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Friendly PSA

  If you find this offensive…

… then there are a whole lot of timeless love stories out there that you should also find offensive. You see, Reylos didn’t invent romances with Byronic heroes - stories where a deeply flawed, damaged, and even manipulative or dangerous man gets redeemed by his love for a morally superior woman. It’s a tale as old as time

Reylos don’t take the dynamics of this fictional relationship literally. In fact, many of us have wonderful and caring partners. We simply understand the symbolic message in these unlikely pairings- the idea that we tend choose people who make us better, and that there is nothing more redeeming than love. 

For those who are still clutching their pearls about Reylo, though, let’s walk you through all the other famous romantic and symbolic  offensive couples featuring a Byronic male hero. 

First off, Mr. Darcy and Lizzy in Pride & Prejudice. You knew this was coming. Dude insulted her family,  called her plain, and sabotaged her sister’s relationship. Forget  everything he did afterward to fix his mistakes and prove himself worthy of her. Nothing to see here, folks, let’s move along.

Next up- another famous Romantic -era couple- Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre. Yeah, this one is even more off-limits. He kept his mentally ill wife locked in the attic, toyed with Jane’s emotions to try to make her jealous, and tried to trick her into a bigamous marriage. Never mind the fact that she didn’t take his shit because she was a strong female character with agency, that she came back to him one day on her own terms, that she married him after his wife tragically committed suicide and he convinced her that he had changed for the better, and that she finally found belonging and happiness with him.

Like Gone With The Wind? Well, you shouldn’t. Rhett Butler is Mr. Byronic Hero #3. He is pushy, persistent, tells Scarlett things she doesn’t want to hear about herself, and is even violent with her on one occasion. Tell Grandma that her tastes are offensive, okay? And write the Library of Congress and American Film Institute while you’re at it. It’s important to take a critical perspective that understands the problematic messages of the film given its historical context while also appreciating what it tells us about the human experience. destroy anything that offends us in 2018. 

Okay, okay. Lots of old examples here. What about a newer one? Everyone feels for Snape and Lily, right? Even though they weren’t meant to be, it is pretty romantic and heart-wrenching to think of how much he sacrificed for her, how he turned his life around for her, and how he never stopped loving her despite being totally reviled and misunderstood, right? WRONG. Snape is a classic abuser. He called her a Mudblood. He pushed Harry and Ron’s noses into their parchment that one time. Jerk off.

Whew, had to get that off my chest. SO MANY OFFENSIVE FICTIONAL COUPLES and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stay safe out there, my friends. Wouldn’t want symbolism or art or fiction to come up and bite ya!!

Travis: Fjord def wants to talk more to Caleb (and Nott)

Critters: SHIP. SHIP. SHIP.

Fjord: Can you show us some magic tricks? Show us some magic. I’d like to see some more magic. Can you teach me some magic? I’m really interested in magic.


I wish I could make friends who like League. However, I can’t because I don’t actually play the game; I only read a lot of lore—and love it—I know some people from real life who would probably befriend me, but they are my senpais. I wish I had friends so I could try LoL, but I’m afraid of doing so alone. 

Hey, I’m so sorry this is so late but heya @skydendrin! I am your backup Santa for @danganronpasecretsanta!! I saw you liked Saihara and Amami so I drew them in some cosy winter clothes! I hope you like it, and I hope your 2018 has started well :D

You, Clouds, Rain

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New Taglists!!!

Hey SPN Fandom,

It’s a new year and I decided to revamp my small taglist by now “officially” creating multiple taglists. Which means I’ll be welcoming tag requests for these categories: 

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But for now, maybe I can get a few signal boosts to help get my blog out there to more members of our fandom?

Thank you!

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Beth Ditto - I’m Alive (Tommy James & The Shondells Cover)

New music from former Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto, I’m Alive is a cover of the 1968 hit from Tommy James & The Shondells.