but i'm loving the look on his face

ONE STEP AT A TIME by charlesdk

Word Count: 20k+
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Moodboard Credit: @atticuos. ♡


“It’s not a dream, Buck,” he said, a smile forming on his lips when he noticed the hard lines on Bucky’s face starting to soften little by little. “It’s real.”

“I’m free,” Bucky breathed after a minute. A little smile slowly curled at the corners of his lips, and he repeated himself. “I’m free.”

Steve’s own smile widened, and he scooted closer to him, reaching out to put a hand on Bucky’s. “Yeah, Buck,” he said, voice soft and smile happy. “It’s over. You’re free.”

OR – in which progress is made, Alexander Pierce is arrested, and Rebecca Barnes Proctor gets her brother back.

A sequel to Coming Home.

Read on AO3.


“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana

@mellorad encouraged me to and helped me set up my own streaming channel! In order to try it out, she got to request a drawing and wished for a Mustang waiting for a date with Elizabeth – I loved the idea (of course).
Woohoo to minimalistic text backgrounds hhh


“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!


doctor who | series 9

“Let’s find out. Let’s do it like we’ve done everything else… Together. “


‘Come on and kill me baby, while you smile like a friend’ 🎶

~Alex Turner laughing during the EYCTE era~


Skipping school to go on a road trip with Stiles.

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  • Junkrat: Sandwich [tosses sandwich to Roadhog]
  • Roadhog: Oh, right
  • Junkrat: Coffee [tosses coffee]
  • Roadhog: What no no no! [coffee splashes on his mask]
  • Junkrat: [cackling] Ha! Got you! That one’s empty! This is the real one! I’ve been plan that for ages! The look on your face!
  • [Roadhog looks unamused as Junkrat looks down and realizes he’s holding the empty cup]
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Junkrat: ...[Turns to run out of the room but runs into the door]
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yugyeom in hard carry mv (meme7 version 2/7)