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Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


(on ao3)

“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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Kenma has never been good with words. 

He observes Tetsurou’s dark circles when he comes home from work every night, in turn kissing them all, a silent “i’m glad to be home”. Tetsurou never complains, though. He loves teaching little kids about chemistry and physics and the secrets of the universe. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s wearing a pair of ratty old sweats, eating popcorn and laughing at really bad movies with the rest of them. And he always brings back leftover candy from school.

He observes Keiji’s mouth, a slight droop of lips indicating his discomfort at having to work overtime at the hospital. Keiji never complains, though. He loves helping people. But Kenma knows he likes it best when he’s at home, absorbed in a good book, his head on one of their laps, enjoying one of the quieter moments with the rest of them. And he always brings back flowers that remind him of them.

He observes Koutarou from a distance, a star shining almost too bright to look at directly. But he sees the sagging of his shoulders, an indication of self doubt and dejection. Koutarou doesn’t complain about it, though. He loves playing volleyball and he knows his students look up to their coach, a figure of strength and resilience. But Kenma knows that no matter how spirited Koutarou might appear to his students, he likes it best when he is sitting under the blankets with the rest of them, late at night, talking about the latest ghost story he’s heard from his students, an act that always always leads to cuddling. And he always hugs them all so hard, lifting them off their feet and planting a kiss with a plop on their cheeks.

Where does Kenma find himself in this equation? How does he show his love, when he can’t even say the words “i love you”? Maybe he doesn’t have to.

He decides to make them a playlist.

Kuroo Tetsurou

you and i - ingrid michaelson // who do you love - marianas trench // can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  together with the sundown - stephen jerzak // promise the stars - we the kings // a sky full of stars - coldplay // symphony - clean bandit ft. zara larsson // u just can’t be replaced - gnash ft. rosabeales // shooting star - owl city // just the way you are - bruno mars // kiss me - ed sheeran // i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

Akaashi Keiji

for him - troye sivan ft. allday // lovers in japan - coldplay // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // rollercoaster - bleachers // i won’t give up - jason mraz // moonlight - ariana grande // vanilla twilight - owl city // goner - twenty one pilots // true colours - tom odell // i do adore - mindy gledhill // truly madly deeply - savage garden // always - panic! at the disco

Bokuto Koutarou 

treasure - bruno mars // somebody to you - the vamps ft. demi lovato // love on top - beyonce // tear in my heart - twenty on pilots // missing you - all time low // love is easy - mcfly // i really like you - carly rae jepsen // top of the world - greek fire // say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // just give me a reason - p!nk // give me a try - the wombats //  turning pages - sleeping at last

missmarsbar  asked:

okay though soulmate aus are also my life and I'm not a writer but I keep thinking about like if there was a patater version of those teleportation soulmate aus where tiny child alexei summons tiny child kent to save him from bullies but kent never summons him, and then theyre at like a hockey dinner together telling stories and kent has to leave to go freak out because tater's story is him? and fucks up so bad he ends up needing to summon tater to save him that night with a happy ending ofc

OKay so I am like the WORST at writing these to a time frame apparently but here we are!


When Alexei was young his Mama would always shake her head and say “Mishka, you are too full of love.”  It wasn’t a bad thing, she’d tell him, but for someone so small how did he have so much room for it all? He would always help the teachers at the end of class by putting the books away or carrying things for them. On Sundays he would walk with his Grandmother to the market and hold her basket the entire time, even when his little hands struggled to keep the handle up. You would always find him playing with the little girls down the street, helping weave flowers into their hair like he did his cousin. Wherever he went Alexei would let the people into his heart and never wanted to shut anybody out. He wanted everybody to feel special.

Although Alexei shared his love with everyone, not everybody wanted his love. The boys at school would sneer when he helped the teacher and laugh when he ran off with the girls at lunch. It wasn’t right, or so they’d say. They told him so when they pressed him against the wall one lunch time. Told him how he was too small and girly. That he had best scurry away like the mouse he was because nobody wanted him there. Alexei had never felt so small and wished someone would come and help. Pressed up against the wall he waited for the first blow to strike.

But it never came.

When Alexei opened his eyes he saw a new boy standing there. A boy with sunshine hair. Instead of anger in his bullies faces he saw wide eyes and open jaws and soon they would run away. He didn’t know what the sunshine boy had done but he didn’t care, he had saved him.

“Thank you!” Alexei beamed, walking forward to shake the young boy’s hand. “Thank you for helping me! I’m Alexei!”

The sunshine boy turned and Alexei swore his young heart broke that day. The boy’s eyes were full blown in fear, clutching his shirt tight, and he spoke a different language. Alexei knew it was English, had just started studying it in class, but didn’t know a single word just then. It didn’t matter anyway because before he got to say a single word the boy vanished into thin air and Alexei ran the whole way home.

It took his Mama an entire hour to calm him down and then only five minutes to get the story out of him. She listened as he waved his tiny hands and paced around the room, managing to only frown when he mentioned the boys from school. When he’d finished she patted the space on her lap and allowed Alexei to climb up.

“Mishka, when we are born we are made in two parts. One part of you is here,” she said, pointing to his heart. “The other is elsewhere. Sometimes it is in the house next door or in a different city. Sometimes it is miles away but it is there. There are times when our halves hurt too much, that they call out for their other half and the other one comes running. That’s what happened today. Your half called and your other came to you. Do you understand?”

Alexei nodded, not wanting to stop his Mama from talking.

“You can only call your other half once, Mishka. They come when you need them most. You are very lucky to have already seen your half, some people wait years. Papa made me wait many years before he called me. This means, Alexei, you have a long wait ahead of you and when they call you you must be ready. You won’t get another chance, okay?”

To young Alexei it all seemed a little bit too much. He was too small to be there for his other half, how could he help? But he knew that when it would happened he would do anything he could. He never wanted his other half to feel as scared as he did and when the time would come he would pour all the love he had into helping him. Mama always said he had too much love and now he knew why and he couldn’t wait to share it all.

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Authors Note: OKAY GUYS THIS IS MY FIRST IMAGINE (Or fanfic or whatever you want to call it, like I said I AM NEW.) Please be gentle with me, and truly any feedback would be great! :)

You waited in line for your first “meet and greet”. You weren’t exactly sure how they worked or what was going to happen or even how much time you would even get to talk to him, but you felt excited for your best friend. Celie had loved Shawn for years, she loved to talk about how she knew about him before his MAGCON days, whatever that was. If you were being completely honest, the only reason you were actually at this concert was to accompany Celie as you watched all her dreams come true…And the fact that he was the making of a young John Mayer didn’t hurt. As the line inched up you played with your hair, noticing your horrible split ends. Celie on the other hand was wired, you could practically hear her heart beating from a mile away.

“Girl,” you said lightly touching her arm, “you better quit it, you’re gonna start to sweat off your make up.” You said to her with a light giggle.

“I know, I knoooow.” She said with pleading eyes, “But you don’t understand, I can’t believe we are about to meet him!!!”

You laughed, you loved seeing Ce this excited. You inched up in line, only noticing you guys were next because you realized you reached the red tape on the floor. Looking up you felt like you almost had the wind knocked out of you. Your eyes widened staring straight ahead.

“Is that him, Celie?” You said half pointing over at probably the hottest guy in the room.

Celie rolled her eyes, “Yes Y/N, come on now, I’ve showed you soooo many pictures and videos!” She wasn’t lying, she had shown you. But it didn’t do him justice.

“Common, you’re up!“ the bald man shuffling girls along said to us.

The room started spinning. I took a deep breath and felt my body walk forward. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I watched him turn around to face us, his dark brown eyes locking with mine immediately as Celie ran up to him giving him the biggest hug I have honestly every witnessed. God his eyes looked like chocolate, I thought to myself. Celie squealing brought me back to real time.

“SHAWN. I’m Celie. Wow, I’m sorry I can’t believe I’m meeting you. I brought my friend along as a witness, she knows how long I’ve waited for this!” Celie said jumping up and down as she spoke. It felt like Shawn and I hadn’t taken our eyes off of each other since I walked up to him.

“Aw hey, so nice to see you Celie!” Shawn said breaking our eye contact looking down at her. Then he looked back up at me again, GOD those eyes made me melt, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” He said to me, making my heart skip several beats.

“Y/N, nice to finally meet the guy my best friend is always gabbing about.” You say playfully bumping Celie with your hip. It was something about him that made your jaded heart go thump again. You felt so silly, like a 6 year old fan girl, not that there was anything wrong with that but…about SHAWN? Common Y/N, you said to yourself. You just got out of a horrible and scary relationship, maybe it was just the attention from a kind male that got you hot and heavy.

“You guys excited to hear what I got for you tonight?” He smiled with his stupidly perfect teeth, not breaking eye contact with you. Him staring made you feel compelled to answer, even though Celie was already rambling off about her favorite Shawn songs…

“Beyond.” You said tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear, flashing back a smile. “I have a couple favorites off the new album. It’s practically on repeat in our apartment.” You said to him with a laugh. Wow, this boy was really doing things to you…

“Alright ladies, smile!” The photographer said forcing you three into a picture pose. Shawn wrapped his giant arms around your waist resting a hand on your hip. Goosebumps immediately surfaced on your arms which made you blush as you half smiled for the camera. He let go of Celie, then slowly slid his hand to your lower back.

“It was so nice to meet you,” he said looking at you, “And you too, Celie.” he said looking over at your best friend. He said something else to Celie but your head was spinning from his hand still resting on your lower back. Was that on purpose?

“Well, we will see you soon! We have SECOND ROW tickets!!!” Celie said to Shawn matter of fact-ly.

“Amazing,” He said turning back to me with a little grin, “Soon then?”

“Soon.” You said back, hoping there was more meaning to this.

You listened to Celie ramble about Shawn the whole walk over to your seats, “Yeah, he was pretty amazing Ce. So genuine, and sweet.” You said to her still in a daze. He couldn’t have meant more by ‘soon" right? That’s silly. Your head is in the clouds. He’s not going to like a girl he met at a meet and greet. You repeated over and over in your head.

“Y/N,” Celie said grabbing your arm, “as much as I hate to admit this, and it sounds a lil crazy but he seemed a liiiiiiittle bit interested in you, girl.” You snapped out of your daze hearing this.

“Celie, don’t be ridiculous” You said with a half hearted laugh. “I- no, there’s just no way. He probably does this with every girl.” You said shaking your head.

“Hey, I just calls ‘em how I sees 'em.” Celie said shrugging.

So, it wasn’t just you? Celie saw it too? You guys arrived at your seats, wow they were really REALLY close. It was inevitable you would really see each other again. The lights dimmed and the concert stage lights went nuts flying over the crowd showing everybodys faces. Shawn stepped out, looking just as handsome as you remembered 30 minutes ago. Your heart pounded as he began to sing

“I won’t lie to you…..”

Shawn sang as you listened and sang along lightly, but mainly just listening to his voice. Everything about him seemed to be special and unique to you now. His eyes panning the crowd, a huge grin on his face the entire time. You wanted him to look down at you so badly, but he was 500% in the moment and you actually loved that too. He cared about his music and his fans, he really did.

Shawn announced the last song and you felt your heart sink a little, partly because you knew this was going to give you post concert depression and also partly because the little Cinderella story you created in your head never really came true. You quickly snapped out of that though, you were at an amazing concert with your BEST friend having the time of your life.’ Live in the moment, Y/N.’ you said to yourself. You began dancing with Celie, and right before the lights went down you sore Shawn looked at you. The concert ended and everyone shuffled out of the venue. Some girls still screaming, some crying, some wearing their newly bought concert t-shirts. You and Celie walked outside letting the cooler air hit your flushed skin, it felt amazing.

Walking down the steps of the venue you felt Celie grab your arm,  "Ummmm, Y/N….“ She said pointing with her other hand at a man holding a sign that read 'CELIE + Y/N.’ You stared at him with confused eyes, had somebody called you a car? Your mom and other friends knew you drove but that was the only logical thing you could think.

“Uh, hi, we’re Y/N and Celie.” You said walking up to the man holding Celie’s hand.

“Oh, perfect! So glad I found you girls!” The man said, like everything was perfectly normal. “Follow me please.” He continued folding the side and walking back to the venue.

“Wait what? I’m sorry who are you and what’s going on?” You said to the guy squeezing Celie’s hand, a little excited and a little scared.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you girls knew!” He said with a chuckle. “Shawn has kept the venue rented for the night, it’s one of his good buddies, Geoff’s, birthday and they’re throwing a bash inside. There’s a bunch of bounce houses, dancing, you know what all you kids do.” He laughed, “and he said he would love if you could join. I know it’s bizarre but he said you guys were cool.” He shrugged looking between the two of us. I was beside myself, was this really happening, my head went dizzy again.

“YES. WE ARE SO DOWN.” Celie said squeezing my hand practically cutting off my circulation and then yanking me closer to the man almost pulling my arm from it’s socket.

“Sounds good…” I said smoothing my hair and looking down at my outfit. You weren’t sure if jean shorts and a white crop top with converse was appropriate gear for a birthday party but hey, live in the moment. You two ran inside after the guy passing girls who were staring you down, seeming to know the guy who was leading you back into the venue was.

You walked back into the arena, which looked totally redone in the 40 minutes you were outside. There were balloons EVERYWHERE and a good amount of people ages 18-28 hanging out, running around, drinking, playing in the bounce houses, and doing the obstacle courses. It looked SO fun, you were immediately happy with your decision.

“Ahhh, here’s the birthday boy!” the man said grabbing another guys hand pulling him into a hug, “This is Geoff. Geoff this iiiiis…….” he looked down at the sign, “Celie and Y/N, they’re Shawns guests.” He said patting Geoff on the back, “Have fun!” He walked away over to another group of people.

“Celie and Y/N, eh? Nice to meet you two. I was beginning to think I was Shawn’s only friend.” He joked.

“Well, we are very new friends if that counts.” Celie said with a laugh touching Geoffs arm. “Hey, what do ya bet I can double bounce you higher than you can double bounce me….” She said eyeing Geoff.

“Whoaaa are you challenging the birthday boy?!!” He said throwing his hands up, “That’s mighty bold of you Miss. Celie.” He joked. “You’re on.” he said tilting his head towards the bonce houses.

“C'ya later, Y/N!!!” Celie said running over into the sea of bounce houses.

You gave her a half hearted sarcastic wave standing alone in this giant arena. You stood looking around for a minute before you followed your nose to the cotton candy stand. You grabbed a pink tuff, examining your cotton candy you took a fluffy piece in between your fingers. Smiling you put it in your mouth as you swiveled around running into someone, “OH, shit sor-” You said looking up. At Shawn. Fuck.

“Didn’t know 'soon’ meant you trampling me down, cotton candy in hand!” He joked running a hand thru his mildly curly hair. You didn’t remember it being this curly earlier, but you loved it.

“Well, I didn’t know I would be here….with you….eating cotton candy.” You said looking down at the giant pink fluff ball you were holding. He picked a piece off and popped it in his mouth. “Oh yeah, thanks for inviting us by the way. Totally gets you cool points in my book. Especially for having a bounce house. Haven’t seen one of those since…..maybe 5th grade. Shame honesty.” You said snapping back to your sassy sarcastic self.

“Well, you must lead a boring life, Y/N.” Shawn said raising a brow. You couldn’t help but notice the quick up down he gave your body. It made you bite your lip, and pull your shorts down feeling a little self conscious.

“I want to know about you…” Shawn said smiling down at you. 'WHOAAAA!!!! You thought, where is this coming from? Why me? Is he being serious? Is this for a show, there sure are a lot of cameras here. Was this a joke?’ were all questions running thru your mind. He touched your arm, bringing your mind back to reality, “Is that okay with you, Y/N? I know it seems, well, out of left field, but it’s something about you, I dunno. Sounds corny. I know.” He said with a huff looking at me with sort of embarrassed.

“I used to bite my nails?” You said lightly, looking up at him. THAT was the only thing that you could think of, ugh. The two of you started to laugh, “I’m more exciting than that….I swear!” You said trying to revive yourself. There was so much you could tell him about, but your nails? You couldn’t have said your favorite color Y/N? UGH. And the only other thing that was on your mind that month was your past relationship…'That is NOT something you bring up the first time meeting someone. Especially since your ex is well…..terrifying.’ you thought to yourself.

“So tell me….” He said walking over to the stands patting the seat beside him. You looked up followed and sat down looking into his eyes. It was that moment where you just knew this boy was going to change your life forever.

Prompt for @hpwritersnet: Minerva Mcgonagall

Minerva Mcgonagall was nervous.

She didn’t show it, of course, keeping her spine straight and her expression neutral. Her father, a pastor, had taught her at least that much: when you’re a flurry of emotions, keep the storm inside until later, and let your best face show. Minerva didn’t know how well this had worked for her father, seeing as she hadn’t attended church for some odd ten years out of her eleven.  But it seemed sound advice. So she kept the nervousness inside her as she listened to the giggles and whispers of her Hogwarts class. More than a few had made quite a few friends on the train and were eager to share their thoughts and fears for the sorting ahead with their peers.

But Minerva, or Minnie, as she liked to be called, had only made a single friend on the train ride–if he could even be called that. He had already gone up at the sound of his name (which was rather whimsical, Minerva thought, though her own name had caused quite the stir up in Scotland). A tattered hat had been perched atop his head for five long minutes before it roared a hearty “Ravenclaw!” and sent him to his appropriate table. She was happy for him; Filius Flitwick hadn’t wanted much, but he had wanted blue and bronze for house colors.

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Trolls thing I'm writing

Ok so I’ve finished the first chapter of a Trolls thing I’m writing which I’m calling “Night and Day” (vague title I know), I plan on unloading it to Archive, I just haven’t yet. This literally takes place right after the movie.. Like right after. Bare with me, I’m not a writer. Grammer is my enemy and words aren’t good friends of mine either. Oh and it typed this on my phone so I’m now realizing the “thought italics” aren’t showing up on tumblr so I apologize if some sentences don’t come off as thoughts, but here’s the first chapter of “Night and Day”.


Yes, Branch was sure “giggling” was the appropriate word to describe the loud strange hiccup like laughs currently escaping his mouth. It’s not that he’d never heard a giggle before, knowing Poppy all his life made that an impossibility. This, however, was the first time he could remember hearing himself do it. This felt foreign to him. Absurd even. But he just couldn’t help it…nor did he seem to care. From high up on their elevated mushroom platform, Branch now gripped his sides as the laughter overtook him, transferring a giddy energy to his rhythmic feet as they watched their weird new moment-ruining cloud friend plummet to a fate unknown, the product of being tandem high fived out of the sky by the two trolls.

He’ll be fine. He’s a cloud after all.

“I still don’t get the whole socks with no shoes thing.” He smirked. Poppy looked at him quizzically, and then down in the direction the cloud guy fell, genuinely pondering the statement for a moment. “Well, if you’re up in the sky most of the time… Why would you need shoes?“ she quipped with a smirk. A quiet “Huh.” was all he could muster, a tad baffled by the unexpected logic in the joke, to which he really had no argument for. “I guess when you put it like that…” he mused, cracking a half smile. With a comforting new sense of relief and contentment, he allowed a few more precious chuckles with the newly crowned queen. What was the harm anyway? Unless Smidge dropped them of course… Naw, this is probably just another day at the gym for her. He could let his guard down, for once. They were safe from the Bergens.

… For now. he allowed the troubled thought, but only for a moment, he was too preoccupied by his current reality to let his old survivalist paranoia fully take hold, all while blissfully unaware that their laughter was shifting dangerously close to silence. Too close. Too late.

They were alone again.

Holy hair, how long can Smidge keep this up? This is craz… wait. Why is it so quiet…? Uh oh… Oh no-oh no-oh-oh no!! Uh-uh-uh.. C’mon Say something to her, sticks for brains! Ugh! You’ve only spent THE LAST FEW DAYS ALONE WITH HER and had no problem talking to her then. Aaaaahhhh…

While Branch’s mind was about to spontaneously combust, it was Poppy who finally broke the prolonged silence. “I can’t believe I finally got to hear your laugh.” she paused, smiling off in the distance before turning to meet his gaze. “You have a nice one.” She concluded. Letting those electric candy eyes linger on serene sky ones for a moment.

I do?… She thinks- His eyes widened in shock, his mouth tightened. Heat engulfed him as the dark violet blush that flooded his face suddenly, seemed to set off the few glittering freckles he had, like a chain reaction of tiny firecrackers across his cheeks.

Well now you have to say something.

Tourmaline eyes came back for another visit, paralyzing his in the process.


This is weird. I don’t like this. UGH… Just say it. He took a moment and swallowed. “I can’t take all the credit, I learned from the best.” He said, holding her gaze. Then, immediately elbowing her to drive his point home, followed by that sarcastic smirk, that could only belong to Branch.

“Awwww! That’s so sweet.” she exclaimed briefly, before regaining her composure. “but nice try!” She shot up an eyebrow. “You can’t just teach someone how to laugh… It’s just something that’s already inside them.” she said, reaching up to ruffle the front part of his recently taller, not to mention more colorful, hair.

The sudden sensation of fingers through his locks, and momentarily touching his scalp, caused Branch to freeze.

Does she like my hair? He beamed, cheeks darkening a bit more at the thought. Nah, she’s probably just as weirded out by it as I am. He scoffed. Maybe she’s checking to see if it’s real.

He got his bearings again. “Well, either way, it wouldn’t be possible… w-without you.” He managed, eyes darting away from her, sheepishly looking off in the distance, before eventually finding the courage to turn back to her again. The pink fire in her eyes still blazing.

I wonder if I should… Does she want me to…

“Wow.” she said, sounding truly in awe.

“Hmm?” he put his previous thought away, wondering and fearing how this moment could get any more perfect.

“I just can’t wrap my hair around it,” she started, eyes on his, and yet somewhere off in ‘cupcakes and rainbows’ land as well. “It’s all just so… surreal I guess.” He listened intently, a patient, albeit perplexed look on his face as she continued. “Like wow!… You’re just soooo genuinely nice, and I just… I just can’t believe, I-I mean… after all this time…”
She leaned a bit into his space, causing him to flinch slightly.

What’s.. happening?! Is she-

“that you’d end up being…” her cheeks flushed, and she gently took his hand, pulling him even closer. Branch’s eyes widened.


Poppy’s smile grew wider “… like the greatest friend I could ever have!!” she all but yelled before pulling him into a bone crushing, and almost as equally, soul crushing bear hug.

His breath was lost… for more reasons than one, maybe forever for all he knew.


The moment it took for Branch to pick up the pieces of his heart, felt like an eternity, but eventually, he slowly brought his arms up returning the hug, with understandably less enthusiasm and strength than his captor.

A single word relentlessly looping in his head.

“I… uh.. I.. yeah.” he cleared his throat, brushing it off as best he could. “W-who’d have thought?” he let out a small, strained laugh, doing his best to hide the fact that it was completely forced.

…Too good to be true… friend… of course just friends. … Stupid. How could you be so STUPID? Why in the world would you think you’d be something more? No! You don’t deserve that… her.. not after how you’ve treated her, what you’ve done. Hugs and pretty new colors don’t right all those wrongs.

This… this is for the best. You’d probably end up hurting her somehow. You’re cursed.

He steeled, bracing himself for whatever this new hell had to offer. Wanting desperately to just get as far away as possible, but… she was so close to him now, and he found it impossible to pull away.

Not just yet.

Hell can wait.

For the moment, he brought his queen closer, hugged a little tighter, savoring paradise for as long as he could. Defying inevitability, if only for now. Being so close allowed Branch an opportunity he did not pass up. With great stealth, he turned his head toward hers, his nose nestling in magenta hair before greedily inhaling her scent. Whether or not she noticed this, she made no mention.

Why does she have to smell so good? Like, if roses were candy…

“This is nice.” Poppy hummed and squeezed tighter.

You have no idea.

“Seeeee, Hugs aren’t so bad.” she teased, eventually breaking the hug, much to his dismay. “Heh, I never said they were.” he said flatly. She deadpanned. Well, as best she could anyway, that smile always betrayed her. “Well you suuure fooled me.” She sassed, unconvinced. His ears started to droop a bit with guilt.

She has a point.

“It’s uh.. it’s just hard to explain.” He sighed, unable to come up with any other words to help him out. Her expression softened. “Weeell.. maybe you can try explaining it me sometime.” She offered, earning a smile from him. “Besides, it’s not like you can go running off to your bunker like always, not at the moment anyway.” She pointed out. Realization widened Branch’s eyes.

Oh. Yeah.

He paled, fear, panic and anxiety threatening to rear their ugly heads. His old friends. Always interrupting his life like uninvited guests. He wondered if he’d ever be rid of them. Probably not. One thing was certain though: He had to get outta here!!

His gaze traveled downward and landed on the giant mushroom on which they stood, absentmindedly tracing it’s colorful designs with his eyes. A troll, momentarily forgotten, now resurfacing in his thoughts.


“Y-yeah.” He fretted, scratching the back of his head. “You know, Smidge is probably starting to get tired.” He deflected “Plus I’m getting kinda dizzy, I think it’s time to head down.. bud.”

Did I just call her bud?

“Y-uh.. Yeah! I mean this is Smidge we’re talkin’ about here.. but yeah, we should probably go back.” She agreed, the slightest hint of reluctance in her voice. She stared at him for a moment, a playful smirk stretching across her face.

“What?” he questioned, confused.

“Are you suuure you didn’t think hugs were bad? Cuz you use to duck ‘em like they were poisonous snakes.” she smirked. “Like, there were times when we’d pretend to be like.. a Frankenstein version of you, runnin’ around shouting ‘HUGS BAD!’ grrrr ‘SINGING, DANCING BAD!’ grrr.” She finished in her best monster voice to emphasize the joke.

“Geeee… good to know.” he huffed, rolling his eyes, that familiar sarcastic edge to his words. Poppy’s smile faltered, filling Branch with instant regret.

“Branch, I’m sorry!” she blurted out. “I didn’t mean-“

“No.. I get it.” he interrupted. “I know what I am… Was… Whatever.” he sighed. “Alright, brace yourself.” he advised suddenly before loudly stomping down on the mushroom platform three times, figuring that was the best to alert Smidge to start lowering them. He wondered why she even bothered with the gesture in the first place, it’s not like they needed alone time. Why did she do it? She couldn’t be as blind as him.. right?

Poppy just stood there, seemingly ignoring his instructions. A sympathetic look on her face. “Branch, don’t be so hard on yourself.” she comforted, lightly placing her hand on his arm. He pulled up a confident smile for her sake. “It’s cool, I’m fine.” He lied.

“WOA- AHH!” he yelped as the platform jerked abruptly, unsteadying them. Instinctively, he grabbed her hand. “Poppy, you okay?” he asked, crouching a bit as the platform started lowering slowly. “All good here! Smidge does this sort of thing a lot.” she laughed.

He chuckled in agreement, postponing the arduous task of trying to piece his life back together after losing everything.




He winced as voices from his past taunted him. Ghosts haunting his mind. Luckily her sugared voice snapped him out of it. “Hey, so.. uh, being that we’re trolls and all… there’s probably gonna be a party tonight, or some form of celebration…” she hinted.

“Riiight…” he drawled out, confused. “Weeell.. are you gonna come to this one?” she pleaded. He arched an eyebrow, “I suppooose… if it would please ‘Her Majesty’.” he smirked. Poppy grimaced, her adorable features scrunching up in disgust. “OOOH NO! NOPE-NOPE-NOPE! I am puttin’ a stop to that RIGHT NOW!” she threatened as Branch snorted at her lack of an assertive tone. “And yes,” she composed herself. “yes it would please me.” she admitted. “Then I’ll be there.” he returned, with a wink.

She stared dumbfounded for a second before shrieking with joy, causing him to cup his sensitive ears.

Ugh. This was going to be a looong night.

The platform jerked again suddenly as the speed increased, causing Poppy to stumble completely… only to land in Branch’s already prepared arms. She looked up, surprised eyes meeting each other.

Or was it?

Yeah, maybe it wouldn’t sooo bad, he considered as his arms were suddenly cradling the pink queen. It was a nice feeling. That is until that stupid platform jerked once more.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed as they plummeted due to the downward speed rapidly picking up in pace. Poppy seemed to be taking it with a little more grace than him as they held on to the edges… and each other, trying to endure the rest of their.. now very direct route back to the ground.

“DAAAAAMMIIIT SMIIIIIIIIIDGE!!” he yelled, he was gonna be sick.

Please don’t throw up on Poppy. Please don’t throw up on Poppy. Please don’t throw up on Poppy.

anonymous asked:

Is t ok for me to ask when she says those those things? I'm not saying it ain't true I've just listen to very little of her music (the weird "big/cry baby X daddy" vibe makes me uncomfortable)

ofcccc yes!!!!

(tw for ableism, slurs, appropriation of mental illness, mention of rape/sexual assault/csa/pedophilia, misogyny, slut shaming, mention of food, death/murder, abuse, mention of suicide under cut)

(sorry @ mobile users)

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Isabella is still alive, and is not what she appears to be

The latest episode was literally the last nail in the coffin for me, and I am now completely sure that Isabella was sent from someone to get to Ed and/or Oswald, and that her story is far from over.

I’ve always been suspicious of Isabella, whose entire character and storyline seemed far too convenient to be real - and I know I’m not alone in this. Realistically, I know that something being too convenient is not entirely unheard of in Gotham - let’s just remember the whole Elijah storyline last year - but the almost glaring plotholes and really fishy things about her have just been piling up, and unless the Gotham writers have decided to be particularly, incredibly lazy in writing this one storyline, then things just don’t add up.

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10lux  asked:

"Your butt smells like strawberries" If this doesn't trigger your inspiration...

omg marloes. 

alright……heRE WE GO. 

(also @snowbazmysons@fyeahsnowbaz, @maisenananas {why won’t it link u dammit} & @futuristicallygayduck u wanted to be tagged so hi, here it is.) (this can most definitely count as a crack fic…. i think?)

“Simon, dear, this is not a scene you can put into a young adult novel.” 

Simon gave Baz a troubled look, his hair was all messy from pushing a frustrated hand though it time after time. 

“No?” he asked Baz, seeming lost. 

“No, Simon, are you serious? Young adult books don’t really feature explicit sex. And, well, this is some serious next level stuff, E.L. James would be proud of you,” Baz said grinning. 

“I don’t even know who that is.”

“I can’t believe you.”

“Don’t give me that look!”

“Look, I think that if you’d cut this scene, you’d have one hell of a great young adult book. Just–just get rid of this scene, or edit it into something appropriate for 14 year old as well, and then you’re good to go,” Baz said, trying to be gentle with his words. 

“Is it really that bad?” Simon asked quietly.

Baz hesitated. “Well, I mean, not bad. Just…” He trailed of, searching for the right words. “I mean, the scene is a bit extreme–it’s a bit ridiculous?”

Baz had to push down a flinch as Simon gave him a hurt look. “Ridiculous?”

“Uh, yes. I mean, you made one of your characters say ‘Your but smells like strawberries.’ Who’s butt even smells like strawberries?”

“Yours does sometimes!” Simon defended himself.

“Oh my–Simon, what?”

Simon just shrugged at him. Strawberries? Baz set it aside for now. 

“Simon, listen, if you don’t want to cut this scene then you can’t publish it as a young adult book, which is fine as long as you are okay with that.”

Simon nodded silently. “Okay.”

~ about 3 years later ~

Baz watched proudly as Simon talked to fans and signed their books. Most of his fans were elderly women and Simon treated them all with the same fondness as if they where his granny. 

Simon had yet again managed to put another best-seller romance novel on the shelves. His first big hit was Strawberry Lust. The year after that Simon put out his second novel called Dragon’s Tail, hoping it would do as well with the readers as Strawberry Lust did. Sadly, it didn’t.

Though this year Simon was back with a book that did even better than Strawberry Lust; Aim To Please was only out for a week now, but it was loved like no other of Simon’s works. 

Baz was proud of him–proud that he was able to continue with his passion for writing. Baz read all of his work, of course, and even though some of the insane romance scenes made him uncomfortable, Baz couldn’t help but feel pride when he thought of how hard Simon had worked on those novels. 

It was also interesting to read about some truly strange fantasies his boyfriend seemed to have… but that was a whole other story for another time. 

((credit to @transremus for the novel title ‘aim to please’ sorry that i didn’t choose your title ‘dildo and despair’ but i just felt like that wouldn’t fit simon you know. also thank you @fyeahsnowbaz for thinking of the title ‘raptor butt destroyer’ but once again…. that didn’t feel like simon. lmao))

"Talk" Part 4 (possibly final, we'll see) - October 28th, 2016 - ZPD HQ
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Nick:</b> Carrots, I... *sighs, kneeling down in front of her*<p/><b>Judy:</b> Nick? Are you okay? What's wrong?<p/><b>
  • Nick: Judy I... I almost...I could've lost you...*touches her shoulders* if that bomb went off just a second earlier...you would've been...<p/></p><p/><b>Judy:</b> *smiles softly, taps his muzzle so he looks up* Nick... It's okay. You saved me, and we're gonna find out who was behind all this.<p/><b>Nick:</b> I know... I know. Just... I don't know what I would've done if you had gotten hurt or...killed.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *touches his cheek softly* Aw, Nick... I knew my best friend would protect me.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *smiles, laughs uncomfortably* It's weird, ya know. I had the courage to scoop you up and jump to safety... Yet, I can barely work up the guts to tell you that I l-<p/><b>Bogo:</b> *bursts through the door* Hopps! You were supposed to give me the details from the interview immediately!<p/><b>Judy:</b> I know, I know! I was just on my way! *looks at Nick* I'll be back. *hurries out, Bogo following her*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *flinches as the door slams behind them, stands up sighing* Maybe this is a sign... Maybe I won't ever tell her... *looks over at a photo of he and Judy right after his graduation, smiles* Try everything, right Nick?<p/><b> A Little Bit Later...<p/><b>Judy:</b> </b> Apparently the kid's dad had a bit of a temper.<p/><b>Bogo:</b> You think he's the killer?<p/><b>Judy:</b> I'm not sure... But it wouldn't hurt to ask and see if we can get in touch with him.<p/><b>Bogo:</b> *opening the door to his office* Show me the case notes.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *walks in and tosses the folder on the desk*<p/><b>Nick:</b> Judy! *bursts into Bogo's office, ignoring the strange looks he's getting*<p/><b>Judy:</b> Nick?!?<p/><b>Bogo:</b> Wilde what is the meaning of this? What are you doing? I-<p/><b>Nick:</b> Sorry, Chief but just... Shut up for a minute. *sinks to his knees in front of Judy*<p/><b>Bogo:</b> ....<p/><b>Judy:</b> *her eyes widen* Nick!<p/><b>Nick:</b> *grabs her shoulders, staring deep in her eyes* Carrots I have to tell you this now... before someone else comes and interrupts, or Agent Savage comes to whisk you away, or even another suicide bomber decides you're his next target.<p/><b>Judy:</b> ...o...okay...<p/><b>Nick:</b> You remember when you asked me if I liked you? Well, I don't.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *stiffens, frowns*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *smiles* I love you, Judith Hopps. I love you from the very bottom of my heart. And I want to be with you.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *the tips of her ears burning bright red* I...<p/><b>Bogo:</b> Wilde, listen...<p/><b>Nick:</b> *growls* I'm not done!<p/><b>Bogo:</b> *raises an eyebrow*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *lowers his voice* Judy, I've loved you ever since you handed me that application to join the ZPD. That's why I walked out. It broke my heart to hear you talk about predators like that. It felt like a personal jab at me. But...it wasn't. I was battling with my emotions and I... I apologize. I didn't want to like you. I apologize for not telling you earlier. I should've told you under the bridge when you poured out your heart to me... And since I didn't, I'm doing it now. I don't care what other people think. I am a sly fox who is in love with a dumb bunny.<p/><b>Judy:</b> Nick we...<p/><b>Nick:</b> I...I wanted to give you something when I confessed but...nothing seemed appropriate so... *sighs* I am giving you my heart. It's cracked and...and stitched and falling apart, but it's yours....... Do what you want with it. It's cheesy and cliché to give my heart but really...what else is there? *laughs bitterly, stands up and avoids meeting anyone's eyes* Sorry to interrupt, Chief.<p/><b>Bogo:</b> *nods*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *speechless*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *walks out of the office in silence, closing the door behind him*<p/><b>Judy:</b> .......<p/><b>Bogo:</b> ........<p/><b>Judy:</b> He... I... But we... And I thought... U-Um so...uh... The i-interview notes are...um...<p/><b>Bogo:</b> *smirks* We can go over the notes later, Hopps. I have a feeling your mind is elsewhere right now. Go catch your partner.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *smiles, hurries out of his office* Nick!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

The Inquisitor announces they’re pregnant. Skyhold reacts:

  • Krem knits baby’s first stuffed animal.
  • Josephine and Vivienne plan an elaborate party to garner favor among the nobles while raking in gifts for the new parents.
  • Varric tries his hand at writing a children’s book about a merry band of misfit farm animals.
  • Solas paints a mural along the nursery wall. The Inquisitor wonders if imagery of a many-eyed black wolf watching over the crib is appropriate for an infant.
  • Leliana and Maryden collaborate to write a couple lullabies, which Leli occasionally tests out to help soothe her friend when the baby’s kicking is keeping her up.
  • Blackwall builds a crib, and the Inquisitor spends an afternoon persuading him not to carve griffon imagery into the woodwork because Grey Warden imagery in nursery furniture seems a bit grim, doesn’t it?
  • Cole can tell what the Inquisitor (or pregnant LI) needs before they can articulate it themselves and turns out to be the best midwife they never asked for.
  • Cassandra wants to help, but isn’t really sure how, so mostly she just listens when her friend needs to talk and offers what reassurances she can and resists the occasional urge to tell them to “deal with it.”
  • Sera isn’t sure she wants any part of it at first, but one day the pregnant partner is having a particularly rough time of things and Sera plays an elaborate prank on the not-pregnant partner to cheer them up, and it soon becomes a bit of a habit.
  • The Iron Bull isn’t quite sure what to do with an infant, but he’s excited for them to reach rough-housing age. (Once the baby is born, it turns out he’s great with infants, and takes the baby on walks around Skyhold, explaining the world to them so the parents can get a little sleep, and often he’s the only one who can get the baby to stop crying long enough to nap.)
  • Dorian is also thinking ahead, setting aside books he finds in the library that he they can use in the child’s education. He already considers himself the child’s best teacher.
  • Cullen offers congratulations and considers the matter settled until he sees the rest of Skyhold pulling together. He writes to his sister because he’d like to give them his old wooden training sword, and he wants to know if she still has it. 
  • Fiona is reluctant to talk about it at first, but eventually realizes she is the only one around with any experience in this, and offers tips for combating the nausea, swelling, and sleep deprivation when she can.
The New Years Fic

[ Happy New Year from everybody at ATA! Please be safe this new year much love from the mun and the artists, and we thank you for your continued support in the coming year.

SFW Cronkri under cut.]

Over break Dirk and Jake wrapped the entire frat house in giftwrap.

Every possible surface had been wrapped, labeled (to: You Losers from: Dirk & Jake <3), and then stuck with a pretty bow. The bananas in the kitchen, individually wrapped. The remote control for the TV. The toilet paper in the bathroom, replaced with sections of wrapping paper still on the roll. The fucking doorknobs.

First, Horuss got back on the 27th and apparently just said, “OH MY GOD.” and walked back out of the house.

Then on the 28th, Cronus and Rufioh got back. Rufioh had done so first thing in the morning and woke everybody else up laughing. Cronus, later in the afternoon, had just gone, “Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuuck is this?!”

Kurloz, on the 29th, took one step in the door and promptly dropped his bag in shock, and Mituna, whom he had picked up before coming back and who had not been to the frat house since Kurloz’s departure, had howled with laughter until he cried.

And then, you, on the 31st, stepped into the foyer to find the Hallmark Hell, just looked around and sighed heavily.


“Kranki! Welcome back!”

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anonymous asked:

You might already gotten this question (or not, IDK) I have a hard time (I don't know how to explain it)"liking" Daesung, is not that I dislike him, I don't really know how he is as a person and might also be bc I don't find him very attractive (but that's just my opinion) , I just don't understand the hype about him And you seem to really like him, so I'm wondering if you could "help me" to understand the "hype", I'm sorry I'm having a hard time explaining/ finding the right words.

I will gladly try to present some reason as to why I, personally, like him as much as I do. I’m gonna divide this up into different categories, because… Reasons haha. Hopefully this will be of some help for you, sweetie ^^

Deeper reasons:

  • He is portrayed and also acts pretty carefree in interviews, on TV shows and so on, but he’s actually a deep person. That becomes clear when you really take the time to listen to him talk about stuff, read intervews that he’s done and things like that. His words are phrased very well, what he decides to say has a lot of meaning to it and you can really tell that he’s through it through.
  • After his car accident back in 2011, where a motorcyclist passed away, he got bashed pretty harshly by the public. It took a real toll on him and, as I’ve seen other people describe it, he almost lost his smile forever because of that. He pulled through, though; he stayed strong, kept on smiling and kept on working hard. I admire and respect him for being able to do something like that.
  • His voice is amazing and his biggest love is music. There has been setbacks for him in the past, some even before he debuted, that challenged his passion for music and desire to make it as an artist. His dad was completely against him becoming an idol, but he stood his ground and proved to his dad that he really wanted it and that he also had what it took to make it - and he succeeded. His weak vocal cords is what’s standing in his way now, instead, and he needs surgery to get past that. He keeps on pushing, though, and doesn’t let the fact that his vocal cords aren’t as strong as they used to stand in his way. His greatest love is, like I’ve already said, without a doubt music and, if you just take some time out of your day to really watch him when he’s up on stage, you’re going to see how incredibly and truly happy he is up there.
  • He’s not hungry for fame, which I really appreciate. He’s also not hungry for attention and, during interviews and whatnot, he doesn’t try to hogg the spotlight every other second. He’s content to stay in the background and speak when he feels that it’s appropriate. I don’t know if that’s a reason that’s worth mentioning, but I really like that about him.

Reason I don’t know how to categorize:

  • He’s a very charismatic and charming person to me. I can’t really describe it all that well; but when I watch him while BIGBANG are either doing interviews or livestreams, he just exudes charisma for me. Their livestreams during their MADE promotions as well as all the streams that’s had to do with everything for their 10th anniversary are good examples of that - to me, at least.
  • While his activities in Korea, especially during the past few years, have only had to do with BIGBANG for the most part and not solo stuff, he’s immensely and undoubtedly successful in Japan as a solo artist. He’s held very successful solo concerts, he’s had his own variety/TV shows and so on. He’s even sold freaking molds of his NOSE and LIPS goddammit. If that doesn’t tell you anything about his popularity over there, I don’t know what will haha.

Light-hearted reasons (dunno what to call it, really):

  • I love his smile, that’s really all I’m going to say regarding that.
  • I also love his laugh a lot. I don’t know if everyone fees the same, but I personally love it a whole lot.
  • He is, just like the rest of BIGBANG, very humble - despite the massive success they’ve had as a group. He also seems to be very down to earth, which I like about him.
  • I find him very funny and entertaining and, speaking of that:
  • He’s the variety genuis within BIGBANG. Back when they’d only been a group for two/three years and didn’t have the sucess they have now, Daesung was the one getting BIGBANG’s name out there through all of his apperances on variety show (mainly his permanent spot as a member of the, for those who don’t know, very popular varity show Family Outing during 2008-2010), but also as an MC for different shows and whatnot.
  • He’s an adorable scaredy cat; gets scared easily by a lot of things.
  • He knows how to work those hips, like…. seriously.
  • Take a moment to appreciate this man’s body, because… Reasons.
  • I, personally, find him very attractive. I do more than understand that there are people who don’t, even though it’s a shame. People have different preferences, though, and that’s just how it is. I don’t find every human being on earth attractive, after all.
  • His hair is fluffy perfection, just saying.

I’m gonna stop myself here, because this list is already a mess and already long as it is haha. I hope this at least gave you a few reasons that could help you start warming up to him a little more, so to speak.

Also, if you are curious about him and if you are interested finding reason to like him, then I highly recommend to do some research on your own! Search on YouTube, watch him on shows like Running Man and Family Outing, listen to his solo albums and things like that :) I guarantee that you’ll warm up to him a lot, because he’s an amazing person. Even if you don’t find him attractive, that doesn’t mean that you can’t like him or enjoy what he does~

This is Home (Now I'm Finally Where I Belong)

Summary:  It’s been eight months since she’s last seen him. Eight months since she stood in that same airport and sent him off to the other part of the world. No matter that all she wanted was to do was keep him with her or go with him. Unfortunately, neither had been an option at the time.

  • Universe: Arrow Military AU
  • Main Ship: Olicity
  • Rating: PG
  • Content Warnings: None
  • Word Count: 1438

Felicity was pacing back and forth in what small space she had in the crowded “Welcome” hall of Starling Airport.

It’s been eight months since she’s last seen him. Eight months since she stood in that same airport and sent him off to the other part of the world. No matter that all she wanted was to do was keep him with her or go with him. Unfortunately, neither had been an option at the time.

Most of her friends told her repeatedly how it was a bad idea to be in a long distance relationship. Her mother told her frequently that she was too young for that type of commitment. That she and Oliver were never going to work.

But Felicity didn’t listen.

Sure, she appreciated that they were looking out for her and didn’t want to see her hurt, but the truth was that neither one of them knew what it was really like between her and Oliver. The idea that she could have found her soulmate at 19 was something that most adults deemed as ridiculous.

“You’re so young! You have yet to see the world!” “Oh, you just think like that because you’re fueled by your hormones.” “It couldn’t possibly be this serious.”

She’s heard it all.

Sure, she and Oliver have had their difficulties, just like every other couple out there. Sometimes they blew things out of proportion. Hell, they even broke up once. Fortunately, it took them exactly four days and three hours to calm down and realize that being apart wasn’t an option.

When Oliver had told her that he’d enlisted in the army, she’d been upset. Very upset. Not because he was going to go away - well, not so much about that - she was happy that he’s found a way to achieve his goal. She knew he wanted to make the world a better place and she wasn’t going to stop him. What upset her was the danger he was going to be in. The constant, life-threatening danger. She’d worried herself sick over it.

Felicity even asked Oliver to promise her he’d come back. He didn’t. He couldn’t. And it killed her, because she knew the reason why. He didn’t want to make empty promises to her. She knew he was taking the situation seriously.

The first month was the hardest.

The adjustment of not having him near her, or not being able to call him when she wanted to hear his voice. Her bed seemed so much bigger without him in it. His shirts only did so much to comfort her, especially since she had to wash them at one point.

Instead she settled on sending him care packages and writing him letters, feeling a little like a heroine from a World War movie.

She wrote to him weekly, no matter that he rarely wrote back to her. She knew he wasn’t allowed to say much about what he was doing. She understood.

But then came September and her classes at MIT started and her daily routine got a lot busier. She still missed him and thought of him daily, but she had college to keep her busy.

When things got especially bad, she’d call up Tommy and Laurel - and they would all miss him together.

Then, just before Christmas, she got a letter from Oliver telling her that he was about to be moved to a location that was top secret and their communications would be cut off. Of course, he’d apologized, told her he loved and missed her, told her how the thought that he was fighting to keep her safe was the only thing that kept him going most days. Confessed that he was ready to come home to her.

She ended up crying for the rest of the day and emptying a bottle of wine all by herself.

So imagine her surprise when she got a call from a Major Lance ten days ago, telling her that Oliver was coming home.

She’s been counting down the minutes ever since and made sure to book tickets back to Starling for the appropriate date. Classes and homework be damned. There was nothing short of an apocalypse that would have been able to stop her from welcoming him home.

Her eyes had been glued to the arrivals screen since she entered the airport. Her heart beat quicker with each single minute that brought him closer to landing.

Her phone rang and she welcomed the distraction. According to the caller ID it was Thea calling.

“Is he here yet?!” Oliver’s little sister asked impatiently

“No, not yet, should land any moment though.” Felicity replied.

“Ugh, I want to see him.”  Felicity didn’t need to see her in order to know the ten year old was vibrating with excitement.

“Me too,” Felicity sighed.

“You’ll call when you’re on the way right? Because everything has to be ready!”


With that the call ended, leaving Felicity with a smile on her face. She and Thea had become a lot closer this past year.

Planning Oliver a surprise ‘welcome home’ party had been Tommy’s idea, but once Thea caught wind about it, it turned into a monstrosity.

Their friends and family were all currently at the Queen mansion, waiting for Felicity to call them.

Flight 5902 from Kabul has landed in Starling Airport.

The automated voice announced and Felicity found herself itching to get closer to the doors that would lead her to Oliver.

She couldn’t. And it sucked.

So she started pacing again, her eyes shooting upwards every time she heard the soft ‘woosh’ sound of the doors being opened.

Her anticipation grew with each person that walked out of them that wasn’t Oliver.

Until it was.

She saw him the moment he was within her eyesight. His uniform standing out in the sea of suits and casual wear.

He seemed tanner than when he left, his arms were broader than she remembered, accommodating some very impressive muscles that she was going to be very appreciative of later. His hair wasn’t in a buzz cut anymore and the stubble he was sporting  made her mouth go dry.

All she knew, was that one moment she was looking at him and the next she was running full speed towards him, shouting his name and pushing people out of her way.

It was a blur, both in her head and in her heart, and she was sure that the only thing she would remember later would be the feeling of being hauled into his arms with her legs crossed against her middle as they pressed the other as close to them as they could.

Oliver’s lips were on her face, quicker than she could greet him, peppering her cheeks, forehead, chin and nose with kisses.

Oh how she’s missed this.

Missed him.

“Hi,” she gave him a cheesy grin, her hands traveling up the back of his head, roaming through his short hair.

“Hi,” he whispered back, pulling back a little so he could make eye contact with her.

“Welcome home,” she whispered, cupping both his cheeks.

“Not yet,” Oliver smiled.

Before she could so much as ask what he meant, his lips met hers in a kiss.

She understood.

And she agreed.


That kiss, was such Felicity was sure she was going to cherish for the rest of her life. It filled her heart with warmth and made her body tingle all over from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

“Now, I’m home.” Oliver returned her sappy smile, rubbing his nose against hers, as they caught their breaths.

He put her down on her feet and bent down to grab his bag again.

In turn, she snaked an arm around his waist.

“You should only wear this.” she winked at him playfully as his free arm embraced her shoulders.

“Pretty sure you’ll like me more out of it.” Oliver teased her back as they maneuvered between the crowded place on their way to the car.

“We’ll have time for that later.” Felicity told him, her fingers tightening around his left side.

“Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise party.” Oliver chuckled and his amusement only grew when he saw the shocked expression on his girlfriend’s face. “Thea and Tommy are as predictable as it gets.” he added with a laugh.

“Besides, we will have time for that later.” he said after a moment, his voice somber. “Because I’m not going anywhere. I know I did good over there, but I can’t handle being away from you and my family. We’ll have all the time in the world.”

crazy4orcas  asked:

So, I'm listening to Manilow's Copacabana (don't judge me!) and I'm thinking that much like drunk!Felicity has amazing amounts of game and doesn't know it, drunk!Felicity also has amazing amounts of sexy dancing moves and doesn't know it. When certain songs come on she just can't help but turn the lair's sound system up to 11 and get her groove one. Copacabana's her favorite.

I only know the Dick Cheese version of this song, but here we go!

Oliver pauses on the steps down into the Foundry. Not much can pull him up short, but the scene in front of him—well, that’s one thing he wouldn’t have expected. Warily, he descends the last few steps and crosses to Sara, who’s leaning back against one of the training dummies with a smile on her face and her arms crossed over her chest.

“How long has this been going on?” he asks.

“She opened the wine an hour ago, she started dancing ten minutes ago, and the song started two minutes ago.” Sara’s eyes are laughing as she continues to watch.

Oliver squints at her. “You’re enjoying this.”

“And you’re not?”

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      AOS Big-Bang Challenge

The Glow Cloud, the Dog Park and the Scientist With Perfect Hair
Author: Pizza-is-my-buziness
Artist: Ironbunneh
Pairing: Skimmons
Rating: T

“In other Glow Cloud related news, I once again spoke with Dr. Jemma Simmons. Perfect Jemma.” Skye smiles at the memory of their brief conversation. “Neither she, nor any of the scientists seem to know why the Glow Cloud is raining animals. So bring an umbrella tomorrow, Night Vale. You’re going to need it.”

So it’s finally time for me to post my AOS Big-Bang Challenge story (I really hope I’m doing this right?) with the lovely and beautiful artwork by Ironbunneh, who has once again outdone herself. This is a “Welcome to Nightvale” AU that other wonderful Skimmons authors were kind enough to let me borrow!

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Unintended Chapter 3


summary: Foreston Academy was the very last resort for angry, lonely Dan Howell. He never could have imagined meeting anyone like Phil Lester, and Phil never could have known that befriending his new roommate would change his life entirely.

Is there such a thing as being too forgiving?

betas: comefeedmyobsession and kaleidanscope

wc: ~4k 

warnings: descriptions of fire

a/n: i am alrEADY so sick of uploading this only another 10 chapters and an epilogue to go((((((:

Even though PJ hadn’t actually mentioned to Phil taking Dan down to Firespot, the thought had still raced through Phil’s head as an extension to their conversation as he headed back down the hallway.

Although this thought made him sad, Phil was ever an optimistic person, and believed that Foreston and his own supportiveness towards Dan together would eventually get Dan to come round. If Phil couldn’t take Dan down to Firespot tonight, maybe he could another night.

When Phil arrived back in the room, Dan and Alyssa unlocked lips to each give Phil an angry scowl.

‘I am not leaving,’ said Phil, stretching his arms with a loud yawn and starting to hum a tune happily as he took out a notepad.

Dan and Alyssa stared in shock.

'I’m just gonna draft out a letter to the family,’ chirped Phil, partly radiating his usual sunshine, but partly enjoying the horrified looks on their faces. Alyssa had been quite the bitch in the past, and even he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on her nerves a bit.

Still humming, he flipped the pages in his notebook noisily, crackling the paper and clicking his pen a few times when he saw Dan’s hand tracing back towards Alyssa’s boob.

He leapt up and smiled widely at the two teenagers.

'Mind if I put some music on?’ He was still happy and smiling, and skipped over to the mini-stereo without waiting for an answer.

He half wasn’t expecting one, he seemed to have shocked them so much, but Dan was clearing his throat and glaring at him.

'Uh? Yeah? I do mind!’

Phil turned up a Blink-182 track before doing a little dance and turning back to Dan, desperately trying not to laugh and to keep his smile genuine.

'What!?’ He shouted, cupping a hand around his ear, 'What did you say?’

'I said,’ screamed back Dan, 'turn the fucking music down!’


/I’ll add some blink lyrics here but I want something really good and couldn’t think of anything appropriate off the top of my head so any suggestions are appreciated!!/

'Turn it down!’ He turned back to Alyssa and Phil saw him tell her to ignore him, before trying to make out with her again. She looked back at him with disgust, clambering off the tiny bed with equal scowls of disdain at both of the boys, turning off the stereo and striding towards the door with her hips rocking.

'Wait! Alyssa! Where’re you going?!’ Dan slid off the bed towards the door but Alyssa turned round sharply.

'Out. I’ll come back when you can be arsed to put me before your loser roommate.’


Alyssa’s eyebrows shot up her high forehead.

'Don’t fucking call me that,’ she hissed, before spitting on the carpeted floor and picking her way out of the room and into the corridor, slamming the door as hard as she was able.

Phil knew Alyssa, and if Dan wanted to keep her, he needed to go after her now. Luckily, Dan was too busy being angry at Phil.

'What the fuck, do you think you’re doing?’

'Ew, gross. She spat on the floor.’

'Hey, wanker! Are you listening to me!?’

'I reckon you should clean this up.’

'What?!’ Dan was stunned. He hadn’t thought that his roommate was quite so… Audacious.

'Yeah, well, you seem happy for her spit to be in your mouth, so it shouldn’t be an issue to clean off the floor, right?’

Dan’s face was filled with such anger that Phil’s courage started to crumble.

This boy had been expelled. For what? What had he done? And what could he do to Phil?

Fury clouded Dan’s face and his chocolate eyes turned to dark stones. Phil started backing up against the other side of the room.

'Who. The. Fuck,’ he hissed, each word thrown as a silver knife slicing through Phil, 'do you think you are?’


'How. Dare. You!’

Dan’s hands had curled into quivering fists of anger. Phil thought of Chris and PJ, locked away in their own cosy room at the other end of the corridor. He didn’t own a mobile phone, and neither did Peej.

'Dan, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise she was… Important..?’ Dan had only met her today! Why was he so furious?! Especially after the way he had treated Phil all day!

Dan’s brain unfogged briefly, just enough for him to respond to Phil’s comment. Of course Alyssa wasn’t important. He didn’t even like her that much. But- But- Phil had-

What exactly had Phil done? Interrupted them? The reason Alyssa had left was because he, Dan, wouldn’t stand up to Phil.

Well, he thought, red flooding his vision again as he remembered Phil’s rude comments about him cleaning up Alyssa’s spit, Dan would stand up to Phil now. That would show him. That would show everyone.

'Dan,’ he heard Phil whimper as he approached the pathetic specimen, and all Dan could do was laugh. He loved it when he was more powerful than another, loved the feeling of someone else being completely helpless right in front of him. It made him feel whole, it made him feel alive.

'Dan, you don’t want to hurt me,’ Phil was sliding down the wall as Dan raised his fists with a cruel glare, 'no, seriously, you can’t get kicked out on your first day! Your parents-’

His parents. His parents. How did Phil know about his parents!? How could he possibly know!?

Dan’s hand slammed into Phil’s shoulder, pinning him against the wall, their noses only inches apart as Dan hissed into Phil’s face.

'What do you know about my parents!?’

'Nothing! Nothing, I just- what would they say if you got expelled again-’

Phil quickly flicked his face to one side to try and protect himself, assuming his comment would only rile Dan up, but it infact had the opposite effect.

Dan took a deep gulp, eyes beading with tears, and crumpled to the floor, letting go of Phil immediately, who ended up crumpled beside him.

To Phil’s utter horror, Dan’s eyes started streaming, his breath coming in thick raspy heaves.


'Why can’t I-’ Dan wailed, ’-do anything right!?’ He thrust his head against the wall and Phil had to dive out of the way to avoid being headbutted.

'Dan-’ Phil grabbed Dan’s shoulders and pulled him back as he attempted to hit his head again, 'Dan- please stop, please,’ the boy was scaring Phil now.

'I’m so useless! I’m just this huge fuck-up, Phil, I- I-’

'Dan, please stop. You’re not a fuck-up, you’re just-’


Dan dissolved into tears so ferocious that his body shook with each sob as he curled up on the carpet, arms wrapped desperately around his body. Phil was shocked to put it mildly; this outburst was worse than any of Dan’s tears he had experienced yesterday.

'You don’t know me,’ Dan muttered, gasping for air between the violent sobs.

'Then, Dan,’ Phil put a gentle hand on Dan’s shoulder, pushing him up into a sitting position, 'let me.’ Phil laughed at how anime he sounded, and Dan stared in confusion, his sobs slowing but the tears still running a river down his cheeks. 'I mean, um, let me get to know you. Tell me about you…’ He broke off as Dan fell into fresh howls of sorrow, this time completely and utterly inconsolable.

For the second time in the two days Dan had been at Foreston, Dan missed his dinner. But this time, Phil did as well. Although Phil could do nothing to help the boy, he stayed there holding his hand until the tears subsided and he collapsed on his bed into a troubled sleep.




'Where is he right now?’

'In our room, wiped out. That’s why I have to be quick- I want to be there when he wakes up. God knows what he could do.’ And plus, thought Phil, he wanted Dan to know Phil was there for him, no matter how much of a 'fuck-up’ Dan thought hewas.

'Ok, I can probably do that. You game, Chris?’

Chris shouted over from the corner, where he was busy tapping away on a laptop, 'Yeah, yeah Phil, you can count on us! I mean, I don’t have a clue what you actually want me to do, I wasn’t listening, So bear that in mind when I say I’m happy to help. If 'help’ means you want to cheer him up by selling my body to him, I’m afraid I may be out…’

'You’re a prat, Chris,’ snorted PJ as Phil laughed.


Dan was awoken by the tinkling of a tune he thought he recognised, but couldn’t place for the life of him.


As Dan’s eyes slowly unglued themselves, he rolled over in his bed (nearly falling out in the process) to watch a tall black-haired figure stumble across the room to turn off the glowing object that was emitting the weirdly familiar music.

Dan’s brain slightly waking up, he realised that it was Phil’s fancy clock, and that the music must be an alarm. A glance at the garish letters told him that it was past midnight on a Monday so, technically, as his sluggish mind pointed out to him, it was Tuesday.

Phil turned round when he heard Dan groan.

'You awake?’

Dan simply grunted, dragging his duvet clumsily over his head with another groan when Phil opened the curtain to let a bright stream of moonlight glow up the room.

'Come on!’ Dan pushed the cover away from his head for a moment to see that Phil was practically skipping with excitement.

Then he remembered.


'Come on come on come on!’ Phil was next to Dan’s bed, positively glowing with excitement, before he grabbed Dan’s hand and yanked him out from his warm cosy den of sleep, pulling him towards the door.

'Phil, I’m in my underwear!’

Phil turned round and looked the boy up and down briefly before the two of the dissolved into giggles.

'Grab a t-shirt and jacket,’ he whispered, pushing him towards the wardrobe before the two of them started giggling again.




When Phil got back from Chris and PJ’s room that evening, he only had to wait another half hour for Dan to wake up.

When he did, Dan was a mess.

'Please don’t make me tell you anything.’


'I don’t want… I mean, I think… You would hate me… More than now… I…’

'Shut up Dan,’ Phil’s voice was soft, and he put an arm around Dan, the two of them now sat on Dan’s bunk with their backs propped up against the wall together, 'I actually don’t hate you, you don’t seem to be able to comprehend-’

'You would,’ Dan’s voice was almost inaudible.

'You’re not following me, Dan, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past, what’s important is-’

'Phil, I’m a fuck-up. You’re not. And I just… I just don’t want to talk about it.’

Phil did want to talk about it. In his experience, nothing helped better than a friend. But he didn’t want to push Dan away, so he decided to let it go for now.

'Can we be friends, Dan?’

Dan was silent as he stared down at his hands. Phil was starting to notice that Dan could never keep his hands still - he was always fidgeting, twitching his fingers or tapping away as though he was perpetually playing a keyboard in his head.

'I don’t know,’

'Why? Am I… Am I doing something wrong?!’

'No, no! I mean… We just, those other guys, David and Patrick and Alyssa,hey’re more like me. Not you… Not you, Phil.’

'How are they more like you? They’re all… Well, to put it bluntly Dan, they’re all kinda dickheads.’

Silence. And then: 'Exactly.’

Phil didn’t know what to say to that.

'You don’t have to be like them.’ Is what he settled for at length, trying desperately to break the silence.

'I am though. I can’t change who I am.’

'You’re not! I was watching you today, Dan, and you looked bored! You’re interesting and funny and creative and you don’t need to hang round with idiots like that because you feel like that’s what you deserve, or whatever it is you think.’

'Shut up waffling. And plus; those “idiots” are my friends.’

Dan’s voice was cold, and Phil panicked. Could he do nothing right with this boy? He had always thought he was good with people - he made friends easily and most people who knew him adored him -yet he didn’t seem to be able to do anything right with Dan.

'I’m sorry,’ he mumbled, also staring at his own pale hands now, 'I… please don’t hate me.’

Dan’s hands were slightly more tanned than Phil’s, his fingers less long and nails less nibbled. Phil watched as he interlaced his fingers agitatedly, giving away some of the emotion his passive face hid so well.

'I don’t hate you,’ Phil heard Dan whisper.

Phil knew what he wanted to say now.

'Come to Firespot with me tonight. It’s fun, you can actually get to know my friends… Maybe we can start afresh, If you want?’


'I told you 'bout it last night - the campfire thing out in the woods.’ Dan’s face was blank. 'Just after I turned the lights out and you were pretending to be asleep…’

Phil wondered if he’d upset Dan or if the boy would just deny it, but to his delight Dan just chuckled a little and looked up at him with a tiny sad smile on his face.

'Yeah… yeah, ok.’ At that moment Phil’s stomach gave a rumble, 'Hh god, you didn’t get anything to eat, did you!?’

'Oh it’s fine, I’ve sorted it,’ Phil flashed a wide smile at Dan, trying desperately and mostly failing to hide how overjoyed he was that Dan was coming to Firespot with him, before jumping off the bed and hopping over to the stereo.

'Help me pick something to listen to, friend.’



'So… What was your alarm song thing? I think I might have recognised it.’

'Oh, um, it’s from the soundtrack to some anime film.’

They spoke in whispers because they were creeping down the grounds together, having gotten out of the building successfully and gone out through the conservatory doors that were left open every Monday night for the students who were in the know about Firespot. Dan had insisted on putting on some proper clothes and shoes; there was no way he was going to a campfire in the middle of the night dressed only in his underwear.

'Which film? I love anime!’

'One of the Ghibli ones, I think? It’s bad, but I can’t actually remember, I’ve had it as my alarm for so long.’

'What’s your favourite anime Phil?’ The grass was soft and springy under Dan’s feet, the moonlight bright and Dan’s excitement was building.

'Film or show?’

'Either. Both. I don’t know!’

‘It has to be Iwatobi Swim Club in terms of show, I mean, all the muscles. I identify with Gou spiritually.’

‘Oh yes! I love that show, how it just,’ Dan clenched his fist, staring at the ground all of a sudden, ‘ended without warning.’

The moon shone brightly in the sky and autumn leaves crunched under their feet as they tiptoed down towards the dark treeline across the grounds.

They talked in hushed voices about things they liked and things they didn’t like, about books and films and shows and games, and because Phil didn’t ask about anything to do with Dan’s past, the conversation was light and easy and enjoyable.

Turns out, thought Dan, maybe he could hold a good conversation. Or maybe it was just Phil.

Soon they were close to the trees, and when he really listened hard during the gaps in conversation, Dan thought he could hear the quiet strains of music coming from somewhere in the woods.

They wandered a little further until they were past the treeline, Phil picking his way through the dark woods easily.

'Listen,’ whispered Phil mid- sentence, pulling one hand to his ear and the other grabbing Dan’s forearm, forcing Dan to stop walking and stand stock-still next to Phil. 'You hear them?’

Dan did hear them. the sound of music, and beneath it laughter and chatter and happiness. It filled him with a buzz, which only increased when he looked over at Phil, who was gazing at him with a strange mix of excitement and anticipation and… pride. He was proud of this school, of Firespot, of everything he had to show his new roommate, Dan realised.

Dan had an overwhelming urge to throw his arms around Phil and pull him into a tight hug, to say thankyou for helping him and understanding him and not hating him, even after the shitty way Dan had behaved over the last couple of days. He wanted to be here in the woods on this cool September night and hold his first ever… friend- since childhood- close under the moonlight streaming through the leaves above them and just… say thankyou.

The emotion was overwhelming when Dan realised that he considered Phil a friend. So much so that he honestly did consider trying to hug him, just for a second.

But of course he didn’t.


(a/n: this next bit is all about the campfire, inc. roasting marshmallows etc)


Just as they approached the clearing, Dan closed his eyes and inhaled the cool night air- it smelt like pine wood and burning and silver moonlight.

Moonlight has a smell, trust me. If you don’t know that then you haven’t been out in the middle of the autumn in a wood at midnight with a raven-haired boy with shining blue eyes staring back at you with excitement and pride, tiny clouds of warm air spiralling out into the darkness every time he takes an excited little puff of breath.

Phil took Dan’s hand in his own cold soft one, and pulled him forwards through the trees. Dan was so taken by surprise by the gentle contact that he for a second froze in Phil’s grasp, staring at their intertwined hands.

Phil followed his gaze, ‘Oh, sorry,’ he said, letting go, a hot pink blush flooding his pale cool cheeks.

Dan instantly felt the warmth leaving his hand. ‘No, no. I… I like it. Friendly. I…’ he wasn’t making any sense, so silently took another deep breath and a step forwards, grasping Phil’s hand tightly in his own. The boy looked at Dan and smiled a happy smile.

They stood there for a second in the shadows, moonlight playing on their hair and skin and faces, before Phil took the first step forward.

‘S’gonna be okay,’ he whispered to Dan, who had not really relaxed ever since the arms of the trees had first surrounded them- he hated trees, and to be right in their midst felt incredibly claustrophobic and intimidating. But with a warm hand squeeze and a smile from Phil, the two boys walked forward together through the dark silhouettes of the trees, taking their steps slowly as their feet crunched on the autumn leaves beneath them.

And with a precipitous blaze of surprise, the trees around them were flickering with golden light, and the laughter and the music and the happiness filled their ears and a radiant beam filled Phil’s face from ear to ear, and Dan dissolved into a dreamlike state as Phil dragged him around the circle and introduced him to everyone, and the music tickled his eardrums and tempted his body and the fire- the huge fire in the centre of the clearing- made everything golden and his eyes stream and his nose smell soot and barbeque food and the flames danced around him expressing every emotion at once.

He was surrounded by beautiful people bathed in golden orange light dancing and twirling and laughing, everyone with huge smiles on their faces and uncaring of what other people would make of them- simply having fun with their friends. There were two boys further back sat on a log, cloaked in shadows, playing guitars, a girl tapping a tambourine, and lots of people singing. Dan could see a few other instruments around- a ukulele lay abandoned, another girl held a flute in her lap- but they weren’t playing. Dan hoped he’d get to hear them later.

Dan was afraid of a lot of things- for example moths and darkness and trees- three things that were all present tonight, in fact- but he wasn’t afraid of fire. He wasn’t afraid of the way fire danced and flickered and shone light upon everything in its vicinity. Dan found fire exquisite and enchanting, and soon was so under the happy friendly dancing spell of Firespot that he found himself understanding why Phil loved it so much. He found himself loving it.

‘Dan,’ whispered Phil in his ear, ‘earth to Dan!’

Dan looked up at Phil, sat on the log next to him, smirking and handing him a stick with a marshmallow speared on the end of it. PJ and Chris were already crouching beside the flames, the fire licking their marshmallows and painting them black. Dan’s mouth started to water- he hadn’t eaten any dinner.

As Dan and Phil got up from the logs and approached the fire, Phil leaned again to Dan and whispered, ‘Peej and Chris went down to the kitchens for us earlier- we have tons of food to eat! To be honest, everyone here usually makes quite an event of the first night back at Firespot- a midnight feast, if you will.’

Dan felt drunk with happiness as he toasted marshmallows over the flickering dancing heat with Phil, Chris and PJ joining them so they could all take their first bites together- and it was all the gooey slimy sugary burn-your-tongue goodness that Dan could ever have dreamed of. It felt like heaven.

‘So… Tell me more about,’ Dan gestured around him, ‘the people here.’

The looks on PJ and Phil’s faces were made simultaneously of sunshine and moonlight, flickering flames and light laughter. Phil’s tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth.

‘We here,’ said Phil, ‘we’re /all/ misfits.’



These people- they liked him. They accepted him.

At least, Dan thought they did. He surely must be wrong- but…

He couldn’t ask- he couldn’t- he would sound so needy, so lame…

But he loved it here. These people were so much more fun than who he had spent time with today. He realised how much rather he would be here, accidentally setting sausages on fire over a bonfire with Phil, than making out with a girl he barely knew- someone who deep down, he didn’t actually really like…

But why would these people like him? Why would anybody actually like Dan? He had been so awful…


Dan even considered that it was all an elaborate set-up, that at some point Phil and Chris and PJ would jump out and go ‘ha! We hate you really! You fell for it! Idiot!’ Dan knew it was stupid, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Dan watched the flames, overwhelmed by the personal conflict, until as if he had heard his thoughts, Dan felt Phil nudge his arm.

‘I’m really glad you’re here Dan,’ he whispered, blue eyes shining bright with honesty.

‘Really?’ Dan’s comment was almost inaudible, but Phil heard it.


Dan had to turn away before Phil saw the tears of happiness that were pooling in his eyes. He had to do it, he thought. A new leaf. A fresh start.

Perhaps…. Perhaps it was possible after all.

Dan lay his head on Phil’s shoulder. The boy looked over, surprised, before relaxing into his side with a smile, their warm bodies pressed together.

It was so late, and Chris’ eyes were so heavy, his senses dulled by the food and the fun and the extraordinariness of the night. But he had never felt more happy than now, as he leant back against the bark of a tree and watched the silhouette of his roommate spiral joyously through the flames, completely unaware of how beautiful a dancer he was. Chris yawned and closed his eyes for a second, the image of PJ burning into his retinas, a feeling of longing sweeping over him along with the powerful wave of tiredness.

PJ was far too perfect- he was kind and funny and ridiculously creative- he danced like a god with a orange halo of light highlighting every loose strand of his wild hair, the flickering flames causing the sweat on his face to shine, his lips an orange-pink.

Chris had only known him two days, so how was it that he felt he had loved him for all his life?

Stop it, Chris he was drifting off, eyes closed, head back against the tree trunk, Stop being stupid, his head was so heavy…. You barely know him

That night, as PJ (with assistance from a tired Phil) carried Chris back to the room, unable to arouse him, they didn’t know that he was deep in a dream containing the very boy who held him.

4. nightmares - masterpost

For The Best

“Well maybe it was a mistake!”

Oikawa felt his blood run cold and his body go rigid. Of all the things he thought Iwaizumi was going to say to him when he was angry, never did he once think he would say that. But Oikawa felt so angry and hurt and betrayed that he didn’t want to give Iwaizumi the satisfaction of knowing that his words got to him.

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