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nickname(s): Raven…? 

gender: female

star sign: virgo and leo 

height: 5′3 or 5′4 something, i dont remember lol

sexual orientation: asexual 

hogwarts house: i’ve never searched it because mann way too lazyy. But lets do it rn. So i did two quizzes and one said Ravenclaw and one said Gryffindor :p

time right now: 9:57 AM 

cat or dog person: I like both but I have a cat and he is so boring and i liked dogs more when i had them. So I’ll vote for dogs.

favorite fictional character: lol this is the question I fear the most because my mind goes suddenly blank 😂 But I’d say I like Robin Clair from an online novel called “The Lonely King” andd Noah and Jude from the novel called “I’ll give you the sun.” (i cant remember more characters 😂)

number of blankets i sleep with: i dont like sleeping with blankets because it is uncomfortable for me but in winters 2 are enough. And it is still winter here but feels like summer so i take a very very thin blanket. 

favorite singer/band: I have wayyy to many. AURORA, Birdy, Black Veil Brides, Bon Iver, BROODS, cavetown, Christina Grimme, Daughter, EarlyRise, Fleurie, Florence + The Machine, Gabrielle Aplin, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Melanie Martinez, Mr Little Jeans, The Neighborhood, Nicholas Yee, Of Verona, Owl City, Paramore, Placebo, Purity Ring, PVRIS, Ruelle, Sabrina Carpenter, The Script, Seafret, Skyler Grey, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, Twenty One Pilots, XYLØ, Sir Sly, Lykke Li, Foxes, Air shaper. 
I’ll stop here now lol.

dream trip: To go on a lonnggg drive away from the city with my friends.And go to Northern England. (idky but i just simply love long drives and the landscape of northern England calms me down lol)  

when was your blog created: at the end of 2015 i think 

when did your blog reach its peak: In the start of 2016. I just suddenly started to get 50+ followers each day which was terrifying and weird.

what made you decide to make a tumblr: my friend @mellifluous-distorted-rain recommended that I should have a tumblr and here I am.

10 people i want to tag are: @daydream-of-a-demon @twistedan @recompose-d @undying-dreamer .Its upto you guys if you want to do it or not!

imagine Ronan and Adam consistently saying “gross” and “ew” and “get a room” every time Blue and Gansey do anything remotely romantic in front of them. Ronan’s the one who starts it and Adam finds it juvenile but he can’t help himself, as usual, so he starts doing it too.

Then, they do it enough that Opal catches on to it and one night at the Barns when Ronan and Adam do something cute, like hold hands or say “I love you” or kiss or whatever, Opal shouts “GROSS!” And Adam rolls his eyes because he should have known this would happen, and Ronan just beams in pride because he’s so proud of his daughter for being as annoying as he is.

About Time // Prologue

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Type/Genre: Alternate Universe, (Time Travel!au? idk)

Ratings: undefined

Warnings: Implied violence scene

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

a/n: This is one of the oldest fic I wrote but I took it down because I was highly unhappy about it so I rewrite the whole thing. It might be confusing at first, but I hope it will clear up on the next chapters.

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= Prologue =

Each and every single human being in this world always wants something. We always have our wishes for our own selfishness.

We wish for a good life.

We wish for love.

We wish for happiness.

We wish for second chances.

Second chance.

That was what I wished for.

The one thing I prayed for every night before I sleep. The one thing I prayed for, at the very night before I woke up in an entirely different life.

A new life.

My second chance.

I dreaded my life.

I was 30 years old. I have lost all kinds of connection to my parents. I have lost everything, my love, my hope and my dreams. And I could feel my whole life slipping away, taking pieces of my soul as it withered to ashes. I cried constantly until I reached to a point where I could no longer find any will to release the pain burning inside of me.

I was 30 years old when I felt numb. When I lost the love that I used to have towards life. When all I could feel was exhaustion.

I was 30 years old when I closed my eyes that night with a loud cry of ‘I don’t want this life anymore’.

I was 30 years old when I fell asleep.

I was 15 years old when I opened my eyes the next day.

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one of my favorite things to do is imagine modern Hamilton AUs as lowkey reincarnation AUs, which is how everything still works. they’re here now but the country was still founded by the same people, which is a question I’ve seen a couple of different times in the fandom

some of them still have the same names (for example, in my head George Washington is still George Washington, he was named after the president - and therefore, technically, himself…)

and some of them have similar but slightly different names. like, John is still John but maybe his last name is Laurent or Lorenzo or something like that

Eliza Schuyler is something like Beth Skylar maybe

I haven’t decided what Thomas’s last name is. is it still Jefferson? Jeffreys? idk

Alex is either Alexander Washington bc he was adopted by the Washingtons, or Alexander Faucette, taking his mother’s last name instead of his father’s

but by far the most amusing thing my brain has thrown at me so far is Madison’s name being flipped

Madison James instead of James Madison

it is so incredibly unoriginal but I LAUGH

Anyways but can you imagine Alec’s first real Christmas/New Years? His parents probably never gave them time to celebrate it and as a kid he’d always look out of his window and look at all the decorations on people’s houses and mundanes being so excited and so happy about some dumb little holiday, and he’d never understand that, but deep down he knew he’d do anything to be able to have so much life inside of him and be excited about such pointless things.

And then, Magnus came along. Magnus who celebrated every single holiday ever, including holidays such as fucking Columbus Day (“why did you throw a random party again Magnus?” “*GASP* it is not random at all Alexander, it is for Columbus Day! The most important day of the year!!”)

And Magnus’s biggest goal was to get Alec as excited for Christmas as he was. So he dragged him into every single store in the city, made him look at every single tree, every single ornament, every single god damn Santa hat (on November 2nd, i might add).

So Alec was so done with shopping, he was sure that when Christmas came along, he’d just hate it. Except when he went to Magnus’s place on a windy day at the end of November, exhausted after an unfortunate demon hunt, just wanting to take a hot bath and cuddle with his boyfriend, and he opened the door to an actual wonderland.

There was a big silver tree in the middle of the living room with all the ornaments on it that Alec remembered Magnus forcing him to pick, the entire place was a big splash of gold and green and red, it smelled like gingerbread and like Magnus and like home and Alec felt like he was in a fairy tail. There was some dumb old Christmas song playing in the background and big “ALEC” and “MAGNUS” lights under the tree, and then there was Magnus cursing in the kitchen with a Santa hat on because the cookie tray burned his fingers.

Alec came up to Magnus and hugged him from behind, inhaling the even stronger smell of gingerbread that was coming from him. And maybe, just maybe, Magnus could make him feel just as excited as those mundanes are every year because Magnus had so much life inside of him, that he was oh so willing to share with Alec.

goofy prompt that I’m never gonna do anything w but I still wanna write it down: taako is having a real bad day, and isn’t really up to eating anything. Ren and Angus, Taako Protection Squad Members 1 and 2, decide to work together to make him all sorts of yummy goods to show they’re gratitude for all the good he’s done for them. Taako Protection Squad Member 3 (kravitz) joins them in the kitchen, not to help cook cause he’s a shit chef, but is there anyways cause he loves taako too

Anyways where this idea is going: taako walks in on three ppl he loves (a friend/sister, a friend/son, and a BIG GAY B O Y F R I E N D) all laughing and dancing around the kitchen, surrounded by floating food ingredients, all three of them covered in flour as they gush abt how much they love taako and my boy taako is overwhelmed by all this love and affection

In the end they see taako snoopin on them and convince him to make food with them and they all have a good time and I’m gay and happy

okay listen up real quick

if people send you anon messages saying that your writing/art sucks when it’s up for an award, it’s 110% guaranteed that the ONLY true reason behind it is jealousy and a desire to make you feel bad (because for some strange reason some people seem to think that making others feel bad will make them feel better as if emotional states are some kind of universal see-saw) (spoiler, this never works)

if your stuff is getting recognition that means people like it, and while that doesn’t mean everyone will like it, the normal reaction when you don’t like a story or a piece of art is to scroll past and say nothing, so when someone does take the time to say something negative just “coincidentally” at the time when other people are praising it, it’s guaranteed that they’re only saying it because they’re jealous

like, guaranteed in the way that it’s guaranteed that gravity is the force keeping us all grounded

guaranteed in the way that it’s guaranteed that Killian Jones loves Emma Swan

absolutely definitely unshakably true

please just know that.

things i need closure on after the raven king (in no particular order)

-Do Ronan and Adam ever have a real talk about their relationship? How does it go? Does Adam tell Ronan about the conversation with Gansey? How does everyone else find out about them dating?

-When Gansey and Adam had the “so how do you knoooow you love someone” conversation, Blue and Ronan were definitely having the same conversation in the kitchen, right? And Blue definitely requested a high five or fist bump from Ronan when he admitted he kissed Adam

-Blue and Gansey can kiss now, so how long does it take before they become insufferable because they’re kissing at every possible moment?

-Is Sarchengsey real? Is Cheng just a weird third wheel or is it a poly ship? I have to know

-How do they deal with their PTSD? All of them? Do the two ships comfort each other? I need to read scenes of the two ships comforting each other.

-Re: Gansey’s family’s salty texts about “ohhh I guess you don’t care about us, huh?” How does he tell them what happened? Does Blue call Helen and say to her “YOUR BROTHER DIED! FIGHT ME HELEN!” Does Gansey go to them and they immediately see that he’s been literally beyond the grave and they embrace him and all is forgiven? Does he actually explain it all or give sort of a half-ass non-magic explanation?

-Because Glendower turned out to be an archaeological find instead of a supernatural one, does Gansey tell historical societies? Is everyone so so proud of him please? Does he get like a prize for being smart and stuff? Is he featured in Time magazine next to Blue, Ronan, Adam, and Cheng with lil cute interviews and pics of him and his king, who may have turned out to just be a dusty skeleton, but is still an impressive find?

-Does Adam move to the Barns? Does he move out of St. Agnes? Or maybe he takes Ronan’s old room at Monmouth so that he can still get to his job in time? But now he doesn’t pay rent so he can quit the warehouse job and still keep on at the mechanic shop? Also, does he get a full ride scholarship at his college? Where does he go? Does he plan to study law? Will he specialize in domestic abuse and social work and save kids who remind him of himself?

-THE VILLAINS. How does Laumonier respond to one-third of them being dead and the murder of Piper? How does the general magical-artefact community respond to this, after the whole dramatic fleeing scene? Does Henrietta finally get left alone? Do Laumonier seek revenge on the Gray Man? Speaking of the Gray Man, how does he restructure his life to not be about murder? How does the shock of a real demon and the destruction of Laumonier and the Greenmantles reverberate throughout the supernatural artefact community? Does Gray’s vision of a nicer supernatural trade come true?

-Seondeok. How exactly did her relationship with her son work? On the one hand, it seems like she views him solely as a tool (the “damaged goods” line) but she also seems to love him in her own way (”something more”). Does she find out about his involvement in the whole thing? Do they talk about it?

-How do they find out what happened to Noah? How do they mourn him? Do they go to visit his grave and his bones? How do they remember and honor him? Does Gansey tell them how Noah, in a way, saved them all?

-In time they all, I assume, tell each other the parts of the story the others didn’t know. How does that come about? How do they all react?

-I MUST know how the women of Fox Way react to Pynch and Bluesey being open about their relationships. I MUST see Calla and Orla being utterly obnoxious. I NEED Gwenllian to be grossly honest and come up with rhymes about the king and the mirror kissing or something. I HAVE to see Maura and Artemus fawning over their daughter and her boyfriend. I LIVE for all the women making sly comments about Coca-Cola shirt and the snake dating.

-How did Fox Way recover? How much did the women know about how everything was going to turn out? Also, how does Gwenllian continue to settle into modern life?

-When does Ronan quit Aglionby? DOES he quit Aglionby? And how do Adam and Gansey get back to school? How do they deal with the practicalities- explaining why they were gone, why they missed the fundraiser, making up schoolwork? Please let me see them profusely apologizing to their teachers who are like, “you gotta be kidding me, you two are the best students in the school”

-When and how do Blue, Gansey, and Cheng decide to take a gap year? How do their parents/counselors react? How do the planning sessions go?

-I want to see all my children slowly recovering, becoming happy, realizing that their lives are not in danger anymore, that they are OK, that they are in love, that their friends are all alive. That their lives are beautiful and full of possibilities and open.

-How does Gansey react to a second rebirth? What are his first words upon waking? What are everyone else’s first words? Do they all pile on him in a giant hug? Do policemen come by to ask about the cars and the giant piles of blood and dream-stuff and Gansey starts Ganseying his way out of it and the others are like “YOU JUST DIED. WE CAN HANDLE THIS FOR YOU”

-I want to think that when he wakes up, everyone is crying and happy, and then Adam, being Adam, knows that Gansey needs to hear something majestic, and he looks at him and says, “Rex Corvus, parate regis corvi” and Gansey knows that he was the king they were looking for all along

-Ronan and Adam hold each other for like 500 years afterwards and promise to never let each other be hurt, and Ronan tells Adam that it was not his fault, and that they love each other and I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO

-OK, Opal. When is she named Opal? How does she recover from her own bout of unmaking? What kind of childhood does this kid have? Does she ever learn to speak English properly and eat normal food? Does she make human child friends and go to school and they find a way to explain the hooves? Does she call Ronan “dad”? Does she call Adam “dad?” PLEASE

-What was Declan calling about re:Matthew in the car? I assume Matthew was also being unmade or slowly dying since his dreamer was being unmade. Does Ronan catch up with him about this? Does he go visit them in D.C.? How does the Lynch family recover from their ordeal?

-How does Ronan recover from being unmade, from seeing his best friend die before him, from the constant nightmares, from the death of his mother for God’s sake?

-How does Adam recover from his worst nightmare, that of hurting the people he most loves, and being blind when the boy he loves is being unmade and KNOWING he can’t do anything about it? How does he recover from his abusive family and the trauma of losing Cabeswater? Is he still a magician? I think he is- he can still scry and read tarot.

-How does Gansey recover from losing Glendower? How does he deal with being made of Cabeswater? With the awful trauma of seeing all his friends suffer and knowing he had to die for them? With dying and coming back?

-How does Blue recover from killing her true love and watching him die in her arms? How does she deal with finding out her father is a tree? How does she deal with finding out that she’s part tree and part mirror? What adventures does she seek in this regard? Does she bond with Artemus about their shared love of the trees and the stars? How does she even handle going back to school?

-How does Cheng recover from the horrors he witnessed, without even knowing the whole story of them? How does he slowly make his way into the group until he is loved by all of them? How does he handle going back to Litchfield and explaining everything to them? And speaking to his mother? With all the trauma of having been kidnapped?

-How do they all reshape their lives? How have their lives changed, and how have they, in the most mundane and wonderful ways, stayed the same? What are their dreams for the future? What adventures are they looking forward to? What’s next for Blue and her raven boys?

I just needed to list all that to recover from my sorrows after reading this book. Feel free to add any more questions. And @maggie-stiefvater feel free to ANSWER these questions, since you’re the one who broke my damn heart with this book

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the more i read the m'gann and kara bit the more i want approx. 10k more of them. they have so much to bond over and relate with and just the image of them sitting on the ice, away from everything, away from everyone, sharing stories of a home they can never really go back to - i suddenly have so many emotions and i didn't ask for this.

100% SAME. I’m gonna keep writing them for sure but I also just can’t wait for more people to write more M’gann. The writers had such an amazing character with so many parallels to Kara (that would actually have allowed for Kara’s character growth as well if they’d explored them… unlike some storylines and relationships) and it was all presented to them on a goddamn silver platter and they just squandered it.

I’m not sweet, I’m not dewey-eyed; I thought I should say so because you seem to think I am. I am callous because I’ve been hurt. It took a lot of years to build up these walls, don’t think you can knock them down without a scratch.
—  think again (via fraagmented)

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What is the ship you ignore 98% of canon for?

I can’t think of any specific ship O: I’m a canon bish and I usually accept when the author kills off half my ship/makes them get laid once and bye they haven’t seen again in 16 years/their writing goes to shit/misleads me and the thing never happens, or I just live knowing this thing ain’t gonna happen like whatever, the story is theirs not mine :v But! what I do do is that I fill every part than can be filled without contradicting the story, and I could be ridiculously delusional at times, but no one can say that my headcanon didn’t happen bc nobody really knows. I also think is innevitable to end up creating your own version of the characters in the ship no matter how IC one may think they are portrayed, so I might be ignoring 98% of canon for 100% of my ships lol

love and other fears

Jemma falls across Fitz’s chest, out of breath. He pushes a sweaty strand of hair back from her face and gently kisses her forehead before she buries herself into him. He is everything, he is so good; they are so good together and Jemma is overcome with the realization that this is everything she never knew she needed.

“I love you,” she says softly, already seconds from sleep. Fitz stiffens almost imperceptibly.

“Whaaaat?” she whines. She’s his girlfriend now–she should probably ask if something’s the matter. But she’s weightless and the promise of sleep is so tantalizingly close.

“Nothing,” he murmurs, tightening his arms around her. “It’s just the first time you’ve said that, is all.”

“No, it’s not. We’ve said we love each other thousands of times!”

“Yeah, but not since… uh,” he gestures vaguely between them.

“Not since we’ve been having sex?” She asks it because she knows he’ll still blush. Because her traitorous brain immediately finished his sentence instead with “not since the med pod,” when these words had suddenly become dangerous, and it’s not technically true. She had begged I love you, I love you, I love you, don’t do this, just wake up, I would do anything into his chest. Before, never wanting to be without someone had been a strange, tingling, thrilling feeling, but then it was suffocating, swimming 90 feet up with dead weight that she couldn’t shed because if she had, what would be left of her at the surface? 

Someday, she will have the courage to tell Fitz all of this. Of anyone, he would understand. He spent six months searching for her, after all. But she doesn’t know how to articulate the way she broke. The way she had wondered if maybe it would have been better to never have met Fitz at all. She never would have been as fulfilled and challenged and whole, she’s absolutely certain of that, but she is equally certain that her heart would never have shattered in the same way. She never would have felt like the best pieces of herself were shards of glass, weapons relentlessly slicing through her. She couldn’t even scream.

Even now, even in these perfect moments, Jemma sometimes feels her lungs constricting. She is so afraid of losing Fitz, so afraid that if it happens now, after everything, she truly might never recover. Fitz wouldn’t think like this. Fitz would never even think that meeting her wasn’t worth it. Her Fitz, who never gave up. Who can never believe that when she lost her chance to come back to him on Maveth, everything good inside her died. She doesn’t know how to fight for self-preservation when her whole soul is tied up in him.

These are the first things in a laundry list of issues she will someday unpack with a counselor. She’s been keeping track.

If Fitz feels the shift in her mood, he doesn’t say anything, just rubs soothing circles on her back.

“Since we’ve been dating,” he finally finishes. “Officially.”

His voice tethers her back to reality, back to the only thing that matters right now: that they survived, together.

She grasps his face between hers, peppering kisses along his jawline. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

He grins up at her. “That’s just oxytocin speaking, Jemma. I can’t trust your judgment right now.”

She rolls her eyes. “You’re not even the biochemist! And I don’t care if it is, it’s still true. What, you’re not going to say it back?”

He scoffs. “’Course not! I’m not going to say ‘I love you’ for the first time right after we’ve had sex, even if it was amazing! It’s got to be more romantic. I’ll have to think about the perfect timing.”

She groans and rolls herself off him. “You’re impossible.”

He wraps his arms around her, snuggling against her back. It’s silent for a few minutes, until– “Okay, actually, I can’t wait. I love you. So much, always.” He’s smiling against her shoulder, but she can feel his breath hitch.

She turns back to face him and just stares, and he’s right, this is different than every other time they’ve said it. Because now, his eyes, his lips, his words are loosening the tightness in her chest. Now, she thinks that someday she’ll tell him everything and feel safer for it. She falls asleep trusting that when she wakes up, they’ll still be here, alive and together. It’s not a guarantee of forever, but for now, it’s enough.

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(I'm submitting this to you cause I know you like Cissatrix.) I have this headcanon where, as children, Bellatrix would promise Narcissa that they, upon her seventeenth birthday, would run away together, and become the girls they wanted to become. Narcissa had believed this and was devastated when that never happened.

omg i cry because bella WOULD promise her that but then she’s get involved in the death eaters and be like ‘some things in this world are more important i’m sorry cissy but this is something i have to do’ and narcissa would be cruSHED and i d i e

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Ya'aburnee:(Arabic) The hope that a loved one will outlive you as to spare yourself the pain of living life beyond that person.

1. Control || And I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head. They beg me to write them so I’ll never die when I’m dead  || 2. Amen || A fire’s gotta burn, the world is gonna turn, a rain has gotta fall, fate is gonna call - but I just keep on breathing, long as my heart is beating || 3. I Of The Storm || Are you really going to love me  when I’m gone? With all my thoughts and all my faults. ||  4. After The Storm || Night has always pushed up day. You must know life to see decay. But I won’t rot, I won’t rot. Not this mind and not this heart, I won’t rot. || 5. As You Go ||  Bittersweet the dreams we made. We’re so young, we thought that this could never end. Don’t be afraid. Never stop believing. You’ll find a new beginning now. || 6. O Death || O Death, O Death, consider my age. Please don’t take me at this stage. O, Death. O Death. Won’t you spare me over ‘til another year? || 7. Misguided Ghosts ||  I’m going away for a while, but I’ll be back. Don’t try and follow me. 'Cause I’ll return as soon as possible. || 8. Valley Of The Dolls ||  In my life, I got this far. Now I’m ready for the last hoorah. Dying like a shooting star. || ( x

It’s their first night at home as a family the first time he does it, Harry in the rocking chair with Sadie swaddled in his arms and Louis at his side. It starts as a soft hum and Louis’ heart swells at the sound. It’s a tune he’d recognize anywhere. 

“Isn’t she lovely,” Harry starts. “Isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious, less than one minute old…” 

All Louis can do is look on, listen, and hope to the powers that be that his brain has configured some sort of infallible high definition playback feature so he can watch this on a loop for the rest of his life. He can’t even see Harry’s face from where he stands beside him, but he knows by the sound of his voice the soft look he’s giving their daughter as he sings. Knows it by heart. He’s been on the receiving end of it enough times. 

“I never thought through love we’d be making one as lovely as she,” Harry continues, “but isn’t she lovely, made from love…” 

It’s only then that Harry finally tears his gaze away from the tiny newborn fast asleep in his arms, looking up at Louis with wide eyes and a smile that Louis is certain could end wars. His heart could, and very well may, burst from the sight.

“Isn’t she lovely, Lou?”

“The loveliest,” Louis replies. With that, he crouches down to Harry’s level and presses a kiss to his husband’s shoulder before resting his head against it. He feels Harry take a deep breath. When he speaks, it’s barely above a whisper.

“We’re dads, Lou.”

Even as he watches Sadie’s chest rise and fall, Louis almost can’t believe it. They’re dads. For as long as they’ve wanted this, nothing ever could’ve prepared him for the way he feels right now. He feels weightless and warm and in love. So, so in love. With his boy. With his girl. With this moment.

“Isn’t she pretty, truly the angels’ best,” Louis begins.

“Boy, I’m so happy,” Harry joins in, “we have been heaven blessed…" 

And if that becomes Sadie’s nightly lullaby, Louis thinks, it’s only fitting.

I devated on whether I’d get involved in all the bs going on… and I decided to do something else.

Ciro, Brandon, and everyone else who works on the show, you’ll probably never see this but I’m gonna write this anyways. I am so sorry for all that has been said to you. As part of the fandom, I am disgusted and angry that some have bullied you like they have. It’s wrong to do so to anyone, why should you guys be an exception? But as a fan myself eho is part of the fandom, I wish to apologize. Do what you want to do, it’s your show and if others want to throw a tantrum over it, that’s their problem. But I want to thank you all for all the hard work and love that you have put into the show. I love it to bits and we really don’t give any of you the gratitude that you deserve, which I’m also sorry for. So again, thank you so much for everything, you deserve all the gratitude in the world.

P.S. Loving Season 4 so far and again, do what you want to do because it’ll be great~