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Korean Slang

헐 - (something surprising or shocking)
대박! - Awesome!
배째! - Sue me! 
행쇼 - Lets be happy
당근이지 - You bet 
가뿐해 - I feel good 
왜 사니? - What’s on your mind? 
낚였어 / 낚았지? - You got me/ I got you, didn’t I?
너도 내 입장이 되어봐 - Put yourself in my shoes
이 짓이 지겨워 죽겠어 - This sucks
야, 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야? - What are friends for?
오해 하지 마세요 - Don’t get me wrong
니 맘대로 하세요 - Suit yourself
아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어 - I’ve still got it
이 엄살쟁이 - You big baby
내 모든 걸 걸었어 - I put everything into it
강심장이군 - His heart is made out of stone
오늘은 내가 쏜다 - Today, it’s on me
맞장구 좀 쳐 주라 - Back me up 
당당하게 살아라 - Stand tall
네가 보고싶어 죽겠어 - I’m dying to see you
혈통 문제로군 - It runs in the family


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They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–

Blessing y'all for the 5TH time with sexy J-Hope

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Sequel comic to my previous Scorbus tie-straightening pic - I was laughing way too hard at the reblogs/replies, I never thought of the situation as such so I needed to draw this :’D

(special thanks to @echoandthefandoms for the original dialogue idea for the last panel!)

의태어 - Mimetic Words

빵 - Bang
음 - Um
아야 - Ow
에취 - Achoo
쿵쿵 - Thump noise
쨍쨍 - Blazing sun 
솔솔 -  Soft breeze 
반짝반짝 - Glittering 
두근두근 -  Heart throbbing 
주룩주룩 - Water sounds
말랑말랑 -  Soft and chewy food 
들썩들썩 -  Moving up and down 
똑똑똑 - Knock Knock Knock
오글오글 -  Cringe 
살금살금 -  Sneaking 
활활 - Burning fire
보들보들 - to be soft
뽀글뽀글 - Bubbly boiling water


School subjects

수학 - Mathematics

경제학 - Economics

회계학 - Accounting

통계학 - Statistics

과학 - Science

물리 - Physics

생물 - Biology

화학 - Chemistry

국사 - History

국사학 - Korean history

미술 - Fine art

음악 - Music

체육 - Physical education

정치학 - Politics

공학 - Engineering

국문학 - Korean literature

영문학 - English literature

지리학 - Geography

천문학 - Astronomy

연극영화학 - Drama


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