but i'm just sobbing because they were always in love with each other even if it doesn't say that

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So I'm talking like post-everything they're in the avengers tower and these idiots still haven't admitted their feelings. Bucky doesn't feel like he deserves to be loved by steve and vice versa they're just dancing around each other. And this one night after a party steve is sitting on their couch and he's wrapped up in blankets and he still can't get warm and all he wants is for bucky hold him and have his way with him so buck comes in and see a shivering lil steve and can't help himself

Steve hated parties. In the past, it was because he felt insecure and out of place, people looked down on him and he hated the way he looked. 

Now, he just felt awkward, out of place and shy. He hated talking to people he didn’t know. He loved interacting and forming friendships, but he couldn’t handle the anxiety that came along with that. 

Tony was having one of his parties for a function and while everyone else was dancing and drinking, Steve stayed in his corner and watched. After a while, he got up and left. He wasn’t needed. 

And he couldn’t keep watching Bucky dance with women. He couldn’t keep watching as the man he loved slipped through his fingers yet again.

Later, Steve found himself on the roof of the Compound. His legs hung off the side and a blanket was wrapped around his shoulders. He felt the cold, not like the average person, but always in his hands. 

He was freezing. 

But it was better to be cold than stiflingly hot. 

The view from here was beautiful and if Steve closed his eyes, it was like he was sitting in his mother’s garden, listening to the world go by. 


Steve opened his eyes and turned, Bucky had fallen into the spot next to him. “Is somethin’ wrong?” he asked, somewhat bitterly. 

“Stevie, you left and - 

“Yeah, I left. Sorry. Didn’t feel like watchin’ you have a good ol’ time, while I sat there throwin’ back shots,” Steve snapped, angry that tears sprang to his eyes. “You act like you don’t even know me.” 

“Stevie, that’s not true -

“Oh, it isn’t?” Steve laughed harshly, “really? You barely say two words to me, you avoid me all the time. I feel like you’re not even here. I got you back, I’ve missed you so much. I woke up in this world with no one and when you were there on that bridge, I thought, I could be happy. But I guess not. Seen as you want nothin’ to do with me.” 

With that, he stood up and began to walk away, when Bucky grabbed his arm and turned him around, asking brokenly, “is that what you think?” 

Steve stared at him, “don’t you get it? I love you and you’re goin’ around like I don’t exist. I can’t - can’t keep doin’ this. It hurts, it hurts too much. If you want nothin’ to do with me, then fine. But can you just tell me, so that I can move on?”

“No,” Bucky growled, walking Steve into the wall, caging Steve against it, “no, I can’t. I won’t.” 

“Buck - 

Steve’s eyes welled up with tears, spilling over his cheeks and he squeezed his eyes shut, unable to look at his best friend. He was trembling now, feeling utterly helpless and small, he would let Bucky do whatever he wanted, leave and never come back, whatever it was. He wasn’t worth Bucky’s time. 

And then he felt Bucky’s lips on his skin. Kissing up his tears, kissing his eyelids, his forehead, his jaw, his cheeks, his chin, his neck and before Steve knew it, he was shaking apart in Bucky’s hold, sobbing into the warmth of his best friend’s arms. 

“It’s okay, Stevie,” Bucky whispered, hugging Steve to him. Steve buried his face in Bucky’s neck and clung on tight. “I’m here Stevie. I’m here and I’m never leavin’ you again. I love you too, I love you so much sweetheart. You’re so good and I didn’t want to be a burden, I ain’t a saint, doll.” 

“You’re not a burden,” Steve said between hiccups, “I ain’t a saint either. You’re perfect as you are. But you don’t need to lie to me. If you don’t feel the same - 

Steve was cut off by Bucky’s lips meeting his. It sang of love and all things sweet, a kiss to hold and protect. One that kept Steve grounded and present and made him feel alive. 

“I love you,” Bucky growled, kissing Steve’s jaw, then neck and sucking there, “I love your eyes. I love your smile. I love the way you laugh. The little frown you get when you’re angry or confused. 

I love the fact that you hate avocado but love guacamole, you smell like home and sweetness, like apples and safety. I love that you paint and express whatever is goin’ on in that big beautiful mind of yours. 

I love the way you care and feel for others, always tryin’ to do the right thing. I love you. Stevie, I do.”  

Steve broke down then, melting into Bucky’s arms and curled his freezing cold hands on Bucky’s chest, keeping them warm and safe there.

Right over Bucky’s heart. 

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GREAT GREAT writer you are i love you so so much <3 can you write something cute about the love circle in bts? (hoseok->jimin->jungkook->taehyung->hoseok) i'm curious how would you put it ^^

Hoseok likes Jimin.

He makes it his mission to be Jimin’s shoulder to lean on during all 365 days of the year, whether the younger is feeling happy, angry, or sad.

Hoseok puts the magazine he’s reading down on the dinner table and stands up from his chair to approach the younger.

“What’s wrong?” He asks as Jimin hugs him.

It doesn’t take too long before Hoseok feels his shirt getting wet with the younger’s tears.

What hurts Hoseok about the current sight is that Jimin is trying so hard to keep steady his breathing and is trying to keep calm to the last second.

“Jungkook doesn’t feel the same way,” Jimin mumbles. “We talked for a couple of hours about our feelings, and it just ended with rejection.”

Hoseok ignores the sudden weight in his heart.

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you get home, totally exhausted. another hard day at school. you fall down on the couch and sigh. you hear Michael walk downstairs, but you’re too tired to look up. ‘Hey babe, are you okay?’ he asks when he sees you. you shake your head and a tear escapes from your eye. ‘Baby come here what’s wrong?’ he tilts you up and pulls you into his lap. ‘Its nothing really.’ you say avoiding his worried eyes. ‘y/n please look at me, what’s wrong?’ you look him in the eyes, and you see how sad he is to see you so sad. ‘I’m sorry it’s just that school is really hard and it’s stressing me out.’ you say while letting out a sob. he doesn’t say anything, he just lays down with you and pulls you close to him, and you cuddle up to him. you stay like this for a long time, while he gives you kisses on your forehead and he strokes your hair slowly. ‘feeling any better?’ he asks after a while. ‘yeah thanks mike, your hugs always make me happy.’ you answer. he smiles and pulls you even closer to him and you nuzzle your head in his chest, feeling his heartbeat.


you got out of the airport and your cap was already waiting for you. ‘Hi!’ you greet the driver. ‘Hello ma’am.’ he answers. ‘I’m just gonna call someone, if you don’t mind.’ you say and he nods. you ring your dad to tell him that you landed and that you’re on your way to Ashton. ‘Hey dad! I landed safely!’ you say when he picks up. ‘Oh hi y/n! that’s good to hear! I’ll tell your sisters!’ he says, and you continue the conversation. when the cap stops you know you’re at your destination. you say goodbye to your dad, pay the driver and get out. first you look around helplessly but then you spot a boy running up to you with three others following him. you laugh and start running in his direction. when you finally reach each other, ashton pulls you into a big hug. ‘I missed you.’ ‘I missed you too.’ you kiss each other passionately until the boys reach you and turn your hug a big group hug. ‘We missed you y/n!’ calum says. ‘I missed you guys too!’ you answer. ‘Our group hugs are the best’


‘Don’t try to tell me I’m wrong because I know I’m not!’ you yell at Calum. 'You are! I didn’t wink at that waiter I swear!’ you and Calum are fighting because you were out for dinner and you were absolutely sure you saw him winking at some beautiful skinny waiter, but he denied. 'Is it because she’s prettier than me? Skinnier than me? What is it?’ 'No baby you’re perfect the way you are I swear I didn’t wink at her I didn’t even see her face all I was looking at was you because you’re the only girl in my life.’ tears streamed down his face as he said this. you kept quiet. 'I love you with all my heart y/n and I would never do something to hurt you.’ he walked up to you and pulled you into a hug. you wanted to push him away, but he held you too tight. you stayed like this for a while until he pulled back. 'I’m sorry’ you say. 'I’m sorry too.’ he answers. you smile and he pulls you closer to him again. his cuddles make everything better and he knows it.

'Luke?’ you say when you enter the tour bus. 'Luke are you here?’ 'Here.’ you hear him say from his bunk. You walk over to him and see him with red eyes and tears streaming down his face. you climb up next to him and pull him in for a hug. he holds you tightly and doesn’t let go. 'What happened?’ you ask after a little while. 'I miss home.’ 'Aw Luke babe’ 'I’m such a pussy.’ he chuckles when he says this. 'You’re not! I miss home too.’ he looks you straight in the eyes and smiles a little. 'At least I have you, wherever you are is my second home.’ you smile and hug him again. he doesn’t know how happy he makes you.



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Oh, those tender Olicity moments! So beautiful. Loved how he didn't burst in saying "You'll be okay", "you'll get through this", "you're so strong" etc. Phrases we use to give strength and motivation to people struggling. Because he knows she is more than strong enough, she's the strongest person he knows - she doesn't need it. (PS. I couldn't spot the engagement ring in the last (very painful, might I add) scene. Either I'm mistaken, or we're getting the expected break-up!)

So many Olicity feelings tonight, anon, so many. Gah.

(I mean, am I supposed to be okay while watching those awesome opening scenes? Really?)

I was admittedly surprised when we found out Oliver wasn’t at Felicity’s bedside, but at the same time, it makes so much sense. If there is one thing we’ve learned about Oliver, it’s that he’s a survivor, and a lot of the time surviving includes compartmentalizing. That is exactly what he did in this episode - he put Darhk in one box and Felicity in another. One is far easier to deal with, and it includes beating the shit out of people, which also feels nice when so much of your world is spinning out of control. It also gave him a reason to not go see her, to not face her without having something (even though logically he knows he doesn’t need anything, he still has to have something to show he’s doing everything he can to get Darhk).

But then, when he did… 

(Really, when Donna took a moment and chastised him, can we all agree that was perfection? Her baby’s in the hospital and Oliver is off doing who the fuck knows what… *beating the shit out of people for her daughter, but she can’t know that*)

Such perfection.

God, these two love each other, don’t they? I mean, they love each other, and they know each other so well. Felicity knows what Oliver is doing, and why, just as he knows that Felicity would understand his need to do what he’s doing… but there are limits, as they touch on…

(Are those tears in his eyes? Oh dear god, this scene hurt enough. How beautiful, I’m crying. Oliver is on the edge here, people, he is on the edge and he’s teetering and that he’s recognizing it shows how much he’s grown, character-wise, as well as showing us how much Felicity’s helped him to this point - both her and Diggle.)

The best part of this was that Oliver conceded - yeah, he might have gone a little overboard, and it leads to a beautifully heartfelt conversation that Oliver desperately needed to have with the one person he had to tell: what if he’s failing - failing her - because he hasn’t gone far enough? What if he needs to lose the humanity to get Darhk, be the Oliver from Season 1?

Felicity has none of that though, and that’s something he needed to hear, from her specifically: 

“What’s the point of doing it if you lose yourself in the process?”

It’s also at this point that Felicity reveals her fears, that maybe it wasn’t just Darhk keeping Oliver away from her, that it was more, and Oliver squashes that so hard and fast we barely have a chance to catch our breaths:

He’s carrying it with him, help me…

*ugly sobbing*

And you know why this was so important, because it’s a reminder that while Felicity is strong, so, so strong, and that she is the light in Oliver’s life he simply cannot live without, she also needs him, needs him to be there, and the fact that he turns around and puts the ring back on her finger, that he says…

Means that he’s there, and that he might have relapsed a little bit earlier by disappearing, he’s recognizing it and he’s going to rectify it.

And then we see how far Oliver’s willing to go, because he needs to get to Darhk, so he lets Anarky go, which leads to a whole trundle of fun trouble, after which he has a little meltdown because holy shit why can’t he just get the fucking bad guy. But instead of slipping further, falling into the darkness that will always live inside him… he chooses the light.

He goes to Felicity… where they proceed to rip my heart to shreds with feels:

This was so important. This isn’t physical strength, this is emotional and mental strength. This is looking into the void when everything is falling apart and saying, “Hell no, I’m going to stand strong,” which is everything Oliver has always done, he just can’t see it. But Felicity can, and she does, and she tells him so. He’s marveling not at her strength, but that someone so strong and amazing loves him, is in his life and is by his side - forever - and she’s saying, “Because that’s you too.”

The Olicity scenes in this episode were so on-point.

But then…

The difference is so incredibly stark.

One, she’s definitely not wearing her ring, and two, there is so much distance between them now, indicating that yeah, some serious shit goes down in the next four months.

(The most heartbreaking part of this though, is the way he puts his hand down - there is anger and tension and pain and uncertainty all over this scene, and the way he puts his hand down, it’s almost like he wants to reach over and take hers. He wants to comfort her just as much as he wants to seek comfort from her… but he can’t, and that was the most telling thing for me, it was what made me look at her hand because I knew something was wrong when he did that.)

Is it a breakup? Eh. I doubt it. A break? Perhaps! Calling off the engagement? Surely! (akaeverythingi’vewantedforolicitysincedayone)

What I love about this though is that they foreshadowed the shit out of Olicity this entire episode, and then ended with this… because they know just as much as we do that Olicity is endgame. It won’t be easy, they will have such a long and hard road ahead of them, there is so much weight to these words:

“For better or for worse.”

We’ve seen the better… now we’re going to see the worse part.

Such a great episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Preferences #9: He Comforts You
  • Michael: You had just gotten off the phone with your Mom who had told you that your uncle had died. You were rendered speechless and curled up in a ball on the floor, unable to do anything but cry. You lay there, memories of him flashing through your mind and you eventually fell asleep. "Y/n?" It was the first thing you heard when you woke up. "What's the matter baby?" Michael, your boyfriend who had just returned from band practice, asked. He picked you up and sat down with you on your lap.You sobbed into his shirt. "Talk to me baby," Michael whispered. "My...my uncle...died," you stuttered. "Awh baby," he said. "Why didn't you call me?" he asked. I just shrugged. "You wanna talk about it?" he asked. You shook your head. "Okay. Tell me if you do. I love you," he told you. "I love you too," you mumbled, and sobbed into his chest again, thinking about your uncle. You really couldn't believe he was gone.Michael played with your hair and rubbed your back until you fell asleep. It made you feel a lot better just to have him hold you.
  • Calum: "I hate you!" you screamed at your sister. You had been fighting with her right through the night and into the early hours of the morning, about some stupid reason neither of you could even remember now. "Like I care!" she retorted. "You're just a stupid little bitch who thinks she's so cool because her boyfriend is a rich guy in some weirdo punk band but he doesn't even love you!" You stood there standing at each other. She had took it way to far. You stormed out of your house and into the rain, getting as far away from her as possible. The rain didn't even bother you, you just wanted to get to Calum's house. You eventually did and stood there crying in the rain, waiting for him to come to the door. "Babe?" he asked once he had opened it. "Do you love me?" you asked. "What are you doing here it's 3 in the morning and it's raining! You're freezing come inside!" he yawned. "Do you love me?" you repeated. He stood there, shocked. "Of course I love you y/n, what are you saying? I love you more than anyone in the world," he told you. "I just really needed to hear that," you whispered. You had stopped crying but you were still shaking from the cold. "You're gonna get sick baby. Take your clothes off and get in the shower. I'll find some clothes for you," he said. You did what he told you and you felt a lot better after a shower, in his sweats and a hoodie that smelt just like him. You sat in the kitchen, having milk and oreos (he knew they were your favourite) and you told him all about the fight with your sister. Later when he carried you up to bed and cuddle with you, he whispered in your ear, "I love you y/n. Don't worry you'll sort everything out somehow."
  • Lukey: Since you started dating Luke you had been getting hate and it usually didn't bother you, because you knew how much Luke loved you. But lately, you had being getting a lot more, you had no idea why and it was really hurting you. "Fans" tweeted you a lot, saying stuff like you were a "fat, ugly whore" and that you were just using Luke for fame. You decided to last out and tweeted: @randomtwittername Why don't I just break up with Luke if you hate me that much? Is that what you want? For him to be sad?. I got a lot of responses to that, some begging me not to, but some were encouraging me to. A little while later, Luke tweeted: @y/t/n I'm coming over baby :(. And 15 minutes later he was at your house, holding you tightly as you cried into your shoulder. "I love you baby," he told you. "And I will love you, no matter what my friends think of you." You believe him, but you were still upset about the hate so he tweeted: @y/t/n and I are not breaking up. I love her more than anything and she is my whole world, so all of you hates can just go and fuck off and leave my baby alone. The amount of hate you got decreased rapidly after that.
  • Ashton: Being Ashton Irwin's girlfriend, the other boys naturally mocked you a lot. You were used to it and usually didn't take much notice. But then the boys started mocking your accent. You had a strong accent and when ever you said something, one of the boys would stay it back in your accent or they would snigger. It was funny at first, but then it got really annoying and it even hurt you. What was more annoying, is that you were on tour with them, so it was constant. One day, you were all eating pizza and watching TV when you said something, which really showed your accent. Calum repeated it, mocking your accent making Luke and Michael collapse in laughter and even Ashton giggled. "Shut up!" you yelled, turning the room silent. "I can't help how I sound! It's my accent! Get over it!" You stormed out of the room and collapsed on your bunk, pulling the covers up over your head. A few moments later Ashton came and laid down next to you and cuddled into your side. "I love you and I think your accent is perfect. I love how your voice sounds and I think the boys are stupid assholes!" he told you. You spent the rest of the night in your bunk watching movies, eating ice cream and cuddling and when even another one of the boys tried to talk to you, you ignored him.
  • A/n: I had to write this twice. It was better the first time. Requests are open as always.