louis ever post a selfie? Like I know they just got back together but still. I always thought they would find their way back to each other but I never thought it would actually happen. Ya know? I'm just so happy, like they've both been through so much. Like Louis losing his mom and then Eleanor getting beat up in the airport, so I like get why they aren't "flaunting" their relationship but I just want a selfie. Is that selfish of me? I mean God, they're so pretty....
  • Them: Uhhhhhhh

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Omg yooooo. So your snap about fidel... is 100000% true. I'm half black and half cuban on my mom's side and people try that shit with me all the time and im like "sooo my uncle just swam here for the nightlife?" And even though a lot of my family is in america safe you can still see the fear in my uncles and grandparents eyes when fidel is mentioned. Dude was a monster.

mind-boggling. can white people ever just like. chill? maybe?

i say white because it’s never non-latinx black people or other minorities trying to tell cubans what the island was like. they know better. it’s always that white lib in his humanities class trying to mansplain cuba like he rolls cigars in havana himself like sure jeff my abuela boarded a raft made of tires cause cuba was that gr8 sure sure tell me more 🙄