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melodrama breakdown
  • green light: I want the things ! I want them ! also fuck u
  • sober: okay so I'm uhh completely out of my fucking mind right now but it's good, little worried about what I'm going to be like sober
  • homemade dynamite: we just met but do you wanna blow something up
  • the louvre: we're the best couple. we're a work of art.
  • liability: I'm too much for you to handle.
  • hard feelings: uhhh I didn't realise being in love was going to be this hard
  • loveless: fuck love
  • sober II (melodrama): that feeling after the party or a concert of something where you're buzzing with adrenaline but you're about to crash
  • writer in the dark: take your broken heart and turn it into art
  • supercut: revisionist history
  • liability (reprise): maybe the party is meant to make us cry
  • perfect places: okay lets go party again

and she’ll burst—
like a sun-kissed wave crashing against the shore; like a monochrome painting tearing at the seams
and she’ll bloom—
like a heart-shaped moon against a pitch-black sky; like pure sunlight seeping into your skin
and she’ll fade—
like a bird trapped in a blizzard, like a young star dying for the sake of the universe

she will—

when the clouds of men pull their dark cloaks over her starlit eyes.

—  don’t let suns like her be eclipsed / alina

Ian and Mickey waking up next to each other


#I stan one (1) beautiful healthy supportive interracial power couple

"Well, melissa will tell me, or anybody else on set. My brother mentioned it a few times."
  • melissa: katie the fans think our characters are super gay for each other and I'm super about it
  • director: good job melissa but this time can you giggle and look down like the very thought of lena being so close to you makes you blush
  • katie's brother: katie uh did you mean to do that lip bite there
  • writer 1: do you think it's too much to write "lena suggestively and seductively whispers 'you are my hero' as kara giggles and blushes"
  • writer 2: nah man if anything that's tame, have you seen what we've been writing for mon-el
  • editor 1: okay that looks great but can you put in the shot where Lena is looking unnecessarily longingly at Kara while she talks? it's gayer
  • editor 2: shit u right that's gayer yeah i'll do that
  • katie: how naive was I
I hate that you’ve made me into someone who has to ask herself about what could be wrong with her, about what it is that needs to be fixed. I’ve confessed it to you before, told you all about feeling like too much of me needs to be contained or shielded from other people, all because it’s not something that people want to find in a person. And now I’m comparing myself to girls I know only on the surface level, wondering if these are girls who might say things or do things for you that I can’t, who might make you feel things that I never have. A huge part of me wants to know what you like just so that I can be that for you instead. because the truth is, I don’t want to mess this up.
—  🖤

3rd - 4th of May ~ You’ll always be beautiful to me 💙

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Ayo you are not a fanfic writer but I think I should say happy fanfic writer appreciation day to you cause I wouldn't be able to find half the ones I'm reading without you so yeah 😁

awww thank you so much but honestly this really goes out to all the fanfic writers out there  !!! 

happy fanfic writer appreciation day to all my fav writers !!! thank you for always writing fics that are unique and honestly, they’re all well-written so my kudos to you all. thank you for providing me a reason to stay up till 4am reading but hey its okay !!! i just want to let you know that all your works are appreciated !!!! 

coughs so !!!! happy appreciation day to these writers !!! @siranghae @seoulsiddy @seouledsoul2kpop @jeonseok @fightmejeonkook @bangtansohotdamn @smutbangtan @floralseokjin @dangerouslycasualchild @dreamscript @eureka-its-zico @starboyjxmin @avveh @versigny @jeonjagiya @avveh @ricepot-jisung @chim-chimmie @chinnychimchim @bxebxee @tayegi @gukvory @btssmutgalore @dailydoseofdia @1honeypot @btsjeonjazz @emboyz @inktae @isotuan @btsfanficss @kpopfanfictrash @eradikeats @jiminder @kimvtae @ellieljade @kittae @bangtans-baby @dom-joonie @minsvga @jungblue @jiminniemouse @deathbyyoongi @zephyoongist @hobibliophile @yoongguksx @an-exotic-writer @helloblamebts @ohbabyitsbts @liesfromalover @silhouetted-beauty @jessikahathaway @greasytae @sweatae @trbld-writer @jheartseok @taesthetes @btslovestrong @cheelchan @pinkeukook @imsarabum @jungkookienoona @taemyg @noir0neko @houseofbangtaninternational

and so many other writers out there, you all are the real MVPs 

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In Praise of Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project

Through all its ups and downs, the Mindy Project has been, first and foremost,  a shining example of just how much Mindy Kaling can do. Mindy Lahiri, her character on the show, was allowed to be sexy, selfish, funny, dirty, rude, clever, annoying. A mother, a doctor, sometimes single, sometimes not, sometimes married. Throughout, she was the hero of her own story, a beloved friend, a great doctor, and an attractive woman. I could write a whole 10-page essay on how her varied and sometimes hilarious dating life was a big fuck you to fatphobia, colorism, and racism.

Right now, the title of actor-writer-creator is most often reserved for white men, sometimes white women, and rarely for a MOC. Diversity in hiring actors is not matched by diversity in hiring creators. Mindy Kaling, an Indian-American ran an entire show through six straight seasons (117 episodes!) on her own hard work, acting talent, and writer’s wit. She was not just a brown face on white words, she controlled and created the entire show, and it would not be able to exist without her. 

In the later seasons of the show, as it moved to Hulu and she got more creative control, you began to see more LGBT actors and characters, more POC (and particularly MOC as love interests), and incredibly experimental storylines. Who could forget her “sliding doors” style episode, where she woke up in an alternative universe with a different husband, or her “Mindy Lahiri is a White Man” episode, where her character got to magically experience white male privilege firsthand to hilarious effect?

No show is perfect, and this one definitely had its flaws (cough cough season 1 so white, not giving Tamra enough screentime). But it has been a genuine pleasure to see Mindy Kaling grow as a writer and as an actor, and looking to the future, I know I’m not the only one who recognizes her skill–she’s paired with directors like Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle In Time) & actors like Emma Thompson (Late Night). Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

Mod Z

There are days when it’s really hard to not fall apart. Those are the days when I feel a little like an unkept garden. My roses are just starting to wilt and my daisies have had all of their petals plucked in my attempt to figure out whether or not you still love me. Those are the days when I actually find myself almost sending you the “I miss you” text that I know won’t get us anywhere but that might still make me feel better..? Because I don’t know how to talk about it with other people, and a lot of me doesn’t want to talk about it with other people because nobody knows you the way that I did. Nobody tasted you the way that I did because that was the version of you that you only showed to me. That’s the person I need like water in those terribly dry moments, but he doesn’t even exist.
—  So what do I do now? - 🖤
two birds, one stone

char is a goddess, and it is still her birthday (thank u time difference)

airport au, based on this, but not 100% similar. enjoy :)

“Yeah, dad, it’s only a short delay, I should be arriving at 7 or so,” Stiles said, tucking the phone between his ear and his shoulder as he scoured the crowded airport for a free outlet. “No, dad, you don’t need to pick me up, I can catch a cab home, I’ll be fine.”

“You think I’d let my only son take a cab home after I haven’t seen him for a year?” his dad’s tinny voice rang out sharply over the line, and Stiles smiled fondly. “I don’t know who you’ve been hanging around with, son, but I’m picking you up, and that’s the end of that. I even made sure they gave me the night off.”

“That’s great dad,” Stiles told him honestly, before his eyes widened when he caught a glimpse of a free outlet next to… was that Derek Hale? “I’ll see you tonight,” he blurted out, heading over to get a closer look at the sleeping guy. “Holy shit.”

“Language,” the Sheriff reprimanded, and Stiles winced.

“Sorry, dad. I gotta go, ‘kay? Love you,” he said absently, settling his backpack down onto the ground and unslinging his messenger bag from his shoulders, cursing silently when the strap got tangled in his earphones.

“Yeah, love you too, kid. Have a safe trip.”

At the sound of the click, Stiles ripped his earbuds out and fumbled to untangle them when his bag’s strap slid a few inches in his grasp, knocking against Derek’s bent knees. “Shit,” he breathed out, eyes wide and horrified. He waited for a few moments, unmoving, before letting out a relieved breath when Derek didn’t wake. He folded himself down a few steps away, cursing the fact that he had left his extension cord back in Beacon Hills, and his charger was unfortunately short, rendering him incapable of moving further out and admiring Derek from after, like he used to.

He let out a sigh at the thought of his first few years of high school. Derek had been the basketball team captain, two years older than Stiles, and the only reason he hadn’t tried out for the team was the burning fear that he’d trip Derek up by accident during the tryouts and spend the rest of his high school career eating his lunch next to the dumpsters. Sarcastic and terrifying tended to be Stiles’ type, evidenced by one Lydia Martin and Derek himself.

Although, looking down at Derek now, his lashes dark smudges against his cheeks and his mouth shut in a little pout looking all sleepy and adorable, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell that Derek had allegedly got the 6’6” football quarterback to cry and apologize to Jessica Rawlings, a girl in Stiles’ year. Last he heard, Derek had gone off to the East Coast for college, following the footsteps of all his older siblings.

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Particularly, though, I’m going to talk about how I’m noticing some people obviously aren’t doing their homework for DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. This isn’t really offensive like getting mental illness or cultural stuff incorrect, but it’s still not good because it can be confusing for those who have done the research and/or have firsthand experiences.

Those people have their muses reacting realistically, then some people just write whatever they think is right, then their partner has to work with or around that incorrect information… which in turn can be confusing to the other and it’s a mess, actually.

It can also get misinterpreted by others who don’t know about the subjects either, and since they remember what one person was writing about it, they might feel like they don’t need the research. So it spreads… and therefore more mess.


  • look up the side effects and the dangers, longterm and short term
  • how they’re measured
  • whether or not it’s actually addictive, plus withdrawal symptoms
  • what possible medical reasons they are meant to be consumed for
  • how it can react with alcohol and other drugs
  • if they’re over the counter or prescribed or made illegally
  • the ways they’re made and/or distributed
  • the ways they can be consumed (orally, inhaled, injected, etc.)
  • different names the drug can be called by
  • relevant laws in the location your character is at if applicable
  • the likelihood of a tolerance being built if its even possible
  • how much your character will be affected relative to their size and amount consumed
  • and possibly even the history of the drug


  • look up a bunch of different kinds, possibly even familiarize yourself with brands
  • understand the standard drink sizes
  • check the alcohol content of the drink your character is consuming
  • the side effects and the dangers longterm and short term
  • how it can react with certain drugs
  • learn about how someone of your character’s size can be affected, how a tolerance is built and how it’s developed by someone of your character’s size
  • definitely research alcoholism and alcohol abuse if your character is supposed to be an alcoholic or heavy drinker
  • make sure you know withdrawal symptoms for the above
  • research alcohol poisoning too
  • and relevant laws in the location your character is at if applicable

If you are writing someone who frequently uses a drug or drinks alcohol, and it’s a lifestyle for them, pretty much everything I just listed for both is necessary to know. Don’t only base stuff on what you’ve seen in shows and movies.

Not all of this information may be possible for you to find. If that happens, or any time you feel particularly uncertain, you can go to someone you know / ask around for someone who would be okay with sharing firsthand experiences. If they aren’t writers themselves, just explain you’re a writer!

AND REMEMBER! Doing research can really help you get to know your characters better, or even your partners’ characters better, and you can develop them much further.

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I uh... I may be an ignorant or something but... Why is it bad to be white? (Please don't be mad at me, also, I can't difference a lot of colors so, again, don't be mad at me ;-; I just want to understand)

The issue isn’t that it’s bad to be white (though there’s a lot of sociological factors that, when you start digging into, allow you to realize that Whiteness as a social construct is very damaging and has been and is still being used to do great harm in the world). 

The issue more specifically here is that Wentworth Miller (who acts Leonard Snart) isn’t white. He’s biracial and mixed race. His heritage isn’t necessarily that simple once you start looking into it (from wikipedia: “his father is of African-American, Jamaican, German, and English ancestry; his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese ancestry”), and he’s been outspoken before about being a man of color

Aka… not a white man.

I know the character has been “implied” to be white by the narrative because his sister and father are white, but most fans have tried to respect the actor’s actual heritage by writing him as mixed race in fan works and writing Leonard’s mother as a black woman. And the implication that he’s white is erasure from the show writers and also a shitty thing for them to do.

Building on that, it’s just… pretty racist to ignore his actual heritage and race to say he’s a white man, knowing he’s not. For a fan who genuinely doesn’t know that he’s not white, it’s not a huge deal if they screw up about it once. Then it’s just a matter of someone saying “oh actually he’s mixed race” and that fan going “oh okay, my bad” and fixing their mistake moving forward, maybe apologizing if necessary and looking some stuff up. But for the producer and a head writer of the show to erase his heritage is just a really shitty move. 

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okay so it's 6:57 AM right and I'm on Tumblr with all of Otayuri going down my feed while listening to Lady Gaga and I'm suddenly craving the need to read a oneshot where Otabek walks in on Yuri jamming to like paparazzi or something while he braids his hair !!! I'm hoping you can do since you're a phenomenal writer and I really wanna see a good oneshot like this!

Omg I love this! But I’ll go with Bad romance though, cause it’s my jam ;)

Otabek knocked, rang, knocked again and Yuri never came to open the door. He knows it’s because of how loud his music is, Otabek can feel the vibration of the bass through the door. 

He takes his keychain from his pocket and picks the cheetah printed key Yuri gave him a few months back and gets inside, suddenly hit by the sound of Lady Gaga’s music playing so loud the paint is about to crack on the walls. 

Otabek drops his bag next to the door and takes off his shoes and leather jacket as well. He is fixing his hair int he mirror next to the front door when he hears Yuri’s voice coming from his room at the end of the corridor.


Otabek can’t really help but burst out laughing, even more when he catches Potya running towards him with a look of utter horror on her pretty little face. She paws at Otabek’s leg, like she asking him to save her from her crazy master. He kneels next to her and scratches behind her ears “S’okay big girl. Nothing to be scared of,” and just on cue, he hears Yuri’s voice break on one of the higher notes, “well, maybe just a bit,” and Potya runs off to hide under the couch.

He takes a deep breath to control his laughter and walks to Yuri’s half closed door and pushes it open, again a bit surprised at how loud the music is. It’s a bit too early in the morning for Gaga singing so loudly about her bad romance 

He stops right in his track, staying still in the doorframe as he takes Yuri in. Otabek smiles at the sight in front of his eyes. Yuri, still in his pyjama, tiny purple shorts and a big cream colored sweater. He is standing in front of his mirror and is braiding his long blond hair. He is swaying his hips he is doing it and Otabek is a bit impressed at how straight and perfect the braids are looking with how much dancing Yuri is doing at the the same time. 

Yuri fixes a braid to his skull with a bobby pin that he was previously holding between his teeth and then he spins around, grabbing at his brush at the same time and he starts singing into it like it’s some kind of microphone. 

His hips are following the beat. His sweater slipping from his shoulder as he moves, exposing his beautiful collarbones,

I want your everything as long as it’s-WHAT THE HELL BEKA?!

And Otabek has to raise a hand to protect his face because Yuri all but throws his hair brush at his head when he finally spots him sanding at the door with a stupid dopey smile on his face. Yuri rans to his Ipod and turns the music off, staying with his back to Otabek and hiding what probably is the brightest blush ever in his hands.

Otabek really, really wants to laugh because it’s just the funniest, most adorable thing he ever witnessed.


“Shut up, oh my God, how long were you standing there?”

Otabek bites at his bottom lip and Yuri finally raises his head from his hands and yes, his cheeks are bright and his eyes are wide and fuck, he is gorgeous. It’s enough for him to stop laughing and take a few steps into the room, closer to Yuri, “a few minutes maybe?”

“Aaaargh,” Is what Yuri says before falling face first on his bed, there is something that sounds a lot like “hate you so much right now” that is mumbled in his comforter but Otabek isn’t sure.

“Heeey, I’m the one who almost got an hair brush straight in the eye.”

Yuri turns his head around to look at Otabek, and he at least looks a bit sheepish when he says “sorry, you scared me.”

Otabek reaches out to cup one of Yuri’s cheek in his hand and leans down to kiss his still heated cheek, “Morning sunshine.”

“Morning,” Yuri replies, now smiling a little. He sits back up and pulls Otabek closer with a hand at the back of his head. He gives him a proper kiss on the mouth, soft and a bit shy, but still. “M’sorry. I don’t hate you.”

Otabek laughs softly, “I know that.”

Otabek stands up and goes back to Yuri’s Ipod, picking a much slower song and reaches a hand for Yuri, pulling him up and into his waiting arms. They start dancing around Yuri’s room together. Slowly swaying from side to side, wrapped around each other. Otabek looks by the window and realizes it started snowing.

Potya makes her way back in the room, now much more comfortable with the softer music. She jumps on Yuri’s bed and lays there, watching them slow dancing to Million reasons.

Heeey hope you liked it :)

I’m still seeing you in hallways and in faces I shouldn’t pay attention to, but that’s okay. You avoid my eyes and I avoid yours, right? We both knew that it’d come to this, so it’s no surprise. But could you tell me why this feels like a secret romance?
—  Day 2 🖤

You know, for a fandom so full of amazing writers and creators you are all so quick to jump and judge the showrunners and the writers like you don’t know how the process works.

When you write a certain storyline you do it because you think that’s the best road to take to tell your story. And sometimes your readers question it, because you could have taken a different road, or maybe they think they can do better than you. But you know that’s not true, because it’s your story, and you know you are being very clever about it, you know that everything you do, you do for a reason.

And sometimes when you come up with a scene, you get so exicted, because it fits so perfect, sometimes you feel like it’s the best dang thing you’ve ever come up with, and you see a dozen of different roads to go from there, and you can’t wait to share it with your readers, you can’t wait to take them on that journey. But it’s a complex thing. Sometimes you gotta focus on one thing before you can go to the next. Sometimes you have to spend hours or even days developing storylines you don’t even want to develop until you can jump to the good stuff, but you know that’s what you gotta do. Fore the sake of the story. For the bigger picture.

And sometimes that’s what our showrunners and writers do, too. Sometimes they come up with scenes they think are so great, so exciting and they can’t wait to share it with us. And even when we don’t like it, they are proud of it because it’s their hard work put into it, and they too think they are being clever about it, keeping in mind the oh so important bigger picture, knowing it will all make sense later, even when we can’t see that.

And sometimes they mess up, sometimes they get so caught up in the story they don’t see how someone might get hurt in the process. And sometimes they just get tangled in that annoying part where they have to develop part of the story that no one wants to see developed, sometimes not even them. But it has to be done, to complete the picture, to have everything set into place later, because it’s a growing process, that never stops, and it’s a complex puzzle with so many pieces, but someone has to put them all together.

And the ones that are putting it together are just people. Just like you. And sometimes they will make mistakes, and sometimes people will get hurt, and sometimes they will infuriate you so much, you will want to just unleash all your anger on them, but before you do remember they are just like you. Writing a story, taking paths you might not have taken but it doesn’t mean they won’t reach the same goal.

1k Followers Milestone: Writing Raffle

I tried to book a party at Denny’s but it didn’t work out sooooooooo I have decided to do one of the other suggestions: A writing raffle. Because apparently some of you like my writing and probs followed me bc I wrote that one Whizzvin college au?? If you don’t know who I am (read: a loser), here is some examples of the kinda famous fics I’ve written: 30 Days In Falsettoland, I’d like to believe that I’d do it again, A Collection of Firsts, and Games I Play. I have also written about ten or so one-shots that you can see/read on my profile.

Anyways here’s how to enter:

  • Must be following me (bc this is literally for/bc of my followers)
  • Like/Reblog this post (each reblog/like is considered one entry. You can reblog this as many times as you like, but the max amount of entries that you can have is five).
  • The deadline to enter is a week from this post. So the deadline is August 28, 2017. If this post gets less than at least 20 notes, I will extend the deadline.
  • If you win, direct message me your prompt (this includes which fandom and pairing you want). 
  • I will rb this post and tag the winners. If you win, you must message me in 72 hours (3 days) with a prompt or I will choose someone else.


  • 1st Place: two 5k-10k word oneshots written with the prompts you have given me. I will post them on my tumblr and tag you in it.
  • 2nd Place: one 5k-10k word oneshot written with the prompt you have given me. I will post it on my tumblr and tag you in it.
  • 3rd Place: one 1k-3k word oneshot written with the prompt you have given me. I will post it on my tumblr and tag you in it.

Other Information:

  • I will be choosing the winners completely at random.
  • I will prioritize the winners by descending order (I will start writing for the 1st place winner first, and then the 2nd, and then the 3rd). However, I am sure that I will be able to finish all the prompts within a month.
  • Fandoms that I am actively apart of: Falsettos and Book of Mormon. But I can also (if you prefer) write for Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Great Comet, Kinky Boots, Groundhog Day, Wicked, Jersey Boys, and tbh - if you give me a musical that I haven’t heard before, I will listen to it and try to write for it. If I discover that I cannot write for a certain musical, I will dm you so you can choose a different fandom. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT A PROMPT AND ASK YOU FOR ANOTHER ONE. Also, I will not write dirty, gory, non-con, smutty stuff, okay?? So don’t ask for those bc I will say no.


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Hey! I'm a cisgendered straight woman who wants to tell the stories of LGBTQ+ people through my writing (anything from fluffy love stories to serious representations of discrimination). I'm worried that me writing this would be offensive to people in the LGBTQ+ community, and the last thing I would want to do is to overstep my boundaries. You're an author that I really respect and whose writing I really love, so I value your opinion on this: is it ok for someone like myself to write this? <3

Hi! Its interesting, we were just talking about this yesterday! I received some great input from a number of different writers on tumblr :) I’m going to do this in bullet points as a I try to get my thoughts in order.

I think it’s absolutely okay for you to write about LGBT+ characters, but you have to handle them well.

  1. Research, research, research. Read books by LGBTQIA+ authors ( check out @lgbtqreads) and go find people who don’t mind talking about their experiences.
  2. Understand that you’re going to make mistakes. Be okay with that, be open to listening, and be open to accepting criticism. And then use the comments to be better.
  3. Understand that not everyone will agree it’s okay. Not everyone is going to look at you and think it’s okay for you to be writing LGBT characters. There are voices in the community and it’s true that as a cisgendered, straight woman you’re more likely to be heard than they are. You can understand that and still write, but I feel it’s important to acknowledge that you do have privilege here.
  4. Avoid the hell out of tropes. Lesbian couple finally gets together and then one of them dies for Tragedy™. Gay couple somehow miraculously fits into heterosexual gender roles (one has more stereotypical feminine interests while the other has more stereotypical masculine interests.).  I’m not saying that these things don’t happen, but they’re often used to make gayness #acceptable in media.

But you know what? These are just the rules that I have for myself in my own writing. I have a very narrow field of vision because of my own identity. So here’s a bunch of sources you should definitely check out about this issue!

(X)  (X) (X) (X)