but i'm never getting it and i can't accept that

i want to hug every member of the lgbt community and never let them go. i wish i could keep everyone safe and never let them experience the terrible things that shouldn’t even happen in the first place. i want you to be able to go to your first pride or have your first kiss or hold your partners hand in public without fearing for your safety. it makes me sick and angry that im only one person unable to stop all the hate in the world. but as always if you need someone to come to i’ll gladly do anything and everything I can to make you feel better. come out to me. tell me about your partner/crush. ill be someone safe to come to and will love and support you always.

Friendly reminder that Chunji was accepted into Hanyang University Practical Music Faculty as a vocal major although the competition was tough: 2424 applicants for only 5 spots. Moreover, he was the one to go take the test and was accepted based on merit and not special treatment.
There’s a reason he’s called Power Voice. Never underestimate him.

NaruHina is end game.

End of story.

If you can’t see the potential and all moments that are special and underrated, then it’s your own fault.