but i'm just seeing it

hey hey kids just a reminder that inconsistent artsyles are a really really good thing to have as amateur artists because that’s how you allow yourself to explore different looks and thus develop a better artsyle. Just make sure you practice frequently! Find details that you like and keep them, but don’t focus so hard on setting one consistent look for your characters yet.

I swear to gosh

I can’t go literally a minute in the main eddsworld tags without seeing smut.

I don’t think people realize that Tumblr takes primary terms in asks as well.. (at least I think so-) so if you ask for Eddmatt sin in the ask, tumblr’s gonna toss it in the main Eddmatt tag, even if you kept the tags ‘sw’ or 'sinsworld’.

There are children in this fandom, y'know. And having them see smut when looking for fanart, or ships, or.. anything else! That’s not cool.

So think of the young-ins!! Be aware of the tags!

I DONT KNOW HOW TO GAIN MY REPUTATION BACK ON HERE i just used to have talked to everyone i was following but its not like that anymore. i wish i could like befriend everyone bcos i love everyone but i didnt even talk to you !! why do i love u right thats just creepy 2 some people !!! i’m afraid i come off as overfriendly n too hotblooded .. i’m so sorry if i’m annoying i jus have a lot of love in my heart as many corny posts on this site says , but i mean it !

While I do respect the fact that authors intend their characters to be a certain way, you also cannot ignore the fact that many things about a character are left for interpretation. Thats just literally how great literature is supposed to be. 

So maybe you think that Sakura and Orihime are just nice girls who want to heal, but they are also childish and have no concept of mature emotions. They can be both at the same time but most people interpret one thing while ignoring the other.

y'all i was actually terrified to go to pride? i’ve never gone before because i’ve always been scared of it for some reason and it’s really befuddling to me trying to figure out why. i guess in general the community scares me for one reason or another

imagine getting blocked for making a post about how you’re tired of lesbians getting killed off in almost every show that has ever existed ever

Officially moved in with my s/o now, which is why you may have noticed me ghosting a few times earlier today. I’m tired as hell from moving all my junk, so I’ll respond to messages and tags tomorrow. Also I’m free almost all of tomorrow, so imma do my best to get at least SOMETHING published on my writing blog.