but i'm not

I'm just so damn tired...

I’m sorry I’m such a waste of space.

I’m sorry that I’m not what you want.

I have never asked for anything. So don’t accuse me of sitting back and watching you “solve my problems” like you said.

I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. My chest hurts. My head hurts. I’m tired of crying.i just want it all to be over. I just want to end this.

Can we just talk about Sam in this gif for a minute? That right there is the face of a guy who has wanted a baby brother for a really long time and finally has one. Just look at his face. He’s just pretty much, like, “I’m so proud of my little brother, looking at him shooting accurately.” And Dean in the background is just like, “fuck this shit, I hate everything. Sammy was my brother first, and Dad was our dad before he was yours.” And Adam’s like, “lolz, they think I’m not a ghoul." 

Okay, so imagine a soulmate au where whenever your soulmate touches your skin, the part they touched turns a different color. And not faded colors, but like bright rainbow colors.

And so it’s basically impossible to hide when you find your soulmate. And it’s just super awkward when you go to shake someone’s hand in greeting and both your hands turn green.

You kiss your soulmate for the first time and can’t help laughing because there’s just a splatter of different colors around their mouth

Your soulmate has a big important meeting to get to so you kiss all over their neck, just little pecks that leave lip prints

And you’ll just sit there for hours, drawing little doodles on your soulmate’s arm

And the colors fade after a few hours but you almost always see little splotches on people because humans touch a lot more than they think and each patch of color tells a little story

the boys are in a band

five sos

the boys play a concert

live sos

the boys get even taller

thrive sos

the boys want to win

strive sos

the boys make me feel

alive sos

give me a hi five sos