but i'm just as dumb for loving you lot


Aaand this happened after forgetting I had this scene on pause in ProJared’s Grumpcade intro… the idea made me laugh way too hard.

Bless these two and their beautiful anime villain friendship.

You know, I love Rebels to bits.

But I think it suffers a lot because of how dumbed down it is as well as the fact that most of the interesting, gripping stuff got put into a book and a comic or is just not being told to us at all. Sure they reference it from time to time but.

Consider a series about depressed, alcoholic former Jedi padawan Kanan Jarrus, meeting Hera, saving a moon, then getting used to trusting each other and sharing the same spaces. Meeting Zeb, perhaps seeing the fall of Lasan. Meeting Sabine. Seeing how these dynamics we see developed, how they learned to trust each other. How they got the drive and the courage to stand against the empire.

Seeing Caleb Dume happy in the temple with his friends, seeing him and Depa bond, seeing him interact with Grey and Stiles and Stance. Seeing Depa Billaba fall, hear the “Good soldiers follow orders.”, “Billaba is dead.” and “Kill the padawan.”. Watch as his world crumbles.

Seeing a young Hera Syndulla growing up in a war zone, rebuilding Chopper, butting heads with her father, getting her tattoos. Seeing her fly for the first time.

Follow Sabine in the Imperial academy, watch the true horrors of the empire play out. See how she and Ketsu knew each other. Watch as she is betrayed.

Who was Zeb before Lasan fell? Who was his family? Who where his friends?

It’s frustrating to see so many people with rich histories and personalities get passed over for Ezras not extremely interesting origin story and a disposable Rebel base.

It could have been so much more…

I like lookin hot hating ships they love a lot
I like drinking sprite, posting hate out of spite
I like skipping gym screwing her and scaring them
I like killer clothes, kicking shippers in the nose

Someday... pt3🌼

I’m making a lot of these lately, but my fantasy is just going wild these days.

Someday, when someone fall in love with me and I’ll fall in love with them too…

You’ll learn me how to cook your favorite food, and then I’ll make it for you as a surprise someday. you’ll be so happy! We’ll go to Ikea together and look at all the furniture and houseplants and all the amazing other junk they have there. We’ll end up buying a new closet and after coming home, we’ll spend all day trying to build it. But it’s okay, because we laugh in the process and have fun. Of course there is the frustration that comes with it, but that’s okay when you’re there.

We’ll go to a concert together, and sing our lungs out.

On a day off in summer, we’ll go outside to cloud gaze. I try to see flowers in every cloud, and even when it doesn’t really resemble one, you’ll still agree with me.

When you’re sick, I’ll make chicken soup for you, that will make you feel better instantly.

We’ll binge watch series together, or do movie marathons. And just like in the movie theatre, I’ll probably fall asleep.

I’ll write you love letters and put them under your pillow, or put them in our actual mailbox, like little kids would do when they were in love.

We’ll save up money for months and when we have enough, we’ll go to Japan, because you know how I’ve always wanted to go there. We’ll be real tourists and take pictures of each other in front of buildings. But the real reason I do it, is because you’re prettier than everything that’s there.

Under the pink cherry blossoms, I’ll kiss you and hug you tight, because you just mean so so much to me.

I’ll make homemade cd’s for you, so you can play them on your way to work. I’ll smile, because I know you’re listening to it.

We’ll go for long walks in big forests, or the mountains! I’ve never been in the mountains before. We’ll definitely get a dog.


But in the end this all doesn’t matter, because I’m just a young teenage girl dreaming about love, like many others, but maybe just slightly different than other girls….

I have a lot of feelings about Chris Pine being described by his The Finest Hours costars as someone who was a “leader” and who “kept their spirits up”. Like, can you imagine, poor cold, wet Pie looking around at his cold, wet colleagues and just cracking dumb jokes or complimenting their performances or encouraging them through take after exhausting take even when he’s exhausted himself? 

Ugh. Precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure, etc.


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And the idiots we’re all here for…


Davey would be a little bit pretentious about how he doesn’t listen to pop music but really he just wouldn’t listen to the radio that much or anything
One of the other boys would be like ‘Okay but have you even listened to any pop songs lately?’
He’d be like 'I… Yes? Maybe? No I haven’t’
So everyone would start playing their favourite pop songs for him and it’d turn out that he’s a huge fan of Taylor Swift