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can you imagine. Library au Keith and hunk work in receiving, processing new shipments/donations and putting books back from the dropoff chute. Pidge is IT support for the library and keeps the servers secure and lightning fast and definitely doesn’t spy on people with her network. Shiro and lance are the receptionists bc Lance thought it would be a good way to meet some smokin bodies and shiro just really loves books okay. Coran owns the building and Allura manages it and takes down all the mouse traps Coran puts up because “they’ve never chewed anything or pooped on the books, Coran!" 

 And there are the usual library shenanigans including but not limited to 

  •  - a closet full of books. no context it’s just there and Coran wants it to stay. 
  •  - squirrels sneaking in through the dropoff chute when the weather gets colder - hunk and keith hunting the squirrels bc they’re not always busy
  • - hunk wanting to be humane only and Keith slowly putting his knife away
  •  - Keith this is a library why do you have a knife
  •  - *squints into the horizon like a war veteran* squirrels
  •  - pidge suggesting that the mice are helping the squirrels
  •  - keith’s war against rodents begins and Allura scrambles to set up cozy hiding spots for them all just out of Keith’s reach
  •  - and then he finds his pistachios MISSING and his pear has been nibbled upon and he mc freaking loses it
  •  - shiro puts this sign up on the dropoff chute very quietly and kindly and he just kind of puffs up knowing that he’s done a Good Deed
  •  - people start obeying the sign and Lance leaves the front doors open so he can hear it every single time it happens. He has a tally chart.
  • - the chute opens one day without anyone shouting down it and Keith runs upstairs and looks around "did you see any squirrels ma'am" 
  • - Lance is dying bc it was him. 
  •  - klance makeouts between the bookshelves 
  • - the dudes from the computer repair shop next door coming in and asking if any of the webcams in the library had mysteriously turned on too 
  • - pidge is a good liar bc obviously she was behind it. 
  •  - hunk and allura putting food for the squirrels on the roof in an attempt to keep them safe from Keith 
  • - hunk and allura realizing that the squirrels are determined, suicidal little shits and so they just put food in the corner of the library or up on the highest bookshelves and hope that their tails will do the dusting for them 
  • - shiro sighing at literally everything as he hand feeds the squirrels 
  • - is he Snow White like how does he do that 
  •  - Keith’s Betrayed Face when he sees shiro schmoozing the squirrels 
  • - *whispers* I thought you loved me 
  • - shiro rolling his eyes so hard he goes and joins a bowling league 
  •  - the dudes from the computer repair shop coming back AGAIN and asking if show tunes had started playing in the library 
  • - pidge must physically remove herself from their presence bc she’s trying very hard not to cackle like an overlord 
  • - Keith brings in a CAT 
  • - allura is horrified and literally clutches her chest 
  •  - Lance falls in love with the cat, feeds it treats and snacks and gives it lazy toys until it gets ULTRA FAT 
  • - Keith comes to the conclusion that his bf sabotaged his cat plan on purpose and cuts off the nookie supply for a month
  •  - worst month of everyone’s lives tbh 
  • - hunk begs Keith to please just fuck Lance again 
  • - a hanjo in the Scientology section at the very least please please please 
  •  - pidge and shiro end up stuck in the weird book closet somehow 
  • - shiro COULD break down the door but that’s just a lot of work 
  • - why break things when you could have a book fight 
  • - they throw a couple hundred paperbacks at each other for 20 minutes 
  •  - pidge builds a throne of books and rules her domicile (400 books and shiro) with cunning and dignity 
  • - until shiro slaps her in the face with a copy of pride and prejudice and the war begins anew 
  • - the library has like three floors and everyone knows to stay out of the left wing of the third floor during lunch breaks bc Lance and Keith honestly don’t care if u see their butts they will not stop 
  • - shiro or hunk lifting pidge onto their shoulders to put more food on the shelves for the squirrels 
  • - the general populace of the town not being weirded out by any of the shenanigans in the library 
  • - it’s just another beautiful day in mr Roger’s neighbourhood for them 
  • - Keith runs by them with a knife in his teeth and a net in his hands? Totally normal



Happy Late Valentines Day!!

Spock tries to be dismayed at the fact that the human symbol for hearts in no way resembles the anatomical human heart but fails in the face of his husbands overwhelming cuteness.

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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Throne of Glass family tree - as of Queen of Shadows

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[AU] the “year” between their first meeting and their reunion

ETA: I’ve been (thankfully) notified that my timeline of events is way off so this is 100% inaccurate. However, it makes for a lovely AU (because who doesn’t like pining!Victor amirite) so I’ll leave it up. Just keep in mind that this does not follow the canon timeline. At all. Thanks, @nika11ama, for clarifying things for me!

I kept asking myself why, if they’d previously met (at the Banquet) and Victor had really fallen in love with Yuuri that day, had he treated him that way in this scene? How could he  be so nonchalant in that situation? It didn’t make sense.

But what if Victor had spent the entire year lying to himself? Telling himself over and over that he couldn’t possibly have fallen in love with someone after only a day? Forcing himself not think about Yuuri or web-stalk him. Chastising himself every time he caught himself remembering their dance or, worse, pining. 

So a year passes and he thinks he’s golden, thinks that time has finally done its job and eroded his little “crush.” And then he sees Yuuri again and tries to treat him like he pretty much treats everyone else, only it completely backfires on him.

He watches him walk away and tries to convince himself everything’s fine. That he’s fine. That he doesn’t care. And yet he can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from Yuuri’s back even after the other man is long gone. 

And it’s like a floodgate opens. Every wall he built over the past year to keep himself from obsessing over Yuuri collapses and he finds himself incapable of not thinking about him.

And then he sees The Video™…

…and every lie he’s ever made to himself just turns to dust. His defenses are down. He can’t fight it anymore. He doesn’t want to fight it anymore. He’s in love. Has been in love since since the day they met, and maybe it doesn’t make sense but he’s reached a point where he just doesn’t care anymore. He’s going after what he wants, and what he wants is Yuuri. 

So when an opportunity presents itself he seizes it and flies to Japan without a second thought or a backwards glance. He’s wasted enough time and has no patience left. 

See, he made a promise the first day they met, though not with anything as obvious or empty as words. Yuuri seduced him, and Victor fell, hard, and the traitorous little organ in his chest promised itself to Yuuri without him realizing. It took him an entire year to. 

And that’s why Victor, who’s notorious for never remembering–and therefore keeping–the promises he makes, remembers Yuuri’s request an entire year after he made it. 

The heart doesn’t forget. 


rory & logan | written in the stars

As fandom celebrates the engagement between Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov, somewhere between worlds, Yuuri Shibuya is feeling suddenly insignificant, as if this other Yuuri has usurped his throne and far surpassed his legacy.

“Woah, hold on,” he says.  “I’ve been engaged to Wolfram since the first light novel was released in 2000, and now these guys come along and try to upstage us??  Wow, rude.”

People are having none of it.

“But you proposed by mistake,” they say.

“But you aren’t really in love with Wolfram,” they say.

Yuuri ignores the first comment because he can’t really deny it, and also engagement rings in Barcelona are a lot more romantic than a slap across the face over the dinner table, so he knows he’s already lost there.  Instead, he focuses on the whole “in love” thing, because he doesn’t think anyone else has any business trying to determine how he feels one way or the other.  Also, baseball season ended weeks ago, so he’s feeling a bit pent up competitively, and this seems like a great opportunity for some good old-fashioned sportsmanship or something, even if he feels more defensive than sportsman-like at the moment.

He considers going over everything he and Wolfram have ever done for one another.  That whole “I’ll fall with you” thing still has to carry some weight, doesn’t it?  Then he calls to mind every instance in which he ever waxed poetic about Wolfram over the span of seventeen novels, but he knows it’ll take too long to cover it all.  He starts mumbling something about “the sun” and “looks like an angel” and ends up going on another mental tangent about how Wolfram’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met, but because it happens in his head, no one hears a word of it.

Wolfram comes to the rescue.

“You know what we have that Viktuuri doesn’t have?” Wolfram says.

“What?” Yuuri wonders.

Wolfram’s answering grin is wide with pride.  “A daughter,” he says.

Yes.  Yes!!  That’s it, Yuuri thinks.  He and Wolfram have Greta, and no matter how much fandom might like to pretend Yuri Plisetsky is Viktuuri’s son, they have no official adoption papers to make that situation anything more than a silly delusion.

“What would I do without you, Wolfram?” Yuuri asks.

“Still come in first place instead of fourth, because as much as I hate to admit it, you don’t really need me to take care of you, even if you are an idiot.”

Yuuri and Wolfram high five one another and go have a picnic with their legally adopted daughter.

The next day, the kingdom’s newspaper runs an article about how they’re more in love than ever.

Wolfram smirks and dangles a marriage contract in Yuuri’s face.

Yuuri knows he doesn’t need to sign it to prove anything.

(Somewhere in the depths of the internet, a small but annoyingly loud part of fandom suddenly rises up and says, “But wait. Even if Wolfram still looks and acts really young, he’s actually 66 years older than Yuuri, so that’s pedophilia.”

It’s actually not pedophilia, because neither of them are pre-pubescent kids, and humans and demons age at such different rates that Earthen standards don’t really apply in the Great Demon Kingdom, but this small and annoyingly loud part of the fandom doesn’t care about accuracy. They grasp their pitchforks and begin their war anew.)