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At this point one of two things needs to happen: 1) the writers need to tell us that yes Kara and Lena will happen or 2) they need to start explaining why Kara reacts that way to Lena and why Katie McGrath thinks its okay to have Lena unashamedly flirting with Kara.
Like, those are literally the only two options. I don’t NEED to know but I would like to know that I’m not just making things up in my mind. But, given all of their scenes together I highly doubt that I’m making it up.
The lingering looks. The flirty smiles. The lip bites. I mean honestly Lena “I am CEO of a huge company” Luthor, tooktime out of her day to personally invite Kara. We have no idea how she got Kate’s address. She was clearly jealous of Alex before Kara said she was her sister. And when she asked Supergirl if she and Kara would see her there, that smile had so much meaning behind it. Like she was so happy.
By now I have no doubts that the look in 2x04 was definitely a ‘gay ulterior motives’ look.

Anyway, this might just be me.

  • me: *rereads some of my old fanfictions*
  • me: *gets to the end*
  • me: *wants to read more*
  • me @ myself: well you know there's a very simple solution to that, you just... write more?
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: sounds hard
  • me: how about instead of doing that i... *don't* do that

Here’s some sketchy ficart for @perfectlyrose‘s amazing doomsday fix-it. Go read it if you haven’t already!

I’m sorry but there’s that gifset going around from THOB of Sherlock dismissing Henry’s plot of him suppressing his childhood trauma and turning it into a dog as “Boring!” and people are like “OMG they’re so stupid!!!! XDDDDD They called their own plot stupid years ago!!!1 XDDDDDD What terrible writers!!! We’re so much smarter :3”

Uhhh okay, listen, that’s a really weirdly specific plot to just re-create by accident…..Unless……….UNLESS………..They’re self-aware and it was intentional! :O

My eyes seek for you whenever I walk by your hall. You are like this magnet that I’m drawn too and I cannot seem to pull away. You are the north and I’m the south and I’m attracted to you like a moth to a flame.
—  g.d (via @booknerdforlife21)


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Well, it’s also referenced in The Shadowhunter Academy, I haven’t read it yet, but I was told by my friend who got really excited about it. It was something about how “Raphael has never loved in that way” Please, correct me if I am wrong though. Raphael has just alway been aroace in my head. Also, I look at authors’ social media stuff as canon, but you’re right, that’s just me. (And I agree, Jughead is in this case the “more real” erasure, but Raphael counts for me too)

I’m not sure I read that book in particular (I only read 5 of them and then I deleted everything from my brain) but from what I know there’s no real aroace rep in them. The thing is that CC is known for her shitty treatment of lgbtq+ characters in general so I think that whatever there was there about Raphael wasn’t actually meant to say anything about his sexual/romantic orientation (although can still be interpreted as such of course) and I’m pretty sure when she said “aroace” she didn’t actually know what that word meant either. (Also omg about the “never loved that way” part: in the show when Raphael talks about his feelings for Izzy he keeps emphasizing how he hasn’t felt that way in a really long time which I took to mean ‘never’ or not since like 60 years ago or something so that’s why I see him as demiromantic but again, that’s just my interpretation of it).

Also I don’t think that her tweets were even the reason the show writers decided to do this in the first place, I think it was mostly because of the fans who kept tweeting @ them and asking about the possibility of asexual Raphael. So unlike CC they actually went and did research on asexuality (like, they actually spoke to ppl from GLAAD) and even tho their ace rep didn’t come out perfect it’s still more and much better than what CC ever did. So I mean I totally understand ppl who are mad that Raphael isn’t aro because all this time I saw him as aroace too but it’s still not something I personally would really hold against the show writers because again, they didn’t really have any canon material to work with so idk

I don’t have enough words to tell you how much it hurts. It’s sitting on my chest and breaking my ribs, my throat is thight, and my eyes are burning, but I swear it’s okay.
It’s okay because we both knew we’re better off of each other.
I’m so sorry I couldn’t be the girl you wanted me to be, and I’m sorry it happened the way like this, because I was madly in love with you - I still am.
But I had to let go.
I had to because I couldn’t endure the pain anymore.
I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.
Please, take care of yourself.
I wish you happiness, laughter and good times.
I’m sorry.
—  I’m sorry// 2015.08.04.

Okay. I actually sent a huge chunk of the next Vows chapter to my beautiful proofreader.

I sort of feel productive as a writer for the first time in a long time.

PSA: Writers are artists too.

People seem to think that reposting artwork or other graphics is stealing, but that doing the same for writing isn’t? Or that you can’t ‘steal’ writing, just because it’s easy to copy? Or the written word is not as important as visual works, so stealing it is okay, and this is not true.

These are two issues I’ve noticed with this that are growing increasingly common:

  • Firstly: there is this popular trend going about, particularly with roleplayers, that they use someone else’s writing, whether it be poetry or a quote or something, in the caption section of their roleplay promotions / advertisements, but they don’t credit the source. They’ll give credit (sometimes) for the image(s) they used for the promo, but not the writing – as if one deserves credit and the other doesn’t? I’ve now seen my own work used in the caption of someone’s promo – without credit. It was just two lines from a much longer poem, but it is still MY work and while my rules state on my poetry blog people can use my writing for various things, I require credit for anything. Not doing so is STEALING and REPOSTING someone’s work. It doesn’t take much effort to put in a credit, either. If a writer doesn’t even want you to use their writing, regardless of credit, and you do so anyway, that is also stealing.

  • Secondly, and this is even more predominant: Musing blogs ( a couple in particular ) seem to think it is okay to REPOST someone else’s poetry, writing, etc. into a musing post; again, without credit, without question or permission. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Just because it’s THERE and it’s writing doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like to or with it. Musing blogs who take writing from other sources and just repost it as a musing post for others to reblog are illegitimately using other people’s work. This is theft. I have also had to deal with someone making a musing out of my writing, without credit or permission, and they just thought it was?? okay?? to take?? someone else’s writing?? and post it?? as your own???


Please stop thinking you can do whatever you want with whatever you find.

Libra, spend your love wisely.

Capricorn, breathe through all of this.

Sagittarius, you are a wanderer; the rest comes later.

Taurus, loneliness is just as much the cure as the ailment.

Aquarius, of course you are needed.

Pisces, a blank canvas is its own kind of art.

Cancer, this is worth every battle.

Leo, you are so much softer than you believe.

Gemini, manifest harmony.

Virgo, one day you will be glad you left them behind.

Scorpio, remember what brought you here.

Aries, you are both the spark and the wildfire.

—  little horoscopes for august // topaz winters

Okay but I Remember You/Hello Monster is actually one of the best endings to a show I’ve seen in awhile?

And it’s because from the beginning they really told us to expect that type of ending. In the very first episode, we are told that something has restarted Hyeon’s story. That receiving that email began his life over again, brought it out of pause mode. Brought it out of its holding pattern. 

So why should the ending of the drama represent any true ending? Why should it end with a neat little bow and all threads tied up perfectly. Why can’t it end with the exact possibility of the story continuing because that’s what it’s always been about. 

Hello Monster wasn’t about the end of Hyeon’s story but the beginning. And the ending of the drama reflected that. 

It is implied in the ending that Hyeon and Ji An will eventually catch Joon Young, and it is ultimately what both Hyeon and Joon Young want. And while it’s frustrating to not get to see the bastard die. It’s a better ending than the one that would have been offered if that had been the case. 

Because ultimately Hyeon’s story is too intrinsically tied to Joon Young for that to result as anything but another ending for Hyeon’s story (and for Min’s). An ending that would ultimately not be satisfying as initially expected.

And I Remember You was never about ending. It was about beginning. (I can’t emphasize this enough because it’s easy to forget at the end of things that some stories aren’t about endings but are about moments, about beginnings and that things can end in medias res–in the middle of things–just as much as they can begin)

Which is exactly what we get. Ji An and Hyeon’s romance begins and will continue. The team while formed before the show really begins through the course of the show and will continue (even if in a different form). They will hunt Joon Young and they will catch him, and he will pay for his crimes. Min’s story is left entirely open-ended yet it is clear in that ending he is free from Joon Young’s control and that maybe he will get his own beginning as Min, not as some fake identity. The story of these peoples’ lives will continue. 

And since the story was always about beginning that ending is ultimately satisfying when one takes the storytelling into consideration and not solely the desire for a particular ending. 

It’s the only ending that could feel right for the show.

Only an open ending could truly tell the story of a moment that they were going for, which they promised from the first episode. If they’d tied up the story in a neat little bow where Joon Young dies or gets arrested. Where Min goes to prison. And where Ji An and Hyeon get their fairy tale ending. It wouldn’t have felt true to the storytelling throughout the entire drama 

That bow-like type of ending while maybe more in line with what is normally expected and what we normally get from television shows would not have been right for this show. 

And I personally could not be prouder of the writers for recognizing that and giving their show the ending that it deserves and the one that is far more appropriate.

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@doctorwily Yeah I know the movie and YEAH this is such a rad concept. I typed a little thing here and it’s pretty sad sOOOOOO……..

Tomatoredd doesn’t like to be quiet for too long. They must speak and have a conversation every few minutes or the ‘incident’ will occur again. None of them wants to recur that incident.

Its happened long ago when they were the only reject in the white void room. They were bored with no one other than themselves to talk to. One day however, they were pacing around, bored out of their minds. Then, their body froze. The trio was taken aback. Why couldn’t they move? Their feet felt like they were made out of cement.

It was Matt.

The leftover trio tried to talk to him, but nothing came out.

He was reminiscing.

Thinking of his past. His childhood. The adventures he’s been on. The good ol’ times. The vanity of himself………The regrets………The mistakes…………

The bad times.

They couldn’t speak at all except for Matt, who had total control of the body. Tom tried talk mentally to Matt, by complementing him. It was no avail. Tord didn’t know what to say at all. Edd was quiet.

It’s been at least 5 minutes.

The trio is fearful. Tom is nervous. Tord is in disarray. Edd is getting scared. Matt is silent.

Then he finally broke.

Tears gushed from their one 'good’ right eye. He was bawling. There was too much tension in the body. Tom is in shock. Tord is taken aback. Edd is terrified. Matt is still crying.

Edd took control of the arms.
Their entire body shook.

Edd started to hug themselves tightly to try to calm Matt down.

It worked.

Ten minutes had passed. The quartet is dazed but decent. They feel so tired. Their face is full of tear streaks. They’re okay for now.

For now………

Okay, sorry one more thing that pisses me off about this whole new Harry thing is that it kind of re-emphasizes how much more stock is put in the white men on this show, even as outnumbered as they are. Every time The Flash introduces a female character (that isn’t DP or CP), they only ever have one purpose to fulfill and then they’re gone. I’m still not sure what they’re doing with Jesse. Linda and Patty were brought in to be love interests, and then they were gone. Even though it’s been established (for the most part) that Linda is Iris’ best work friend. Kendra was dope and then she peaced the fuck out which was fine until they made her peace the fuck out on her own goddamn show. Francine came in to introduce Wally, they treated her story like garbage, and then she fucking died offscreen. She didn’t even get a scene with her son. There haven’t even been enough significant female characters to come on the show regularly for me to make a decent list. Where are Iris’ friends?! She’s supposed to be popular!

A female character can only have one half-written man-centered arc before she peaces the fuck out, but this white dude can be reintroduced over and over again for no particular reason other than the fact that the writers just like having him around. Like honestly what kind of shit is that?


Okay, so I don’t know where this came from, and it’s kind of shit, but I felt like writing today, and it was decent enough to at least post and come back to fix later.  


This is very loosely based off of something that happened to me and it made me laugh at myself, so why not put Jack through the embarrassment as well?  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! 

Jack didn’t move, barely even dared to breathe as Mark finally drifted off into a dreamless sleep.  Mark’s head was pillowed on his chest and Jack was terrified that any movement may wake his snoozing, sick boyfriend. 

Jack let him sleep peacefully for a few moments before the itch of boredom wiggled its way beneath his skin.  He shifted a bit, testing his chances at escape without waking up the sleeping man-child on top of him. 

Luckily, Mark was sleeping like the dead and Jack slid from underneath his grip with no problems.  

He stood over Mark for a few seconds, watching his peaceful face, smashed into the mattress as it was.  Bending over, he brushed his lips across a warm, slightly damp temple before retreating and heading for the kitchen to make a warm meal for Mark to wake up to. 

A twinge of guilt twisted into his stomach at the thought of Mark waking up alone, and as he was chopping vegetables, he heard a coughing fit start up in the bedroom where his boyfriend was supposed to be sleeping. 

A few moments later, the coughing subsided and Jack began to worry.  From the sounds of things, Mark hadn’t moved from the bedroom and normally his boyfriend loved to cling to Jack when he was ill. 

Throwing vegetables into the soup with one hand, he reached out and grabbed his phone with the other.  

Only half of his attention was focused on the phone in his hand.  He sent a quick text to Mark in the other room, asking if he was doing okay and if he needed some water after his most recent fit probably tore his throat to shreds. 

Putting his phone down and making his way to the fridge, he was startled to hear Mark’s loud guffaw of laughter intermingled with coughing and wheezing. 

Jack felt his brow furrow and he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before making his way into the bedroom where Mark was flailing on the bed, trying to laugh, cough, and breathe at the same time.  

Placing the water on the nightstand, Jack waited for Mark’s fit to be over before he raised a curious eyebrow and tilted his head. 

Mark’s grin nearly split his face in half.  “Oh, do you think I’m…thirsty?” he asked in a strange tone of voice before bursting into another fit.  

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jack asked, confused and slightly offended.  What the hell was so funny?

Without answering, Mark sat up, picked up his phone and proceeded to show Jack the last message he sent Mark.  

Jack’s face burst into a blush and a hand came up to cover his eyes after he read what was supposed to be his text.  

As he hadn’t been paying enough attention at the time, so he hadn’t noticed that the word ‘doing’ had been auto corrected and put into all caps. Instead of the caring message he meant to send Mark, the message read 

DONG okay? Thirsty? 

Mark was still laughing as he pulled Jack down onto the bed with him and cuddled into him.  

“I have to finish the soup I’m making..” Jack said, flush spreading across his chest and ears.  

“Oh, you were….cocking for me?” Mark chuckled as he watched the gorgeous red covering Jack’s skin spread even further. 

“I hate you.” 

“Obviously, you don’t.”

Jack sighed and looked over at Mark, noting the smile that had been absent on his face since he had been ill.  “Yeah.  I don’t.” 

cuticles strewn into dismemberment
pulling myself away: picking, peeling
learning to breathe dusty air

i’m never there, you’re never here
tangled pathways in the color of scar

can you hear broken breath,
can you see fractured light,
can you taste salted tears
all before they slip by, unnoticed?

morning has never been a friend
always revealing dreams as nothing more than
silver screen annotations to the life we lead
vs the life we need -
i need to give up wanting
so i rid myself of this lump that rests in my chest
when i try to speak when things are amiss
and tangled becomes knotted.

fingers dismembered gardens -
poppy leaf, red raw
a wallet of unrecalled, trifold and unstable
wanting, wanting, wanting
to fidget into the arms of understand