but i'm not good with colors :s

You know what’s great about the umineko fandom on youtube? It is so small that you learn to recognize the people there. On like six diffferent LPs there are always the same exact 5 people in the comment section. You have barely talked to them like once, and yet you’re like: “Oh wow, they changed their profile picture. Good job on coloring in Ange.” And it’s not just the interesting episodes, they comment on every single episode. Like are y’all so obsessed with Umineko that you’ll fully watch six different let’s players play it?


Heyy I’ve finally made a Print Shop !! 

I’ll try to add more artworks little by little, don’t hesitate to tell me if you want one in particular and yeah that’s it ^-^ Thank you so much for the support, it means the world to me!

Have a beautiful day <3 <3

ey I’d just like to say I am fkkin privileged to be workin with @the-nothing-maker on a big TAZ project and it’s gonna be


I saw someone in the taz tag ages ago being all sarcastic like “can’t wait until I start seeing videos set to Discord and <insert this song here>”.  guess what, it’s here and it’s gonna be thematically perfect and you can’t stop us.


She texted me, ‘Holy crap, Sofia. This is amazing. I remember when we were in fifth grade and you did a project on the U.S. national team and said you wanted to play on their team.’

I honestly read that and said, 'Holy crap, that’s true.’

I think every girl who has this dream will understand that it means everything. It’s a surreal feeling because you’ve been working so hard toward this. Just to get a call-up is such an opportunity.

Je Suis Prest
Requested By: @lenny9987

This scene is one of my absolute favorites from the series, and I’ve had this idea floating around from the very beginning of these requests. It’s taken several attempts to bring it to life, but I really wanted to get it right. @lenny9987′s been so patient waiting for me to finally get to it, I hope it’s worth the long wait!

Thank You Request (5/5)


“I wasn’t hiding. I just needed time to figure out how to talk to you. I don’t know if your memory is well but you were very rude last we spoke. I didn’t want that again.”
“Ohhhh yeahhh. I might recall something like that happening.”
“Excuse you, might? Something?”
“Ok. I was sort of a dick. There.”
“Sort of?!”
“Don’t push it. You’re no fucking angel, alright.”
“You’re a hypocrite, you know that?”
“But you look good. The color suits you.”

Finished designing a new OC!! i wanted to do something with Taisho flair ^p^ haven’t named him yet and might change his hair color later lol

He’s a nice guy but can be sneaky at times, and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for what he thinks is a good cause. He’s also super loyal!!

for everyone who plays my otome games, you’ll get to date him sooner or later–

Okay, I should really finish my homework first ;w; But my hand just want to draw TwT)/ Another fanart for @cookies-hetaoni. Well..I mispelled Iggy’s full name in my other fanart, so I draw another Iggy but with the correct full name >w

I have completely given up on my tsundere endeavor to claim that i don’t like JakeDirk so here’s a scene from the second chapter of An Ocean Between, go read it

star-the-assassin-yordle  asked:

Your art is sooo good, I love your style and the way you color, and your lines are so clean and smooth. Do you have some tips or suggestions for who's starting with digital.

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like my art. :D I’m going to write this post for complete newbies, but I actually have some specific advice for you near the end. I hope you’ll bear with me!

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I’m trying to match my style closer to the manga because it’s sooo pretty and the creator is now my new artistic idol… So here, have a Denki. Does he look good? Is he cute? Cute enough to start an ask blog for? OPINIONS PLEASE. I AM DESPERATE WITH NO FEEDBACK.

Hello!! So, after having this blog for like 8 months, I finally decided to introduce myself! :’) the procrastination is real~
Anyways, here’s some basic shtuff about me

🌿My name is Lola, I’m 13 and I live in the US
🌿my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, and I am an istj and a Leo
🌿I love singing, although I’m not very good at it, and journaling, reading, and drawing are a few of my hobbies
🌿I’m in love with plants
🌿If you couldn’t tell, my favorite color is pink 😉💕

🌿I’m in the process of learning French, and I’m loving it so far :)

• School/Classes•

🎒I’m heading into 8th grade on September 6th, although I’ll be taking a few 9th grade classes in place of the standard curriculum! My classes are-
🎒Intermediate algebra (9th)
🎒English (9th)
🎒English (9th)
🎒Intro to Tech Ed
🎒World Languages
🎒and finally, choir

• Why’d I start this blog? •
When I first got Tumblr a while back, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of blogs I wanted to follow, and during a late night browsing session I stumbled upon the studyblr community! I figured that since I’m such a lazy student and terrible procrastinator, making my own could help motivate me, and it definitely has :D


☀️Supernatural!! (my all time favorite show)
☀️VLD (Voltron) I’m only on the second episode of s3 so no spoilers please!
☀️Stranger Things
☀️I need some show recs y'all

☀️Fall Out Boy! I saw them in concert 2016, best day of my life
☀️Panic! at the Disco
☀️a small bit of Paramore
☀️Electric Light Orchestra
☀️a few songs by Kansas (cARRY ON MY WAYWARD SOOOOOON *cries)
☀️Alina Baraz (omggg the voice of an angel)
☀️I just started listening to BTS and Black Pink! kinda makes me wanna learn Korean (not really but))
☀️The White Buffalo (I don’t expect anyone to know this one haha)
☀️The Cure
☀️Katmandu by Bob Seger is like my favorite song?? it’s so good aah
☀️DODIE. CLARK. lordy I love her sm
☀️a few jazzy songs by like big bad voodoo daddy and streetlight manifesto? idk my music is aaall over the place
☀️TWENTY!! ONE!! PILOTS!! |-/ *cries more*
☀️AC/DC, Guns n Roses, stuff like that
☀️welp, that’s pretty much it! my taste in music is a huge mess and most of it’s trash so there ya go

•Some blogs that inspired me•
@emmastudies @pink-studies @einstetic @intcllectual @potterstudy @perfectnoteist @gatostudies
@tess-studies @studyiin @intellectys
@smallbeanstudies @studyign @studyquill

Okay, sorry for such a long post.
That’s all folks! ~