but i'm not complaining :3

It’d be like playing with fire, but Shouto and Izuku definitely want to XD
Demon!Katsuki can blend in pretty well with humans if he y'know, hid his tail and wore normal clothes. But I can tell why Shouto and Izuku like him. <3
Thanks for the lovely comments on my art, by the way, it’s something I’ve been shy about for a long time. You guys are sweet c:

  • me, a simple ereannie shipper: *remembers that the snk anime literally took out every moment eren and annie had together so it made their relationship seem small and meaningless*
  • me, a simple ereannie shipper: *huffs and grumbles for 84 years until my dying breath*

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【⚡】—Hang on a sec. You want me to do what?”  Manjoume would quickly scoff. Hopefully it wasn’t what he thought she was asking, because one question about him doing anything for her for class and he’d be out of here.

“Look, kid. If this is your idea of tryin’ to get me do your homework ‘cause you’re too lazy to do it yourself, then think again! I definitely didn’t walk all the way over here just so some Obelisk Blue could use me like their free homework pass. Don’t you guys already have enough stuck up know-it-all’s in your class anyway?”


Half of my followers will be face palming, the other half are probably giddy with delight :B I can’t apologize for this though, this game is beautiful. I enjoyed it as a gamer, but from a design perspective this game is a masterpiece. One of the best games I have played. PERIOD. I’m extremely grateful for my friend  @ahappypichu-mod getting the game for me

Anyways, here’s a massive sketch dump of me trying to get a handle on drawing the skeleton bros. Can’t help but loves these two dorks. I’m still seriously geeking out over this game!! Gyahhhhh!!! 83

(chara-sans by @chibiluka and also helped with cool-muscles papyrus drawing pffft)

The reason why Ciel wears a nightshirt instead of normal pajamas is because he’s taking secret measures. That way, when he fights with Sebastian, when they’re in their lovers mode not master-servant relationship, he’ll order Sebastian not to dress him nor get him ready for bed that way he’ll have something very easy to wear since he doesn’t know how to dress himself.

Or, to seduce Sebastian whenever Ciel gets him mad cause that’s his way of asking for forgiveness but the next day, there’ll be a fight from Ciel’s side because he won’t be able to walk properly and is covered in angry red bite marks that easily attract attention and are hard to cover; which has Sebastian smirking with satisfaction and the good ol’ feeling of revenge.

lmao i can’t believe some people think that the way Victoria and Albert’s relationship is being presented is better and more real than Victoria and Melbourne’s because he’s “honest” and “challenges her” while Lord M always treated her well: so you’re implying that a relationship is more mature and deep if you have one of the parts being and absolute asshole to the other? humilliating them in front of other people and treating them like if they were inferior? 

it was known this moment would come, but the writing went from 100 to 0 really quick, i can’t understand why Victoria would ask him to marry her when five minutes ago he was being an idiot. The proposal was painfully rushed. Neither can i understand why would they spend three episodes developing vicbourne if it was only a crush and only half an episode for the love of her life, what kind of writing strategy is this??  

p.d.: that scene at the dance with Albert tearing up his shirt was so lame jfc and i cringed so much when she gave him the flower, not only because it hurt Lord M (and i’m still crying), but because WHY WOULD YOU GIFT SOMETHING THAT WAS GIFTED TO YOU????? is this acceptable in the uk?? 

Yes hello, this is a star trek 3 positive blog, although we are 100% open to criticism we will not condem the entire franchise to death because of a single 1 minute 30 second trailer that a lot of people actually like. We will continue to be optimistic until we have absorbed said film into our eye sockets, and then will commence to pick it completely apart and complain about it and then get hyped for the next one :)