but i'm not even a little sorry lmao

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In parts of the episode where nyma steals the blue lion the big flag is LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND LANCE (made up of the bg) like the sky is pink and there's smth behind him that's purple and the ground is bluish if I had the screencaps I'd send them but it's like. That Has To Mean Something

…ok so i might of just had a realization though??

like, yeah, the bi flag colors are there

but also

one might not think that the use of color in this episode is a big deal, but with the way this episode is set up? how can you not understand the subtext here??? the moral of the story in this episode is Lance doesn’t need to go flirt with other girls because it won’t work out for him (Lance went off with Nyma, but she turned around and stole his lion), however Keith rescuing his lion and unchaining him did work out in Lance’s favor. that, paired with the bisexual flag colors in the background, AND the rainbows too

and also including the fact that Keith was really eager to get Lance out of the pod and getting upset over him not remembering their bonding moment (and also the “i cradled you in my arms!” line),

you cannot just shove all of this into one episode and tell me this doesn’t mean anything. 

and now i’m thinking back to what Jeremy Shada said about Lance maturing and eventually falling in love with someone in this interview

this right here:

that “one person you fall in love with a little bit”, my dudes, is Keith. it has to be Keith. who else could it possibly be?

you could argue it’s Allura, but she clearly has no interest in him.

but you know who does have an interest in him?

basically what i’m trying to say is i feel like this episode could be a metaphor for Lance and Keith’s developing relationship in the future seasons to come

shoutout to @darthyaoi for putting that adorable My Little Tauntaun idea in my head … thank you, bless you :’)

Malec & Saphael Fics Recs!

A while back someone asked me if I read any fanfics and if so, recommend some to them, but I accidently deleted the ask (sorry Anon!!). So here’re some fics I’ve read recently~ 

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petty dog problems

imma little irked that the breeder I contacted three times last year about getting a puppy from, who other people also contacted for me, who literally never acknowledged my existence in any way, shape, or form,

somehow managed to communicate with and ship a puppy to someone across an entire ocean 🙄🙄🙄


what petty things are y'all a little upset about today?

okay not to be That Person but what if Todd was the one who found Dirk’s brand new Red Jacket for him like~

-Todd’s literally overwhelmed with emotions when they finally get Dirk back from Blackwing

-he sees firsthand how Dirk looks in the CIA jumpsuit- remembers how unhappy and uncomfortable he looked- and finds himself wanting to do anything to keep that look off of Dirk’s face for good

-he finds himself missing the familiarity of Dirk’s colorful jackets more than he anticipated, and makes a point of finding one that’s as similar to Dirk’s previous, lost jackets as possible

-when Dirk receives the jacket he’s elated, and spends hours trying to find the ties and shirts that match best with the gift

-Dirk refuses to take the jacket off, even for a minute, and Todd doesn’t want to think about the implications behind that; think about how Dirk’s other jacket had been taken from him, along with his newfound sense of security (he’s just happy that Dirk seems to like the gift, and happy to see that bright, happy smile on Dirk’s face again)

(i obviously went a little too far with this but there it is)

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Is it me just imagining, or is Mads super shy in joint interviews? On his own he's laid back and outgoing. Thinking of interviews like with Hugh, Ben M, Ben C where they talk about 70% more than he does. Idk maybe it's just a Danish thing to not interrupt ever.

Oh you think so? I can’t recall any time he came across as full-on shy to me, yeah he’s soft-spoken, polite and tends to not say a whole lot, but he’s always looked so relaxed and confident to me haha. good speaker too. 

^ comfy enough to nonchalantly/publicly tell Laurence Fishburne he’d fuck him (why wasn’t this a bigger deal tbh)

for SW interviews at least, I actually thought Ben M was the shy one xD when he’s talkative he mostly sounds like he’s channelling Krennic or something, judging from some other times he’s just

also explain this because nobody has yet (mADS YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT YOU NEARLY KILLED MENDELSOHN RIGHT THERE)

there was also

(uh huh)

My theory for the SW interviews is that Mads was just letting Ben handle a lot of the talking, he’s a hardcore SW fan while Mads… isn’t (I’m pretty sure he literally said in an interview a few years ago that he thinks SW and ST are boring lmao) He was also probably way tired of the Disney promo thing after DS….

shit Hannibal was so long ago, did Mads even do proper double interviews for that? As for DS, I thought he was just super polite which is a bit of a shame, because he’s way more fun when he’s doing things like trashing Ben M’s Danish skills or advertising his smaller co-stars as “wee men” regardless of their opinions, or casually telling Bryan that he lies a lot, or saying Dogme 95 totally copied Pusher


Attack on Titan - Levi

Here are some sketchy things I did of one of my other great loves, Levi! 

He’s such a grumpy baby, I just love him lolol

I did these kind of a while ago so they’re a little iffy lmao but I keep getting pressured into posting more of my stuff, so here u go 

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hi lily ❤️ first i wanna say thank u for letting me drop u a prompt and thank u in advance for what i'm sure will be fantastic quality writing wit a side of clever dialogue, like u always be deliverin 😤✊ ur one of the loveliest people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting and i lov u long time thank u for every time u've ever made me smile and happy 💕 ok so my prompt is seungchuchu aquarium date 🙏

so this is a belated present for my dear jus who has blessed us with her musical talent and the definitive viktuuri devil wears prada au. happy belated bday my jus d’orange 💕 have my first open attempt at seungchuchu ❤️

“Wow! Look at the size of that ray!” Phichit’s face is practically pressed against the glass of the tank. “Seung, we gotta get a selfie with it!”

“What’s the point?” wonders Seung-gil as he walks over to where Phichit is standing. “It’s already leaving.”

“It’ll be back,” replies Phichit, already fiddling with his smartphone. Seung-gil can’t help his little snort of amusement at that; his date always seems to view the fishbowl as half-full. Which is probably one of the most endearing things about him.

“So you’re going to just wait here, then?” Seung-gil wonders after a moment of watching Phichit adjust his camera for better angles. “This isn’t the only place we get to look into this tank, you know. It’s called the Grand Aquarium for a reason.”

“Yeah, but the lighting is so good here,” says Phichit, pursing his lips. 

“I’ve been to this aquarium before. There’s a tunnel section.”

That gets Phichit’s interest. “There is?” he asks, dark eyes sparkling bright. “Let’s go, then!” And he grabs Seung-gil’s hand, weaving them expertly through the crowds of children and their parents. Something warm sparks in the contact between their fingers, radiating outwards and nestling in Seung-gil’s chest. The longer their hands remain clasped together, the warmer his cheeks seem to grow, until he’s certain his entire face is on fire. Or at least lighting up the relative dark of the aquarium.

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epitaph is watching rain slowly start to patter down a windowsill and the sight of grey clouds rolling in from the horizon. it’s the darkest blue of ocean starting to foam with the implied intent to destroy, but only until the tidelines. it’s the smell of old books, slowly flipping through their pages while hearing the thunder gently start to rumble and losing yourself in words you’ve never read. it’s stepping on wet leaves with boots and pulling your hood up if the drizzles get a little harsh. it’s stealing kisses and intertwining hands and sitting on the wet ground, and the feeling that nothing matters other than the moment you’re in. it’s the gentle rain and the little giggles and thinking about how the thunder sounds in the exact same time as your heartbeat. it’s watching the sunlight glint off a wet tree and the thought of how vibrant the green appears. it’s the smell of the earth after it’s rained and the calm finality of the waves. it’s how you always eventually end up wrapped in blankets, looking at the way the sun still shines through the watercolour grey sky and how everything is so alive even in the rain.

Prompts: Lazy Afternoons, Heat, Sweat, Booty shorts
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One last bingo piece.

I’ve also spent a lot of time staring into fans in the last few days, praying for the temperature to drop even just a little…

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Us: having a fun time shipping kl@nce and getting exited about the kl@nce cameo Sh@ladins: look at these idiots, thinking their crack ship will ever become canon PSSH. Stupid little 13 year olds get off the internet!! Wow, I'm sorry I'm just really confused why that sh@ladin couldn't stay in their lane about something that wasn't even anti related... yet when snosh sneaton says anything about she//ith they celebrate thinking it's canon? Lol it's just kinda sad really

shaladins: i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning i break my legs, and every afternoon i break my arms. at night, i lie awake in ago-

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Okay, I don't ship Tou//Ken and stuff but, after seeing the spoiler images and the one with Kaneki in the fetal position that referenced back to that one illustration, it kind of opened my eyes. I never thought that the ship was toxic or anything tbh, but everything is falling into place now, even if it seems a bit short cut and scattered a bit. I'm getting sudden nostalgia from this chapter. (sorry for my scatterbrained-ness, im just shook atm lmao)

honestly, even for me who’s been with this ship since I started TG, things are still clicking into place and I’m so looking forward to going back and scrutinising the things that have been given more context! I think that’s my favourite part of TG- finding the little breadcrumbs that we missed along the way!