but i'm laughing really hard because lol

Another Guardian Angel Fic

Summary: Dan has a guardian angel blah blah blah

Word Count: 3k

TW: underage drinking + hints at molestation almost happening (attempted non-con/drugging)

i found this in my drafts from like a year ago??? and since then i’ve written another guardian angel fic?? anyway this is also a guardian angel fic with a different premise from forever ago

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I need advice on what to do// this isn't bts related but I decided to ask you because the person I'm talking about resembles Yoongi physically lol. So it all started on my trip to Korea to see some family and we were out shopping. Then this guy bumped into me and spilled his whole drink over me, I was so in shock about to curse him out. But he apologized so quick and offered to buy me a shirt I couldn't stop laughing, he was acting so cute. But my family was their thinking it was the funniest-

Aww this is such a sweet story! 
I really think you should ask him, it may be hard but I feel like it’s better to ask him, just in case you would start expecting too much from him. 

I don’t think there’s anything to worry about because it really seems like he does indeed like you! ♥

Kinda want to know what happens next.. haha

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Me and my sister have made a game out of the I'm Tyler thing. Basically, you can say IIIIIIIM TYLER for as long as you want but as soon as you stutter, you lose. List of shit Tyler does based on this game: benchpresses Mark and Ethan, saves lives with his thighs, fists goats, murders 17 people, cries because he murdered 17 people, fought Darkiplier in the Arby's parking lot (and so much more lmao). Sorry for length, just thought you'd enjoy lol

dude the iiiii’m tyler joke has literally become one of my favorite sayings/jokes in the mark community like i love it so much

i’m also laughing really hard at the fighting dark in an arby’s parking lot one, i have no idea why 😂

I knew that the tattoo would be something related to Jensen’s family , but the fact that it has wings makes me laugh so hard, because the wings will always remind him of Cas (Misha) .
Whether Cas/Misha haters like it or not , Jensen now has wings tattooed on his arm and just this thought makes me really happy .
Poor bronlies , they are nowhere near recovering from their Wingophobia

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"We worship the fact that they're older" lol for some reason that made me laugh really hard 😂 and makes me feel better about crushing on guys over 10 years older than me. I'm so glad I'm not alone. That just made my day 😂

There’s nothing wrong with it, Nonny.

Guys your age might give you a weird look for it but who gives a shit? That’s only because they feel threatened. But it is the most normal thing in the world. Men are always kids, so my theory is that if you date a man 10/20 years older than you, you’ll finally be able to connect mentally and emotionally, not to mention that most of them are economically stable and have more experience. They’ll still be slightly dumb tho because… well poor things. That’s how they were designed.

I’m starting to worry tho… when i was 13, i had the biggest crush on BJA who’s 20 years older than me. When i entered my 20′s i started to crush on older guys. I mean, Chris Noth, JDM, Keanu’s always been there, I LOVED RICHARD FROM FRIENDS, AND EVEN THOUGH CHANDLER WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, I WOULD’VE PREFERRED IT IF MONICA HAD STAYED WITH RICHARD.

And now i have a huge crush on Jeremy Iron’s who’s 44 years older than me. O_O


“Oh, Arely, so how do you like your men?”



  • half the drrr!! fans: oh my god izaya's still alive!!!
  • the other half: oh my god izaya's still alive???

it’s just so funny like the writers and the network are trying to capitalize on supernatural’s success but what they seem to not be realizing is that supernatural’s storyline isn’t a success because of the monsters, it’s a success because of the brothers and j2. like lol your monster storylines aren’t that interesting, it’s really not you at all, it’s the winchester boys you freaking peasants

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LOL, I'm laughing so hard....TMZ posted an article about how Freddie is Louis's mini-me because he is the spitting image of his dad! Larries really picked the wrong basket to put all their eggs in when they chose tmz as their babygate ender.


“ Because I was scared. Because I was scared to admit my deepest feelings for her in fear that she would reject me ”

He laughed a little, but it was not hard to see that it was only a facade, and it really did hurt him, and that he regretted to this day that he hadn’t sent it to her. Now it was too late, and the last time he had seen her, she had behaved and treated him like she didn’t know him as more than her wife’s little, inept, smaller brother.

“ Thank you, Rose ”

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I'm laughing so hard because ppl are losing their shit because you said Matty isn't hot lol

its really weird because my blog should suggest im matty healy af

which i am

but honestly in some pics he loOKS SOOOO BAD like please open ur eyes to his lizard man tricks he isnt hot 24/7 no one is get out ur own assbootyhole